HP LaserJet P1102w & Wireless Mountain Lion

I just bought a new HP LaserJet P1102w and cannot connect it via radio to my Mac at all. I am running Mac OS 10.8 with the latest software updates. I already downloaded and installed the latest software and firmware directly from the HP site. I can't seem to set up the printer to work on the wireless, although the site HP says that it is taken in charge by Mac OS 10.8.

When I go to system preferences > print & scan > Options and... office supplies > utility > Open Printer Utility > HTML Config... to try and connect to my WiFi (running on a brand new terminal, Airport Express), all I get is the following:

This page contains the following errors:

error on line 6 in column 48: entity 'nbsp' not defined

error on line 12 in column 8: beginning and ending tag mismatch: connect the line 0 and head

Here is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

HP LaserJet Professional 1102wUSB P

How am I supposed to use this printer wireless? Your site says it is supported, but when I have all the updates of software and firmware on my printer and my computer, it does not work. I'm extremely disappointed in HP right now and I hope you can provide a viable solution.

Mac OS 10.7 has been out for more than a year-and-a-half and Mac OS 10.8 came out for almost 3 months now. It's ridiculous and disprespectful your customers do not have good drivers and firmware available to ensure that your prodcut works as you say it should.

I look forward to your solution.

Hi JustenB84,

So when you installed the driver that I've shared with you, have you tried configuring wireless via the configuration HTML again utility? Open the queue for the printer (USB), and then click settings. Select the utility, and then open the Laserjet utility. Then click on Config of HTML. The tool now comes so that you can enter the settings of your wireless network?

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  • How to set up the connection HP LaserJet P1102w wireless in Mac 10.9.2

    Hello, so I need help to set up my wireless printer (HP LaserJet P1102w) to my computer (Mac 10.9.2)

    OK, here is your support page with everything you need to get running.


  • HP Laserjet P1102W wireless failure

    I have a HP Laserjet P1102W printer which is out of warranty. Wireless features have failed. Wireless on the Panel light doesn't even come. It's as if the Wireless does not exist on this printer.

    Has anyone previously encountered, and are there any recommended?

    Is the wireless module something that can be replaced?

    The printer works well otherwise but now only through a USB cable.

    The only thing you can to is to buy a USB print server and convert the USB wireless.

  • HP Laserjet P1102W wireless connection problem

    I have a P1102W which worked very well up to what it wasn't wireless.  I use an AT & T Uverse 2Wire router and Windows Vista.  I have not changed anything, and one day the network would not recognize the wireless printer.  I've turned off (unplugged) everything and turned on the back without success. I uninstalled and tried to reinstall the printer and have just received a message that the network could not connect to the printer.  The printer works when it is connected with a cable, but the blue wireless light just blinks and then turns off - indicating that there are no wireless signal.  All other devices and wireless printers on this network work very well.  HP support was no help, because the warranty had expired 2 DAYS ago!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi kadmiral,

    Follow the steps below.

    1 uninstall the printer to the computer using Add/Remove programs in the control panel.

    2. download the software and the driver for your operating system from the link below.

    HP LaserJet Pro P1102w printer drivers

    3. follow step 3: connect to the wireless network - second method: Standard connecting with a USB cable

    If your wireless router does not support Router Setup (WPS), you can use this method to set up the product on a wireless network. With the help of a cable USB to transfer parameters facilitates establishing a Wi - Fi connection. Once the installation is complete, remove the USB cable.

  • Difficult to change usb Laserjet P1102W wireless connection

    I currently have a macbook OS X Version 10.6.8 running.  I initially installed the printer (P1102w laserjet) with a usb connection and now I need to change to the wireless.  Setup online says to do the following:

    System of preferences print and Fax to Open what to print , and then click printer setup

    Then click on the utility tab, and then click Open Printer Utility

    Then click on Config of HTML.

    Here is where I encountered the problem.  When I click on Config of HTML, instead of opening the utility, as shown in the video, it opens a browser with a bunch of html source code.  I can't do something more that there is nothing to click, just a bunch of code.

    Can anyone help?

    Hi @shardul2000,

    I see that you are having problems running the HTML code to configure the wireless. I would like to help.

    Make sure that Safari is set as default browser. (sometimes the SAP will not open if it is not set by default)

    Open Safari, at the top, select the Safari menu, select Preferences, general, as a default value.

    Delete and add the USB printer in the print and scan window and try to re-run the HTML code.

    If you're still having problems, close all applications to access another way to run the HTML code.

    In the Apple menu bar, click Go, computer, MAC hard drive, library, Printers, HP, LaserJet, click the folder for your printer, click HTML config, it should open the webserver integrated for the printer to set up the wireless, and then click the network tab, click on wireless on the left and fill out your information. (be sure to infrastructure is selected and alpha or numeric is selected) Apply the settings.

    You should get a solid blue light on the printer in 1 minute about.

    Remove the USB driver, then add the network printer:

    Click on the Apple.
    Click on System Preferences.

    Click the printing and scanning.

    Select the printer, and then click the sign - to remove the printer. (USB driver)

    Unplug the USB cable.

    Then click on the + sign and select the printer from the list and click Add. (Hello P1102w)

    Test the printer.

    If you need help, let me know.

    Good day!
    Thank you.

  • HP laserjet p1102w: wireless printer does not work with the new wireless network

    My office moved recently and we have a new wireless network. My printer always wireless worked perfectly on the previous network, but it does not work with the new network. I get a message "the printer is offline. I don't know how to reconfigure so that it detects the new wireless network. Can anyone help? Thank you

    Hi Shlomi,
    Thanks a lot for the info. I'll give it a try today...

  • LaserJet P1102W (Wireless B & W): [Laserjet P1102W (B & W wireless)] not able to print (local error)


    When I try to print something, that is to say the word, it says I can't because of "interference by user" (translated from Dutch). Sometimes a Windows 10 notification also, saying "the printer requires attention" or something. Here are a few screenshots (in Dutch)

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)

    It is in Word. Translation: ' interference by user: 1 the document in the queue. "
    It is in Word. Translation: ' interference by user: 1 the document in the queue. "

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)

    It comes to the print queue of the printer window. At the top it says "... P1102w) - Attention required "
    It comes to the print queue of the printer window. At the top it says "... P1102w) - Attention required "

    As you can see I'm getting 2 different error messages, but I have no idea on what step I need to take next. I tried many things such as removing and adding the printer, firmware update (however HP program is quite vague, so I don't know if I've done this good), etc. of Windows updates.

    There are several devices that use the printer (including other users of Win10) but I'm the only one with this problem so I am convinced that it is a local error. I got the error a few weeks now, but still no improvement.

    Thanks for reading,


    I've tried, but it did not work. I found a solution, although I'm not entirely sure of what went around or causing the problem.

    First, I tried to reinstall the printer software/driver (?) that you usually get when you enter the IP address of the printer and the HP smart install. I got the software from my brother who put it on my pc by Onedrive and e-mail. However, I could not run the file because Windows somehow he blocked for security reasons because the developer has not been approved. I couldn't disable the blocking, so I did some research on Google. I read something about a hidden administrator account, you can activate, but decided to wait a bit.

    Apaprently, as of yesterday, no one could use the printer (although my problems before that). We found his IP address online so I plugged the USB from the printer directly in our modem. Then he has been brought back online, and he remained in line when we removed the USB later.

    I had activated the administrator account "secret" (assuming that it is some kind of hidden because it took activation CMD) where I downloaded the printer driver by entering the IP address in the browser on this account. Don't know how or why, but then I was able to print again.

    I don't know if you need to turn on this admin account to fix or if this file is a solution in the first place, but I solved the problem.


  • Printer hp laserjet P1102W wireless light. Windows Vista operating system

    After trying to download the firmware update to enable air print from an I - pad 2, the wireless light is out and didn't once again.  I tried to reset the printer back to the original settings, but nothing happened.  We have a router from linksys E1200 and he worked before you download the firmware without success.  Can the wireless connection be restored?

    Hi shirley_h,

    Rerun the update of the firmware on the printer.


  • Printing with Hp laserjet P1102w wireless problems

    Hi, I have problems printing wireless on my macbook with Hello. I set up the printer and it prints ok. But after awhile, it loses comunitcation. I always turn off my router to reset everytime I need to print. I tried the printer of the assign a static IP address, but it still does the same thing.


    To address the issue of Hello, probably it depands on your router, will be helpful to know your router brand and model to better understand the reason.

    To work around the problem, you can also set the printer by IP, in my view, it should help:

    1. Go into System Preferences > Print & Fax or printing & scanning.
    2. Click on the Plus sign to add a printer.
    3. Click the icon of the IP above.
    4. Select the HP Jetdirect Socket Protocol.
    5. Type the IP address of the printer.
    6. Confirm and will create a new queue.

    Print using the print queue newly created, listed as the IP address of the printer.

    Kind regards


  • LaserJet P1102w: HP LaserJet P1102w prints EXTREMELY slow by Wi - Fi

    I was struggling with this problem for a long time, but today it completely freaked me. I was ready to throw this piece of... printer!

    Problem is simple. When I try to print something wireless with graphics (jpeg or pictures images) to my iPhone, the iPad iOS 8.4 or the MacBook OS X 10.10 Yosemite, it takes forever! Document Word, PDF, preview or other programs - same result! I couldn't pring 9 pages today, after that 20 minutes, I gave up.

    What is going on. Let's say I'm on mac. Special print goes to the queue of the printer, as usual. After that, this task shows in the queue as 'connection to the printer', green light flashing on the printer, as usual. It takes a minute or two, it's this that unusual. After that, "printing page 1 of departure." This can take 1, 2, 3 minutes... forever! Then a page prints in fact (for 5-7 minutes at this stage brand) and it takes time even to print page two and so on, or (probably) it will spit the unfinished page (only two or three inches printed and the rest of the page is empty) and displays an error flashing light orange. UGH!

    I gave up on iPhone/iPad it long, since they can't see the print queue and it is the unpredictable result. You can wait 10 minutes for your document, and then leave and then just find the document printed when you no longer need (or half of the document).

    I don't have this problem when you print any text, emails, simple confirmation of safari pages and so on. Only when printing document with pdf graphics or heavy. I don't have this problem when you connect the printer via the USB port (discovered this today). Now what really bothers me, is the fact that I actually could print heavy machine PDF Windows without wireless problem (I had exact problem even print document from my mac). What is going on?!

    I googled this problem and found that I am not alone. I've updated all the software and firmware, I tried to reset everything - No. DICE! It's really very frustrating. I thought that this is because of the memory of the printer, but why it works perfectly via USB then?

    In any case, it is a cry from the heart. Help, please. The printer is good, but unusabe in certain situations.

    Hello @Ivan4!

    Welcome to the community of HP.

    I hope you have a pleasant experience here!

    I want to help you with slow printing that you encounter when you print images of your HP LaserJet P1102w wireless of your Apple devices.

    I thank very you much for the detailed description. Because the printer is able to print fine wireless windows machine, we know that the issue is not with the printer or the communication. The fact that none of the Apple devices are able to print wireless images without being really slow, leads me to believe maybe it's a problem with the AirPrint driver or the Hello protocol that your Apple devices use to communicate information.

    Image files are much larger, and much more data needs to be transmitted, so it is normal for them to take longer to print than a regular text document. However, if there is a marked difference in speed between the Windows computer and Apple devices, then the question is probably not just the files are larger.

    I want you to make sure that the printer is installed with the driver on your Mac. (Because there is no feature complete HP software available for Mac 10.10 operating system will often default to the AirPrint driver)

    1. Click on the Apple icon on your Menu bar.
    2. Select System Preferences.
    3. Choose Printers and Scanners.
    4. Select your printer and press the (-) button at the bottom of the list to remove.
    5. Select (+), and then click Add printers and Scanners. (NOTE: do not select the printer in the list of printers nearby as this will often use the AirPrint driver automatically)
    6. Select your printer (one that shows multifunction Hello under 'Type').
    7. At the bottom of the window under use: does say AirPrint? If so, click on the drop-down list , and you should see a specific driver for the printer. Click on Add.
    8. Try to print a picture once again and let me know the result.

    If it works to solve the problem, then I suggest downloading the HP ePrint app on your iPhone / iPad to print. It may be a problem of incompatibility between the AirPrint on your Apple devices and your router.

    I look forward to hear from you and work at a resolution of this problem.

  • Problem with the HP Laserjet p1102w printer


    I have the problem that my printer HP LaserJet p1102w (wireless) still print on the same page, no matter what I send to print. Curretly I can't print at all because every time when I turn on the printer starts infinitely print the same page...  I tried to reinstall the drivers, but it did not help.

    How can I solve this problem? Can I do hard reset somehow?

    Thanks in advance for any help with this problem!

    You don't mention whether or not you have recently installed your printer on a network, but this is a HP document that answers your question, once the product is installed on a network of troubleshooting.  Please let me know if it helps.

    Product print permanently the same print job


    A representative from HP

  • HP LaserJet Pro P1102w: HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Wireless Installation - adding other laptops and desktop PC...


    I have a question about computers adding more to my HP printer.

    I followed the instructions & so I can print wireless from laptop, I used during the installation (after removing the USB cable).

    I can also print wireless from our various iPads & iPhones (after the change of the printer WiFi).

    But I don't see how I can 'Add' laptop (Windows Vista) daughter & my main desktop computers (Windows XP), so they can print wireless too!

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    I tried to launch the installation of the drive on my laptop HP printer girls. He was able to recognize the printer, but was unfortunately unable to print.

    For any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much

    Simon B.

    Hi & thanks,

    I also found a solution to install my printer HP LaserJet Pro P1102w wireless & connecting then 2nd, 3rd & subsequent laptop/desktop computers.

    I initially reset the printer to remove any configuration, then I did the following:-

    Install on a laptop using a CD or could start simply by connecting the USB cable to the laptop. Follow the instructions, test the characters etc. (to prove that the wireless network is configured correctly)).

    Check printing wireless since this laptop computer 1 initial works, & also works various iPad/iPhone etc.

    Problems have been met when try to get other laptops/workstations to print wireless (2nd & later).

    The following seemed to work: -.

    On the other portable computers desktop (do not plug printer with USB cable): -.

    (1) the installation of the CD,

    (2) choose the series w1100 - Wireless install,

    (3) choose to install the printer software (& display the Guide of the user if want),

    4) click Add another printer (option 1).

    (5) choose HP LJ P1100w Pro Series.

    (6) choose option 3 (to connect to a network configured wireless (that established earlier),

    (7) following, a lot of software is installed,

    (8) identify the printer by choosing the method to identify it (select in a list),

    (9) side of firewall pinhole (all).

    (10) looking for printer, concludes HP LJ Pro P1102w,

    (11) then the TCP/IP data has been: -.

    Host Name NPI1C754F

    (12) (stupid 'password required' kept appearing several times - X box to close),

    (13) to enable direct printing,

    (14) then,

    Finally success!  A test prints to computers/idevices like many that I could find.

    Thank you very much. I hope the above can help someone else!

  • LaserJet P1102w: Laserjet P1102w cannot activate the installation with Windows Vista 32 bit PC computer wireless

    Hello forum HP, I can use the Laserjet P1102w with USB connection on 3 different devices including a portable Apple and PC Windows Vista and Windows 7 laptop computer, but can not perform a wireless installation with the broadband internet connected wireless PC running Windows Vista 32 bit. The main message is that the computer does not find the printer even when using the USB connection. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi @Kaiser3107,

    Welcome to the HP Support forum.

    I understand that you have a HP LaserJet Pro P1102w printer that connects three thin devices via the USB port, but you can not perform a wireless installation on a fourth device, equipped of Windows Vista 32-bit, because the PC does not detect the printer via the USB port. I would like to help with that.

    Here is a support document which includes 'USB device is not detected by Windows' which can help the issue of detection - Troubleshooting (Windows Vista) USB connections.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

    In fact, if it helps you to find a solution, please click on the 'accept as Solution' and the 'thumbs up' buttons down below in this message.

    Thank you!

  • HP LaserJet P1102w: Printer HP LaserJet P1102w - this connectable to run via a USB cable and wireless?

    Can use the installation disc delivered with the printer and choose to run it using a USB cable or must it be used as a network printer?


    The specifications indicate that your HP LaserJet P1102w can be performed wirelessly or via USB.

    There is no Ethernet connection.

    The QuickStart Guide illustrates wireless / usb Configuration.

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    Who inspires you, gives a cool idea,

    Or you learn something new.

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  • How to reinstall LaserJet P1102w USB wireless?

    I use Windows XP and have a LaserJet P1102w, who was installed with a USB connection.  I have a wireless connection.  What I need to first uninstall the USB and then reinstall wireless using the installation disc?  If this isn't the case, reinstallation replaces the USB key, or make options USB / wireless?

    Download the user guide here...


    and follow the instructions on how to configure your network.

Maybe you are looking for