HP laptop: enter the model number and get a "game too many results.

My HP laptop dies after 6 weeks. When I contact support, he asks the model number. I enter: say "15-ay041wm" is what the box and laptop. I get a reply that says.

"Sorry, too many results match your search for 15-1y041wm.

"So I try HP Notebook, I get the same mesaage above, except with the HP laptop ' instead of '15-ay041wm.

Because no matter where I'm going, he wants the model number and I give, I can't help. No cat, no nothing.

So someone can tell me how to get support?

If HP is unable to handle the number of model of it's own computers, so I'm not very confident.

Here are the free support number to call in the USA/Canada... 1 800-474-6836.

Now here's another question, you can report to HP on if you want...

You must stay online and listen to the automated assistant trying to talk to you to talk to a representative... visit the HP website... go to this support forum (which has no official presence in HP), etc.

After a minute or two, the Assistant to say, if you can't get online, will stay on the line to speak to a customer services representative.

This is when you will have the opportunity to speak with a support person and report the problem to open a pension case.

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