HP Jet 7 5709: Shrunk 7 HPStream display area and I can't restore it

Tablet is updated for Windows 10 and worked well.  While hitting on any fly, all of a sudden I have a larger black surface across the bottom and a much smaller screen.  No matter what I try I cannot reverse this trend and don't know what I did to make it.  The display used to cover the entire screen; now, it's 2.5 x 5 "approx..  Can you get it someone please let me know how to reverse this change?  Thank you.


To reset Windows means reinstall or reset factory (or handed over to a new comprehensive State of the beginning).

All I can think is to try it.

A readjustment of the resolution to a different setting and then back to highest setting recommended does nothing?

IF the reset (reinstalling Windows) does not resolve this problem, the only thing I can think is that something failed somewhere in the material.

IF you are by chance, still under warranty, you should contact the HP Support directly as soon as possible for a repair.

Contact HP worldwide | HP® official site

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    Hyperlinks do not work in Outlook Express or in Word (revised 29-Apr-09)

    Hyperlinks do not work in Outlook Express after you put upgraded to IE7 [or IE8] (revised 29-Apr-09)

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    With the permission of MVP Frank Saunders. [RIP]

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    Click on the key in the timeline and in the drop-down the menu uncheck Composite overview over the filling.


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    I saw a thread on 'browser.sessionstore.enabled' must be true about: config, but I don't have even a name preference that says "browser.sessionstore.enabled. Maybe that's the problem? If so, I have NO IDEA how to fix this. I only am not at all computer savvy.

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    Browser.sessionstore.Enabled is no longer used, worry not if you can't find it.

    In case you use "clear history of Firefox closing:

    • do not erase browsing history – which will prevent the restoration of the work session.

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    Deletion of cookies will delete all specified (selected) cookies, including cookies with an exception allowing you want to keep.

    You can check the prefs of . browser.sessionstore * including browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash on the topic: config page and reset the browser.sessionstore prefs that are correct (in bold) user via the context menu in the default value to make sure that the Session Restore is enabled and functional.

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    Firefox has a feature to view all your open tabs in one or more groups of tabs. You can show and hide this screen by pressing Ctrl + Shift + e. Is this the one you see, or something different?

    If you ended up with more than a group of tabs and you want to consolidate them, you can drag the thumbnail images all in one group.

    More information: use tab groups to organize a large number of tabs.

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    Only the last window is restored if you close one by one with the X Windows close in the title bar.

    You must use File > Exit Firefox to close all the open windows at the same time if you want to reopen several windows.

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    have you tried to change the batteries in the mouse?

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    I downloaded the site Web of Toshiba XP drivers.

    Now I'm getting errors when I try to install. Display drivers and Intel chipset gives me the error:
    "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    What can I do?


    Are you sure that you downloaded the correct drivers?
    For Satellite L300 are different numbers of models available to check if you have chosen the right way.

    You can also install the drivers manually. Go to Device Manager > right click on the graphics card (or other device) > Update driver

    Good bye

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    COUNSULTING JET 6700 / after connection to the eprint center and going into settings I filled the email from authorized users to send print jobs. Next time, I'll check authorized users only two of the five I entered are present.  Why are others deleted?

    If you have problems with ePrint Center (EPC) don't save contacts to the list of senders, I would use this process to try to get the account to save contacts.

    1. connect to ePrint Center

    2. click on the list of senders and add a normal user.

    3. click on Save after adding the address - do not sign of ePrint Center.

    4. then send an email to the printer from this sender you just added.

    5. once the e-mail has been received by the printer, disconnect and then come back in ePrint center and check the list of senders.

    If this above process does not work, it would seek to remove web services and adding it back.  This would cause one to lose their email address and need to reprint the code printer and set up the printer on the account again to the EPC.

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    What version of Windows?  You can change the DPI on Windows XP but right click on your desktop, choose Properties, selecting the tab settings, clicking on advanced and change the dropdown to DPI.  Other versions of Windows have similar steps.

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    I found the answer.  It takes a combination of the Info button and the button to display the two histograms.  In read mode, press the info button until the image and the histogram that is selected in the menu of the Play3 appear side-by-side, then use the multidirectional button(up/dn) to switch to the other the histogram.

  • Dell XPS on MS XP running several windows to include station media TV and internet games offers a pixelated display gradually and freezes

    Dell XPS on MS XP running several windows to include station media TV and internet games offers a pixelated display gradually and freezes. restart clears but reproduces

    I love my Dell and use media station to watch cable TV while playing games on the internet (pogo.com) sometimes I play solitaire spider OEM.  I think that, especially in the afternoon, my image of the desktop will get pixelated (small hyphens in contrasting colors) gradually fill in top to bottom.  Initially, I thought this might be the steganography, but found no references.  then I noticed that the pixelation in contrasting colors began to appear on the screen of the media station into strips about 6-8 rows of red, green and blue and pulsed in time for audio.  do not have audio video storage but this started to happen when Comcast went digital, so there may be a link?  spoke and troubleshoot-done with the line paid expert who suggested Speedfan as a diagnosis for my GPU graphics processing unit.  When I reboot, everything is fine so it happens with increasing frequency.

    Here is a link to the Dell site where you can get a manual that has a few general cleaning instructions as... eliminate dust, etc.

    Here is a link to some general purpose cleaning of ideas to make sure your system is found good circulation:


    Even if your system is physically disconnected from the power supply and clean, if you can remove your slot NVIDIA card and reinsert the card safely in the same dwelling, which will ensure that you don't have a loose connection.  Which may require a screwdriver, so if you're not uncomfortable with it, maybe you can find someone to help you.

    Your display NVIDIA GeForce 7300 driver has also passed HIM.

    Your msinfo32/video info says that currently, you have this: driver version (it's NVIDIA version 266.58)

    The current version of the driver for the GeForce 7300 is 270.61

    The best way to reinstall the NVIDIA software is to visit NVIDIA support web page and let your system and recommend the best software for your system or that you get the right version of the software on their web page and download the latest package of video driver for your system software and install it yourself.

    It is recommended to run the scan NVIDIA with Internet Explorer.

    Here is the link to the support page NVIDIA for the scan:


    Read the instructions, and then click the GRAPHICS DRIVERS button to start the scan.

    Let online to take a look at your video system scanner them and see what he suggests for drivers and consider their analysis if they offer a new pilot.

    Download and install the recommended driver and reboot your system and check the version of the driver installed again.

    If you post the msinfo32/video info once again, we can help you to ensure that the new driver is installed.

    Is not not a audio/videophile, I'm not sure if your codecs required to make day or no MS maybe someone else can help you with this part, but should your video driver update.

  • My laptop connects is more to the internet, either hard wired or wireless. When it is hard wired, the laptop displays connection but I can't access the internet, and I've done it before.

    My laptop connects is more to the internet, either hard wired or wireless.  When it is hard wired, the laptop displays connection but I can't access the internet, and I've done it before.  My other computer has service very well (or I wouldn't send this message) I checked everything, what to do?

    original title: internet connection.

    Hi vonhatten,

    1. Did you the latest changes on the computer?
    2. You receive an error message when you try to connect to the internet?
    3. You have security software installed on the computer?

    Refer to the article below and try the steps mentioned, check if it helps.

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