HP mini 1101 fatal system error. CNU94140P3 NEED HELP WITH PASSWORD

I tried the OS but no chance of wiping


Try the link below


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  • HP Mini 1101: hp mini 1101 fatal system error. CNU9300CYS NEED HELP WITH PASSWORD

    Password check failed

    Fatal error... System stopped.



    Enter: e9lof11ein (3rd character is a lowercase L)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP MINI 110 FATAL SYSTEM ERROR STOPPED. [redacted]. !!!


    [number of Series edited by Moderator]

    Please someone SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. I HAV NOT OPEN MY LAP FOR 3 months...


    Try to enter: e9loq3f5ne (3rd character is a lowercase L)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Computer HP mini 1000: fatal system error

    I need help with my laptop please.
    He repeats to me cchck password failed. Fatal error interrupted Systwm


    Enter e9lo31g0d9 (3rd character is a lowercase L and the 8th sucks)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP mini error fatal system shut down. CNU8470DC1 NEED HELP WITH PASSWORD?

    Help... CNU8470DC1 ERROR


    Please be aware that this is not supported by HP and try your hand at your own risk.

    Try to enter: e9luvx1te3 (to be noted that the 3rd character is a lowercase L)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Re: hp mini error fatal system shut down. CNU9363XZL NEED HELP WITH PASSWORD?

    Thanks for the help! Godbless...


    Try to enter: e9lofgf40k (note that in both cases, the 3rd character is a tiny L and 9 equals zero)


    Kind regards

    DP - K


    Hi, I have a HP MINI 110 and I forgot the password of the bios.

    After three times on the screen appears: FATAL ERROR SYSTEM ORDER CNU9459FB0

    s/n (Personal information removed by Moderator) Pei/n: VJ205EA #UUZ

    Thank you

    Text translated with google


    Enter: e9lovqo8p1 (3rd character is a lowercase L)

    Kind regards

    DP - K


    s/n: [personal information]

    CODE: NZ777EA #AB8

    MODEL #: 110 C - DET 101

    IT wants A PASSWORD on a black background of the screen when I try to open.

    I found several password on hp forums, but they does not work.

    If you know something about the solution, please help me.



    Enter e9lo7q1ix1 (3rd character is a lowercase L)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP MINI 110-1051tu: need help with password BIOS reset for HP MINI 110-1051tu

    Dear Sir.

    I have a HP Mini 110-1051tu laptop. After an abnormal stop when I turn on my laptop it asks 'Enter CURRENT Password. After using the ESC key three times on password enter CURRENT, an error pops up on the screen of the post.

    Password check failed

    Fatal error... System stopped.


    Help, please...

    Thanking you.

    With respect,

    Castelbajac Saha,

    [Personal information]

    My note book details:

    Model: HP Mini 110-1051tu

    S/N: [personal information]

    P/N: VJ928PA #ACJ


    Please try (all lower case)


    Kind regards.

  • Cannot acess System Recovery Options, need help with the registry. Kindly help.

    Hi, sorry for the long question, but please help.

    To start off the coast, one day out of nowhere, my PC showed a "Login process initialization failed" error As a result, I am able to go pass the stage of "Starting Windows" but can't see the login screen. The way to remedy this problem is to restore windows. Now I'm able to reach recovery system (F8) Options, but it does not allow to login me as "admin". As soon as I select the language and keyboard input mode he asks me user name and password. The strange thing is there are two options for the username "admin" and the other is 'Office' (I did not have any accounts with these names). I read an article on the Dell (my pc manufacturer) website that said to log on as an administrator. But the Recovery Options does not give me access as 'admin' for any password I tried. I tried all the standard passwords and password for my account admin on PC (which has not been named admin btw). I also tried to leave it blank, but Recovery Options points out "the user name or password is incorrect" every time. Now, I tried to find a way to work around and reached here


    I quote an answer ' I ca, however, access the Recovery Console:
    I found a tweak on the Internet to change the registry for a password is not necessary to enter the Recovery Console. I proved that this tweak works as expected by switching between the registry by default DWORD definition ('0') and the twisted DWORD setting ('1').  When the DWORD value is set to '1' I can access all the functions of the Console recovery, but when the value of the default value of '0' without password allows access to the Recovery Console.  The tweak I used is as follows:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\setup\recoveryconsole]
    "securitylevel" = DWORD: 00000001
    "setcommand" = DWORD: 00000000

    The DEFAULT value"securitylevel" = DWORD: 00000001 '00000000' is (zero).  Note that all tests, as described above has been completed with the default setting for this registry entry.

    While being able to access the recovery with twisted recording Console... »

    Please just help me to implement this tweak. How can I access registry without the need to log in.

    Sorry for these elaborate details, I didn't want to leave anything. Thanks in advance.

    The way to remedy this problem is to restore windows.

    It is correct. To call the system restore, follow these steps:

    1. Use your repair Windows CD to start the computer in Windows Repair Mode. You will not have a password.
    2. Use the system restore to solve your problem.
    3. Plan in advance and create, test and document a spare, even admin account that you have a spare House key. On behalf of alternatives would easily get around your current situation.

    If you do not have a CD to repair Windows, ask a friend to burn you through the control panel / backup and restore.

  • Update error U44M1P7 need help with a real solution.

    Let me first say that I am a user of Adobe for a long time and use this creative cloud since may, 2012. A few days ago, I tried to download and install Pnotoshop CC. It downloads and installs, but must then update fails and gives the U44M1P7 error code. 2 adobe technicians tried to fix it, but they are as confused as I am. Jeff Wright proposed in accordance with the notice to http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/troubleshoot-install-logs-cs5-cs5.html as Adobe just give the error code does not help. I tried to follow this, but for some reason any my Windows 7 Home Preimum 64 bit SP1 on a Dell 620 Intel i5/6 GB of RAM is not a

    • 64-bit Windows (XP, Vista, 7): Directory \Program files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\Installers. Or any directory Adobe\Installer in any directory that I can find in any case.

    I downloaded and installed Dreamweaver CC and it requires an update fails with the same error code. The CC of Dreamweaver and Photoshop CC ARE installed and seem to work. Yet all my CS6 products are always installed and up to date.

    Think this is limited to my PC, I tried to install the CC version on a laptop HP simular configuration with identical results.

    NOW, I see a lot of people have the same problems, I am, or at least it seems to be the same if this seems to be a larger problem than just my incompetence as an operator on computer or less work on dirt. I'm tender hand to the community that I know in my heart that someone has already solved this problem.

    If you please if you know what is happening and can bring a solution or something more informitive Adobe Advisor to check the logs, which do not seem to exist, if it please post and inform the rest of us.


    Thanks to Texas photography

    On July 29 I installed CC extensions manager then discovered that I had to install Extension Manager CS6 to convert MXP ZXP file to install, FYI the reason practice only I can find the change in MXP to ZXP and not including the MXP in ExchamgeManager CC Converter seems to be that people will buy new extensions of the thought of Adobe Exchange their old extensions no longer work.

    After installing these Extension handlers and convert a couple of MXP ZXP and their installation, I thought that I would try to update my Adobe again. You know just to smile and laugh. I have tried to update on July 22, memory and still have errors. Well, lo and hold after you have installed the Extension managers, etc., updates to Dw, Ps and bridge to knit!

    Don't ask me why but all my Adobe programs are happy again and updated.

  • Need help with password

    What to do if I forgot my admin and parental controls?

    I'm sorry, but the strategy of microsoft in these forums is that without assistance will be given about lost or forgotten passwords

    read the policy at the link below


  • Need help with password lock screen

    Dear Sir

    I can't lock screen with password in my window 7 64 bit OS. Kindly tell me how to lock the screen with password


    You can help make your computer more secure by creating a screen saver password, to lock your computer when the screen saver is activated.



    To lock your screen in Windows 7...

  • BlackBerry Smartphones need help with password

    Some guy stupid Chinese changed Chinese language in my phone blackberry 9500... and my bad luck the battery is low, so the phone turns off. When I turned on the phone, it's ask password and keyboard shows only no alphabets and numbers. Now, how you can enter the password to unlock the phone.

    Your suggestions and help will be very appreciated.


    If you do not know the password, enter 10 times incorrectly will wipe the device of all personal information, data, preferences, messages, contacts, calendar, etc. You will be notified before deletion.

    You could try connected to the PC and the Desktop Manager. Doing so will require you to enter the password, and there you will have access to your full keyboard.

    Otherwise, there is no way around the password requirement.

    Good luck

  • HP mini 110 computer: password check failure fatal system error stopped CNU9384ZG7

    Can someone please help. I've not turned my HP Mini computer in a few months and when I did I got this error. Password check failure fatal system error stopped CNU9384ZG7.

    Please enter = e9lofuv0hx

    Kind regards

    K N R K

    I work for HP

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