HP Laserjet M9050 MFP: Scan error Code 30.01.16

I have a HP Laserjet M9050 MFP Firmware: 51.051.4

The printer was woking fine so far, but played upward...

I get an error Scan on the screen 30.01.16 Code, have searched online and this indicates that the scanner ADF need of recalibration.

Normally the 30.01.16 error code will remain on the screen, but if I take off the cable behind the scanner it-displayed meaning I can access the control panel and enter the menu etc.

I tried to re - calibrate the, but it doesn't seem to work, someone has another idea about what it takes to solve this problem.



Be sure to save the configuration when you do something.

Well, the solutions were:

(1) printer tour

(2) remove trainer card and unplug the hard drive

(3) re - connect trainer Board and open the ADF tray, printer

4) go to Services, then calibration width ADF and calibrate as on-screen instructions.


(6) turn on the printer and remove trainer card and reconnect the hard drive.

(7) once who did everything turn on the printer again, and everything should work without an error.

Note: If you get the error when the cable step 3/4 remove scanner then plug back in.

Fixed and working again.

This can close close...

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    We have checked and there is no Webscan for this model of Laserjet, scanning all is software driven UI.

    Thank you.

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    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the printer and the software from my computer.

    I'm out of ideas.

    Hello @gfrd3489

    If you talked about scanning to the icon post from work or option after pressing the icon of the scan on the printer itself that one has been dropped by HP since she had so many questions with that like on some devices will only scan flat and not of ADF.

    If you notice you still have other options such as scanning to USB key, scan to e-mail or scan in network on the printer folder of are next to the HP scanning app on the PC for windows and mac

    Devices most recent are not supposed to have this option on the first place and the firmware and normal updates which will remove devices more alumni who have it

    There were a few M477 which were sold to vendors when it first came out which was which, but as soon as he gets the first update will be deleted

    hope that clarifies the question

  • LaserJet M1319f: HP Laserjet M1319f MFP Scaner not ongoing analysis pages.


    I use HP Laserjet M1319f MFP all in one printer software & scan.

    Already installed in windows 7, scanner function works, it will scan multiple documents in a pdf or a file.

    But now I have windows installed 8.1. I have install the printer / download site Scaneer software & firmware as suggested by HP.

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    Hichem Shah


    Full features software is available for Windows 7, this is no longer provided for Windows 8.

    A basic set of drivers as offered only provide basic scanning capabilities by using operating system utilities, such doesn't offer a scanning HP utility and allow a single file of scanning.

    Try the 3rd party PAN scan utility below, it offers the PDF and the digitization of several page and offered as a freeware:


    This app you can prior multiple pages scan save the PDF file.

    Hope that helps,


  • HP LaserJet M1530 MFP: HP LaserJet M1530 MFP reinstall errors to 99%

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    There is also no in the same way, a lot of minutes sitting at 99%.

    Someone at - it of the other Councils, a 'solution' to reinstall the operating system.

    Thanks for providing this information @rbro.

    Yes, you can run the uninstaller from here. Make sure you unplug the USB cable first.

    Try the procedure described in this document for the 1618 error HP monofunctional and printers multifunctional - Fatal Error ' fatal error 1618' (MSI error 1618) displayed for HP Software Installation in Windows. .

    Please hold me. Thank you!

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    You may encounter temporary connection errors [for example, 0xc800042D] when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    If you need help, please start a new thread about your specific problem and your computer.  Indicate your IE version and the full version of Windows (for example, WinXP SP3;) Windows XP 64 - bit SP2; Vista SP1; Vista 64 - bit SP2; Win7; Win7 64 bit) in your first post.  Thank you.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • HP Laserjet M1217 MFP printer - error memory power

    I just install my new printer HP LaserJet M1217. I get the message "Power supply memory error" on the screen of the printer > installed the SW using the HP Smart Install program.  Win 7 is the operating system.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Hi kongtoy,

    There is a clip on the chip on the cartridge's protective plastic. Remove the orange plastic, and he's going to quit giving you the power of memory error. Refer to figure 6

    Power supply memory error "Message is displayed on the control panel

  • LaserJet M3035xs MFP Scan because of the network folder

    Hello. I had a question about the scan to network folder option on our M3035. At the same time, I had this put option in place and works very well with all our Windows 7 computers. The hard drive in the Copier has failed and had to be replaced that erased all our settings. I used the wizard to add folders to the copier to scan network and even though files test ok at installing any of my test scans are appearing in the record. I was getting an error in a first time on it is not unable to check access I went into the settings using the IP address and added my credentials in this way. After this step, I was able to scan, but nothing appears in the record. HP wants $1,000 to get out because we are no longer under warranty.  Any assistance that you can offer is greatly appreciated!


    Thank you for responding. My Info was valid and set up the same way it was before. I decided to take a different route and put all the files on the server through the server to scan and save. That seems to work for now.

  • LaserJet M477fnw MFP: scan to PDF file / shortcut to scan


    Y at - it a shortcut to analyze more quickly. Now I have to go to devices and printers (waiting), right click on my printer (wait), then press scan.


    Once there I can choose only the following file types; BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF. I really need to scan in pdf without having to "print to PDF" never doc I scan.

    Thank you!!!

    (technically - challenged)

    Analysis of the issues...

    Please try this scanning solution:

    HP extended Scan

    FTP://FTP.HP.com/pub/scanners/HPScanExt/HPScanExt.msi for Windows.

    Once it has downloaded and installed, go to start > all programs > HP > HP Scan extended > Run "HP Scan extended.

    That scans PDF available for free with this scanning software - https://www.naps2.com/

    Let us know.

  • LaserJet M1212nf MFP: Scanning does not... Once again.

    You are God * beep * serious? I've lost my patience with this thing. Used to scan via USB, but the part on the printer pulled plug and pulling repeatedly. Then connected by Ethernet cable. Would not scan. It turns out that the printer must be plugged into a wall outlet instead of the power bar. Very well.

    And now, it does not analyse new, but this time I literally haven't touched it since the last time once I plugged it in the wall. The device is in offline mode on my computer but can still print documents, but it won't scan. I checked the power cord of the printer and it is not loose at each end. All my drivers must be current.

    Well, this should allow you to analyze:

    1. If the printer is connected via USB cable to your PC, delete.
    2. Click on start and open devices and printers.
    3. Right-click on any icon of your printer listed.
    4. Click on remove the instrument.
    5. Repeat for all other icons of your printer listed.
    6. Download and install the latest drivers by clicking on this link.

    Please let me know the results after doing the above.

  • HP Color LaserJet M177fw MFP Scanner Error 22 Pro

    Bought this product today. 3. analysis later, 22 Scanner error. I have consulted the troubleshooting basic guide. Product unplugged for 15 seconds, no improvement. Updated firmware to update, no improvement. Very discouraging to buy something and it fail on me the same day... Help please.

    Thank you!

    I'm ready now. I returned the product to the retailer. Upgrading to a different model, and yes it's an HP. It was a much better option because HP would not have replaced my unit with another unit AGAIN, it would have been updated. I feel like a complete jerk to study does not comment on a product before buying it. HP has a very good line of printers, seems just that this model has had its problems.

    Thank you.

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    I tried to completely uninstall the printer and drivers by the management of printing, but when I reinstall I'm still not able to see the scan option.

    I found this fix, but it is not helpful at all.  I am very few clear on how to run the solution. What is the air cleaner and where do you get?


    Well, I have solved the problem by forcing a sweep of windows & scan fax.  I found this as a work-around and I just try the scanner then, and it worked.  For now, the question has corrected itself, if all goes well it stays this way!

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    Any ideas?

    Thank you more, Alar.

    Hi and thanks!

    I have it. I got off WS-Discovery. =) Earlier, I corrected which... WJA has done well.

    Thank you more, Alar.

  • Color LaserJet 5500: error code 59.5 k

    My Color LaserJet 5500 poster printer error code 59.5 k while a flashing orange light.

    What can I do to solve the problem?

    Thank you

    59.5 K refers to a motor with the toner cartridge problem black.  Several times it might just be a bad toner, that does not illuminate.  You can test.  Remove all tonics of the printer.  Turn on the printer and when it asks you to install toner, press the menu key and scroll to the diagnostics menu and then choose the item to disable control of the cartridge.  The printer will say check and he would come after a while to say ready, diagnostics mode.  If it does not try once more with the menu in the same way.  When it indicates ready diagnosis mode, open the door and install the toner cyan in black housing and the other two colors in their regular time slots and let the black toner in the printer.  Now close the door and the printer should say check and eventually come to loan, diagnostic mode.  If she comes back with the error, then you have a hardware problem with the train of drum for the black slot and will need service.  If it's ready, print a configuration page in the menu information and it should send a cyan color config page.  If so, your problem is most likely a bad black toner and it must be replaced.

  • ATI Mobility radeon HD 4500 series reported an error code 43 and he he had stopped working, so my printer Laserjet M1132 MFP had stoped printing.

    My computer said that ATI Mobility radeon HD 4500 series reported an error code 43 and he he had stopped working, so my printer Laserjet M1132 MFP had stoped printing. How can I make it work againg?

    SHELF MODEL: tm2-1010ea


    Any required driver updates should come from your support site for PC manufacturers, HP? and not Ati or windows update

Maybe you are looking for