HP LaserJet 200 color M251: HP LaserJet 200 color M251 only prints completely black pages

While in the middle of printing a 24 page document, printed pages went from perfectly readable to completely black (black Coal Mine).  The cartridge is only around the age of 2 months and a lot of toner.   I deleted and reinstalled the printer, but the problem remains.  To me it looks like a hardware problem (circuits) at this stage.  Thanks in advance for advice about the diagnosis further.


Thanks rb11, I realized these things (support page, etc.) and the problem persists.  I could add the image of the first page that turned out to be totally black when printing.  If all goes well, I can attach a jpeg file, illustrating the speed at which the page went to total darkness.

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  • My printer has stopped printing in color, it only prints in black.

    put in the new color cartridgw.

    Check the printer "Properties" in the Panel Printers and fax machines.  Then select "Print Options".  Two-bit said it is set to grayscale somewhere in there...

    Try to print a page of test while your there.

  • using the color laserjet 3600n - I want to print in black and white, but it prints black and white negative. * beep *.

    using the color laserjet 3600n - I want to print in black and white, but it prints black and white negative.  * beep *.

    I was able to recreate what you see.   I managed to work around it by installing a different driver that is also supposed to be compatible with the CLJ3600.

    Please consider trying this as a possible solution:

    (1) uninstall the driver CLJ3600 by opening printers and fax machines, driver selection and right-click on it and select Delete.  Once it is removed, right-click on an empty space in the windows printers and faxes and select Server properties.  Click the driver tab, click the CLJ3600 and then click on remove.

    One when you're done, restart, and then install the CLJ3500 driver.  This is a previous version of the driver that has been implemented for the CLJ3600 and is compatible with the CLJ3600.


    After installation, try printing again.

    The output I have indicates it will print is more negative.  Please let me know if you have success.

    One caveat about this solution.  The Color LaserJet 3500 doesn't support duplex.  Of workaround only works for two printing on the package of basic or the Color LaserJet 3600 N.

  • HP Laserjet P2015d: HP P2015d duplex printing blank first page

    Hello everyone

    I have in my office, among other things, the printers two HP Laserjet 2015b. We use it on Windows XP, 7 and 10. Whenever I put them for the first time, I have the same problem with the drivers.

    From XP and ending with 10, there are 3 packs of drivers, PCL5, PCL6 and Psalm none of them installs ok, printers work, but there is a problem in duplex printing, gives me a headache. I try to only print only one page (for example: 1 page, current page, etc.), printers print on both sides of the paper, first white and the text on the second.

    In XP and 7 that I managed to solve the problem in a very strange way, install a software package and manually change the driver with that of another pack! For example, I installed PCL 6 and I changed in the printer properties Advanced pilot, the PCL 5 driver. And that after many attempts to find the best combination!

    Now, I have improved my work to 10 Windows 32 bit laptop and I can not solve the problem either. Any driver, I choose the 3 special indeed for Windows 10 or fom those made for 7 or XP, try to only print that one page in duplex, the printer prints on both sides of the sheet of paper, white on the first and on the second text! And I find no option in the settings of the printer to solve this problem.

    Can someone help me with this problem?

    Thank you

    Thank you all for the advice and opinions. I did it!

    After many, many attempts, I noticed a small option "allow manual duplex", which was enabled by default, and which appeared in print (MS Word and other programms) main window only when selected duplex! Strange! I disabled it in the Advanced tab of the printer properties and everything is normal now!

    Now I can use the printer again only in "duplex" mode, and it prints a page "simplex" and the two following pages "duplex", because it suppose to do!

  • If I only print in black why my HP Photosmart C6180 uses up color cartirges? Are expensive!

    If I only print in black why my HP Photosmart C6180 uses up color cartirges? Are expensive!


    All printers do the same thing that even many printers have an option to print in black INK ONLY. The reason: during the process of global warming, printers need to use all inks to check and maintain their print heads... Some people say, we turn on the printer / OFF it will use more ink, I can't confirm that but understandable.

    Kind regards.

  • HP OfficeJet 6500: Is the color cartridge to print in black?


    I had a brother printer which required that there is ink in the color cartridges even if I only wanted to print in black.  Is the HP Officejet 6500 in the same way?  Is it necessary that it be ink cartridges color, even though I'm only printing in black ink only?

    Thank you

    Westin wrote:

    Is it necessary that it be ink cartridges color, even though I'm only printing in black ink only?

    Yes, he does. And it is only to prevent the nozzles of ink on the printheads of evaporation, resulting in poor print quality when you decide to print in color.

  • HP PSC 1317 AIO - you need a color cartridge to print in black only?


    Just a quick question to run me to the store twice save.

    A totally black HP 56 + HP 57, a color with a little ink left would be enough for printing in bulk in black only? I'm not sure how this works because I was told that some printers draw on the color cartridge to compensate for the dark ?

    Thank you!


    Almost all printers draw color inks to print in black, it is the rule of normal color mixing. We can stop this using 'grey levels' option on the printer or applications (for example, Word...). BUT the printers need color inks to protect the print head (please don't ask me why) that is why they will stop when no good no color ink cartridges installed.

    Kind regards.

  • Photosmart 5510 requires the color cartridge to print in black

    I have an Imac running MAC OS X 10.7.5 and a HP Photosmart 5510.

    I can't select a black and white printing other than "regular, fast rough, black and white paper.

    QUESTION: Why are there no "plain paper, best option, black and white"? Or should I ask, where is the ordinary paper, the best black and whitee option?

    Surely each printer must be able to print the last option.

    To satisfy my need for a good level of black and white print that I have to use the color cartridges - it is expensive.

    I would be grateful for any help.

    Thank you.

    To print graphics or the text of quality 'Best' the printer uses color ink.  In the case of text, the color ink is printed black to improve the darkness and roughness of the edge.  (Color ink makes printing 'together' more quickly, reducing the purge on the edges).

    For graphics, the printer uses drops color printing black or gray printing mode best because it gives much better graphics.  The color ink droplets are much smaller than the black.  When the color ink is used for printing in grayscale or B & W graphics, the results are much thinner that the result would be in black ink only.

    If the quality does not matter (much) draft mode provides the best economy, but for a better print quality, color ink is necessary.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910: why can I only print in black when a color cartridge is empty?

    my yellow ink is empty.  I have a new 8610 to install but to print in black only to use this ink.

    The Officejet Pro 8500 (like the Officejet Pro 8610) has separate printheads and ink supplies, with "plumbing" to connect.  You have color ink available to keep the print head and plumbing butcher, even if you are printing black only (and in your case you don't care is if the color print heads clogged).

    See here for more information on how the ink is used.  Officejet Pro printers are IIC in the terminology of this document.

  • Color display you want to only print in black and white?

    Hi all

    I have been responsible for creating a PDF file that displays in color on the screen but will print in black and white. It doesn't matter who chooses to print from any computer.

    Any ideas if this is even possible? If so, how?

    Searched the web and can't find anything, so any help is very appreciated.

    See you soon

    Is not possible.

  • LaserJet Pro CM1415fn: Upgraded IMac and Laserjet now only print in black

    Just upgraded my iMac, and the printer now not working is not in color. I see that the software is not available for Sierra implies that this may be the cause of the problem is it? Wish now that I had just updated! Software will be available soon?

    Thanks for letting me know @Fosse.

    Check the name of the driver that is installed by the printer. Make sure that it shows just the name of the printer.
    Click on the Apple menu, click System Preferences. Click on printers and scanners, highlight the name of the printer on the left side and right side of the screen it should show the name of the printer. (Laserjet Pro CM1415fn)

    If the full name of the printer is not correctly, delete and add the printer name back from the list. Click on the sign - to remove the driver and then click on the + sign to add the driver might have to drop-down list to select the name of the printer to add a click.

    If you still have problems, and that the printer is on a network, just for fun, try connecting the printer with a USB connection to see if you can print in color.

    You could have one do a manual uninstall of drivers and install the HP v5.0 for OS X printer drivers.

    Here are the steps: Uninstall HP Printer (Mac) software.

    Move the files or folders to the Recycle Bin, drag and drop.

    • Macintosh HD/Applications / /Hewlett-Packard folder
    • Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support /- delete all files and folders on HP/Hewlett Packard
    • In Macintosh HD/Library/Caches - delete all files and folders on HP/Hewlett Packard
    • Macintosh HD/Library/Documentation/Help /- delete all files and folders on HP/Hewlett Packard
    • MacintoshHD/Library/Frameworks/HPServicesInterface.framework
    • MacintoshHD/Library/Frameworks/HPSmartX.framework
    • Macintosh HD/Library/Image Capture / TWAIN Data Sources /HP Scan Pro
    • In Macintosh HD/Library/Image Capture/Scripts - delete all files and folders on HP/Hewlett Packard
    • In Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences - delete all files and folders on HP/Hewlett Packard

    Move the Macintoshloginwindow.plist on the desktop. NOTE: Does not delete the loginwindow.plist file during the manual uninstallation may cause uninstall be retained.

    • In Macintosh HD/library/printers/hp - delete the folder
    • In Macintosh HD/Library/StartupItems, drag the following files in the trash, HP IO and trap of HP monitor
    • In Macintosh HD/users/username (this should have a symbol of a house next to him) / Library/Preferences, drag the following files to the Trash: * all files starting with com.apple.print, * all files starting with com.hp, * all files beginning with Hewlett-Packard, * all files beginning with HP or HP.
    • In MacintoshHD/users/USERNAME/Library/printers, drag all all-in-one printers listed here in the trash.
    • Drag the icons of HP from the dock and drop it onto a blank space on the desktop. The icon will disappear.

    Close all open windows.

    Restart the Mac.

    Empty the trash.

    Once connected, repair disk permissions.

    Close all applications.

    In the Apple menu, click OK, click Applications, and then click utilities.

    Open disk utility.

    Click on the hard drive.
    Click first aid button, and then click Run.

    Try them HP v5.0 for OS X printer drivers.

    Thank you!

  • How to change what color my brother printer using black or white etc.

    I don't know how to change the color of my use of the printer to my computer. /

    Hi, Zedannrobert,

    What version of Windows are you using?

    What is the make and model of printer?

    Start > Control Panel > printers folder

    Right-click on the printer icon and select Printing Preferences

    Click on the color tab

    Select your favorite color

    Click on apply, OK

  • Do I have to have a color cartridge in my printer (C5550) although I only print in black and white?

    HP Photosmart C5550 - do I need to have a cartridge full color ink in my printer, even if I print only in black & white?

    I always installed one, but due to lack of use, it will dry out.  Looks like a big waste of money if I have on the machine to make it work.


    Even just print in B & W (do not use perpetual mix), you still need to color ink cartridges because the system just asking this to 'protect' the printer.

    Sorry, I don't know the logic behind this, but it's the way the system works.

    Kind regards.

  • Depleted ink color, want to print in black only


    We have a HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910 printer all in one, and it happened for us several times.  When we have run out of color ink, but have a full black cartridge installed, the HP software allow to print text in black ink only documents.  It's very frustrating, because there is a setting in the "set preferences" dialog box that appears to allow such use, but apparently it is misleading.  Is there some kind of special 'switch' that I need to return order to stop don't not productivity when I don't have the money or time to buy unnecessary colors?

    Thank you, Bill


    You have to buy color inks. I have test another days: printer still print but very slow and can get blank pages several times.

    Kind regards.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8500 depleted a color ink cartridges - printer will print not except if replaced

    When one of my color ink cartridges is empty ink, my printer does not print until the ink cartridge is replaced.  Of course, I go out and buy new and install it then get the message that another cartridge needs to be replaced!

    I only print in black ink in all cases.  Is it possible to print only black ink without replacing color cartridges are empty ink?

    In addition, if a color is exhausted, I should automaticall replace all color cartridges?

    Operating system: Windows XP

    Officejet 8500 printers individual ink cartridges (IIC); This machine requires that all cartridges to be installed to ensure that the printhead not damaged. In the printer, the ink is used not only for printing, but retain the printer and the print head. We can reduce the amount of color ink, the printer uses by changing the print in grayscale settings or use black ink only. Page 34 of the Manual shows how to change these settings when you print the documents. For more information on how the ink is used in the printer; It can be considered as this page here where he goes into detail about the different ways that ink is used in the printer.
    I would just replace the color cartridge the printer says needs replacement when the machine alerts you of low ink. I would replace all the colors at a time when only needs replacement.
    I hope this helps.

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