HP LaserJet P2015dn: Cannot install my HP LaserJet P2015dn

Hello, I couldn't install my printer on Windows 64-bit 10. My printer appears as a "unwnown" device and the device manager says that "a request for the USB device descriptor has failed." My printer is connected to the PC via the USB port. I tried to install official drivers from HP web page, but my pritner was not on the list when the installation wizard asked me to choose my printing device. I also tried unplugging all my usb devices and restart my pc, without success. Thank you for your replies,

Jan Mayer.

Hi, dungleviet,

I tried what you told me, without success. I did, however, find the problem. It has nothing to do with drivers. My printer cable is not long enough to be connected to my PC, so I have to use an extension. When I tried the printer on my laptop directly (without extension cable), windows downloaded drivers on itself end set the printer up and running. This means that the problem was in my cable. This should be a lesson for everyone with the same problem: "chceck your * beep * cables.

Thank you for your answer, I consider that this problem is solved.

Jan Mayer

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  • Cannot install the printer Hp laserjet 1020

    Original title: cannot install my printer

    I bougth a new computer with windows 7, I try to install my priter hp laserjet 1020 I have the instalation disk but the computer can not find the driver, so I download the driver from the web page hp, but also the computer cannot read o found when the web site hp say's it

    Hi Michael,
    In addition to the suggestion of Palcouk, follow these steps and check if they help.
    Step 1:
    After you download the drivers from the manufacturer's website, right-click on the Setup file and run as administrator.
    Step 2:
    Temporarily turn off UAC (User Account Control) and try to install the driver.
    Note: User Account Control (UAC) can help prevent your computer from unauthorized changes. UAC notifies you when changes will be made to your computer that require administrator-level permissions. These types of changes can affect the security of your computer or can affect settings for other people who use the computer. We recommend that you leave UAC to help your computer course.
    Drivers download for HP LaserJet 1020 printer
    Also, be sure to have a look at the installation procedure.

    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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  • HP Laserjet M1522 nf - cannot install the driver (print spooler is stopped)

    -installed driver using the installation disc, but when I tried to add the printer to the wireless network, all THE existing definitions of the printer disappeared and print spooler has stopped. I restart the spooler, but when I try to install the driver, the error message says "cannot install printer - Print Spooler App stopped. Please start the spooler or restart the computer. ") Operating system Vista).  I've upgraded to Windows 7, but the problem persists.

    So is the printer connected to the router or you are going through the router to a shared printer on another computer.

    Whatever it is, the printer driver must be executed in the process of printisolationhost rather than the spoolsv process if the spooler will not process that is corrupting the print driver.

    When you have Pro and Ultimate is easy.  If you have home made me know if gpedit.msc launches Group Policy Editor.

    For Pro and home run printmanagement.msc

    Drivers, find the 1522, right click, pilot of isolation, isolated

    Now, start the spooler service.  Since the driver does not work, you must remove it by using any HP software used to install the driver.  Normally in the programs, you can find the installation of HP and select uninstall.  Reset.  HP.com head, pick up the HP driver published last month and start again

    version 4.3

    March 23, 2010

    March 23, 2010
    Alan Morris Windows printing team; Here Microsoft Knowledge Base search: http://support.microsoft.com/search/Default.aspx?adv=1

  • Cannot install the printer. The print processor does not exist.

    Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit.  I am able to install HP LaserJet printers but no virtual printer.  I can not load the XPS from Windows printer or Print to OneNote.  I also tried to load more than one PDF printer and none of them work.  The error I keep gettig to "cannot install the printer.  The print processor does not exist. »

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    My laptop has been reloaded from a picture, and I was not able to start the print spooler at all. I have studied the issue and cleaned files and registry entries and was able to print on real printers, but not virtual. That's when I asked the question.

    Finished reimage the computer again, and once again, I could not start the print service. We discovered that the image that the laptop was built from was actually a VMWare virtual machine, so we started to look in that direction.   We had to delete the following entry in the registry and rebooting, how the print spooler began to work very well.

    [Print HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\ThinPrint for VMWare Port Monitor]

    You wanted to post this in case someone else ran into a similar problem.

    This is what worked for me.

    I copy the files from the print processor from another machine to work with the same architecture as the one who has the problem (x 86 or x 64).

    Step 1: Stop the print spooler service.

    Step 2: Copy all the files and folders on the system to work under C:\Windows\System32\spool\prtprocs\x64.

    Step 3: Make a backup of the system files listed in the C:\Windows\System32\spool\prtprocs\x64 problem.

    Step 4: Paste the files that you copy from the system of work in the case of the United Nations, the problem system.

    Step 5: Start the print spooler service.

    Try to connect or install your net printer and it should work now.

    I hope this work for all of you.

  • Cannot install iOS 10.0.1 with Apple Configurator 1.7.2


    I have 60 iPads in 5 carts (12 per basket) that I need to install some applications on. They are already configured and supervised with Apple Configurator 1.7.2. I've never had problems in the past with AC1, I've always been able to install the updates and applications easily with very few questions, because of that I've never felt the need to update to AC2. However, this time during the update of ios and refreshment, I get the error 'complete with an error - cannot install iOS' 10.0.1 And now 12 of my iPads are stuck in recovery mode.

    I tried before wipe them off and re supervise them, but I always get the cannot install iOS 10.0.1 error, followed by all the iPads stuck in restore mode. I tried to update only 1 or 2 at a time. I tried the update/supervise them with no apps queued for installation. I tried to restore the iPad via iTunes, which works, but when I try to put it back on AC1, I still get the same error mode and recovery.

    I tried searching online for compatibility with the new iOS and AC 1 problems but found nothing.

    I would like to know if there is more information I should provide that might help.

    Thank you for your time.


    Hi Ben

    Makes your iPad successfully update to IOS 10, we have approximately 400 ipads, I've updated a single ipad at 10 IOS using our MacBook pro AC1 OSX El Capitan to test, ill try another now and see if its success.

    When you connect an ipad update the Configurator re-download the IOS 10 or use a cached copy?

    How your Configurator is connected to the internet (behind Proxy, Wifi, Ethernet), perhaps the downloaded IPSW file is corrupted and need to be redownloaded removed\.

    Kind regards


  • Cannot install 9.3.5 iPad after two downloads

    Cannot install 9.3.5 for ipad

    HI I just wanted to know if it was on an ipad or a. Mac if it's an iPad plug support on a computer or go on http/www.apple.com

    Thank you

  • Cannot install OS: "this identifier Apple has not yet been used.

    I just got my first Mac yesterday, a mid 2010 Macbook of opportunity. It's in great shape, works great, I was briefly very satisfied with my purchase. Then I tried to reformat/reinstall, as it does whenever purchasing a computer used.

    I followed the instructions here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204904 and when I got to the step three, after the failure of the hard drive, it wouldn't let me install the operating system. He wanted to connect first with my Apple ID, so I did an Apple ID, but now it keeps giving me an error "this identifier Apple has not yet been used in the App store" and then it gives me the opportunity to cancel or "review". Click Cancel simply cancels the installation, just by clicking on review also cancels the installation.

    An ID is not necessary, but there is no way I can see to avoid it say the instructions on this page. It was suggested that maybe I could avoid the connection on the way to recovery, rather than recovery of the Internet, but the Cmd + R and Cmd + Option + R give recovery of the Internet. I don't see any way to get to the regular recovery.

    I had a suggestion to install from the disc, but I have not all discs. If I could download it from somewhere and burn them then that would be nice, but the instructions on this page are pretty clearly that it should not be necessary to use disks. I should be able to do without signing in.

    So... what upward with who? Where should I go from here? Is it possible to do a regular recovery? Or bypass the Apple ID thing?

    < published by host >

    "a mid 2010 Macbook opportunity."

    "Cannot install OS:" this identifier Apple has not yet been used.

    It's the property > change owner of a Mac of opportunity

  • I cannot install extensions, they appear with "will be installed after you restart Firefox" even after that I restarted.


    I cannot install extensions, they appear with "will be installed after you restart Firefox" even after that I restarted.

    The 'Intermediary' folder is present and rest after a restart, but the extensions do not get installed. They show in the extensions page with the message "will be installed after you restart Firefox" and remain like that, no matter how many times I restart.

    Any idea?

    Under Firefox 24.0 Windows 8.1

    Thank you very much

    P.S. Just tried to install the add-on "convenience store" before asking the question and I got an error saying that it cannot install because it cannot change the necessary file. (I did manually instead)

    I tried to delete the files extensions.* nothing works. However, I deleted the addons.sqlite file and restarted my computer (computer not only Firefox) and that seemed to do the trick. Problem solved.

    Thank you for your help, it is appreciated.

  • "Cannot install update and the error occurred ' iOS 9.3.2

    Try to upgrade to 9.3.2 but get "cannot install update and the error has occurred" if I am on WIFI or via iTunes. Someone else?

    Go to settings > general > storage & use iCloud > manage storage (the first) > and if there is an update, delete it. Then go to settings > general > Software Update and try again.

  • Cannot install the update error

    I'm trying to update my iPhone 6 16 GB running iOS to iOS 9.3.1 9.2.1 but when I try to install the OTA update it says "cannot install the update." How could I solve this problem? The contact ID is not available because the unit is gray with a white screen and a contact ID button or space, which affects the update process?

    I would try to update via iTunes

    Connect the device using a cable to a computer (PC or Mac) running the latest version of iTunes 12.3.3

    The time that the phone is detected, choose software update

    If the phone is not detected - see here

    If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support


    Please take a genius appointment at an Apple Store, or select another authorized service provider.

  • Cannot install iOS 9.3.1

    I downloaded the updated iOS (9.3.1) but cannot install it.

    I made sure I got enough memory on my phone and the battery charge, but it will not install. Can someone help me?

    Thank you!

    Hi moppsy,.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    Leave your post, sounds like you downloaded the iOS 9.3.1 update live, but have not been able to install it. We know that this type of situation can be frustrating, but we are here to help.

    To resolve this situation, I would recommend the work done these steps in the following article.

    Delete and redownload the update iOS

    If you can't always install the latest version of iOS, try to download the update again:

    1. Go to settings > general > storage & use of iCloud. Under storage tap manage storage.
    2. Find that the iOS to update in the list of applications.
    3. Press the update IOS, then remove the update.
    4. Go to settings > general > software update and download the latest iOS update.

    If the problem happens again, try to update with iTunes.

    Get help with updates of live iOS - Apple Support


  • Satellite L655-145 cannot install the bluetooth stack

    Cannot install bluetooth stack. Just Setup freeze. All other drivers installed successfully. Device Manager only show Bluetooth ACPI device. This problem appeared after the update of the BIOS of the original version 1.80 to more older (1.80-1.90-2.10-2.20 > > >). Downgrade from 1.80 take no effect.

    PS. Sorry for my bad English.


    As far as I know the laptop is equipped with WIFI and Bluetooth combo card!
    This means that Wlan and BT functionality is controlled by a single card.

    If you BIOS outsider (don t know why) Please put failing first.
    Save the changes and reboot the laptop.

    Then download the BT BT Toshiba stack.
    Activate BT (FN + F8), then launch the installation of battery BT once more.

  • Satellite P750 - 02Q 001 - cannot install the Bluetooth and Tuner DVB-T_ATSC Yuan

    I have more than 20 years and the first time ever answer concerning support for the installation of a driver... sheeezz

    Recently bought laptop below and formatting of disk with WIndows 7 ultimate + SP1 (64-bit)


    Cannot install the latest drivers below (everything worked when bought the laptop):

    -Yuan DVB-T_ATSC Tuner driver (for TV Tuner model only) driver Windows 7 64 - bit 2.9 MB
    -Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba Bluetooth 8.00.06 (T) Windows 7 64-bit 78,08 MB

    * DVB - T Tuner Driver *.
    The EXE file extracted in the temp folder and goes no further.
    The device driver shows "STK7700D" with an exclamation mark against it. See the image below.

    * Bluetooth Driver *.
    First installation install the original driver, then he received close to 50% through the installation (appears to fail to install the components of RF RFBUS).

    Then install attempt fails to go too far (is unable to install the driver at all).

    Third attempt and subsequent attempts to repeat the foregoing in order. Install it just gets to a point and is unable to go any further.

    I tried to disable all Wireless WAN and various other comments and try the install again. Repeats exactly as above!

    Refer to pictures:




    see you soon


    > The EXE file extracted in the temp folder and goes no further.
    > The device driver shows "STK7700D" with an exclamation mark against it. See the image below

    Try to extract the exe from another place, not in the temp folder.
    In my case, I created a folder on a second partition (D) and have extracted the exe file in this folder. Can go to the Device Manager, and then can install the driver through the Device Manager.
    Choose the installation procedure advantage and point to the folder that contains the extracted files.

    With regard to the issue of the BT;
    Download the new battery of BT from here:

    Then clean the registry using the CCleaner.
    This tool is freeware and can be downloaded on several different pages.
    So after cleaning check if you could install new BT of the register stack.

  • Cannot install Windows 7 on Envy 14-1211nr of HP recovery disc sent twice

    Cannot install Windows 7 on Envy 14-1211nr of HP recovery disc sent twice

    The Recovery Manager starts well. He correctly completed the following steps:
    1 format HDD

    2. copy the files from the CD to the drive. It copies all the 3 CD.

    Then he ask the driver (the 4th CD) CD. Once I have this CD, then after awhile I get messge below:

    Contact HP support

    In most cases, recover the hard disk will solve your problems.

    If your problem persists, you may have to contact HP support. Find details of support HO in the documentation of your PC.

    After that I see above meaage the only button I can click is "Finish". Once I click on finish, then in a minute, I get a message that "recovery completed successfully.

    The laptop restarts and displays the message on the screen "Bootmger" not found

    I called HP support and asked to run the hard drive and memory test and he succeeded.

    I can install windows on another CD I have with.

    But I can't install WIndows using the recovery CD, I received from HP. It's the 2nd CD series that I received these don't work or the other.

    I have two identical laptops. Tried installing on both and having the same problem on both.

    Can you please help with this.
    HP sends fake CDs?

    Kind regards


    Here is another solution, you can try to see if you can get Windows 7 to install correctly.

    Before you try the following, make sure that you can always read the character product activation key 25 on your label Windows COA (5 blocks of 5 alphanumeric games).

    An example of a COA label can be seen here.

    You can create an installation disk yourself using another PC - just download the good Disk Image ( this must be the version exact same origin supplied with your laptop ) from the link below and use an app like ImgBurn to burn the ISO correctly on a blank DVD - a guide on the use of ImgBurn to write that an ISO on a disc is here.  These Images are clean and a well respected source, however there are only limited versions available.

    Windows 7 sp1-iso-official-32-bit-and-64-bit

    Use the disk to perform the installation, enter the activation key of Windows on the label of the COA at the request and once the installation is complete, use ' 'phone Method' described in detail in the link below to activate the operating system -this made method supported by Microsoft and is popular with people who want to just have a new installation of Windows 7 without additional software load normally comes with OEM installations.


    All pilots additional and the software, you may need can be found here.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite C50D-A-133 with Win7 - cannot install the USB 3.0 driver

    I Satellite, C50D-A-133 with Win 7 x 64 and cannot install the usb 3.0 drivers.
    I download the driver from the support site of toshiba for usb 3.0 for win7 x 64 and it starts to install the driver, but in the end it saids...
    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an erroe trying to install it.
    AMD USB 3.0 host controller
    The system cannot find the specified file.

    I try to point the location of the driver but same error.
    Other drivers installed ok only gives error

    I ve downloaded and unzipped the driver and everything seems OK.
    As far as I know laptops equipped with platform AMD isn't chipset driver and after installing display driver must be installed USB driver.

    Try to download it again and start the installation manually.

  • Re: NB100-12: cannot install Windows XP

    I cannot install the operating system to start, for a clean installation, the cd boots and seems to start installation, drivers etc. start loadind
    Then before you get to the point "want install you windows page, an error message appears saying my HARD drive is damaged or has a virus?"

    Any ideas?

    I can't really help, but I see the same problem :( I tried XP, 2000 and server 2003 installation CD. Either I get the same message you saw, or Installer Blue-screens.

    I've seen it suggested elsewhere to change the SATA in the BIOS from AHCI to compatibility, but that does not help either.

    I have to admit, it's as if the Windows Installer has problems see the hard drive, but I don't know what to do about this. Install a different disk drive, maybe?

Maybe you are looking for

  • If the suggestions do not work, WHAT?

    When I try 'Set Up' on my Macbook, it is said to get the key of the iMac (another machine) with several groups of letters that I guess I'm to memorize. After going through all the other stuff I can go upstairs and find the key under "Options". no 'op

  • Screw level your verses Windows 7, pilots of no.

    I installed windows 7 since vista last week and discovered that I have no drivers Win 7 has been installed and no level. What is the best way to download all the drivers. On my PC a file called old windows was created, are the drivers in there?, if y

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