HP OfficeJet Pro 6960: my hp Officejet Pro 6960 uses a black cartridge for 30 pages. Is this normal?

I do not receive the error messages, find just using the very expensive printer

Thank you for your response.

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  • OfficeJet 8500 A910: Officejet 8500 A910 think all black cartridges are empty

    OfficeJet 8500 A910 keeps telling me to replace the black cartridge to continue printing.

    First, I removed the cartridge (which was 3/4 full), he looked at it and put it in.  I was able to print 10 pages until it gave me the same message.  I did once again and was able to print 2 pages.  Finally, I put in a new cartridge.  The printer told me it was happy.  I printed 10 pages until the replacement cartridge message came again.  I removed the new cartridge and put it again.  Print more than 10 pages.  Now it does not PRINT because the printer think to replace the full cartridge.  I tried to close, replacement print head cleaning all ports.  cleaning the contacts of the cartridge and print head, changing the yellow cartridge.  NOTHING IS THERE FACT.

    It seems that the sensor is messed up, but where is this sensor?  O for the day where I was allowed originally instead of the treatment of the HP me as I have the brain of a worm.  If I could just disable all the sensors on this printer, it works fine, but HP wants to control everything, so nothing works.

    Does anyone else have this problem?  Anyone find one solution other than a new printer?

    Hi @CWickstrom,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see that you are unable to print because of the warning of low ink on your printer HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910. I'd be happy to help you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem.

    To help you better, I may need more information.

    What is the exact error message that you receive?

    I would like to do a hard reset to see if that will solve the problem.
    Let the printer and disconnect the printer cable and the wall socket for 60 seconds.
    Reconnect the power cable to the output of the printer and the wall, and not a surge protector.
    This ensures that the printer is full on and can help this situation.

    • Make sure that the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet. (do not use a hub or a surge protector) This ensures that the printer is full on and can help this situation.

    You use genuine HP cartridges? How to identify genuine HP cartridges.

    Note: HP recommends you to use genuine HP cartridges. HP does not guarantee the quality or reliability of cartridges HP cartridges refilled HP. If you use genuine HP, the following cartridges no can not solve the problem.

    I see that you mentioned that you have replaced the print head, did replace you one or both?

    Click here and update the firmware of the printer.

    HP Officejet Pro 8500 a (A910) e-all-in-One Printer Series - 'replace the depleted following ink cartridge ' message on the product after you have installed a new cartridge.

    In addition, there could be a problem with the distribution of ink system please follow this guide, solve the problems of quality Print for the HP Officejet Pro 8500 has e-all-in-one printer series.


    Evaluate the ink supply piping

    Follow these steps for the evaluation of the ink supply piping.
  • Vista OfficeJet 6110 do not print black cartridge only (I always get color)

    I can't get my Vista with OfficeJet 6110 to print black cartridge only, that is, I always get COLORS in my impression.

    NOTE: I have the BLUE text in my .odt file and I want to print with just the black cartridge but alaways get BLUE to the exit...

    I hope Bob Headrick reads this...

    What printer driver settings that you use?    I can't install the Officejet 6110 driver, but I tried the following with the Deskjet 6500 driver: in the tab 'Printing shortcuts' select ' Fast/economical printing' in the 'what do you do?"tab.  IN the "Choice of colors" drop-down list select low "on Black Print Cartrdige Only", then apply. For good measure, go to the Advanced tab and enable "text just like Print black" in the tab "Printer features", then apply, OK.

    A similar procedure should give good results with the Officejet 6110.  If this isn't the case, you could install the Deskjet 6500 driver by going to add printer, select local printer, select the USB port the 6110 is on and then select the driver HP Deskjet 6500 Series.  You might have the DEskjet 6500 and Officejet 6110 drivers installed at the same time, they should not come into conflict.

    Kind regards

    Bob Headrick, MS MVP printing/imaging

  • OfficeJet pro 8600: printing with black cartridge only

    I just replaced the black ink cartridge (the other colors are exhausted and still in the machine) but I want to just print in black, but it won't let me - please advise

    This isn't what you want to hear, but you will need to replace the color cartridges as well.  The 8600 Pro Officejet has separate ink supplies and a replaceable (but expensive) print head.  If the printer works (in black only) with one or more color exhausted it can damage the print head.  To avoid damaging the printer hangs printing if one or several colors are exhausted.

  • OfficeJet 4620 can use 564XL ink cartridges?

    OfficeJet 4629 All in One printer allows 564XL cartridges black and all colors OR black only?


    You can use either a regular ink cartridge or a high XL capavity for one of its cartridges (black, Cyan, Magenta and yellow).

    Kind regards


  • Satellite Pro L650-168: wind cooling module is not Cup-is this normal?

    Hi all

    I just bought a new Toshiba laptop (L650-168), and one thing immediately caught my attention: the 'event' for the fan on the back (in the upper left corner), which is 'fired' but not cutting (see an image in the http://uppix.net/4/a/a/77f63d7eb24987cf73553c55f3b59.jpg)

    It isn't my first Toshiba laptop, since I've already bought a P200 and an A300. Both have this event cut correctly.
    I can understand Toshiba use same back for laptops needing an air vent and those who do not and that in the air this last case mouths are not cut, but I want to be sure that this is the reason, because the temperatures are warm enough in my opinion:
    -idle: 50-55 ° C 60 ° C for GPU and CPU
    -load: 80-85 ° C for the CPU and 70-75 ° C for GPU (not at the same time)

    Thanks in advance!


    I think it's ok.
    The photo shows the other cooling holes placed near memory Bay, above the slot in the upper left corner and from memory.

    I think that it of not a lack of design. I think that this air intake is not necessary in this model of laptop.

    Welcome them

  • OfficeJet 4630: 4630 can print grayscale using only the black cartridge?

    I have purchased a printer 4630 and want to use it like I did my old PSC1350 - using only the black cartridge for all printing. I can't find any setting of grey for the 4630 that will allow for this. With the 1350, the grayscale setting would prevent any color ink cartridges is used, an unnecessary expense for printing in black on white paper.

    If there is no setting on the 4630 grey scale, can I be sure that black ink is used only for printing without color?

    Hello @clif9710!

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

    Your printer Officejet 4630 should be able to print in gray scale and the options should be in the window of the printer printing preferences.  I was able to locate a document regarding the changing settings in windows 7 print.

    If you do not get the options to print in gray scale you will need to uninstall the HP software, including the old software, restart the computer and re-install the HP Officejet 4630 software again.

    To uninstall the software HP click here: uninstall the HP software

    To download the HP software, click here: driver and software Officejet 4630

    Another good thing about the Officejet 4630 is that it allows to print mode single cartridge.  cartridges for your printer built in print heads which means that it requires no 2 print cartridges.  If you never use the Tricolor cartridge or you are planning on printing in black, you can remove the Tricolor cartridge, put the cap of the cartridge down and close the lid.  The printer should now say "mode single cartridge printing.  Once the printer is closed upwards, you can send your print job and it will print using only the black cartridge one!

    Thanks again for posting on the forums of HP and post back and let me know how it goes!

  • my HP officejet pro 8000 is leaking black ink

    OfficeJet pro 8000 is leaking black ink on the right side - in the back.  I have windows 7, no error message.  the print heads is the problem?

    I'll need a little more information to help. He flees outside of the printer ink? Or the ink is pooling in the back inside the printer? Have you recently changed the cartridge? Is this a real HP black cartridge not recharged? Have you looked at the tubes/cables that provide the ink in the print head? Are they bent or curved or not?

  • HP OfficeJet 8600: Print using black ink only

    We use our printer as a copier only.  It is not connected to a computer.  Why do the color cartridges run out of ink and we cannot print black print.  We print any documents using color.  Is it possible to turn on the black only?

    Sorry, but the HP Officejet Pro 8600 has separated from the inks and printheads and requires that all inks are available to avoid damage to the print head.

    You can minimize the ink used with the following steps:

    • Use draft mode when the quality is sufficient.  Draft mode uses about half the ink or Normal or best mode.
    • Power switch of the printer only allows to turn off the printer.  If an external switch (as a protector or output impulse) is used more ink will be used at startup.

    HP and other printer manufacturers have technology another printer for different needs.  For ink jet printers:

    • Some have integrated into the ink cartridges print heads.  These printers can print generally with one or more of the colors completely empty, or even with color or black cartridges (but not both) removed. The Officejet 8040 has us an example.
    • Other printers have separate replaceable printheads and inks.  An example would be the printer Officejet 8600.  In these printers print head can be replaced if they are damaged by running the printhead with colors off.  Some of these printers allow printing with a color, the other will not.  If the printer is run without ink in one or several colours, the printer may be damaged, but the user may be able to recover without having to send to the printer for the service.
    • Other printers have permanent print heads.  To run only those without little ink in all colours would risk causing damage to the print head because of clogs, air ingested in the printhead or grilled printhead resistances of shooting. The Officejet 6700 is an example of this type of printer. For printers with fixed print heads that could require the service to get the printer to print properly again when the ink is finally replaced.

    The document described here how the ink is used.  The document is written for inkjet printers HP the same principles apply to printers inkjet from other manufacturers.

    If you do ever print color laser printer would probably be a better choice.  If you occasionally print color but especially black a HPI printer as those in the first category above can be a good choice.

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    El Capital is compatible with the MacBook Pro version 10.10.5? Can anyone help answer this question before I update? Thanks in advance.

    Why did you start a new post? Post again only after only 8 minutes accomplished nothing.

    There is no general problem going to EL Capitan on your Mac.

    Some applications may require updating.

    Some devices like printer may require the updated drivers. For some readers of devices not being updated are available.

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post be moved to the El Capitanforum or another appropriate forum.

    Please move to the EL Capitan forum or another appropriate forum. Thank you

  • How can I transfer photos from my iPod touch 6th generation for my macbook pro WITHOUT using iCloud, please? It's simple with another camera but not the case, it seems, for the Apple iPod

    How can I transfer photos from my iPod touch 6th generation for my macbook pro WITHOUT using iCloud, please? It's simple with another camera but not the case, it seems, for the iPod Touch from Apple.

    Use import option from your Mac:

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • What would be the optimal OS to install on a 13 "MacBook Pro 2009?  El Capitan can be advanced to install on such an old Mac Book Pro.   Thanks for any input on this!

    What would be the optimal OS to install on a 13 "MacBook Pro 2009?  El Capitan can be advanced to install on such an old Mac Book Pro.   Thanks for any input on this!

    El Capitan is the only one to use, clean the shit of your Mac first and if you have less than 4G of Ram, increase to 4 or more

  • My Officejet 4620 do not print black ink

    I replaced the black cartridge on my Officejet 4620 with a new high-capacity HP cartridge and it won't print black ink on the test page, any application or function of Copier.  I have reset the printer nothing helps.  The ink level indicates that it recognizes the new cartridge and says it's full.  Black ink out of the cartridge when I put my finger against the exit hole.  I cleaned and aligned the print heads, but still no go.

    just in case someone else has this problem, heres whats really past and heres how to fix this annoying problem. its relatively easy to do and more efficient than wasting money on a new printer or have that he repaired as most people eventually do.

    going on what? the ink has clogged print heads and solidifies closed. the function of "clean print heads" the printer comes with doesn't have the ability to solve this problem. This feature is to clean the heads Sales, not clogged heads. Why hp decided to make this model without a simple to remove the cradle is beyond me, but fortunately the cradle out and can be cleaned with hot water.

    theres a few items, you will need to get there easily, or you could just burst the branch loppers, like I did and vent your frustrations.

    you will need: a pair of slender beak pliers, a screwdriver torx T9 (selling auto parts stores them for a few dollars), paper towels and a space for work (its easier to do this in a corner of a room, on a small table or floor).  Keep in mind that you are dealing with ink, then change your clothes right just in case and also catch a paper plate or a few sheets of paper to print to set ink cartridges while you work.

    (1) ok. lets start. !!! FIRST UNPLUG THE PRINTER RIGHT NOW, IF YOU DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY DIE BY ELECTROCUTION!  I forgot and when I started unscrewing the first 6 screws, kept chime jump and im like * beep *? I was impressed by the security measures hp took as model engineering.

    (2) the printer is now disconnected and then go to your corner your work surface and place the printer, so there is a wall or a barrier on the left, and also, a wall or a fence behind it. This just in front of her as if you were about to use it.

    (3) now, what you have to do, is to open the printer as you will change the ink and on the right side, there is a plastic guide that prevents opening all the way to the top. Look on the side and you'll notice that he could jump off with fingers. pop off and open it completely open, so you can get to the screws of the cover you would have prevented access to.

    (4) press the scanner part and the upper part against the back wall.

    (5) all the screws you will be remove are the size T9H torx screws. There are ten total. There are 2 black screws in the top of the forehead and then 4 black screws in the top of the back. Remove them and put them on your paper plate.

    (6) following is 1 screw silver short located under the Control Panel, use your finger and feel under the * button. Unscrew, place it on the paper plate.

    (7) depending on whether you want to remove the face/Control Panel to get in the last 3 screws so locate the illustrations on the top of the printer, there are 2 on the lower left and 5 at the bottom right (1 and 2 on the left explain removals of paper jam and 1-5 on the right then explain change in ink cartridges). then about half an inch South of the illustration of the number 5 on the lip, is a plastic stand. six inches to the left is an another then 6 inches to the left, under the number of the illustration 2 (remove the paper jam) is a third support. Unscrew using your nails. Flip it up just like the hood of the car, and eten on the main top of the printer, keep the flat wire which is connected to the frame of the control panel (if the flat wire jumped because you got too loud, then simply insert it in when you go back).

    (8) then unscrew the 3 long silver screws that are located under the Panel you just popped off the coast. There is 1 on the left and 2 on the side rightish. mix 'em on the paper plate.

    (9) now that all the screws are removed, take the Panel front and partially pop it back together.

    (10) then take all over (the part with the small illustrations and lift like a hood of car, ONLY THIS TIME OPEN IT LEFT and he balanced on the edge of the printer, to lean over towards the wall or an obstacle on your left.) MAKE SURE NOT TO PULL ON THE STRIP OF COLORFUL SON FRUITS LEFT AND ALSO THE FLAT BLACK WIRE CONNECTING PART SCANNING FOR THE MAIN OF THE PRINTER PART.

    (11) then take the pliers to tapered spout and remove the 2 silver tension springs located behind the printer cartridges. Pay attention to where they were attached so you remember where they go during the Assembly. take a picture with your phone if you have to, or simply re - understand it like I did. mix 'em on the paper plate.

    (12) then disconnect the 2 large flat wire and 1 small flatwire attached to the back of the ink cart. take a picture or can remember like I did. I guess bad things can happen if you reverse the on re-Assembly. Pick up the phone and take a picture of quik to be sure.

    (13) now remove the cart ink, cartridges and all, by lifting the front first.  Be careful of the transparent tape little there that moves the carriage from left to right and vice versa. you don't want to damage this little guy. now take the transport to your paper plate. not some ink or accidentally get it on your fingers without knowing or will make a mess.

    (14) remove the ink cartridges and put them on the paper plate, side ink to avoid a mess, these things sometimes drip. put the plate side. its time to clean the print heads.

    (15) then go to the sink, to the distribution of empty ink and turn on the hot water and then let the transport of empty ink sitting there with the water mainly through the clogged color screen (inspect and make you is not a small rubber seal surrounding the small screen, if there is do not waste it. I didn't look too closely and I don't think that hp has them but I have a few other printers). It will stain the sink but water ink he comes out to be sure. notice there is also a small circuit attached to it. don't bang it upward but getting wet does not matter.

    (16) continue to do this until the water is clear.

    (17) then use your finger and rub the screen gently with your finger and then rinse it, taking ink until the water is clear. This continues until there is no more ink and screens are clean. do it for all the colors just for good measures. the color of problem that would not print, you'll notice takes longer to clean than the other colors.

    (18) now look on the lower side of the transport. these strange looking things are the leaders. Rinse in hot water and dry them with paper towels. then flip it over and the breath on the side of the screen again. also between the screenside and heads (on the side of the transport) is an opening which is also probably gunked up. It blows with water too. Then, turn it over and wipe the head again. Repeat this step until no fades or until you are sick and tired.

    (19) shake, then use paper towels to dry the entire unit. Make sure that the device is dry.  especially inside the female plugs. blow inside or out dry hair and dry gently. do not stand there and melt the but with the blow dryer. but the sooner it dries less your ink cartridges, sitting on the paper plate will dry out. the custom of the ink dry quickly just do not take a NAP or go on a date until you're back with part of the ink.

    (20) now you have finished cleaning the heads and probably don't need to do it again for the length of time, it was because you bought the printer. and just as a roadtrip you used a map to navigate, you will use these instructions in reverse for reassembly. but keep in mind when re - insert the 3 flatwires that you disconnected from the back of the ink cart, make sure you that have small metal contact on the flatwires points (side male) inserted so they affect small metal contact points on the caps of transport (feminine) side. ALSO BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE BLACK FLATWIRE CONNECTING THE SCANNER PART PART HAND PRINTER. THERE IS A SMALL GROOVE IN THE PLASTIC WHERE IT CAN SIT TO GUARANTEE NO CRIMPAGE. USE IT. also make sure that the 2 hinges to the scanner portion/cover are placed correctly before the fixing of the top with the 6 black screws.

    now raise the printer and reinstall the ink cartridges. then plug in the appliance and turn it on.  If you get notifications on the control panel telling the custom of transport move, then open the trunk and remove the ink cartridges, hustles and ensure that transport is installed and that the tensioner springs are in place correctly. Repeat the operation if necessary until notifications go away or just do a test print and do not take into account the notification if you messed with it a few times already. That's what happened to me and the notification went his own. Once its online, open the hp utility and press the button "clean the heads. do 2 x in a row and you will be in style, with colors extremely rich and "BOLD" and Yes, printed black raven.

    p. s.

    You can always take your aggression out with tree limb loppers or Tin shears like I did and cut the plastic Center keeps you to transport directly outside. Completely eliminates the disassembly and reassembly. Make sure you DO NOT CUT THE TRANSPARENT TAPE THAT MOVES BACK AND FORTH TRANSPORT. This way the next time it happens it takes you only 10 minutes before you are upward and printing.

    Enjoy!  -Porf

  • New macbook pro got adware in the first instant - how to delete this?

    I bought a Macbook pro yesterday, just started the machine. Open one of my site in safari and found that see no adsense ads. later, I found that a few other ads are in place and place adsense ads. How is it possible in a new machine in the first instance? I've attached an example of ads that I see in my browser. not only my site I get this ad in all websites. Installed norton antivirus premium, it found no safety problems. Please help me get rid of this. Thank you

    1. use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac to remove adware


    Download, install, open and run by clicking on the "Scan for Adware" button to remove the adware.

    Once this is done, exit Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


    Remove the adware manually by following the 'HowTo' from Apple.


    2 Disable Extensions and test them.

    Safari > Preferences > Extensions

    Disable all extensions and test them.

    Enable the Extensions one by one and test.

    To uninstall any extension, select it and click the "Uninstall" button

    3 safari > Preferences > Search > search engine:

    Uncheck the box and select your preferred search engine.

    4 safari > Preferences > general > homepage:

    Set your home page.

  • Firefox 3.6.10 allow me to choose a black cartridge only printing one my HP Officejet 6500 (not wireless).

    Selector only black cartridge is not active.

    The problem is your printer:

    Also, I have the OfficeJet 6500 and had the same problem. Black text was printing with a mixture of colored inks rather than black ink, resulting a gray, fuzzy text. I finally found a solution. In each application under Page Setup, there is an option called "Format for". Mine was created for "any printer". I changed that to "Officejet 6500 E709n [830E4A]" and now it prints black very well. I have a Mac running 10.4.11. I hope this helps.

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