HP NC8430: Graphics issue

Hi all

Old nc8430 running Win7 suddenly my daughter started acting weird and the display of the lines of color and distorted pixels:

I plugged a monitor external and here is the result:

The graphics card is dead? I think it is shipped the motherboard so replace is not an option. (The cost would be the same as the purchase of a new laptop). Is there something I could do to try to fix?

Thank you for your time.

Here is some information that you may find useful.

Troubleshooting LCD screen issues

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  • Satellite A660 - 11 m: graphics issue - a few squares on the screen


    I have a problem with the graphics - when the screen of Windows 7 (64 Home edition) start something wrong with.
    I see a few places, for screen occasionally goes black (for 1 second) and after that, there is a nvidia driver on communication.

    When I disable the driver in safe mode and restart my computer laptop everything ok (but without graphics driver.). I got computer default Configuration (after that - even :().

    Can you help me? or suggest in this problem now I have to do?

    Kind regards


    You can try to install or update the graphics driver.
    It would be useful that the issue would be linked to the defective display driver.
    But it's more because of the graphics chip.
    In this case the update of the driver will not help you, but only one replacement of the mother figure/card chip. :(

  • R400/T400/T500/W500: Switchable graphics issues with Win 7

    Based on the experiences of the wire on switchable Vista graphics driver issues, I here starts a new switchable graphics related to Windows 7 (any SKU) records. Please keep the Center wire and clean up your language. IE: problems related to the XP or Vista are not the subject here.

    I made the switch to Win 7 64 and so far, it is an improvement in the "switchable graphics" - zone. But I have seen some issues:

    • Energy consumption is much higher than under Vista 32. It seems related to a problem in the management of the switching power of graphics adapters: see the thread by roteiro.
    • On my external display of Dell, I sometimes watch "pixel noise". In certain areas of the screen pixels flickering in different colors.
    • Could be related: hang after the release of the standby mode

  • Vostro 3550 graphics issues on Windows 8

    I downloaded and installed Windows 8 on my laptop Vostro 3550 (dual boot with Win7 Pro x 64 original). It would go as far as "Installing devices" and then the screen turns off. After several failed attempts (> 10) (woluld screen off but would continue to the HD activity), I went on the Win8 forums and found a few others having the same problem. Someone suggested using an external monitor and verification. Once I installed the monitor, I found that the Win 8, installed correctly, but no could not recognize the internal display. Everything works fine in Win8, except that she does not confess the internal display. So I installed video drivers Win7 from Dell, still no change. Update of said Win8 then there is new video drivers Intel it installed with no improvement. Works with the external monitor, but doesn't detect internal monitor. I'm not sure whether video driver issue or something to do with the chipset drivers. Pretty Win8 works fine on an old laptop HP Pavillion 5200 as well as one on an Intel assembled card mother Core2 Quad desktop with ATI graphics card. My Vostro config is Win7 Pro x 64, 8 GB of RAM, 320 7200 RPM HD, Intel HD3000 graphics card.

    Can someone help me with this problem.

    Thank you


    A11 BIOS is the fix for this problem. A11 BIOS fixes black screen on Windows 8 (after installation).

  • PS CS6 and Windows 8 graphics issues


    I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 Windows 8 Pro and I've noticed a few graphic problems in CS6. The flickering background, the image turns black, etc. After a little searching I found others who also had the issue. (Here and here). I also read the blog post by

    Hi Linda,.

    Yes this is all related to driver problems with the fall of ATI 12.10 and impacts Psalm in opting for the basic mode, color management is managed on the CPU, and you may see an impact on performance with OpenGL rendering (3D on-screen interaction, I think requires the Normal parameter or advanced).

    Kind regards


  • MacBook Pro repair for graphics issues outreach program

    Hi, my Macbook Pro Late 2011 was knocked down in a little water, but my friend helped me fix it. He now works in good condition, but the chart doesn't work well when my Macbook has been upgraded to Mac OS X Mavericks. As I know that the model of Macbook pro end of 2011 had the graphics problem, I wonder about the service of repair for videos cause program, my Macbook Pro is still to be accepted to the free repair or I have to pay the money to repair and how much? Thank you

    I'm afraid that by pouring water into the computer then take it apart and fixing it you have cancelled the guarantee and any other Apple support. They will not fix the video problem for you. You are free to ask your local store of Apple or a service center if they will fix it for you and what will be the cost. The first sentence is the warranty policy.

  • Satellite C55-B5170 - graphics issue when you play


    I recently bought my Satellite (C55-B5170) and started to install applications of my previous laptop. However, when I went to try to play a game, I found that the graphics have been pixelated/blocks. This happened with almost all of the games I've tried. All my drivers are up to date, and I have not seen this problem on another thread.

    Thank you!

    EDIT: Minecraft, a game quite simply, is broken (similar to the image provided). However, the Lego game worlds newly released works very well.

    All of your games is designed for Win8/Win8.1?

  • satellite p20 552: graphics issue

    Toshiba satellite p20 552 (again, out of the box)

    When the 32-bit value (color) the cursor placed blue around her (in a 2 x 2 cm square) when vertical stripes on a white surface (e.g. in Solution Explorer).
    This behavior goes away when the 16-bit value.

    The graphics card is a GeForce FX Go5700.
    Does anyone know this problem or to answer this?
    Thank you.

    Moreover, when the pc goes into sleep mode (power or management when the lcd screen is closed) and when trying to restart, it didn't swithch on the LCD screen, but there is some activity on the disk and the fan works. After some time it stops. To restart, a windows error message.

    Post edited by: khadija

    HI khadija.

    you wrote your p20's new ad out of the box, then you use the operating system preinstalled Toshiba, not you?

    You can try to reinstall the graphics driver (Toshiba Tools & Utilities CD or you go in https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com - Driver download and choose your machine). Compare the two driver versions ad install the newest one!

    What resolution do you use?

    Your secod problem can be solved if you check your settings in the Toshiba Power Saver. Perhaps, you set its default value. If this does not resolve the problem, you must reinstall the energy saver!

    Tip: You can also use the Mode shows up. This mode stops the laptop and the power is off. At the next startup mode will point load of a hard disk image and you can work! It is faster that normal startup, and all power is off in Hibernation mode.

    To bye chris

  • NB100 and graphics issues in Vista and Windows 7

    Hi all.

    I have two NB100s and I wanted to upgrade to Windows 7. Everything went well until what the graphics driver has been loaded. Responses of the screen were as refresh once per second 5, then also the system froze for a few seconds - impossible to work on it. The case even on the two NB100s and even with the new drivers from Windows update. I'm curious to know what is the problem, because a lot of guys have written that they are running windows 7 and everyting is ok right after installation. I tried Windows Vista and the same situation has occurred. The only way I can use it with Windows 7 is to use the XP drivers. But then the aero glass does not. I just got idea if there is no problem with the new bios 1.6. It seems that other older guys NB100 and use Windows 7. Could someone help me? Has anyone tried Windows 7 with bios 1.6? THX.


    I think the problem is that you are using a beta version of the operating system and not a final version and these errors are normal because nobody can say that Windows 7 beta runs perfectly and without problems on all laptops or computers.

    However, see the Intel Web site for the latest drivers. Perhaps there is a newer version than on the Windows Update Web site.

    Good bye

  • Equium A60: graphics issues and more

    Ive had so many probs with tis equium a60. It was overheating, stand by was not working and now the graffics were spoil! I rang this place recommended pcworld n they said try to format (large). anyway I restored it to factory settings while he was exactly as it was when I got it. stand is now working properly :) but it still is overheating (I mean really, it becomes it hot) and the graffics are always spoil.
    What happens is the screen freezes for a few seconds, then he goes the worst possible of display settings, so everything is massive and the colors are all wrong. and a pop up in windows as a encountered an error please reboot.
    This happens only at random times, I do not understand why ive formatted. I don't know if the card graffics itself is exhausted. any help or ideas appreciated. see you soon

    Hi Dave,.

    I think he should assume that your problems stem from overheating. It is very common for the dust and debris to form and block the passage of air through the CPU cooler. I suggest trying to remove such an accumulation or blowing into the heatsink (towards the cooling fans), or by sucking debris with a household vacuum. If all else fails, then you can remove the heat sink and the dust before replaceing it. Beware that this may invalidate your warranty.

    Normally a thermal trigger remove power if it detects the CPU heat too, but this does not mean that other problems cannot occur.

    If you still have problems with you appear after you have addressed the issue of overheating then please post again.


  • Satellite A60-793: graphics issue

    Hi, I am writing to get help for a problem of graphics for my A60... A few images in the browser, appear distorced and with low quality. What can I do to solve it?
    Thank you, Pedro brands

    Hi pedro,

    Is this general problem or just happened in your browser?

    Check your settings in the display properties (resolution, color quality, etc.).

  • 700 - 215xt envy: graphics issue on want 700-215xt

    My system has developed a problem with the display about 4 weeks ago.  The screen now has a subtle red in white areas and green now for what should be a black background).

    I noticed at the time when the system seemed to be cycling through different display modes;  After like 2 minutes, the display has been disabled, Color, ever since then.   I checked the display on another computer and it is very well (connected through a hdmi cable).  I reconnected it to the ch, and the colors are still at large.

    I'm 1 year in a 2-year warranty support plan.

    You wonder if you have other suggestions for debugging.   I could try the vga output and connect up to the screen and see if that solves nothing.

    Should I open a ticket of warranty with HP?

    Thank you

    Hi Bob,

    Given that your PC is still under warranty, I suggest that you contact HP support.

    HP support number is 800-474-6836 or 800-HPINVENT or online here.

    If your PC has a discreet graphics card, try again reinstalling (remove and replace) it.

  • Satellite M70: Age of empires2 has: graphics issue The Conquerors


    I just bought a laptop Toshiba M70 Satellite with Mobility Radeon X 700 but I have some problems with this classic RTS game Age of Empires 2. When I launch the game it comes an error alert message;

    "Can't initialize graphics system. Make sure that your video card and driver are compatible with DirectDraw.

    I searched and did all the updates of DirectX and driver. Microsoft supportins suggest are done, also. http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/q242902

    Is there someone who has the same problem or know the solutions? Need some help here.

    Thank you


    What is with the support of Age of Empires page? They have a few appropriate explanation or solution for this problem?

  • install screen om of FCPX graphics issues

    So I purchased and installed FCPX. When you open it and try out it...

    I noticed that there was a line dashed across the time code box?

    It wasn't like that on my work machine.

    Is this a Setup number... a graphics card?

    This computer is only 6 months old...


    Anyone running El Capitan has it.

    It doesn't affect any real performance, look just stupid.


  • Satellite A200-1IZ: graphics issue


    I bought Toshiba Satellite A200-1iZ 3 days
    And I've got someone with my chart like this:

    If I go back, it'll be normal. but this is the 2nd time ;/
    What should I do?

    Maybe something wring with the graphics card?
    IF this question is displayed again, connect it to an external monitor to check if the same will appear on the second screen.
    If this problem does not appear on the external monitor then display either the laptop or the malfunction of the inverter FL.

    However, two cases, must contact the service provider authorized in your country because this could be a hardware problem and the defective part must be replaced.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Impossible to update 40.0.3 on my Mac OSX 10.11

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