HP officejet 4650: how to print a pdf file of windows 10-hp officejet 4650

How to print a PDF file using windows 10 to a HP Officejet 4650

You can install Acrobat Reader (free) DC from Adobe here.

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  • How to open a PDF file in Windows 7? When I click on an all I get is a blue promotion screen 'extras '.

    How to open a PDF file in Windows 7? All I get is a blue promotion screen 'extras '.

    One of those 'extras' is likely to be Adobe Reader :)

  • How to print a pdf documant in Windows 8

    I have a pdf document, but cannot find an option to print it and I need to print as soon as possible.

    I agree that it's heavy. It is also unknown how to close a pdf file, once it is open.

    I have to return to a regular desk to get something to work. You really have to wonder about the people who come to the top with these "improvements".

  • How to print a pdf file that prints partially then stops?

    I tried to print a pdf file, but my printer starts to print then stops after he printed an inch or two high, then said the paper is blocked, but it didn't.

    All the drivers are up to date. Any ideas please?

    Hi peterd47331988,

    Please share exact workflow that you do to print PDFS.

    Sharing also the screenshot of the error message you get.

    Is - this problem occurs with all the PDF files?

    Try once the troubleshooting steps I provided this KB doc: print troubleshooting PDF in Acrobat and Reader

    Let us know if it works

    Kind regards


  • How to print a pdf file. When I try to ptint, nothing happens

    When I right click nothing happens.  When I hit the p command nothing happens.  I'm not too smart in the field of the computer.  Thank you

    I found a way to do it.  Mast would not the easiest, but it works. I'm not a computer genius.  Hope you understand.  Right-click on the attachment.  Then choose "Save as" click Next, right again and open the attachment.  top of the page you will see "file" click on it.  selcet open the file.  It will take you to your downloads.  Select the pdf file you want. Click Open.  The form will be displayed again.  Then the printing option is enabled.

    Thank you all for your comments.  Fact my brain works better

  • How to print a .pdf file from my RoadRunner e-mail account?

    I am trying to print a PDF from an email on my roadrunner account and it keeps saying that I do not take a page to print and it cannot print. Yes, I did. What can I do or what the problem is.

    Save the file on your desktop before opening and printing.

  • print to PDF files in Windows 8.1

    I cannot print a file in PDF format. It is the basic story.

    I have Windows 8 and I have upgraded to Windows 8.1 when the upgrade became available. All this time I never had problems to print a file to a PDF document. Then I had some major problems with Windows in general and had to do a full system reset which wiped out all my files and reinstalled Windows 8. Then I installed Windows 8.1 again and now there no option in my printers to print a file in PDF format.

    How can I get that back?

    I had this problem and got the ability to print to PDF back by reinstalling Acrobat.

  • Print to PDF file in windows 7

    For the life of me I can't dissuade the mine where pdf files come up on my computer when I select the print to PDF function. Please help me.

    Never heard of that one.  Here's one that made Microsoft, but it can be used in Office programs: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7

    I know there are a lot of this online software, but this link is the only one I've ever known to come from Microsoft.

  • Why can I not print a pdf file in windows 8

    Why can not select print share when I select a pdf file? I can't get the file to print from anywhere.

    It is not the printer or even Windows 8.  It's the adobe program that installed Windows 8.  Go to Adobe and install the Adobe Download reader.  Once you have installed, you will have all the tools at your disposal at the opening of your PDF document.

  • How to close a PDF file in Windows 8.

    * Original title: PDF files

    How do you close a pdf file after you finished watching it?

    If you use the new 8UI player there are 2 ways.

    1. grasp the top of the screen.  Which means move your mouse to the top top ad when you see the cursor change suddenly hand, left click and hold.  And then drag it to the bottom of your screen.  That closes the application.
    2 alt + F4 will close any open applications 8UI.
  • How to print a pdf file of departures of larger than my connected printer Illustrator allows?

    I use Illustrator CS6 and save a PDF of separations of colors for my screen printer. Unfortunately, my design is 10 x 10 "and the only options I had were printed"Postscript File"or my HP Deskjet printer (which goes up to 8.5" width).

    With selected "file Postscript" and a "Custom" paper size it still I cannot increase the size of 10 ". Not there at - it no Adobe pdf printer driver that allows this? I must be missing something simple. Help, please. Using 'Save as pdf' does not seem to allow separation.

    I ended up looking for the Adobe acrobat distiller 9 ppd and adding that manually to/Library/Printers/PPDs/happy/Resources

    Which then allowed me to print color separations in a PDF at any size.

    Cheers and thanks for the replies.

  • How to print a PDF file that contains mixed paper sizes (letter and legal) to make my printer choose the correct tray for each page?

    I followed the instructions here:

    Print mixed pages sizes | Acrobat, Reader

    But it did not work!  I use a Mac OSX 10.9.3, reader 10.1.10

    I discovered that, apparently, this plan just does not work on the Mac version of Adobe Reader software.  Thank you, Adobe, for a crappy experience.

  • How to create a pdf file of windows 7?

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    Currently, there are a bunch of free PDF 'printers '. CutePDF and PDF Creator are two that I largely used.
    Kind regards
    Hank Arnold
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Server - Directory Services

    10/07/2010 21:50, Bruce Hagen [MVP] wrote:

    Stupid Windows 7 has built in file PDF Creator. Never has any version of Windows. You need a program such as MS Word, Corel WordPerfect or just Google for a PDF Creator.

    Best regards, Hank Arnold (MVP - DS)

  • Print a PDF file

    When I receive a downloaded file from the internet, it switches to a PDF file and it shows under the APP. From there, I can't figure out how to send it to my printer. I can't find any option for this. How to print a PDF file with this app?

    When I receive a downloaded file from the internet, it switches to a PDF file and it shows under the APP. From there, I can't figure out how to send it to my printer. I can't find any option for this. How to print a PDF file with this app?

    Just out of curiosity... have you pressed CTRL + P?

  • More OfficeJet Pro 8600: scratches print to PDF file

    Recently when printing a PDF file, the impression of dragging is in the top of the page.  The printer works fine for all other print jobs.   I ran the print head cleaning tools and align the print heads.  No change in printing quaility.

    No problem, thanks for keeping me informed. You print from Adobe? I would like that print you the PDF as an image and I would like to know the results. If you are unsure how to proceed, will help the following Adobe article: Print PDF as an image.

    Let me know how it goes. Thank you.

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