HP Officejet J4660 Installer

Download of Installer from the website was in Chinese. How to change language?



Make sure you use the specific installer includes the English version of the software:


If you can still see the installation in another language please specify your operating system for the next steps, given that the language depends on the configuration of your system.

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  • OfficeJet J4660 all-in-One on Windows Server 2003 R2 - cannot use the scan and fax functionality

    Hello everyone,

    I recently purchased the Officejet J4660 AIO.  I had to install on our Windows Server 2003 R2 (with all latest updates), being present on the CD of driver for Win XP, I had to download the latest driver (OJJ4600_Corporate_ENU_10 - 55.8 MB) from the HP site.  During installation, ONLY the printer driver has been installed.  I can't use the SCAN function or the FAX software.  In fact, the icons for these two programs not created in the HP program group.  No error message appeared well while installing.

    All the world was a program similar and been able to get a work around for this?  I would like to use AIO printer that I bought, not only on the side of impression of it.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you.


    I think that the Acquisition of Image Windows (WIA) service is disabled in your system. Unlike Windows XP or Vista, in most Windows Server systems, this service is disabled by default. You can activate it in this way:

    1. right click on my computer and select manage.

    2. Select "Applications and Services-> Services";

    3. find Windows Image Acquisition (WIA), right click and select Properties.

    4. Select "auto" in the "Startup Type" list box in the "Général" tab

    5. in the situation 'Services', click 'start '.

  • HP OfficeJet J4660 all in one appears "off-line" and the function desappears scanner

    Original title: device

    HP OfficeJet J4660 All in one – [1] it has been properly installed on the computer - DELL - Vostro. [2] he worked very well; [3] after a while, it appears "off-line" for all its functions. The scanner function desappears. What should I do?


    · What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    You can follow the procedure in the article: "the printer is offline" Message appears on the computer and the product will not print HP: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c02221706&cc=sk&dlc=sk&lang=sk&lc=en&product=3692891

    You can also run the tool of diagnosis of HP for printer and scanner of concern:


  • OfficeJet 6700 installs but does not print

    We have an Officejet 6700 on our wireless network. My computer can find and add the printer (using the latest drivers, I downloaded).  Once installed, it seems to print but nothing never goes out on the printer.

    It is most likely a network issue, but maybe anyone know the magic that I need.  The wireless is on a different subnet (192.168.40.X) wired computers (192.168.10.X, running Windows 7).  I checked all the settings of the firewall, and it is configured to allow traffic from 10.x to 40 x and vice versa.  To install the printer, I 'Add a local printer' and then create a new standard TCP/IP port and use wireless IP of the printer - the printer is certainly connected to the network and I used the information from the printer Panel to get the IP address.

    The installation process continues, with the driver that I just downloaded on the HP site, and voila, the printer appears in my printer/fax devices!  He asks you about printing a test page, I say Yes... and nothing ever happens.  Even with apps like Word or notepad, I select the 6700 and print and I get no error, but nothing is printed.

    Any ideas? Thank you.

    (Note: the firewall * is * configured to not allow wireless devices to see each other, so I can't try the printer on other computers connected to the sous-reseau.40.x.)

    I understand that you can test the printer communication seems applicable.  When you click the printer icon on your desktop, what do you see?  It does not open the HP printer Assistant or is it the configuration page to connect to the printer? You have even an icon?  If no icon, click on this link to install the 6700 (Windows 7 64-bit U.S.) Officejet full feature software and drivers .  I know you said you did already, but I wanted to give the link to the case where.

    This printer has a new firmware update to help with wireless facilities. Version: MPM3CN1316AR (link is for Windows 7 64-bit US).

    Disable all firewall (see gurus network on deactivation of all the antivirus software and firewall temporarily). Since you have the generic driver in your printers and devices folder, select all programs > HP > Officejet 6700 > installation printer, software and try to reinstall the network printer and let me know what is happening as well.  You get a successful installation and a registration page?

    I will gladly help you get the installed printer.  I will work with you as the network guys know well your installation.  Looks like the firewall blocks.  Here is a link on how Firewall interferes with network installation.  I hope this helps!

  • OfficeJet 4620: Installation

    I am trying to reinstall my printer but cannot read the installation disc.  Nowhere on the site Web HP find program drivers / Setup for this printer.


    The printer software can be downloaded from the link below.


  • HP Officejet 4500 installs wireless on the laptop Windows 7 computers 2, but not on the 3rd

    Help a friend to a printer with the HP all-in-one Officejet 4500 problem.  Although it has been installed on the laptop of the wife of my friend, he would never print.  When pointing the mouse on the icon of the printer the printer and the devices page, this would indicate that the printer is offline.   It was not the case.

    I used the disk supplied with the printer to install wireless on their other two laptops of W7 and installed with a wired connection on their tour of W7.  The printer properly on all PC functions.

    I used the uninstall level 4 OJJ5700 washer 8 HP utility to remove any trace of the product of his laptop and then again used the disk to install the printer.   As with the other 2 laptops, I selected a wireless connection, but unlike the other 2 it finally gives me a msg that the printer is not found on the network.  Then it prompts me to temporarily connect the laptop to the printer with the USB cable, saying that once it finishes the installation of the software, that we can then make it wireless.  It never ends install even with the cord.  I went through this process twice, and both times it sitting there on the stage of configuration for an hour more before I killed the task.

    The printer is sorta installed on the laptop, because it allows to print with the cable, although the name of the printer has a. TMP extension in the devices & Printers.

    All laptops are connected to the same network.

    Anyone who has never met this before and come up to the top with a solution?  The laptop seems to work otherwise beautifully, although I suppose it wouldn't hurt to run a full scan of Malwarebytes.  I never really knew the problem, it's viral, but I just ran out of time today before that I could make sure...

    Hi boweasel,

    Please confirm the steps for me. At this point, you did all the steps of troubleshooting of the printer, which should solve the problem. At this point the printer works with two other computers, it seems it's something with the operating system on this computer. I suggest contacting the manufacturer of the laptop on a recovery or disturbances to the OS.

    Please let me know if you are able to install and impression after working on the operating system.

    Thank you

  • How to install printer hp officejet j4580 installation cd

    What is the procedure for the installation of my printer hp officejet j4580 of the installation cd.

    The disk should have an autorun file which loads the configuration file when you insert the disc. It is possible that you have disabled the AutoPlay feature. Nevertheless, with the disc in your cd rom device navigate my computer. Right-click and choose Open Autoplay or Explore. If you chose open Autoplay Setup file must be run and the installation started. If you choose to Explore a new window will open and display the files on the disk. Simply scroll to the bottom of the list of files until you find the installer. Double click on it and choose run. If, for some reason, you can't do either you can click HERE and download the driver. Save it to your desktop, and then double-click it. From there on, follow the instructions on the screen.

    In addition, as we welcome your questions and are happy to help you ask us that you not create several post dealing with the same issue. You have now four post regarding this issue. Please do not do this in the future. I can assure you that it will not give an answer any faster than a single post.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Edit: I got the multiple post deleted or merged. We are ready to go now. We will proceed to the task at hand.

  • OfficeJet 6700 Installation - error opening Installation log file

    Try to install the software for OfficeJet 6700.  All - tried delete reg keys, copy sw HD, download new drivers and run as administrator.  Have Win7 64 bit Professional OS. Windows doesn't have the driver get same error every time. "Error opening installation log file.  Verify that the specified log file location exists and that you can write to it. "Am about to return this article to Costco.  It can't be this hard!  What is the answer?

    Hey everyone - I finally understand how to solve this problem!  As they say, it's always the last place you are looking for!  All joking aside, this is how I did it.

    The problem is that HP setup.exe does not seem to be compatible with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.  So, in short, the solution is to run the installer in compatibility mode Windows XP SP2.

    1. open computer and navigate to the Setup CD.

    2. do not Autorun or auto play installation.

    3. click right one open the CD from the computer.

    4 scroll down on the list of files on the CD until you see Setup with the HP logo next to it.

    5 right-click the program installation and in the context menu, select 'Troubleshoot compatibllty '.

    6. the resolution of the problems should open.  Select "try recommended settings.

    7. then, the troubleshooter should say it's solve problems and give you a button "Start the Program".  Click this button and the installation program should start normally.

    8. from here before the installation should work normally.  Although normal is sometimes nothing more than a laundry dryer set!

    My system is Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.  This kind of issue that happened to me in the past with other software installations, but I've never waited or he waits with a new HP printer!

    Thanks to the HP support people I talked about this during the last few days.  It is certainly something that should be documented. I hope that this article here will help others.  Let me know if it helps you!

  • OfficeJet 8600 installation

    Should I delete the old printer (Photosmart Prem 410) software before installing the software for the new printer (() fficejet 8600 Premium) or the installation process that will?

    Hello D-B,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that you're wondering to remove the Photosmart Premium, before installing your new premium 8600 Officejet. It's your preference if you wish to remove this software. Personally, if you do not use this software, then you must delete it. You are able to have more than one HP printer on your computer, it will not come into conflict.

    What is your operating system on your computer? Windows.

    I'll give you the instructions how to uninstall the software if you decide to go this route. Please follow this HP document here.

    Please post your results.

  • 7 8500 OfficeJet Windows installation instructions

    For anyone having trouble with this product from the appointment, you need to uninstall everything, is if you have already installed and have problems, if not disregard this part on the removal of the old program and registry cleaning, ect. then if you uninstall, delete all temporary files, run a registry cleaner, before doing anything. Then go in the configuration of the system on Windows 7 since the administrative tools, and then select Selective startup, uncheck the startup items and keep load system services checked. You then click on the services tab and check the skin all the microsoft services box, and then click on disable all button. After that, you

    Download the latest program of the OfficeJet 8500 HP download location for windows 7

    After that, you restart the computer to apply the changes and stop all non-Microsoft services. Then after completing the restart of the system and the connection, you right-click on the OJP8500vA909_Full_13.exe file and click on Run As Administrator and then if you have user access control works as it should, you will receive a message box asking to allow the program to go forward and you select Yes. Also, make sure that your Officejet 8500 printer IS NOT CONNECTED to THE ROUTER BEFORE YOU RUN this PROGRAM. When the program is ready, it will inspire you to ATTACH the PRINTER to THE ROUTER. If you are running Windows Firewall, it will go through without a hitch in general, for other firewalls, you may need to adjust accordingly. There are more detailed instructions of firewall to OfficeJet 8500 Windows 7 Installatiion Page and there are instructions for Norton, McAfee, BlackIce, OutpostPro, Trend Micro Internet Security and Zone Alarm Security Suite. I got AVGInternet security and could not make it work, because it doesn't have that many advanced features and I couldn't get it to work, so I disabled that and returned to Windows Firewall. I also reset the default network settings in the configuration menu of the printer to make sure that everything was normal. It works now, so I must return my previous statements, it can work, but the instructions should be clear that you have to take these measures from the beginning, and not after you spend hours trying to make it work. If you have problems with your network, you can connect to the router to see if the printer is there, the address of the router is usually which you type in the address bar of your browser for those of you who are not familiar with them. It should give you a list of lan devices currently connected to your router. It's also a good idea to install your printer with a static IP address, which is usually in basic/network settings under Add a DHCP reservation, and you select the device and assign a static IP address as Most routers usually have the DHCP settings for addresses - generally static IP addresses must be placed towards the top end of the assignment of the address. NOW, IF ILS JUST GIVE US SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST< we="" wouldn't"t="" have="" to="" go="" through="" all="" of="" this="" cra{p="" to="" begin="">< but="" that="" would="" be="" to="" simple,="" right?="" anyways,="" for="" those="" of="" you="" having="" troubles="" like="" i="" was,="" i="" hope="" this="" helps="" you,="" good="" luck="" and="">

    Moreover, with the new Setup, AVG firewall is correct and able to work with the printer, piece of cake FYI. I re-enabled it and just did a scan without problem. If it working (printer) not in the first place was not a firewall issue, but an installation problem, which can throw you off track, as he did me. But with a correct installation, it works very well with the AVG firewall.

  • OfficeJet 4632: Officejet 4632 installation Via the network


    I bought a 4632 Officejet (which AFAIK is the same as the 4630) at ALDI in Germany, and when I tried to set up for printing from a Windows 7 PC on the same network, Windows found "two": printers

    -"HPAA6648 (HP Officejet 4630 series)' at the address http://192.168.xx.xx:3911 / (beginning with"http://"and with annex 3911 port)

    -"Officejet 4630 series (HP)' at the address of 192.168.xx.xx (without"http://"and specific port)

    What is the difference, and that should be used?

    The only difference I see is that to access the 192.168.xx.xx since the browser gives me the web configuration page, while http://192.168.xx.xx:3911 / gives me a useless XML page.

    Impression regarding both seem to print as well, using the same drivers.

    Hi @PietKram,

    I understand that you see 2 printer and can print both of them all the same, but want to know that you should be selection.

    I suggest using the 192.168.xx.xx (without "http://" and specific port). The reason is that it allows an open line of communication rather than restrict communication to the printer to a port. If you choose the one with the port, it might well work, that you have described, it is, but it can only be short term. If this port is blocked, you will probably be able to print.

  • HP Officejet 5510v: installation of ink cartridges

    I bought this printer used and told me everything had to ink. Purchased ink cartridges, but does not know where they are going. Is there a place where I can go for the specs on this printer? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. When you try to go to the website of HP, that's not yet the list this printer unless you are trying to buy the ink cartridges for it.


    Please click on Installation of ink cartridges to access the procedure which should solve the problem.

    I hope that the issue must be resolved.

    Please call the HP Technical Support for assistance.

    If you are in the United States, the toll free # is 1-800-474-6836.

    If you're not in the United States, and then connect to www.hp.com , bottom left it is an icon of the world map, click it and then select the region that you belong to, which would then provide the support options for you for this region.

  • HP Officejet 4620: Installation HP 4620 printer on Mac OS 10.10

    Hello!   I have a HP Officejet 4620.  My printer is fine, but my computer has stopped recognizing my printer suddenly about 6 months ago.  I thought it was the USB connection, so I bought a new power cord USB printer-computer, but it does not solve the problem.  I tried to install the software on my computer to see if I could get a recognition without wire between my printer and the computer.  When I installed it, I got a warning window saying that the officejet does that by 'Mac OS 10.5 - 10, 7'.  I noticed that my computer is Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite.  Is this the reason that my computer is not recognizing my printer?

    Thank you for helping me to recover my printer!


    It's the driver for OS X 10.9 and 10.10



  • HP Officejet 7310: Installation with Windows 10 HP7310

    I just installed my HP7310 on a new computer running Windows 10, using the in all download a driver.  He is shown as a single device-' hp73300 series fax '-rather than two "-hp7300 of the series and 'fax of the hp7300 series' as previously.  I can't put it to print by default, he always wants to fax while I can print if I'm going the long way by selecting the printer each time.  How do I:

    (a) set the default printing function, or

    (b) uninstall the fax service as I do not use it

    Hi @Chris-bovey

    Thanks for the comments.

    Have you tried Control Panel > hardware and audio > devices and printers > right click on your printer and select "Set as default" and choose the NON-TELECOPIEUR HP Officejet 7310?  (this option was available?)

    Here is a sample photo:

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)

    Is there another driver, or a way to customize the pilot give features of the printer/copier/scanner, but exclude the fax feature?
  • X 2 Pro 512 G1/Officejet 6310: Installation of HP printer on Windows 10

    I can't get my printer to install Bluetooth on windows 10. With Bluetooth kit on windows settings, I've added, and all seems OK in Device Manager.

    The printer is correctly installed to work and connect usb cable. It's just the bluetooth option does not work.

    By bluetooth, it is paired and connected ok, and the name of the printer appears fine under bluetooth devices in device (which are all installed correctly) Manager. Curiously, it is called "printer, scanner, copier" in the printer folder devices nd, rather than by his real name, or name of the product.

    In the wondows 10 settings bluetooth settings it says driver is uavailable, and the printer is missing from the list of printers when you print from applications.

    I tried update the driver of the printer (the device, other devices Manager) but says windows can not find the drivers. (in the Device Manager it shows drivers installed and does not any errors).

    I removed and added the printer, but this has not solved the problem. I don't know what to try next.

    I have now solved this.

    I removed the printer in the printer list. I then used "add a printer" settings / bluetooth/printers add it to begin process again. When he could not find my printer, I clicked on "not in list" which meant that I could choose how I could set up the printer 'manually' - the last option on the screen. It asked what port I wanted to use. I chose the bluetooth/virtual port. It was the whole secret on how to install. Then, everything went well and the printer now works over bluetooth.

    I hope this can help others with the same question because it took a lot of time try all other options before discovering this necessary port first setting - IE. the road to the manual installation.

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