HP Officejet 6500 E709A AiO does not print web pages

My HP Officejet 6500 E709A AiO printer does not print, or even to get anything in the queue when you try to print from a web site.  We have a HP Windows 7 Home Prime Minister?  We have relocated our printer and nothing new happened.


Went to Windows 7 Forum #7 dated 01/08/09. We were told to remove the 32-bit IE8 version, when we initially installed Windows 7, but it is necessary to print from the web. Go to C: program file (x 86), Internet Explorer, then iexplore. I made a copy of the shortcut icon and installed on the desktop computer for I can use it when I want to interface with the web and be able to print from the web. Hallelujah!

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    HP OfficeJet 4650 does not print web pages: print from Word etc very well.  Using Firefox and Windows 7

    Œuvres of chrome!  Does this mean I have to give up Firefox?

    Thank you!!!

  • ePrint does not print web pages of Tablet Windows 8 Microsoft Surface

    ePrint does not print web pages of Windows 8 (x 64) Microsoft Surface Tablet

    Any ideas?

    Hello JereTanner,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see you are trying to print web pages of a tablet of Surface. What model printer you are trying to print to? Also, is there an error, message, etc., when you try to print?

    In general, ePrint is used when printing emails or transmission of documents / photos to the printer address, is the next how you try to print a web page?

    Since it is a Windows 8 operating system, you can be able to install the full features software and print that way. When I know more about how you want to print, what happens when you try and which printer you are using, I will be able to help.

    See you soon,.

  • On Officejet 6500 E709a scanner does not work

    I have a HP officejet 6500 E709a all-in-one printer. Part woks fine print. The scanner only works 5% of the time. When I run diagnostics it says that there is a communication problem between the printer and Windows 7. I bought a new printer and it did the same thing. We uninstalled and reinstalled everything and I still have the same problem.

    As well as the suggestion of Palcouk, read this also:


    SC Tom
    -There is no such thing as TMI if you request technical support.

  • B209a printer does not print web pages

    I'm on a photosmart B209a all in one printer with a laptop G62 220, connected with a USB cable.

    Everything worked fine until I got a new router/modem from my ISP provider but now my printer will not print web pages, it allows to print from notepad and windows live mail, was trying to solve the problem for 14 days now, running windows 7 64 bit, I was told to uninstall IE9, so now I use IE 8 Uninstall shockwave and flash player as suggested on the microsoft forum.

    My ISP server has taken over remotely from my laptop and set up wireless so I installed my aswell wireless to the printer, the problem is that he returned when he was a homegroup with my office if the printer can not go on the same network as the laptop, tried to reset to the factory settings and went out of the wireless connection shooters wrong to say this device is working properly, it prints on a very fast test page, a wireless test page it prints but so slow.

    At times it will print and other no way.

    On my home page on the file menu, the CHECK is grayed out and the homepage opens with, done, but with errors at the bottom of the page, any web site I'm going to say "you want to view only content delivered safely? and gives me the option to YES / NO, it's my book of spouses and I gave her the printer when I bought a new. In this House, we have only the laptop and the printer does not work need to a homegroup. My ISP server has made things worse x 10, my printer is no longer under warranty but the laptop is under warranty until April 28.

    My network is, my printer continually goes to no matter what I do, I can not change, I put to the factory settings, out of the WiFi, installed and uninstalled the printer, whenever he prints a picture and congratulations to say that you have correctly installed your printer, HP told me to uninstall IE 9 because they have problems with older printers does not I bought in April 2010 so I wouldn't say that it's old.

    If anyone can suggest something to solve these problems, I would appreciate it. Thank you

    I had already followed many of the steps in the procedure you provided me with, but I have never type in folder in the start menu

    I just removed the USB cord and went to devices and printers and click on uninstall all software and drivers, then went to the control panel to ensure that it did not appear anywhere and did a reboot. the I went to HP website and downloaded the drivers and full software features and followed the instructions and did a restart, but does not yet so finally I did a system restore to where I got the new router/modem and now it prints very well.

    I think the problem is my browser as you say because in the FILE menu I still don't have the menu SAVE, it is grayed out, SAVE option YOU only.

    Do a system restore back IE 9 but the key is that the printer is now working and sweeping as it was before.

    Thanks for your time and your help, I really appreciate it.

  • Office Jet 6600 does not print web pages, word documents fine impressions

    Hello.  My Officejet 6600 will not suddenly print web pages.  It prints very well word documents. I have restarted my computer, restarted my printer and not better.  My wireless works very well - as I said, very well printed word documents.  Help!


    Hello Kim, alias @Sydlor , welcome in the community of HP!

    I'm here to help you with your printing issue!

    As you cannot print Web pages, I think that the web browser or Web pages could be the root cause of the problem, however, I could certainly be wrong too. I think this way because normally when there is a conflict of printer driver, you would not be able to print from anywhere at all from your PC.

    I suggest that you try using another web browser and try your impression from here to test this theory.

    If you want to let me know the operating system you are running and what web browsers that you tried, I'll help more if necessary. Please let me know!

  • Office Jet 4650: Office Jet 4650 does not print web pages

    Just set up a new office jet 4650 printer, and I can't seem to print web pages.  Another impression seems OK, but can't get an answer at all when you try to print a web page.  In addition, just installed OS 10 Windows on the computer.

    Can now print.  "PRINT" key was hidden under another page.  Still difficult to reach PRINT button, but I'm working on it.

    I'm sorry to bother you.  Thank you for the city.

  • My Officejet 6500 E709n Wireless does not print "Black".

    I replaced the cartridges, run the printhead cleaner, run the alignment, still will not print black.

    HI - have a look at this post.  Instructions solved the problem at least one other customer having a similar problem.

    Hope that helps.

  • OfficeJet 6500: black ink does not print

    HELLO, pot black ink print. I tried replaceing the cartridge and cleaning the heads. The other colors are fine. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, RC12

    Thank you, MarcellusWallace. I appreciate your help. I cleaned manually the printhead - it was pretty gunky - and the printer works fine now.


  • hp photosmart c4600 a-i-o does not print web pages in Windows 7. To print in Word, Excel and Email.

    Only two other suggestions...

    1. try to print from another browser like Firefoxor Chrome


    2. Uninstall- reinstallHP software, restart your computer and try again to print.

  • Computer Windows XP will not print web pages.

    original title: IMPRESSION of NIGHTMARE


    Web pages are intended to be displayed in a web browser, not printed.  Depending on how the designer of the web page was coded, a web page may or may not print in a useful way.

    There are various utilities that can help.  For example, if you have a recent version of Adobe Acrobat (not Reader), you will have a tool to "convert web pages to PDF" in the context of Internet Explorer (v. 6 and later versions) and some versions of Firefox.

  • In XP, printer will not print web pages, it will only show ads on the page

    My printer does not print web pages, it will print the adds on the page but not the content like recipes etc.

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, it seemed to get worse and worse until I have seem not to be able to print anything, some sites I would like to print from them. The strange thing is on my preview before print, everything looks good, until I'm going to print, then nothing, example I tried printing on Artisan Bread today and the recipe appeared in the preview before printing with pictures of the recipe that everything looked ok, I'm going to print and all I get is photos of the recipe. I use Windows XP, is my printer Lexmark Z705 and I use Google.

    There are many places one can find artisan bread recipes.  What is the link to the site, you watched?

    Just click in the address bar of your browser until the address is set highlight, then click on > copy, click in your response here and right click > paste.

    Do you mean you use the Google Chrome browser or use Google to find your recipes?  At the top of your browser, click on help, then click on about.  What is the name and the version shown in the window that opens?

    Open your printer and take a look at cartridges.  Do you use cartridges of ink Lexmark brand to negotiate (or refills)?  What is the number of the cartridge on theright ?

    The following article does not directly address your issue, but it is suggestive.  Follow the suggestions and report the results. http://www.FixYa.com/support/t3070772-lexmark_z705_printing_blank_envelopes

  • Why my HPLaserJet P1102w not print Web pages, but it will print the pages of the notebook, etc. ?

    My HPLaserJet P1102w (with Windows 7, Firefox) does not print Web pages.  I can see the pages I want to print in the queue of the printer, but they never proceed with printing.  I see a blue light sometimes flashes on the computer.  Looks like he's trying to find a wireless connection, even if it is attached to my computer through a USB port under the guidance of the option given in the directive.

    When I copy and paste text into My Notebook application, it prints on my printer - but when I click on "print" on a Web page, it will not display the page.

    I think I can remove the question.  I discovered that Firefox is trying to use a printer I own is no longer.  I think I can understand it from here.  Obviously, choose my new HP printer for printing from Firefox.

  • C4580 all-in-one does not print the page Web of the internet explore 9 64-bit

    C4580 all-in-one does not print the page Web of the internet explore 9 64-bit

    Message: Script error...

    OK if you use IE9 32-bit

    Latest version of the driver from HPupdate

    Same problem on 2 different PC - running Win7 Home premium, another the proff of Win7, both 64-bit

    Hello borisgit,

    As you have noticed one solution is to run IE9 in 32-bit mode. You can also try running the 64-bit version of IE9 as administrator to work around this problem.

    Script error when you try to print from Internet Explorer 9

  • Do not print web pages - go to 'Internet explorer' and it will print the page

    Do not print web pages - go to "internet explore" and it prints the page

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    is recently after upgrading firefox

    See this:

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