HP HDX Windows Vista 64 bit laptop with error 1002 of the recovery process


I have laptop HP HDX which had a sound problem with message of error "Could not play the test tone", tried in several ways by online suggestions and ended to reinstall the new copy with recovery disk. As part of the recovery with a reovery of HP drive, I tried to get it back and it formatted boot partiion and got this error message "error 1002 if the problem persists, please contact HP support. My laptop is out of warranty now.  I talked to HP support and they ask me to buy new drives recovery and someone in this forum mentioned that recovery disk will lift the same mistake and we would need to purchase technical support and even that has not worked for soembody after paying $ 200 to support. I am struck with recovery of the laptop now. I also tried the recovery partition revovering and gave rise to no luck.  I'm now out of warranty.

I am really fedup with bearing on my this laptop windows vista 64 bit HP HDX laptop problems. What is your best suggestion for me to recover my windows vista now?

Thank you.


I ordered the drive to restore HP for $ 16 and I have no problem in my OS with this disk recovery. Recovery partition that came with my laptop had this error 1002 and he really tortured than me. It is recovered successfully with this new disc of recovery with on all issues.

I would have saved a lot of time, would not have had any stress and restore ($16) if HP disks price had built the free bug recovery partition.

I'll be very careful in buying HP products in the future.

Peace out.

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