HP, p7-1210: HP Support Assistant

I am now running Windows 10.  We have an old computer and our HP Support Assistant has expired.  Will someone please tell me how to remove the HP Support Assistant?    It seems to get in the way of updates from Ms.  Thank you!


Hi there @Pauline6

I understand that you are looking for help uninstalling the HP Support Assistant software. I'm happy to help you with this.

Please consult the following document, which includes a section on how to uninstall the program:
HP PC - troubleshooting HP Support Assistant (Windows, 10, 8)

Let me know if you have any problems with it.

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  • get the last error of coming to the g4 pavilion 1210 hp support Assistant to laptop

    1. product name and number of :

    Pavilion g4 laptop 1210se

    2. the installed operating system:

    Windows 7 home basic 64-bit

    3. error message:

    (get the latest hp support assistant) the error appeared in the hp support assistant

    When I click and install the update it doesn't effect in case of error.

    4. all changes made to your system until the problem occurred:




    Try the following.

    Unless you still have the installer, download the latest version of HP Support Assistant from the page on the link below - download links are to the bottom of the page - and Save the installer to your download folder.


    Then, if you do not have an extraction utility installed, download and install 7-Zip.  Please note that If you have a 64-bit installation, download and install the Installer x 64 64-bit .msi on the link below.


    Then, right click on the HPSA installer you download earlier, select Extract 7 - Zip, select the files, and then click Ok.  The newly extracted folder, right-click on UninstallHPTCA and select "Run as Administrator" - you may well see no progress of this attempt uninstalling, then leave the laptop at idle for a good 10 minutes before restarting it.

    When Windows has completely recharged, run Microsoft 'Fixit' on the link below again before trying to install the new version of HPSA...


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Re-install HP Support Assistant

    HP Desktop IE9, Home Premium, P7-1210, Win 7.

    My HP Support Assistant has stopped working.  I uninstalled, using Microsoft Fixit successfully.  Now, I would like to re - install.  What is the best way to do it?  I went to http://h18021.www1.hp.com/helpandsupport/hp-support-assistant.html where Win 7 is displayed, but I do not see any prompt for Win7.  The first prompt appears to be below the line for Vista, I did not.   Can you help me?  (maybe I might 'recover' but can't find 'recovery manager' by the program.)

    I don't know why you can't click the link and get downloading...

    I don't care.

    Here is the Windows 7 file / download Desktop HPSA sp58919

    Double-click on (if you are Admin, else do a right click and "run as Administrator") and install it

    I hope this works...

  • iPad, Safari froze and was told that I had to call apple for support assistance.

    My iPad Safari froze and was told that I had to call apple for support assistance.  I called and gave the last four digits of my serial number of the iPad.  They wanted me to download app and pay money, but it felt weird, so I hung up. Am I or my systems compromised in any way by calling and giving the serial number or hang up in time that nothing should be affected?

    Do this...

    Tap Settings > Safari and then slide down and tap clear history & data website, then reboot your iPad.

    The number they gave you is not Apple.

    Never give any personal data abroad on the net, including serial numbers.

  • HP laptop - 15-ay011nr: HP Support Assistant suggests an incompatible update to my system


    HP Support Assistant suggested three updates for my system.

    When you try to download the wizard, all of the facilities have not (a phenomenon that has been described by some other posters in this forum).

    So, I looked for each three updates directly in the HP site, after finding my computer and the operating system (HP for computer laptop 15-ay011nr, 10 64-bit Windows).

    I have found two of the updates, but not the third, called: "Intel WLAN for Micorsoft Windows", with Softpaq number SP76133, version, if it is relevant.

    When I reviewed this softpaq number in the site, I have found, but saw that it's only for windows 7 and 8.

    Why the HP support assistant that suggest an update for my system win 10?

    Am I supposed to download it?

    If not, is there a way to stop the support Wizard to think that I should install it?

    Thank you!


    Hey there! @Eitan_L, thank you for visiting the Forums from the HP Support!

    I understand that HP support assistant is to give false information.

    I suggest you uninstall all components of HP support assistant programs in Control Panel.

    Restart your PC and reinstall the latest version of HP support assistant from this link: http://hp.care/2ezPyyk

    After installation please try to check the updates and see if you still have the same problem.

    Please let me know the results!

    Have a great day!

  • Pavilion HPE-414sc: HP Support Assistant does not connect to the HP Server

    HP Support Assistant does not connect to the HP Server. Do not download messages and updates of definition. Does not collect configuration information. Does not scan my system. Does not prepare the action list.

    I installed Windows 10 once again. After installing HP Support Assistant work.

  • HP Support Assistant does not - SOLVED

    Hi all. My Assistant Support HP just upgraded to the new and does not work to search for updates at all. He goes on to say that he will search for drivers on - such and such date, then then I'll watch, and he will have a new date and said its never been updated. When I click Refresh, he said 'shutdown. Please wait... »

    When left alone for a minute he uses almost HALF of my computer resources, then I kill the process such that it does not show its actually nothing.

    I tried to reinstall the old, only of him have updated to the new one anyway... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    HP-DV6929WM. Intel Core i7-26630QM. 6 GB OF RAM. 750 GB hard drive.


    Try the following

    Firstly, uninstall your current version of HP Support Assistant using Microsoft 'Fixit' at the following link: this is particularly useful for correcting problems that may prevent resettlement on the machines running a 64 bit OS.


    When this has completed, restart the laptop.

    Then download and install the latest version of HP Support Assistant of the page on the link below - the download links are to the bottom of the page.


    After installation, restart the computer again.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Pavilion 500 series: I get a message saying that you have pending updates for Hp Support Assistant over and over again

    HI a little while back I upgraded to anniversary Windows 10 update things went well for me I keep hp Support Assistant on my desktop in the process of updating Windows 10 anniversary.  Finally, I decided one day to check hp Support Assistant to ensure that I had the lastestet version.  I went into Hp Support Assistant and clicked on about and clicked on the button for the latest version control, then a window is come in saying I had pending updates for Hp Support Assistant I would like to apply or not.  I pushed on the Yes button.  After the download and install updates and hp support Assistant stops and tempary files are deled then hp support Assistant will restart and return to the start page.  Everything seems to work fine download with green and white checkmarks circles with the categories above.

    I guesss I am asking for help it is because for days and days now when I go to HP support Assistant and click search the latest version that I get this message, you have pending updates for the support of hp Assistant you would like to apply or not.  I would now like to how pending updates will I have to ask a support Assistant hp until I don't see updates are available for the support of hp Assistant.

    Here is some information that might be helpful below:

    HP Supportt Assistant program file version: 16.101.7752

    How can I ensure that I have the latest version of the Support Wizard on my desktop computer.

    HP Support Assistant:



    Configuration files: 8.0.6294.2155

    Let me now is how easyier I could apply all updates waiting for the support of hp Assistant for Windows 10 home Edition 64-bit operating system.

    Thanks for your time and your help.


    I'm glad that I could be useful,

    To help others looking for the same solution, please click on the tab "accepted solution".

    I thank you for your time and have a nice day!

    Kind regards

  • How can I remove the HP Support Assistant of my taskbar icon?

    The point mark icon appears after the last update on my Windows 7 desktop.  How can I get rid of him?

    Right-click on the taskbar, go to toolbars, and then uncheck the HP Support Assistant quick access.

  • HP Envy Phoenix h9 - 1420t: Support Assistant will be not updated

    Computer model: HP Envy Phoenix h9 - 1420t

    OS: Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    HP Support Assistant



    Since the upgrade to the latest version of the Support Assistant, I am unable to check the updates. The program has successfully completed phase "connect to HP servers", but then fails (x-watch gray instead of green check mark) to complete the remaining steps:

    • Download messages and updates of definition
    • Gathering configuration information
    • Scan your system
    • Preparation of the list of actions

    Any suggestions on arises at work?

    The steps I've tried: uninstallation with Revouninstaller, resettlement, reset

    @troubleshoot411, welcome to the forum.

    I agree with using Revo.  This is my go to app for malware.  When you used Revo, you use the advanced option?  This will not only remove the program from the HARD disk, but it removes remnants of the BIOS.  If this is not the case, this could be the problem.  I suggest to try the advanced option to remove HPSA and shut down the computer.  Then, start and reinstall HPSA here.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

  • Omen J2W10AV #ABA: driver Nvidia laptop HP Omen - HP Support Assistant or Nvidia Geforce experience?

    Is there a difference between the graphic drivers downloaded through Nvidia GeForce experience or HP Support Assistant? Their version numbers do not match. I currently use GeForce experience to keep my graphics driver updated, but I also have a problem with how strong the fan may be when you play. I didn't know how hard it gets. If the driver supplied by HP is better suited for this laptop?

    Appreciate any help.

    @Kimikaze ,

    Hello and thanks for the display on the HP support forums.  When going with drivers for all laptops always stick with links and tools from manufacturers.  The reason is that pilots have been designed for this application.  They can use a similar number as a GT750 however chip the chip built for laptop him more often were modified slightly to adapt to demand.

    Link at the bottom, so only use the drivers from HP and tools for your HP laptop.  Direct drivers from the chipset manufacturer may not be the same and ask questions for you.

    Thanks again for posting and have a great day.

  • HP Pavilion Notebook PC g6: HP Support Assistant Windows 10 questions

    Op system was previously bfr Windows 7 update to Windows 10 in Dec2015. Since then, have never been able to open HP Support Assistant. Am constantly pop-up "HPSF.exe has stopped working. The app has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. »

    I tried to uninstall HP Support Assistant, and I also tried to install latest HP Support Assistant without uninstalling the existing HPSA and the RRs, the following error message "the component you are trying to use is on a resource not available network. Click OK to try again or enter a different path to the folder containing installation pkg "HP Support Assistant.msi" in the box below. I found two files in my C: drive containing this file, but RRs andother error 'the path "C:\ProgramData\{18165758-115C-4DC0-9EC2-FF89F725767F}\HP Support Assistant.msi" was not found. ((Or I get another error that says that the file is not a valid installation for the product package)) Make sure you have access to this location and try again, or try to find the installation package "HP Support Assistant.msi" in a folder that can install the HP Support Assistant product. If I click on 'Cancel' and RRs another error HPSA "error 1714. Cannot remove the old version of HPSA. Contact the technical support.

    Need help, am at a loss on how to fix me:.

    My problem is finally solved! Thanks to another thread.


    morgane_1771 suggestion to try revo uninstaller and then reinstall HP Support Assistant worked!

  • HP Support Assistant 8.1 Windows

    My HP Support Assistant does not work with my recent upgrade Windows 8.1.  Is there any avalaiabe of bugs still?

    HI Jeff54:

    Thank you for your request:

    Windows 8.1 is a recent version.

    I'll try to uninstall the hp support assistant and then put it back to see if the error persists.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Pavilion 500 - 205 T DT: HP Support Assistant does not work in Windows 10

    I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 Professional (which came with my HP Pavilion) to 10 (64-bit) of the window.   I have problems with HP Support Assistant - tells me that the .msi file is missing.  I tried to uninstall, reinstall, and he always tells me that the .msi file is missing and I get error 1639, error 1714 and error 1603.  I TRIED all the articles and tips and nothing works.  Please help and send me the patch or the link for the fix to [personal information deleted].

    Try using revo uninstaller or geek uninstall to uninstall the previous version first.

    Then, try again to install the new version of HP Support Assistant from the link I posted.

  • Should I Uninstall HP Support Assistant? If this is not the case, how to manage settings?

    Hi, new and first post so I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place, I hope that someone will tell me otherwise.  Have computer laptop Pavilion G72 9 months with OS Win 7.  I was wondering if I can uninstall HP Support Assistant on it (not really computers does) so that it won't keep coming and wanting to do things - or me for them, do on the computer?  I'm not entirely sure that it's a necessary software and will occupy the space and not something there.  Would really appreciate if someone can advise on this please, thanks in advance for your help.


    Mumbodog wrote:

    There are settings in the Support Wizard to disable certain features or reminders, some reminders are important, such as updates of software and the driver.

    When you have time HPSA opened by the Group of all programs and take some time to learn what it does and how to disable some reminders.

    You can uninstall it but are not recommended.

    I'm thinking the samething.

    "BUT" decided that since I'm not afraid and I'm glad to see things to see how they work went and adjusted the settings.

    I put so he can search for updates, "BUT" Let me decide wither to install them or not.

    It is important to keep an update to my view, so that you can keep your drivers up to date apps.

    The part of the maintenance of it I simply turned off altogether.

    I prefer to use other applications and Windows applications by default to keep my PC at its most beautiful.

    And I my maintenance once a week, most of the time, twice if not three times/manual including virus scans.

    Asst of support is very useful in many other ways just, troubleshooting, ease of access to different technical support Options, etc. of the Explorer.

    I like a user private companions would no longer advise...

Maybe you are looking for