HP G72-110SA spare keys

The arrow down on my HP G72 laptop is broken. It seems that the hinge just broke.

I can source replacement hinges of the United States... but I'm in the United Kingdom. Anyone know where I can get replacement for the HP G72 keys to the United Kingdom?

Thanks in advance.


I live in the Netherlands. Personally, I tend to try to find a notebook of the same non-working and buy the keyboard. We have here marktplaats.nl in the Netherlands. There must be something equivalent to the United Kingdom.

Best regards

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    You can't just replace specific keys ike A, 3, F3. You need to replace the entire keyboard.

    To do this, the first thing is to buy a replacement keyboard. Audit PartSurfer keyboard is attached to the top cover as well, which means all the part must be replaced.



    I hope this helps!

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    I think you'll need special parts which exactly bland with Notepad.
    In this case there is not much to do about the order of these spare parts of the Toshiba service partner in your country.

    Years ago I ordered a DVD player in the ASP. The service guy ordered this unit directly from the Toshiba

  • 537924-001: from spare keys?

    Due to the low cost of the stock keyboards wired I guess that there is no replacement key for my HP key board stock... Yes? I used it enough I'm losing white letters... )

    Best, EJ

    They are white, black and blue directly from hong kong


  • HP G72 cursor moves, keys activate when I haven't touched the

    As I'm typing the cursor suddenly moves and I'm going to be typing in a different location.  The screen will move as I pressed the button [pg up]. Functional popups appear for no apparent reason...

    Keyboard wrong?

    HP technical support made some updates with remote access and the problem resolved.  Everything is done for now.

  • How to set the spare (next to space) as Alt Gr key?

    I would like to set the spare key (net of the SPACEBAR) to work as Alt Gr is available by Satellite software remap the keyboard?

    May I ask what phone do you use?

    In any case I'm sure that Toshiba does not such key mapping tool, but you can try to use a 3rd party as a key remapper application.


    Please tell us your experience with this app because I test didn t.

  • Key to satellite X 200 - 25I (keyboard)

    My 'End' key fell off my keyboard. Anyone know the part number or where to get your hands on a spare key? I had a look on ebay, but there is no x 200 keys, but similar to those in the research.


    I agree with the user above. I had to replace the keyboard on my laptop Toshiba too and you don t get simple keys only. Akuma says you have to change the entire keyboard.

    But don t you worry about this: a new keyboard isn't so expensive. You can get a new ASP directly:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    I must say that my ASP technicians are very friendly and good. ;)

  • MacBook keys exhaust

    I have a Macbook Air from 2012 and press SPACEBAR, E and N keys are inside. I can see the thread of copper under the key. Is this a problem for someone else and Apple corrects this or can it be solved at all? If reasonable price I'll pay to have these keys replaced but it seems that this is a MFG. deliver not use or abuse on my part. You can see in the photo, what is the question.

    My button "A" on my mid-2012 13 inch Air is in the same condition as your 'E' and my 'E' key is just beginning to show wear. I never felt like something on this topic yet, but if/when I do I'll probably take it to my authorized local Service provider. There are sources online of spare keys and instructions as another option. An example (not a personal recommendation I've not used): http://www.replacementlaptopkeys.com/apple-macbook-air-keyboard-key-13-mid-2012-2015 /

  • How to replace keyboard on Satellite A30 keys?

    Can anyone give me a detailed procedure to replace a keyboard key. I already had the spare keys, but I do not know how to replace! a link will be very useful!

    Keys stuck on keyboards and you can remove them easily.
    The main caps set on keyboard and if you want to turn off you must pull carefully on the key caps.

    Sorry, but I don t know how to simply explain the procedure.

  • One - Key post issue...

    After uninstalling a program on my new G570, my Lenovo has become unstable (explorer.exe acted upward). System Restore didn't help, so I used a spare key and it helped. To re - install my programs, I noticed that my software defrag has shown that there are files along the edge of the C: (one of the keys before there was a line neat on the edge with a space at the end of the disc) and a sequence of files until the middle of the disc where there is none before. Now, my computer is significantly slower and the download speeds are significantly slower (Youtube videos now buffer where they loaded before seamlessly). The computer works fine other than the slight slowdown. I tried several defragmenters does not. The separation of the files appear to affect computer management. The files until the middle of the disc are indicated as 'good behaviour' by SmartDefrag. I tried a boot time defrag with Puran thus does not.

    Anyone have a similar experience, and someone has a suggestion to fix the problem? When the files were all together at the edge of the disc the G570 very well performed. It is not now erratic, but very stable. I just noticed the slight slowdown after a key.

    Thank you, Kyuzo.


    One caveat: maybe it's just my system, but allow EA Boot Optimizer complete its operation (from the second reboot). I had to turn off during the restart due to an emergency situation, and then the computer would crash and eventually does not restart.

  • HP Envy 15-j118tx: replacement keys?

    My enter key is drunk and do not stick well on. I tried the SHIFT key in replacement and it seems to work very well, but I would probably use the caps lock key in the future I'm looking for a plug of spare keys. Is - this separate sale key caps HP? I know that the PAC will be compatible with other laptops Envy 15.

    There are online vendors that sell the keys.  HP sells replacement keyboards, but replace keyboards is something that is normally best left to professionals.

    The following link is an example. I have never used the company, nor I am affiliated with them somehow.


  • Z600 key of the Panel side missing


    I use a Z600 Workstation at work and I asked an upgrade of the hard drive, however when one of my colleagues in our Infrastructure team tried to work on the Z600 he couldn't find the key.

    As I inherited from my computer I don't have the keys to the side panel...

    Is there a way to access the workstation or can order us a spare key of HP?

    Kind regards


    It's probably the same key "301" is used on the Z620, the xw6600 and the xw6400, including each version just locked/open all the others that I have here right now.  Do not talk to anyone.

    Involve a locksmith if you want a high level of security for this lock in the future.  This is obviously only to oust the scum.  A locksmith can exchange in a dedicated replacement barrel / the key to your workstation HP wil not be the type of key "301".

    Workstations generally come with two of these keys, and if all goes well, there is another HP workstation in the building, that you can borrow one.

  • CTRL + keys F11 having no effect to restore my computer to factory settings

    Original title: CTRL + F11 keys having no effect

    Hello. Dell Dimension Windows XP. Try and return the disk hard back to the factory settings. Manual advises Ctrl + F11 at start screen. I know the timing is important, but I have tried six times without result. Are there spare keys or otherwise someone could suggest why the keys do not work.


    Check if the article helps you.

    Restoration of PC for Windows XP

    I recommend you contact Dell support for any problem related to the restoration of the Dell computer to factory settings.

  • How can I get a license key for an Express upgrade that has been lost in the Digital Locker service?

    I bought a Vista Ultimate Anytime Upgrade from MS Anytime Upgrade site in 2007. I now need to reinstall after a crash of the PC. However, while I still have the DVD can't get the license key. When I checked on the order confirmation emails, there is a "Digital locker" link for me to recover when necessary - that's why I the have not kept. But when I now try the link there is broken, and browsing the web, it seems that the Digital Locker service no longer exists, so as it is I have no spare key while it is a legitimate purchase?

    I tried to find someone at MS to provide me with a new key - it's a legitimate purchase, fee, directly from a web site of MS, but so far no one has been willing to help. Anyone know who I can contact to get this resolved please?

    Thanks in advance

    See also http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vistainstall/thread/4a3f9c0d-a10e-497b-a1b1-c3fd10896274/


    It was closed in August 2009.

    Notifications were sent to retrieve information at this location before it closes for good.



    You might try Windows Marketplace FAQ:




    The contact information for Microsoft Store.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Replacement key caps.

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14 "model which is no longer under warranty and had the arrow down and arrow keys break so that they remain is more locked on. They just pop off when I hit them. I called Lenovo and they don't sell to the keyboard. Online search I didn't find replacement keys either. Even the cheap keyboard replacements, I found are still $70 and I'm not wanting to spend that on this old laptop. Does anyone know where I can get these two spare keys, or those who work? Thank you.

    Looks like missed me the hyphen in the name.


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