HP OfficeJet 6500 wireless do not print because there are 2 days, I changed my wireless router

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My HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless will not print because 2 days ago, I changed my wireless router. The printer is no longer under warranty and I'm using Windows 7 OS. I have


Assuming that there is a wireless connection to the printer, the most likely cause of the problem is that the printer is configured to obtain its IP address automatically, and the new router has assigned to the printer an IP address that is different from that which was initially awarded.

To check if the above is the question:

Controls on the front panel of the printer allows you to print a Network Setup page:
From the home screen, press the right arrow, and then select Setup.
Touch reports, click Network Configuration Page.

Find the IP address of the printer on the Network Configuration page.

On your computer, go to devices and printers

  • Right-click on your printer icon, and then select "printer properties".
  • Click the "Ports" tab
  • WITHOUT clicking anywhere in the list of ports other than the right scroll bar, find the line highlighted (the one with the box in the box)
  • Is the 'Port' the same as the IP address of the printer that you noted on the Network Configuration page?
  • Assuming that the port in the printer properties dialog box is not the same as that shown on the Network Configuration page, click the "Configure Port" button and enter the correct IP address in the box "printer name or IP address.
  • OK your way out

To avoid this problem does not happen, read the User Guide for the your printer and configure the printer to use a static or fixed IP address.  Choose an address that is in the same subnet as the router but outside the range of addresses used by the DHCP server on the router.  You can find this information on the configuration of your router utility.

For example, most Linksys/Cisco routers use the IP addresses of the form 192.168.1.x and allocate addresses in the range to  In this case, you should take a static IP as (20 is outside the range of 100 to 150).

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    Try that and see if it helps the question:

    1. In the Windows taskbar, click the Windows icon ( ), type control printers in the Search text box and press ENTER. The Printers window opens.

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    Welcome to the Community Forum of HP.

    Try / review


    Restart all

    • You can try to reboot the router with the computer and the printer; This can help if the problem is simple disconnection between the different parts of the network.


    Hard reset

    • If you believe that the issue is in the notebook, which is unlikely, but possible, you could try a Hard Reset on the phone.  This type of reset is not, does NOT repeat, erase your data or your software - it's just a way to tell the operating system to read fresh from the disk and get some nice, clean, new instructions to the next startup:

    If you use a laptop:

    • Close all your programs and shut down your computer
    • Unplug everything (little unifying for the keyboard / mouse external can stay)
    • Perform the Hard Reset for your model of laptop
    • Start the computer and connect

    ELSE, if you use a desktop computer:

    • Close all your programs and shut down your computer
    • Disconnect devices USB, speakers, other drives useless
    • Unplug the computer thirty seconds
    • Connect the power supply (plug in)
    • Reconnect the devices
    • Start / start the computer and log in

    Reminder: Hard Reset is just a device to reset.  The procedure do not destroy your files, or it destroys your Windows installation somehow.  It's just "clears the cobwebs".  Depending on the cause of the problem, this kind of "reset" can fix a variety of computer problems.


    Install the full features software

    • The next step could be to try to install (reinstalling) the printing software full feature software on your computer to see if your computer can re-establish the connection with your elusive printer.

    What follows applies mainly for computers running recent versions of Windows operating system.

    General instructions to install the printer software


    1. In most cases, the Solution Center has been replaced by the wizard of the printer.
    2. Shortcuts to the printer wizard will be installed on your desktop during the last part of the installation.

    Windows operating system:

    • Open drivers HP & downloads
    • Enter your printer model information
    • Select your printer in the list of the 'results '.


    • Enter your operating system the menu drop-down
    • Click NEXT and scroll down
    • Find the driver - product Installation software category
    • Select the driver of base, e-print, or full software functionality
    • Save the package *.exe Setup on your computer

    The files will probably save in the "folder"downloads. "

    Don't forget to search for updates as necessary for your installation. If available, you can download print and scan doctor and / or other programs of category - utilities.

    • If you have control of "Admin", you can highlight the package and "double-click" to install it, otherwise just right-click, select run as administrator and install.


    • Look at the bottom half of the main Web page for your printer for helpful videos help with the installation of the printer software!
    • Scroll through the list of videos back until you find the video that best fits your situation.
    • If you use a USB connection: download and install the driver software before connecting a USB cable.
    • Ethernet: connect the printer to the network and (optional) assign the printer IP address to the router. Once the printer is connected to the network, make sure that the printer is on, and then install the printer software.
    • Once the initial installation is complete and functional, check / install category - updated

    There is valuable information on the support site, including sections for manuals, Troubleshooting > How-to's, Troubleshooting > solving a problem, more alerts and notifications for your printer.  Be sure to take a comprehensive look at what's available.  To bookmark the page.


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    Although I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

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  • OfficeJet 6500 Wireless - router, printer won't connect

    I had to change on my router and it has a new security code.  I have reset my PC to the new code and they work very well. I deleted the 6500 printer and tried to reinstall using the OJ6500vE709_Basic_13 software and the software OJ6500vE709_Full_13.  The software crashes during installation once I have plug in the USB cable.  I uninstalled the software now several times and it seems to hang in the same place every time - during or after step 6 of 8.  It "seems" that the printer working via the USB cable, but this completely defeats the object of a wireless printer.

    I guess I have a series of hanging there messed up software.  I tried to uninstall all HP software using windows uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller.  Everything seems to have disappeared, so I'm at a loss to understand why I can't get this thing working again.

    To be clear, that the printer has worked on wireless very well until I swapped the router - same brand, same configuration, but it creates a different security key, of course.  Router was not bad, he just gave my son - he has reconfigured it so I can't really come back as an option.

    Wanted you to know that I could get the connected printer by following the instructions that you have provided.  Great job!  Thank you.  I now have another problem, but I will start another thread for this one.

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    Can I remove these disk errors. or should I just replace the drive and try again (disaster!)

    Your hard drive manufacturer will have a utility bootable disk for verification.

    Alternatively, you can run chkdsk from base; Computor > C: properties > tools > error checking

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  • HP Officejet 6500 Wireless all-in-One Printer - E709n does not print

    My HP Officejet 6500 Wireless only all-in-One does not print from my main computer. I can scan from this computer and print them from others. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and drivers, restarted the queue, run the scan doctor and get error error unknown/deviece.  I have disabled the firewall unplugged abd and repluged the power to the printer.

    Any thoughts?

    I have messed with my firewall and had it work. Still not sure what I did but it resets something. Thanks for the help.

  • Scanner does not work on HP Officejet 6500 Wireless with MacBook Pro

    I have the all-in-one Officejet 6500 wireless and print fine but the scanner does not work even after the implementation of suggestions on the Web site.  I recently installed Mac OS x 10.6.8 but I had the same problem with the previous software.  Scan worked fine until the last few months.  I get the message that "HP Scan Pro quit unexpectedly" or "Sorry, an unknown error has occurred", but no additional information.  I have re-installed the software HP twice but to no avail.  What can I do?

    Try the scan using the Image Capture in your Applications folder.  Click your scanner on the left side, click "Show details" on the bottom.

  • OfficeJet 6500 wireless needs of solution for the damage to the print head as possible.

    I have recently change ink in my all in one printer officejet 6500 wireless and now it has an error message indicating that the print head is damaged. Please help me I have a paper due soon

    Hi tlawsonfrancis,

    Officejet 6500 what model do you have (E709 or E710)?

    If you get an error on a bad printhead you can try to remove the printer and then turn the printer without it in the cycle. Wait for the printer to you asking to reinstall. If you continue to receive the error you can contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836, and they can helo you buy a new print head for your printer. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region please click the link below to get help from your region number.


  • How to print on my hp officejet 6500 wireless from my ipad?

    When I try to print with my ipad via airprinter I get a message "No Printers Found AirPrinter", I have a HP officejet 6500 Wireless, what should I do?

    Hi Gynmom,

    I see that you experience problems printing from your iPad to your printer.  I would like to try the following steps.

    1. unplug the printer and the router for a minute.

    2. turn off your iPad.

    3. connect the router to the top.

    4. wait another minute plug printer upward.

    5 turn on iPad.

    6. try to print again.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • OfficeJet 6500 Wireless: not readable display

    My display screen has vertical lines and display them the words are more readable. Slowly, they started to disappear last year. I did a soft and hard (unplug the printer, hold down the 3 and #, plug printer in). Print the alignment page. All ink cartirdges are adequate.  The display is still not readable. Just a few vertical lines at random.

    Can this be repaired? If so, how.

    Hi Greengirl1,

    I'm sorry yoru screen does not display correctly.

    I think you've done what can be done by unplugging the printer to reset everything.

    The screen is not a replaceable part by the user - it cannot be ordered and installed by customers.

    The printer can be exchanged with a replacement unit.  This could be covered by the warranty if you got the impression of less than a year.

    If the printer is out of warranty, you can always contact HP customer support.  They can set up a printer sharing and you know what would be the costs.  They could also recommend a new printer if you choose not to pay to fix it.

    To contact HP follow this link:


    Scroll down below the pictures to complete the model.  Then you will see more options.

    Good luck getting this problem is resolved.


  • HP Officejet 6500 all-in-One Printer does not send scan and HP print and Scan doctor without help

    HP Officejet 6500 all-in - One Printer does not scan for Windows 7 and HP Print and Scan doctor says 'not imaging' & send error message 8, [1.0,-2147221498)] - I reconnected my officejet drivers reinstalled, etc & nothing works.  I looked for help & tried repeatedly, & am willing to renounce HP.


    Thank you for using the HP Forums.

    You can try this alternative solution to Scan:

    HP extended Scan


    Once it has downloaded and installed, go to start > all programs > HP > HP Scan extended > Run "HP Scan extended.

    Let us know if it works.

  • HP Officejet 6500 Wireless printer prints blank pages. I have new catriges of ink in the printer

    My printer HP Officejet 6500 Wireless age of one year is printing pages bland, even though I just replaced my all ink cartridges.

    Here's a link below that can help you with this problem.


    Let me know if this can help, thank you.

  • HP Officejet 4500 G510: Printer itself turns on and turns off continuously and does not print because it's on if briefly


    The troubleshooting in the here document steps can help solve the problems of power with the g510 printer Officejet 4500.  If you need to replace the power supply I got good results in purchasing supply power modules on eBay or Amazon.

  • Officejet 6500 wireless printing problem

    Hello. Last week I got an Officejet 6500 Wireless, used. (toll-free from a friend)

    Last week, I installed a new black ink cartridge. Yesterday I printed something for the first time and it worked very well. Today, I sent a print order for five pages to a single page text document (no color on the document). The machine three copies fine, then the last two are out stained as if the ink was running out.

    I went out the black cartridge and it shook a little, used a can of air to eat the area where the cartridge fits inside the printer and I tried again, but now I get only blank pages! Does anyone have an idea of what could be the problem?

    I'm sorry you have a problem with the printing of blank pages. It could be a couple of different reason.

    The print head may need to clean or replace. Sometimes the cartridge needs to be cleaned.

    Print a self-test page and see if you get white pages.

    Here is a link that can help you with the sense of emptiness.


    Here is another link that will provide assistance with the print quality. I would like to know if it is useful.


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