HP LaserJet P2015dn printer range: printer LaserJet P2015 memory upgrade

In HP "LaserJet P2015 [c00623611) series User Guide" which was packed with the printer, I learned that the memory upgrade chips are 100 pins minimum speed of 66 MHz.

In HP HP Support Center "Printer LaserJet P2015 Series - specifications of the printer" I have been informed that the memory upgrade chips are 144 pins minimum speed of 66 MHz.

What document of HP is correct?


Aren't we glad the Boeing team who did as 747 you and I fly on doesn't have that same attitude on the correction of the inaccurate documents from 10 years. Programmers (I used a) and tech writers waste popping popcorn, drinking coffee and put on day of NCAA brackets in a day it would take to change all the various translations of a pdf most time.

It is not surprising that HP stock has declined 80% in the last 4 years if the employee point of view prevailing.

But thank you for the passage of my suggestion/request/grumble along their.

I think we can close this discussion.

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