HP G6 series: what change the CMOS battery buy for my HP G6 Series?

I need to replace my CMOS battery. My laptop is a HP G6. When I search the product number sometimes like a G6-1b60us. One new replacement CMOS battery I see listed on eBay are for HP G6-2000. This CMOS battery works for my HP?  I see those listed that are for HP G6-1000, but they are all used. Is this the one I need to buy? Thank you very much.



You asked for the CMOS battery. But the 601 error indicates that this is the MAIN battery that powers your machine. Now, pull, get the part # and order one for your laptop. But before that, you can test according to the following instructions.

Windows 7:


Windows 8 and 8.1


Case of failure, you need to buy the new battery.

Kind regards.

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  • How can I change the cmos battery in my Dell Dimension 8300

    How can I change the cmos battery in my Dell Dimension 8300?

    Thank you


    Easy!  As long as you have a few minutes and the right replacement battery ready to go.  Just follow these few simple steps.
    1. Unplug the power cord.
    2. Tour of Lapointe on the right side.
    3. Remove the left panel - probably remove the screws at the back.
    4. Identify the CMOS battery on the motherboard.
    5. Press the metal tab to release the battery.
    6. Check the model number on the battery, make sure you have the same replacement.
    7. Install the new battery, reinstall the side panel, standing Tower and plug the power supply cord.
    8. Start the system and immediately get into the BIOS (CMOS Setup) and correct the date/time and other parameters.
    I hope this helps!
  • OptiPlex 755 USFF does not start after changing the cmos battery

    I have a desktop Optiplex 755 USFF requiring the cmos battery to replace. After the replacement of the computer will not start. It brings up the menu windows start, the sasfe mode, safe mode with network set mode command prompt, security, last know good configuration and boot normally. Any option will bring to the top of the WIndows XP loading screen and then re-boot of the computer right back to the start screen. A big loop. I can get the hard drive to boot in an Optiplex GX280 without problem. I was told of the motherboard needs to be replaced, but I changed the units of the system and the same thing with this hard drive.

    I tried to reinstall the operating system and get all the way to "starting windows" and then the blue screen stop error message 0x0000007B (0xF7A10524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) dead. The computer is WIndows XP SP3, 1 GB of ram with 80 GB hard drive. It seems that the Setup program does not recognize the hard drive.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    After several hours of experimentation, I finally found the correct BIOS settings in order to get the computer to boot. There are three BIOS settings that need to be changed or check settings by default so that it can work. SATA 0 must be activated, SATA operations must be changed from AHCI, ATA and in the modular Bay, by default "far-sighted" should be replaced by the IDE. Save the settings and start the computer to the right upwards.

  • Compaq s 6830: change the CMOS battery in a compaq 6830 s

    I get up a message at startup my CMOS battery charge level is low, so I want to change it.  The computer works well except that.   I have no idea where on the map, it is or how to access it.  8.1 Windows installed without any problems.


    We also call it as RTC battery and in your machine, it is very simple, as shown on page 66 of the manual. You can buy anywhere or buy HP using the part number: 449137-001

    The following manual shows you how to replace (from page 66):


    Kind regards.

  • How to change the CMOS battery laptop toshiba satelite?

    Problem: need to remove password or reset. Could not get spent on start up

    Legal Preface: this is how I personally was able to do easily.

    I just did one of these (2400-S201) to see if I could give them a second life, and to see if it was so bad that
    ... This isn't.
    Don't forget, this laptop is older, but very worth to resurrect.

    1. remove the battery (side latch) and the hard drive. The only screw that she holds down is marked F - 4 on the cover. (look for the sign with a 2 "circle, which is the HD)
    Use the white tab to move that he left then upwards. It should move with little effort. Make sure not to lose the screw of the HD Panel.

    2. remove all screws F6 annotated low bezel with a screwdriver PT. 2 (of my account there was less than a 15)
    According to the screwdriver, there are moments where you have to press the a little screwdriver to get in contact with the wire. Just be careful not not to strip the Threading.

    3. remove the "B25" screw located near the radiator-fan of air. A little carefully take the hand and lift the bezel down enough to disconnect (about 1-2 inches from the surface of) the battery with the finger index and Hugo. Look at they way the battery is managed and sitting in the plastic clips.
    With the bottom semi-open, plug the battery replacement and re-seat below the white tablecloth and clips on the housing by the original.

    4. replace all screws (less than a ton).

    5. replace the hard drive, sliding first with the metal tab under the plastic case, left, then he endorsement to the right. Replace the Panel with the short screw of F - 4, a. Reinstall the battery.

    6. replace your car model with reception. If the receipt cannot be found, use it for store credit.

    If you want to test the battery, simply unplug and remove the battery for 30 minutes. Then he works with only the a/c adapter. If no CMOS screen appears, you are good to go.

    It looks a little complex, but it's really not I did one after a few barley appears in about 15 minutes.

    Please feel free to give a shout out if someone find it useful


  • Compaq Presario S4500UK won't start after disconnecting from the wall outlet. What is a CMOS battery problem?

    Reconstruction of recent software with HARD drive internal extra (March 2011) under Windows XP/Linux dual-boot installation worked fine.  CD/DVD RW drive, started giving errors so replaced cyclic redundancy check drive a week ago.  All still OK.  Change of electricity supplied and increases energy use conciousness off the machine to the outlet of the overnight after normal shut down.  Machine will not re-start not in the morning.  Not load BIOS; all lights came briefly and then die after 3-4 seconds with power still led on.  You can get a similar effect by plugging the keyboard into the PS2 Mouse Jack I did once!

    After 20 minutes or so try all kinds of things managed to boot from the CD of Linux.  Shut down/restarted and everything is fine so I don't switch off at the wall.  Also seems to be OK after brief power off for 5-10 seconds but the problem persists with any long disconnection.  It seems that after 10 to 15 minutes from power-on and 2-3 attempts to restart, BIOS comes up and all is well, but he stopped in the middle of a start of Windows or Linux on a couple of occasions.

    Am I right in thinking the problem might be the result of a dead CMOS battery?  The reason that I ask is that the clock seems to keep time OK and there is no apparent problem with the BIOS once it loads.

    Any help/advice would be much appreciated.  New config info below.

    Dual boot Windows XP Pro SP3 of Compaq Presario Bios v3.03 S4500UK / Linux Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid (2.6.32 - 33)

    Drive HARD 120 GB (original Seagate Barracuda 7200) Master Boot Record, Partition Table, Windows XP, Linux, Swapfile etc.

    500 GB Western Digital Caviar Blue (encrypted)

    CD/DVD-ROM (original JLMS XJ-HD166S)

    Recently installed HL-DT-ST DVD - RAM GH22NP21 replacement NEC ND - 1100


    I don't have all the answers so I went forward with replacing the CMOS battery, but that did not help.  The problem is also obvious if I turn it off and leave it for an hour or more before trying to restart even if I do not unplug the wall plug.  It seems to take about 15-20 will start again before it fires.  I would be really grateful for any clues as to what is wrong.



    OK, guys.  I finally solved the problem.

    After you have calculated the power needed for the config curent, I discovered that, using various ways to estimate, he walked between 321W - 383W.  It was pretty weird that the only thing I added was a HARD drive and a memory stick and the wisdom of the other guys on this forum, it's that there is a lot of capacity within the factory installed power of 250W.  Yes and here's the rub: the modern replacement devices usually have upgraded capabilities and use more power.  And so when I replaced the drive CD/DVD RW added a few watts, as the sectoral approach of the floppy drive.  It appears also that the optical USB mouse needs more juice than the good old PS2.

    I just installed a new 450W PSU Powercool and Bingo!  The processor is faster, too.

    Hope that my pain and trauma saves someone else having to suffer the same.


  • Pavilion dv6 2170 clock problem after replacing the CMOS battery

    Hello world. Sorry for my bad likely English

    OK, so the problem started since I changed my laptop CMOS battery. and to be honest it wasn't whit any problem the clock when I replaced it but I if this may be the cause of another problem that later I figuered what the problem was because of the RAM.

    in any case, I changed the Rams and this problem has been resolved. I just set the clock of the BIOS and rebooted the system. After awhile I figuered that windows clock is not fair. I restarted again and saw the BIOS clock. It has been reset for 2009! even when the laptop battery and power supply are attached the BIOS and windows continues to change clock! I even changed my windows and I replaced the CMOS battery with the former, but nothing helped. It seems really strange, but I don't think it's maybe a hardware problem there a driver or something for the CMOS battery... need your help! Thank you!

    You mentioned that the BIOS has been reset for 2009? This means that there is a problem with the current or any leak and the BIOS has been "reset" back at the root of the plant. I'm afraid you have shorted something when you changed the battery not be grounded.

    Worst case is that there is physical damage to your motherboard and there is nothing you can do about it, probably broken a capacitor - who cannot hold a charge to prevent the reset of the BIOS clock.

    However, you can try this.

    Completely, unplug your computer, remove the laptop battery, etc... Then browse 'Guide' your computer for the "hard physical reset" for your CMOS. I don't know what it's like on a laptop, I only did it on desktop with riders. Be sure to follow the directions precisely.

    -Make sure you are properly grounded. touch the metal parts that is grouned before touching anything on your computer.
    -the hard reset should be done for at least 30 seconds, this ensures that the power is completely served the system. Then you can set this back.

    Try this a couple of times, first without removing the CMOS battery and 2nd time after remove CMOS battery and placing it in.

    Good luck.

    BTW, you can also try running without your new memories (if there is more than 1 stick, try them separately). In fact, I would probably try first before doing a hard reset CMOS. The reason why I didn't say earlier, it's because I have assumed that you already tried this.

  • HP G60-126NR: laptop does not start unless that removed the CMOS battery

    I have a HP G60-126NR laptop. One day she was cold stone when I press the power button / stop. I unloaded the mothboard.  I then installed a new CMOS battery. I use the power supply to the power supply adapter. When I press the power button, I get nothing toally dead, except to show the light of connection. If I remove the CMOS battery, then discharge the motherboard again, then plug in, and the portable lights without power button / stop touching and goes into the Configuration screen to access in time. After time, it starts in Windows without a problem. SFC Windows scan shows no errors. If I stop, not sleep, the laptop died again unless I dump the motherboard and start from the square. In addition, I would like to say that when Windows is running, if I close the lid to put to sleep, you can see that the screen is still active despite change 'what happens when I close the lid. My diagnosis tells me that it needs a new motherboard.

    PS: I flashed the BIOS off HP site thinking that it would solve my problem, but it has not...

    The problem has been resolved. The jury of ciruit combination touch pad for power and WiFi was broken and has been replaced. Normal unit operation.

  • Qosmio G20-106 - exchange of the CMOS battery

    Hi all

    I need to change the battery CMOS of my G20-106. Is this possible without having to disassemble the whole laptop? Where is the battery? Thank you for your help.

    Best regards



    No, as I know it is not possible to do
    As far as I know the CMOS is welded somewhere on the motherboard and you would need to disassemble the whole laptop. This can be really, really painful procedure.

    But why do you want to remove the battery?
    The CMOS battery is charged and it should be possible to load it again.

  • Satellite Pro A40: location of the CMOS battery?

    is anyone the location of the cmos battery on the a40 sat pro that I need to change it.
    The laptop is a few years old, so I hesitate to send to the dealer for him as will be fairly high costs!

    Thank you

    I put t know exactly the place of the RTC battery, but you should see if you Remover keyboard and lid.
    To remove the RTC battery you need to disconnect the cable from the connector PJ8490 on the system board RTC battery and then Peel the insulators and remove the RTC battery.

    But note: When replacing the RTC battery, be sure to use genuine battery or spare batteries allowed by Toshiba. Battery wrong installation may cause a battery explosion, or other damage.

    PS: Just for the record: the RTC battery recharge takes about 8 hours

  • Compaq Presario SR5214x: Replacing the CMOS battery for Compaq Presario SR5214x desktop computer

    How to replace the CMOS battery on a Compaq Presario SR5214x desktop computer. What type of battery? Where is the battery? Thank you (deleted content)


    You will find how to do here.



  • W530 does not illuminate when the CMOS battery is connected


    I can't get my laptop to start (it blinks just 3 times battery icon, without to need laptop power (won't start even fan)) unless I disconnect CMOS battery, external battery and power first. Disconnected battery and CMOS battery, I can get the computer started connecting the AC (the computer then starts immediately without the need to press the powerbutton). Once the computer has booted, everything works fine (get warnings during start-up due to removed CMOS battery and must adjust date/timesettings every time in the operating system) and it is possible to restart without problems. I tried the following:

    Attempted fixes:

    (1) replace the CMOS battery and checked the required voltage is present using the multimeter

    (2) delete all memory modules. Has not made a difference, because it never reaches the verification of memory (where it would beep several times due to lack of memory) unless CMOS has been reset.

    (3) update BIOS of 2.57 to 2.63 without change

    (4) by pressing the button of power 10 times and then maintained for 30 seconds did nothing.

    I'm out of ideas after many hours of web browsing, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards


    It will be like this if the CMOS battery has failed and is in short-circuit. Try another battery CMOS

  • Does not start after replacing the cmos battery

    HP m8430f, Vista Home Premium.  Worked very well but sometimes had to restart using "pulsed" F10 (5 seconds) then wait 5 seconds, and then F5, then ENTER, F10, then ENTER.

    I suspected the CMOS battery, so I removed it.  He tested "fair."  Got a new CR2032.  He attached the test counter, so it's okay  "I WAITED ALL NIGHT BEFORE REPLACING.  But the computer does not restart.  I went through the steps above and still no luck.  What to do next?  Thank you, Joe

    FIXED!  I removed the battery (I had to remove the sound card to get in the first place to the battery).  I waved it around a little when you reinstall.  Now it's working.  What I've done, I have no idea, but it works now.  Sorry for the post, but I was desperate.  Joe

  • Satellite Pro S300-120 does not start after replacing the CMOS battery


    My friends laptop - a S300-120 - was having a few problems.

    I replaced some parts about this before, including a screen crack with no problems.

    However, he began to refuse to start saying "out of battery CMOS, Press F1 to enter setup". Of course you would have to do this, set the date and time, except & restart only to get the same message. We have replaced the CMOS battery with a with the same serial number and now the laptop will not boot.

    It does one of two things.

    It is one) seems to turn, turn to the top disk & CD player, cooling fan is 100%, then flashes the POWER ON led once, twice by orange, and then green to 1/2 second intervals, with no response from the keyboard or LCD.

    Or (b) turns on, turntable, does not turn up to cooling fan, POWER ON witness remains stable, no response from the keyboard or LCD.

    I re-assembled the laptop several times & can not find all the missing fittings or obvious signs of damage.

    The only thing I can think is that the motherboard has been damaged - somehow find replacements is delicate.

    Any ideas?


    (> It is a) appears to turn on, turn the disk & CD player, cooling fan goes to 100% and then flashes him

    POWER ON led once, twice by orange, and then green to 1/2 second intervals, with no response from the keyboard or LCD.
    Usually, if the voltage in abnormal feeding malfunctions when IN DC will be blinking orange.

    In my opinion, it looks like a problem with the motherboard :(
    Eventually, you will need to replace the mobo ;(

  • Portege A100 - where is the CMOS battery?

    Can someone tell me where the CMOS battery is located in a Portege A100, please?

    Thank you in advance.


    Why, you want to know where is the CMOS battery? You want to exchange it?

    I think this question can anybody answer here because it s only a user to user forum. Never saw here authorized technicians or anyone from Toshiba.

    Regarding your question, you should contact the nearest authorized service provider. They can answer any technical questions and also to exchange the battery for you. ;)

Maybe you are looking for