HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus Scan quality issue


I just set up my HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus, and everything seems to work properly.  I am really disappointed by the quality of the images so, so I thought I'd see if anyone has experienced the same problem?

The scanned images are very dynamic, but are too.  Detail is lost in the scan either because the brightness, or because the scanner is not properly using the resolution I have him ask to scan (600 dpi).  I have tried various different brightness and contrast settings in the scan dialog, nothing helps.  Printing HP and Scan Doctor reported no problem.  Increase the resolution of scanning on the 8600 is not helped either.

I joined a segment of an image of the 8600 and a lot cheaper all-in-one I expected to replace, a canon mp630.  I have bought the 8600 because the scanner component had good reviews, but based on my experience, that I'm starting to have my doubts!

Please let me know if you think there's nothing I can do to improve the quality of the scans?

I use Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit.

Thank you


8600 scan 600 dpi (Note lack of paper grain)

Canon MP630, 600 dpi (capture of paper grain, wash the details)

Unfortunately, I must point out that the replacement was no better.  It's a real shame, old flat scanner HP I was replacing with the ACM was high quality, but the Pro 8600 scanner was simply not enough good.

Ultimately I exchanged for another manufacturer MFP that produces a large part analysis better (even if printing is not as good).

I had much rather have paid more for a higher quality scan on the HP, but this option is not available to me, which is a shame!  On the 8600 Pro scan color reproduction was great, but there not only to capture the details.

You can adjust for color problems in the software, but if the detail is not captured, you can't put it in!

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    I installed my router a Netgear router from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps router TP LINK Archer C8. I use a printer more Officejet Pro 8600 with scanner. Scanned the fin on the Netgear router, it is not scan with TP link sanner. I get an error "Scanner communication cannot be established. I changed to a USB connection and was able to scan successfully. I noticed the printer only has 10 and 100 a half and full speed duplex settings. The scanner is not compatible with a 1 Gbps puts? I uninstalled and reinstalled several times printing software.

    UPDATE : tried the HP Scan and Capture application in the Windows store. Works very well. Must be some type of problem with the native drivers scan and connections broadband.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus touch screen issue


    I have an officejet pro 8600 and the touch screen has a very annoying attribute. The touchscreen overlay coincide with the screen itself. On the left side, the overlay is in the correct position, but when you move to the right the overlay gets more and more mismatch of whats on the screen. For example, when the screen is showing a keyboard it is indeed impossible to type a '0' (zero) as 1 mm from the right side of the overlay gives a "9".

    I used to have a windows device THIS old iPaq you rebooted it asked you at each of the corners touch in turn so that he could align the screen with the touch screen overlay. The more than 8600 there any possibility to align the overlay, perhaps with a downloadable application, or am I stuck with not be able to use certain bits of functionality on the printer because the overlay align properly?

    Stuart Watton

    Sorry, but this printer does not have the opportunity to download an application, or align the touch screen. It is more of a hardware issue, and you must contact the Support HP (1800-474-6836). I hope this helps.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus: Scan of the computer does not work with Win8.1 [solved: problem with USB3 Boost]

    Since I have installed 8.1 (pro), I can't use my 8600 software Pro for scanning the computer (via USB). It seems that there is no communication with the printer regarding the scanning software, but printing as usual.

    Tried to use the HP printer Assistant: when I click on the button "scan a Photo Document or", I get a message "inaccessible Scanner. Also restarted the printer.

    When I try to scan from Photoshop, the system first finds the printer, but it fails to connect.

    Update HP says that my system is up to date.

    HP Print and Scan Doctor 4.2 concludes and tells the printer on the welcome panel and seems to be able to communicate with him, up to a point.

    It gives me a error 'pilot' (sorry if is not called in English - he takes over my keyboard language, which is French and says "Pilot error") and says that no communication could be created between the printer and the driver for scanning, and I have to restart the computer...

    So I did and revived the software of the doctor, who gave me the same error message. This time, I clicked on 'Ignore' and let things. He ran a "Scan" Test twice and said that everything was going well or had been repaired. But strangely nothing on the printer during these 'tests '. And in the end, as he offered to do a scan test myself, I clicked on OK and I got the error message "inaccessible Scanner" again.

    Then I did my scans on a USB key, as I have done a few times already, and has gone very well. But I'd be happy to have this function "Scan to computer" back. How?

    Thanks in advance 23. It is resolved! See to the end.

    I use McAfee (All Access - Total Protection). All green. I did some research using 'Paint', 'Windows Fax' and 'Scan' and checked all the results using McAfee: 'does detect any items that require your attention.

    Here is a series of screenshots when you run printing HP and doctor Scan:

    I click on "Scanning troubleshooting..."

    I click on 'Ignore' right now because I know now that a restart will not help, but I have already tried (see my first post).

    It seems that the problems have been repaired. And if I click on 'Scan Test', it seems too good, initially...

    But if I go on and click on "Scan", bye bye:

    Everything is the same as the first time, as I remember.

    I checked services: dependencies are OK (RPC is in the WIA Service dependencies). Both services are "Running" and "automatic". I stopped and restarted WIA. No change.

    I launched a sfc/scannow:

    Before that, I changed the USB (a new one): no change.

    AND THEN: I unplugged the USB cable connecting the port (USB3) standard (directly on the rear panel of the motherboard) and plugged into a PCI USB3 card. And all was well with the scan.

    Do you think this says something about my motherboard (Asus X 79 Deluxe brand new) or on the Officejet?

  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 low scan quality

    My scanned documents are of very poor quality on my computer. There is a line in the middle of each page and the colors are very dull and low quality. Can anyone here help to solve this problem?

    It's weird that the 8600 pro has separate scanners, one for glass and the other the ADF.

    If you lift the lid, the ADF scanner is under the small pane on the left side, we get the image for the paper to move through the window, so a spot on the window would result in a line in the image. You can clean the glass with a lint or paper towels.

    A line in the scan glass, usually means dead sensor or dust inside the scanner, in this case, the paper does not move, the scanner moves on and forms an image, so a dead sensor would result in an incorrect line. It would be more difficult to correct.

    Here is a page from HP on how to clean the scanner glass: http://h20566.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/template.PAGE/public/kb/docDisplay?docId=emr_na-c02881567&ac.admitted=1414217107682.876444892.199480143

  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus - scanning missing feature

    I have used my printer for a little over a year - without problem and was very pleased with its performance.

    A few weeks ago I started to see messages that says that nothing is more anywhere for the scans to be sent. I was very curious about this message but I had not been using the scanner function. A few weeks ago, I clicked on the printer

    icon to scan a document and the analysis option has been totally absent. My printer seems to have no capacity

    to scan. I uninstalled and reinstalled my printer. This feature is still missing. Any suggestions?

    Hi ABI-sanjose,.

    With the instructions I provided, there should be fewer steps to scan

    If you add the HP Scan icon on your desktop you register in fact just a few clicks!

    If you don't want to see if you can get the scan options to return in the HP printer Assistant icon however, you can try to uninstall/reinstall the printer via the HP print and Scan Doctorsoftware. You need to browse every print of difficulty or difficulty analysis, then when that finishes you should reach a screen that looks like the screenshot below, once there, select the option uninstall/reinstall and who must return to the wizard in the printer to its former glory

    Hope this helps!

  • HP Officejet pro 8600 more scan-to-Email problems

    Having a printer above, connected to my network through a static IP address. Interruption of the connection some time after the firewall on the pritner ago was accidentally tunred on and corrected cela by restoring the defaults on the printer control panel. Restored the connection via the EWS cnda wireless printing now laptop, PC and mobile devices all via the wireless.

    It, scan to e-mail settings are exactly as they were before the occurrence of the problem with the firewall (when they worked very well), but now do not work - EWS fails when he tries to test the parameters of ASNA to electronic mail. I use the standard server outbound smtp and port 25 as advised by my electronic internet/mail provider, but nothing helped.

    When I try to activate ePrint, I get a similar message: "unable to connect to the server.

    Is there something that I need to reset or reconfigure the printer?



    Hello RedRoscoe,

    I would like to see if I can help with the Officejet Pro 8600 Plus scan to E-mail and Web Services questions. I think that the issues can be addresses by two steps, I hope.

    About scanning to E-mail, you can be blocked by the two-step verification. What is the email client that you want to activate the printer for, MSN, Gmail, etc.?

    Issues of Web Services, try to apply a manual DNS & to the printer's manual I.P address.

    See you soon,.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus: HP Officejet 8600 does not scan to computer more - after having moved from the House


    HP Officejet Pro 8600 more

    MacBook Air mid 2011

    Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5

    ASUS router DSL - N16 (new)

    I moved home and brought my computer and printer with me. I chose a new access provider and sent the new router.

    My old House my computer and the printer/scanner worked fine. Now set up at the new House and I can print but it won't scan. The computer and peripheral HP are connected to the router. I uninstalled all the HP software and reinstalled. On the front of the printer if I select Scan of the computer he says not 'found computer.... ' Make sure that the feature is enabled"using the HP utility. But in the HP utility there is not the option "Scan to Computer" more. I used to be able to scan to the computer to the printer, and I used to have a scanning tab in system preferences / print and scan - but not more!

    Details of what I tried:

    1. Uninstalled HP software.
    2. System preferences / Print & Scan - removed all printers.
    3. On the front of the printer: you click Network and disconnected.
    4. Off, computer, printer and router.
    5. Tour of router on. The printer is turned on.
    6. Used the wireless configuration wizard.
    7. Chose my router - "Found WPS router".
    8. The router WPS button is pressed. 'Network connection' 'successful connection' (n.b. left wireless live 'Off').
    9. Turned computer on - check the connection to the router OK.
    10. System preferences / print and scan - Add printer. He sees my printer - I select this one.
    11. Option to download and install the software of Apple-selected.
    12. Printer appears in Print & Scan-Idle / green spot. There is a print tab and a scanning tab.
    13. Click on the power levels: "Information not available". Click the HP utility: "unable to communicate with the device selected. Try to print: "the printer is not connected.
    1. Go to support.hp.com/gb-en/drivers - type in the printer model.
    2. Download the installation software "HP Officejet Pro driver software and full functionality" version 12.23.0. Save the dmg file.
    3. HP download and install the wizard downloads files on computer. Click on dmg download, double click on HP Installer.app.
    4. Click the HP Installer dialog box. Ignored HP ePrint offer.
    5. "Select the device you want to install" - no device is listed. Click on «my device is not listed...» "and"continue ".
    6. Select model device drivers - 8600 network / wireless Officejet Pro. Installation options: checked HP recommended software and additional software.
    7. Software installed with success, but still need to configure the device. Press to continue.
    8. Device not shown yet. Add device manually, using the IP address of the printer. Printer is displayed.
    9. 'Add the Print Queue' box - must add the printer to the system by using the "add a printer".
    10. Click IP in the toolbar. Protocol: HP Jetdirect - outlet. Enter the IP address of the printer. "Print using" field shows my device. 'Add '.
    11. Back to the installer - congratulations! Successfully installed.
    12. Utility HP ok - prints ok.
    13. On the front of the printer: select Scan / scan to computer: «no Found computer...» Make sure that the feature is enabled. Mac OS X: open utility HP. Under scan settings, click Scan of the computer, and then make sure Enable Scan to computer is selected. »
    14. In the HP utility, there is no "Analysis settings" or "Scan to Computer". There is "scan to E-mail and"Scan to Network".
    15. In the system preferences / print and scan - it doesn't have the printing tab and the tab analysis (see 12 above)
    16. Check the built-in Web server. Wireless status is connected. On the scanning tab I can Webscan to computer (but only 1 page at a time - not good for multi-page documents!)
    17. Try Apple Image capture - no devices specified in the list of devices.


    First, make sure you have the latest firmware installed as follows:


    Then, try the following:

    1. Of the printer, click on the right arrow / left and press the ion of the configuration of the printer.
    2. Select Network Configuration.
    3. Select direct Wireless Configuration.
    4. Ensure the Direct wireless is enabled and take one step of his password if such a value.
    5. Click on the WiFi icon from your Mac and connect to the SSID 8600 spirit "live / Print" in its name.
    6. Go to System Preferences > print and scan and click on the plus sign to add the printer - you see it listed as Hello via the direct wireless connection?

    Please let me know the results, if it not listed as Hello with Direct wireless, which clearly show that the new router interrupts the multicast connection, this is the same as the connection through a different router.

    On your screenshot, it seems that your router do not transfer packets to multicast to the need...

  • Officejet OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus: Pro 8600 more will not scan from touchpad after updating Windows 10

    After a Windows 10 update, my printer will not touchpad analyze. It will scan the troubleshooting utility. I unplugged and reset without success. I have updated to the latest version of the HP software for the printer. What else can I try?


    You can try to install from the link here:


    Before installing the HP software above, please uninstall your previous version first.

    During installation, select the type of standard or recommended installation when you are prompted by the installation software. If you choose a minimum installation, read the description of each component software with caution to avoid the unintentional loss of functionality of the printer.

    You can check via "Control Panel" > "Hardware and sound"-> "Devices and printers"-> under "printers and faxes". There will be a green check mark is marked to your printer if it connected successfully.

    Hope this helps you.

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus - ADF scanning problem


    I recently bought this printer and used without problem for almost 2 months. However, right now I am struggling with the ADF.

    When I put a document to scan by ADF, I have a thin, black line on re-impressions. It is on the right side of the page, starts from everything at the top and goes down all the way.

    I have even if it is a kind of alignment line (you know when we write try, or its composition, leave us space on both sides)

    This problem does not exist when I scan and print documents of old school way, aka analysis usual. Only the ADF documents'ed have this problem a little. (The thin black line on things reprinted)

    Any recommendations?

    Best regards

    Update: I did what jason_h suggested in step 1 and it worked, this can be closed:


  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus: vertical line when scanning

    I get a vertical line when I scan using the document feeder.  I do not understand when scanning the glass plate. I need assistance to access the mirror slider.  I raised the lid for the loading of documents, but I couldn't find out how to get under the rollers to clean the mirror. Thank you

    The document here can help solve the black lines to scan using the ADF on your HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus.  From my experience this is almost always caused by a specification on the thin glass on the side left which is used for scanning using the ADF.  Cleaning of this area as described in the above document should solve the problem.  If the initial cleanup does not resolve the problem, it can help to shine a bright flashlight almost parallel to the glass.  For a line on the left side of the printed page, the place will be toward the front of the printer, if the line is on the right side of the document, it must correspond to a specification to the rear of the printer.

    Figure: Clean the ADF scanner glass Strip
  • Scan more OfficeJet Pro 8600: Officejet Pro 8600 Plus resize problem

    With the help of Officejet Pro 8600 Plus to scan documents on computer in PDF format.

    I'm tring to scan a document that contains very important information just at the foot of the page, but when the scanned document appears on the computer screen, I see that he has not captured at the bottom of the original document.

    I can work out how to resize the document to the copy function, but I can't find an option to resize for scanning.

    Nobody knows the answer to my woes?

    Thank you for your help.


    Thank you for using the forum.

    You can choose the scan size, example as shown.

    In addition, these videos may be useful for you:

    Scanning multiple photos:

    HP Officejet Pro 8630


    Scanning tips:

    HP Officejet Pro 8630


    Hope that helps.

  • HI, how can I scan a picture and only the witout the rest. On a HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus?

    HI, how can I scan a picture and only the witout the rest. On a HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus?

    When I scan I got my photo and all white for the rest of the screen

    It has no function of machine harvest in the 8600 software. To get the exact size, you will need to manually set the size for the scans that you do. You can find the setting by clicking on the blue link to advanced settings in the first scan window. Will take you to a place that will allow you to change the size of the scanning area. Hope that helps.

  • Maverick incompatible with Officejet Pro 8600 Plus

    Maverick update os x 10.9 is incompatible with Officejet Pro 8600 Plus.

    1 PDF files from the Web pages are black and show no information when I try to print from any browser.  Must take snapshots of Web page and print from that

    2 info printer shows that it is still printing when it is finished and will not move forward to the next task

    Help, please!  I see that there is no HP software update to resolve this issue and am confused why you didn't do your printing software compatible with a huge update of Mac.

    Hi podisc,

    Thanks for the quick response.  It is good to hear that you can print, it's at least a start.

    I know that you have not received the error messages in the document, but the behavior you describe leads me to believe that the software did not completely uninstall or install completely with the driver for the Mavericks.

    Please follow the steps listed in the document below and let me know how it goes.

    An "unsupported Operating System" or "Software is not compatible" message on a Mac running OS X v10.9 Mavericks "


  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus: network capability are not available

    Dear Sirs,

    The Officejet Pro 8600 Plus has already been set for a wireless connection. It was primarily used with the USB port.

    We've tried lately set up the wireless connection, and we couldn't.

    We received the message: network capabilities are not available.

    We could not move forward.

    We tried the factory reset, buit didn't work.

    I appreciate your help to resolve this isse.



    Please come back to me @Shahin_ij. I think the printer reset will solve the problem. I'll send you a PM (private Message), but before I do, please see the HP Privacy Statement.

    This privacy statement informs you of our privacy practices and the choices you can make about the way information about you and your online activity is collected and how that information is used. This statement is available on our homepage at the bottom of each web page of HP and HP.com.

    There are a growing number of messages in this forum and elsewhere in the internet with the steps to do a reset on different printers.  Reset to will sometimes fix problems, so resetting is not the issue.

    A few resets require you to enter key combinations to open special menus on your printer that you were supposed to never access.  These special menus are used by developers and staff support for debugging of problems, but they are not intended for inexperienced users and can have unexpected results.  A wrong button push and you might no longer have a printer, but rather an expensive paper weight.  On top of that, if you happen to the 'brick' the printer in this way, it is considered as customer induced damage and voids the warranty automatically. These resets are only intended to be distributed and used as a last resort and under the direct instruction of a representative of the HP technical support. They should not be made lightly!

    Reset the printer: what you need to know

    Please check the little envelope on the upper right of the forums page to check your Inbox of Forums.

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