HP pavilian hpe h8-1205: my gforce 740 graphics card does not work in my HP Pavilion HPE h8-1205

My 740 gforce graphics card does not work in my HP Pavilion HPE h8-1205, please help

Supaman4040, welcome to the forum.

I think that your problem is related to the BIOS.  The 700 series video cards require UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS.  HP didn't start using UEFI in its motherboards up to mid-October 2012.  Your computer was released January 25, 2012.  You must contact the card manufacturer to see if they have a VBIOS update which will allow the card to work with your computer.

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    I forgot to say that the fan on the card was fan of work... just pc did not start

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    Yes, it works with a motherboard that has UEFI.  However, HP has their motherboards made to their specifications and is not the same as the commercial versions.  It is difficult to find a motherboard that has holes to match the accessory in the case.  In addition, the connectors in the case aren't always the same thing as retail motheboards.

  • My hp pavilion elite hpe-204f video does not work

    My hp pavilion elite hpe-204f video does not work so I replaced it with another video card that worked. After installing the card and start the system I saw the video on my monitor. Great! I need to replace my video card. No problem.

    Afer by purchasing and installing a new video card, I have no video. I put a new one in another computer. This works. I put the video card which worked yesterday... that did not work.

    Then, I put the original video card that I thought that did not work on another computer and Yes... it worked.

    Should I assume that I have a bad graphical location on the motherboard? If so, short of buying the same motherboard is there anything else I can do?

    Thank you very much for the research.


    The integrated video processor still works when the video card is removed?  If Yes, then try this memory bootable Diagnostics CD. Download memtest86 iso file and burn the disk using Imgburn.

    If the above is successful, then re - install the map graphic and clear the CMOS.

    Another thing to try:

    A good cable video know.

    A known good monitor.

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    What is happening is that something is blocked
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    I imagined of is it tried to download the driver or do both, but u has failed to get the jury to access if as I sayed fo 30 dollars I can peak ausb wireless as a matter in fact I have a lynsnc but it of for mites Xperia windows try comparability n mode in any case thanks for the reply I'd send u a helping hand to the top , but I can't send you a so thanks cost just outside the way the need n this case

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    Is there a month, I bought a 020 HPE. The microphone was working, but since a week or 2, it no longer works. I tried to update the driver, but without success (this is the version for the moment). I checked the material, and it seems ok. My helmet also gives only his left side while working on another PC.

    Anyone have a solution to this problem?

    Thx a lot!


    I found the solution myself.

    I did a system reinstall from the original image. After that I did the update to windows and I have installed all updates, except one. If you install the optional realtek driver update, then the microphone no longer works. Therefore, do not update and keep the original version of the audio driver realtek if you have already done the installation, then you can not go back to the original situation by installing the version, you really need a system restore.

    I hope that I helped you this.


  • HP Pavilion Elite HPE-180 t CTO: multimedia card reader does not work

    The provided HP 6-in-1 multimedia card on the upper drive before the computer has stopped working. This computer is running the Microsoft 64 - bit Windows 7 home premium, I can't find any information on the card or drive driver on HP or sites in the HP user guides. I had to buy a support external USB, card reader to import photos from the cards. Do you have an idea where to find a driver or how to re - turn on the card reader? He simply stopped communicating. What can be done to make it work again?

    Go back to a restore point is not a viable solution. There are too many updates on this computer because the problem occurred. In addition, returning to a previous restore point does not solve the problem. I continued my research and found the solution on the Microsoft support forum.

    Step 1, uninstall the 'readers' listed under MOBILE DEVICES.

    They all have an error "this device cannot start Code 10".

    Restart the computer.

    Plug a carf Compact Flash and Device Manager reports:

    "WPD filesystem Volume driver does not (code 10)".

    With a card in the reader:
    Select START > > > right click COMPUTER > > > select Manage
    Flash cards will appear in the middle like a FAT Partition window in good health
    Right-click next to the icon
    Select the paths AND the CHANGE of DRIVE LETTER access
    Select Add
    Select the radio button OK (assign a new drive letter or path)

    Windows will automatically assign a new drive letter
    Click OK
    Close computer management

    The computer will recognize the Compact Flash, SD, etc and you can select what you want to do (such as open in the file manager).

    Restart the computer.

    Connect a Compact Flash or SD card.

    The system will recognize the card.

    If it is not the case, repeat the procedure for this type of card management.

    This solution really works.

  • The system image does not work on win7 Home Premium HP Pavilion Elite HPE 250f

    The system image (and Windows Backup with and without Image system options) just do not start with the same error message indicating insufficient space for "Volume Shadow copy".

    HD has about 100 MB for the operating system and other files more about 11 GB for HP Factory Image.  Trying to backup to an external drive, Iomega USB with 650 GB of capacity.  External hard drive now empty but has been used before.

    HP support has no answer!

    April 24, 2013

    Just thought I'd give you the answer to this old problem.

    Windows 7 (for earlier versions) work as described in the help of the screen except that the VSS mode

    must be turned on.  This allows Windows to actuall save parts of the operating system

    Although these parts are involved in the actual backup.

    Shame on the HP technical support for not knowing this.

    In addition, the original tech support suggestion was to call Microsoft.

    With a new HP PC you have no direct support from Microsoft (free).

    It took me a while to work with Paragon Backup (wonderful product) to realize that VSS

    must be enabled in the operating system for these virtual backup features to work.


  • Pavilion HPE H8 - 1280T: map of Radion HD7770 video does not work in my Pavilion HPE H8 - 1280T

    I bought a Nvidia GTX 750 to replace the Radion HD 6850 provided with my system, but who had stopped working.  I found that the GTX card was not compatible with my system Bios. I found this forum and a list of video cards supposed to be compatible for my system. I bought one of these, a Radion HD 7770 (2 GB). I find that this card is also not compatible with my system. The system fails to post or boot.  I would like to know why a video card that says HP needs work support does not work.

    Final note: I bought a Max Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti view as my fourth attempt to find a video card that was compatible with my system. This card was also in the linked list to above, as well as two other cards that I tried that failed, but it works. This map has been accessible to the general public for not expensive via Amazon. This may mean the GTX 580 on the list will work as well as the 660 GTX mentioned in another thread on this forum, but they were both more expensive.

  • HP pavilion elite hpe 083uk graphics card


    I have a HP Pavilion Elite HPE-083uk with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 graphics card (HP part number: HP 579684-001).

    The graphics card has stopped working and I am looking for a replacement, but struggling to find one that matches the required configuration, in the same slot and is available in 2014.

    Any guidance would be appreciated,

    Thank you very much.


    Ah - my fault for typing.  Too many 7s.  GV-R726XOX-2GC by Gigabyte  There are a few variants of the same graphics card on this site.

  • HP pavilion HPE H8 - 1160t: 530 to 740 geforce graphics card update

    The connection with my primary monitor has become black after moving from monitor, my secondary monitor is fine

    I check connections change cables, bought new cables just in case they have been the cause, even to swap monitors and try to see if it's the monitor.

    monitors both work.

    so, I check the connection on the graphics card. I have a card GEForce 530

    I went and bought a new 400Watts power supply to support a GEForce GT 740 and the computer emits a beep ounces and nothing, black screens

    then I tried with one monitor and remains black, I can't start in safe mode it does not give me the options that the specifications and nothing else.

    I even clear the RAM memory cards, clear the CMOS and disconnected and plugged the card back just in case.


    screen stays black

    I return to my old card and it works fine but only one monitor, I need two monitors to work.

    any suggestions or if you know if this model does not support a map update?

    I did some research already for a few days.

    Thank you

    Check with the manufacturer of the card. I suspect that it is a map of UEFI VBIOS, not inherited.  Your system does not support inheritance. An explanation of @old_geekster can be found here.

  • HP Pavilion p7 - 1436 s Desktop P: may update this Galaxy NVIDIA Geforce GT 740 card 2 GB GDDR5 graphics card

    My computer has an AMD Radeon HD 7540 D that gives me a lot of trouble when editing in Adobe first Pro CC.  I have 32 GB memory installed on this computer.  Can I upgrade to a graphics card that uses the Open GL or Cuda?  Like this one:

    Galaxy NVIDIA Geforce GT 740 2 GB GDDR5 graphics card

    or a better.  I know that there are some people on Youtube who suggest a card for editing over $ 300. I intend downconverting 4 k images on my PC for editing.

    I just need to know if I can switch to a card that allows me to use the mercury reading hardward no software.

    Momthetechie, welcome to the forum.

    If your motherboard has UEFI , you should be able to use the video card.  However, you might have to upgrade the power supply (PSU), also.  The current PSU is only 300W.  Most newer video cards require at least 400W to work properly.

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  • HPE pavilliion h8 - 1287c: updated freeze windows 7, printers do not update, updates does not, sleep does not

    I have computor windows desktop 7, pavilliion Hpe h8 - 1287c

    I think that I got the virus or malware.

    original installed drivers did not help, but when a driver installed my sleep is not work or light up the Start button?

    When it restarts it say out of reach and locks upwards?

    reinstalled windows 7 after upgrading windows install doesn't work or don't update in add printer.

    and the drivers install all having problem of scope.

    can't seem to get the windows update to work, update printers won't work, or try to download microsoft fix it won't work?

    sleep not to see the place on the start list?

    printers not updated will not work?

    I tried several update issues but does not?

    new total protection defense virus shows have no problems with viruses or malware?

    Thank you


    out of reach, is no longer but windows update does not?

    only thing in the update is windows essentials?


  • HP Pavilion Elite HPE-575 has: the graphics card upgrade

    Hi I want to know if a GTX 950 oc 2gbddr5 graphic card is compatible with my HP Pavilion Elite HPE - 575 a pc, if someone can shed some light on this would be very appreciated

    @W1976, welcome to the forum.

    W1976 wrote:

    Hi I want to know if a GTX 950 oc 2gbddr5 graphic card is compatible with my HP Pavilion Elite HPE - 575 a pc, if someone can shed some light on this would be very appreciated

    No, the GTX 950 requires UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS.  HP didn't start using UEFI until mid-October 2012.  There is no way to update the motherboard in the UEFI.  Latest video cards do not for UEFI were the GTX 660/670.  I suggest that you choose a manufacturer and contact their Technical Support to help them choose the best card for your system.

    You will also need to upgrade the power supply (PSU).  It is only 300W.  Most newer cards require at least 400W to work properly.  Although status map specifications at least 300 w, members reported that they had at least to 400W.

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  • (HPE h8-1120 desktop computer) graphics card upgrade

    For now, I have a desktop HPE h8-1120 and there a GT 530. I want to upgrade to a better graphics card. I'll be able to upgrade to an EVGA GTX 670? (Will adapt and everything?) If so, what food should I upgrade to?

    You should be able to upgrade to a GTX 670 but first read Guide of Dave_G of selection of a discrete video card for more information on the subject. Corsair CX500, or CX600 are good choices for power supplies and are known to adapt to most cases of HP.

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