HP mini 110-1131DX Mini: password reset hp mini 110-1131DX

I need a password reset for my hp mini 110-1131DX (studio twist boontje). It has been set aside and you have forgotten the password.   I get this message: fatal error... system halt. CNU94426H2. How to reset it?

Thank you



Enter: e9lovv7gz7 (3rd character is a lowercase L)

Kind regards

DP - K

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    s/n (deleted content)

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    Try to enter:


    all letters are lowercase.

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    Product # UV124UAR #aba - serial (personal information) Bios Ver 308F0F18 date 10/06/09 THIS worm 2.10. Unit is not used or started for about 3 months, then see us a need for a password reset bios. We never had anything like this before on all other HP laptops. Talking with a guy from HP of the India and he said that we had to reformat the hard drive. Please help - thanks - Veewillie

    Thank you very much HP Expert to solve a problem, so I don't have to reformat. I must also thank Bob Rankin he put me on your group.

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    Thank you


    • E-mail are what customer you referring?

    If you use Windows live mail, then the number you posted is related to windows live and will be much better suited in Windows live forums. Click on the link below.

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  • HP mini 1101 computer: need to password reset for hp mini 1101

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    Help, please


    Please read this post which should solve your dilemma.

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    You can:

    1. use the unlock code you generated to enter BIOS

    2 disable all passwords that are enabled in the Security menu of BIOS.

    3. If the request for current password - enter the unlock code

    4. for the new password, simply press the ENTER key

    5. repeat the same thing to check the password column.

  • HP Mini Password reset required

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    Please try:

    e9lo1o7vgp (the third letter is a lowercase L).

    Kind regards.

  • When I try to create the Word windows password reset disk it wants to place on the readers [E:] or [f], which are locations of card camera

    Gateway Sx-2800-01 Vista Edition home premium 64 - bit SP1 4 GB DDR3 ram, 640 GB hd from computer > Panel > user Accts > resetwizard password, it gives options for drive [E:] Compact flash or [F:] which is a multi (sd, ms, xd, etc) Flash drive, if I change [d] with a cd or dvd - r formatted for data I get an error disc X , this disk is not a password reset disk.  I have a Maxtor One Touch 4 mini 160 GB attached with vista drivers that do not work Seagate is not 64-bit capable for maxtor one touch (their excuse is 64-bit is not dominant enough to justify the $$ to set what has happened since 64-bit xp even) NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN! ANY THOUGHTS ON A QUESTION WOULD BE GREAT

    To create a password reset disk, you must be:

    a USB flash drive
    a floppy drive and a floppy disk

    You cannot create a reset disk using CD or DVD media.


    through the creation of a password reset disk in Microsoft Windows Vista

    Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

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    It seems certainly doubtful, so I encourage you to report it.


    Identify the fraudulent 'phishing' - Apple Support e-mail

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    Hello, palemoon runs their own synchronization service, so you will have to contact them for support: http://www.palemoon.org/sync/

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    Are you talking about Support for Mozilla Password reset?

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    Thanks for your help.

    The support forum Addons is separated from the Mozilla product support forum. https://forums.Mozilla.org/addons/

    Try to post in the forum AMO Feedback and Support .

  • Viable way Top 2 to create Windows 7 password reset disk in all conditions

    This article describes how to create and use a disc to reset password of Windows 7 to a computer before and after that you forgot the password. You can use Windows 7 CD to reset password to access your computer.

    Scenario 1: I put t forget the password again.

    Windows 7 has its own backup feature, and you can create proactively a Windows 7 password reset disk before you forget it. With it, you can easily reset your password of Windows 7 and do things in your PC.
    Follow the steps below to create a reset disk of your own Windows 7 account password. Here's how:

    Note that this procedure requires a formatted blank floppy disk.

    1. click on 'Start'-> "control of the accounts of users and family safety"->""-> "user accounts".
    2. in the task pane, click "Create a password reset disk". The wizard 'forgot password' is displayed.
    3. click on 'Next' and choose the portable media player.
    4. click on 'Next', then enter your current password in the following box and click "next".
    5. Windows 7 starts to create the reset disk of password on your chosen media. When the progress bar reaches 100% complete, click 'Next' and then click 'Finish '.
    6. now you can remove your device and store the disk in a safe place. Once you have forgotten the password in the future, you can take it out.

    Follow the steps below to use a password reset disk to recover password of Windows 7. Here's how:

    1. the created disc of password can now be used for log-ins to reset the password. A password reset link appears on the account screen after an unsuccessful attempt to open a session.
    2. click on "password remains", and opens the dialog "password reset Wizard". Here, you will have to insert the disc to reset the PC.
    3. follow the wizard to enter a new password twice to make sure that you type the password. You are proposed to create a new indication of password, so that you remember the password with it if you forget.
    4. Windows switches to Windows Journal in the new screen where you can use the new password to connect.

    Scenario 2: I already forgot the password.

    If you have forgotten your password to Windows 7, but don t have a password reset disk on hand, you can choose another way to reset the password.

    Here's how to create Windows 7 password reset CD/USB:

    1. this procedure requires a USB flash drive or CD. Insert your media device into another computer that has access to the system as administrator.
    2. launch Windows 7 password reset software disc. On the main interface, choose "reset the local Windows account password.
    3. choose your target device, and then click "Burn" start Windows 7 password reset creating the diskette.

    Here's how to reset the password of Windows 7:

    1. with this software Windows 7 password reset USB, start the computer that you want to reset the password.
    2. under Windows PE, can access you the main interface of this software. Choose your Windows system and select the user account you want to reset the password.
    3. click on 'Reset' and then 'Yes' & 'OK' in order to remove the password of Windows 7.

    Pretty easy, isn't it? After that the system control password reset completely, you will never worry your bad memory

    + The message was edited: link has been removed.

    Very interesting announcement.
    Thank you.

  • Says password reset page "is not an apple ID".

    We recently replaced a hard drive.  After you restore things, I tried to play a song on iTunes and received the message "this computer is not authorized...". "and it gave me a chance to enter the password with the Apple ID already filled.  No password worked, so I just clicked on 'Forgotten?' and was taken to the Apple page to reset the password.  The Apple ID was already entered, so I clicked on "continue".  At this point, however, the page pops up a message saying "< [email protected] > is not an Apple ID".

    I don't understand because this is the e-mail address with which the song was purchased.  What should I do now?


    Windows 7

    Hi iNoodles4118,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support! I'm sorry to hear you are having these problems with iTunes and your Apple ID. I'm a bit difficult to know if ID Apple which had already inquired on the authorization page when you tried to play the song corresponds to your current Apple ID or possibly a precedent or even an unknown ID. You can check to see what Apple ID, the song was purchased slot, as follows:

    Control iTunes for previous purchases

    If you have already purchased something from the iTunes Store, you can check which account was used to buy it.

    If the Apple ID has changed since then, and the name in the Info file will not work.

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Click on one of your purchases. You can find your purchases under my music or playlists.
    3. Choose file > get info.
    4. Click the file tab.
    5. The "purchased by" will show your Apple ID in parenthesis that was used to purchase the item.

    If you find your Apple ID, but still don't have to remember your password, reset your password.

    If you have forgotten your Apple - Apple Support ID

    If it comes from your current Apple ID, you should be able to verify that your password is correct and working by going to the main page of Apple ID:

    Manage your Apple ID

    You can also find the steps described in these helpful articles and information:

    Allow your computer in iTunes - Apple Support

    If iTunes repeatedly prompts to authorize your computer - Apple Support


  • Pavilion 15-e092ea: problem setting password reset USB

    I recently received a note of advice on tune on creating a password reset disk.

    This advice works perfectly on my desktop HPE-480uk running Windows 7, but doesn't seem to work on my computer laptop 15-e092ea Pavilion that has just been improved Windows 8.1 for Windows 10.

    Creating a password reset disk function is not in user accounts. It is not necessary with Windows 10 or are different instructions?


    The only way that it "protects" you (in terms of MS...) is that, if your forget the password, you can log into your account of MS from another PC and reset  Who is right for which you do not have a password reset disk.

    I left using this method of connection because I didn't like my email address is displayed on the login screen for all to see.  It's OK on my desk at home, but it was NOT OK on my laptop when I traveled with it.  So, I switched to using a local account.

    You said you can't change it, but read these instructions carefully to see if something helps you: Account Local - Switch to 10 Windows - Windows 10 Forums

    Good luck
    I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
    If my post helped you, please click on the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thank you.
    If my posts resolved your issue please click "accept as a Solution.

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