HP f111dx: Admin password or power on password

Give me your phone.  Makes me Admin password or power on password on startup. Disabled system code 4 943239. Any help?

Sorry it looks that the codes do not work, you should include other options or opening up the system and reset the chip for the BIOS manually, maybe some have open and examine the question

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    HP x 2 split system off. I put a power on admin password in bios. This has worked for me for a few days but now says his pain and after 3 attempts having failed, I get the message system disabled with the 59736064 code


    Enter 46694060

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  • power on password admin password

    I was handed down a g56-129wm laptop and I've screwed up badly. I had changed my password of windows 7 again but this time I forgot the password. I had sent my laptop to a friends dad who told me that he can reset the password by using a password rest software. When the computer has been restarted instead of going into windows journal in my laptop turned on with password admin or power on password screen.  Well, since this laptop was given to me I don't know what the admin password or power on password. Help, please... When I type the password correctly it says disable System [91759013] I restart the laptop and once more he asks me for the password admin or power on password. Help, please


    Try to enter: 24631035

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    DP - K

  • Presario CQ42: COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ42 and suddenly wonder forENTER ADMIN PASSWORD or POWER ON PASSWORD


    WINDOW 2) 7


    4 KEY): 62730476

    PLS HELP ME... Thank you


    Enter 73698478

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    DP - K

  • Laptop HP 2000: HP Notebook 2000-power on password/admin password: deactivated after 3 attempts.

    Laptop requires power-on password/admin password; system becomes invalid after 3 password attempts failed.  The disabled system code is: 95840774.

    Model # = HP 2000-bt69WM

    Product # = C2M21UA #ABA

    Serial No. = [personal information]

    Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated!




    Come in:


  • HP 15-g029wm Notebook PC (ENERGY: enter Admin password or power on password)

    Everytime I turn on my laptop it has a black screen with a blue box that says enter admin password or power on password. I never put a password on it. Error after entering code harm come to 85683676
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Please read the first post on the link below for what to do with the system off (halt) code given by the PC.


  • Password BIOS on HP. enter Admin password or power on password

    (1) HP Pavilion g7-1219wm
    (2) Windows 7
    (3) enter the password Admin password or power.
    (4) no modification, just update as usual. I did an update
    (5) the number of system Disable is [52072084]

    I tried replying to the thread page 53, but I could not post on it.


    Enter: 43950000

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  • Compared Presario CQ56: Cannot go beyond password Admin password page and power on

    Im trying to reset a computer I bought awhile I there, but when I start a screen comes up asking me a password for admin or a power on password and I don't know or and when I try and open the BIOS nothing happens little whatever I click on one when I get the wrong password several times he says "disabled system [57740588] I tried to." the age, nothing works someone can help me.


    Enter 48628508

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    DP - K

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    The screen is asking an admin or a power on password, after three trys it turns off the system and give the code 74929319, any suggestions?


    Try this: 61681939



  • HP Pavilion DV6-6C10US: System screen disabled (enter admin sys or power on password)

    System worked very well.  I turned off.  When I started again, I immediately see a blue screen saying "Please enter system administrator or power on password.

    I'm going in what I think is my admin password, but it does not.  After a few tries, I get a "System disabled" screen with the following code: 91453995

    What can I do?

    Thank you



    Enter: 24531311

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • I FORGOT the ADMIN PASSWORD FOR - (WEB PAGE) - HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One Printer - N911g

    Hi all

    I changed my network SSID & PW but I forgot the password for the printer web page.

    Password was written in a notebook and notebook is moved at the moment by the cleaning person.

    Please HELP! Is there anyway I can reset the printer so that the admin password is also re-set. I try to reinstall the software printers, also I am not able to change the ip address and right now, there is no ip address... get no link and no ip address and no network... Please anyone who can help... Please help.

    * I read some part... to power off the printer, then press the power button on... and continue pressing the back button where he would have, for some time the printer is back back (it was to reset the printer)... which is about 23 times... zero.

    I really want to THANK you ALL for READING THIS & YOUR TIME. So please help if you can...

    and ideas?

    Thank you, xxVEGASxx

    * xxVEGASxx *.

    You can do a reset of the printer using the LED screen on the printer.

    Select Configuration, then Tools, then restore the default settings. "Restore default settings" is the last element of the list and you will have to scroll down to see it.

    Which erases all settings, including the password for the printer.

    To reset you describe is probably the one mentioned in this article:


    but it's probably a deeper reset that you really need anyway.


  • Computer HP laptop model # 15 - 1024wm: request for admin password 3 x 59304604 place to help disabled system

    Enter admin password or power on system disabled password 59304604


    Enter the unlock code...


  • Laptop Pavilion g6: how to clear the admin. password for the installer

    After you have set the admin. password has decided to disable or 'clear '. I am able to change it but not delete or disable.

    No help for it?

    Thank you!


    You can remove the need for a password as follows.

    Shut down the laptop.  Now on TAP the ESC key as soon as you press the power button to access the start menu, then select f10 to open the Bios menu.  Use the arrows to select the Security tab and press ENTER.  Use the arrow keys again to select the password option and press ENTER.  Enter the current password and then the new password, simply leave this blank and press on enter - do the same for the confirmation field.  Press f10, select this option to save the new settings and press to enter.

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    DP - K

  • How to change admin password in BIOS if the old password is forgotten in windows xp?

    Can you tell me how to change the admin password in the BIOS under Windows XP if I forgot the original?

    Thank you.

    If you have a desktop PC, you can disconnect the power cable, open the case and remove the battery (Silver thing small round-shaped piece). then try to restart the computer, you can disable it in the first black screen with white text, it will probably give an error of the BIOS in any case. Then disconnect the power supply again and replace the battery. You need to reset the BIOS, but it should work.

    If it's a laptop is more complicated and you probably need a technician, you will need a few contacts on the motherboard to short and it's not just a deal to open a plate of control over some.

  • After recovery, admin password information with 'points' and impossible to remove or change


    I ran yesterday, updates of Windows 7 but only those necessary.  I do not have one of those as an option.  After the updates completed, I turned on the computer and he was stuck in a loop cycle - from windows, then the admin password, connect you box came.  The box was fiiled in (with "dots" but too many to represent my password) and the screen just quickly flashed back & forth between the login screen and 'incorrect password '.     I tried to change username, and it flashed back into the admin log.

    I did a system restore to the factory settings (after saving all data) using the recovery discs.  After recovery, the screen "Set a password for the account" comes with the box below "Type a password" completely filled with dots.  I can't delete them with the BACKSPACE or DELETE key.  If I put highlight and then try to erase it with BACKSPACE or DELETE, the cursor just moves on the right side of the password box, but it is not always remove the defective "dots" password so that I can change.

    I tried to restart with the power and then switch on again.  After selecting the country & language again, same password screen developed.

    It's stuck!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I have computer I have is the HP Touchsmart 310 1155 - Y.

    Thank you!

    It's curious with a recovery.  First, try to reset the password using NTPassword.  Do the boot CD that him following the signs.  If this does not resolve the problem of signon, think to install the operating system from a typical drive of Windows 7 to the same version, using the key of the COA sticker.

Maybe you are looking for

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