HP Officejet Pro 8630: Internet connection for printer


I recently bought a HP Officejet Pro 8630 all-in-one printer and currently it hooked to my computer via a USB cable.  Everything works fine.

I want to participate in the program of alternative to instant ink HP Service.  To do this the said program brochure that I have my printer is connected to the Internet.  I have never made a connection like that.

Currently, I don't have a cable modem wireless.  Do I need to have a cable modem wireless to connect my printer to the Internet?  If this is not the case, how can I connect my printer on my existing cable modem?

My cable modem is: Motorola SURFboard of SBV5220

Thank you



Your printer needs to have an ethernet port in the back, where you can connect a LAN cable. You will need to connect a LAN cable to a free port on your current modem on the back of the printer - this should establish an internet connection.

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