HP pavilion 15-ak031tx game: ram upgrade

Hi, I have a pavilion hp 15-ak031tx Windows Home 64-bit game 10. Intel processor core i5-6300HQ with NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950 M, 4 GB, 1 TB hard drive and 4 GB of ddr3 ram... I want to upgrade the ram to 8 GB. I still new on the ram upgrade.



Your device supports

Supports up to 16 GB of system RAM DDR3L-1600 Dual Channel.


Link above is for manuals... General information about RAM page 2

How to replace page 47

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  • Laptop HP Pavilion 14 n201-tx: RAM upgrade for laptop HP Pavilion 14 n201-tx

    I have a laptop HP Pavilion 14 n201-TX with 4 GB 1Rx8 RAM of PC3L - 12800S. The other location is empty. I want to upgrade the RAM to 8 GB or more.  I have 2 questions:

    1. Can I buy a 8 GB of RAM and pair it with the existing 4 GB RAM?

    2 should. what RAM I buy? How to choose the RAM compatible, right?

    Help, please. Ty.


    Download the manual from the link below and check page # 3 of Chapter 1 for RAM upgrade


  • HP Pavilion 15-n250sv: HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC - Ram upgrade TS

    Hello! I just bought a HP Pavilion 15-n250sv with 8 GB of RAM (4 GB x 2) - (4 G 1Rx8 PC3L - 12800S - 11 - 11 - B2 DDR3).

    What is the maximum capacity (RAM) from my system? I want to move to 16 GB (8 GB x 2) is it possible? Thank you!

    The manual says 12 GB is the maximum, but we know from reports by users who work 16 concerts. Here is the Manual:

    Repair manuals

    p. 42 shows installation of memory. There is an easy access panel so all you need is to remove the 2 x 4 gig inside modules and install 2 of them or the equivalent:

    Module memory 8 GB PC3L 12800 1600 Mhz Shared 693374-001


    $ 36 each is kind of logic, but for most people the upgrade of the 2 x 4 GB dual channel 2 x 8 gig dual channel modules modules will be invisible. You will need to do some intensive heavy stuff like video editing before your computer requires more than 8 GB of RAM. But it is easy to make and not real expensive so why not?

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  • Pavilion dv6700 Notebook PC: RAM upgrades


    I have a HP Pavilion dv6700 Notebook PC with4.00 GB of RAM. It is a 64-bit Windows Vista running operating system. Near future upgrade to Windows 7.

    [personal information]

    My number is: FE809UA #ABA

    My two questions are:

    1: how much RAM can I install in my laptop?

    2: what kind of RAM do need me to install?

    I've looked through the forum on these issues and have found similar information, but not on my exact type of laptop.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Thanks for the Info on my RAM modules. Between information on the modules and manual downloadable dv6700, I was able to know what I have in my book. Thaks again.

  • HP Pavilion g4-1304au Notebook: RAM UPGRADE

    I use an old model of HP HP Pavilion g4-1304au Notebook PC product.  After the upgrade to windows 10 laptop has slowed. So I thought to upgrade RAM to increase speed. I bought Transcend DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 DDR3 2 GB mobile DRAM (JM1333KSU-2 G) after analysis the type of RAM installed in the laptop. But when I insert the RAM in 2 locations

    , He does ' t fit in. So my Question is, what brand of RAM can be better inserted into the slot or the same product (mentioned above) can be used? Size of RAM varies really? Please answer as soon as possible. I am in dilemma if increase the RAM or go back

    for the older version of Windows to maintain stability. Thank you


    Ensure that line the knotch upward on the card memory and memory


  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g053: HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g053us ram upgrade

    I have a HP Pavilion laptop - 17-g053us (ENERGY STAR)

    It came with ram 8 GB (DDR3L SDRAM (1DIMM)) and I want to know if I can upgrade the RAM.  Also, if it can be upgraded, I can do it without voiding the warranty.

    Official specs say 1 8 GB DIMMS:


    Part of HP for 8 GB module number.

    8 GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600 MHz)
  • HP Pavilion g6-2227tu Notebook: RAM upgrade

    My system is HP Pavilion laptop 2227tu g6. My current RAM is 4 GB. I need to run software that requires more than that. Is it possible to upgrade the memory? I can't find the maximum limit of upgradable.

    Thank you!!!


    Max is 8GB as shown page #2 of the guide:

    2 the customer-accessible/extendable SODIMM slots:
    Support for DDR3 - 1600 MHz dual channel for a next generation processor Intel Core
    Support of the DDR3L - 1600 MHz dual channel for a next generation processor Intel Core
    DDR3-1333 MHz Dual Channel Support (downgrade from DDR3 - 1600 MHz DDR3 - 1333 MHz)
    Supports the following configurations up to 8 GB:
    ● 8192 MB total memory (4096 × 2) (no support for 32 bit OS)
    ● 6144 MB total memory (4096 × 1 + 2 048 × 1) (no support for 32 bit OS)
    ● 4096 MB total memory (4096 × 2 048 or 1 × 2)
    Total system memory of ● 2048 MB (2 048 × 1).

    Source: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03593041.pdf

    The guide above also shows you the RAM card (including the part #) and how replace/upgrade RAM. Several manuals:


    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion dv6-2010sa Notebook: RAM upgrade

    My HP Pavilion dv6 is really slow (especially when you use the internet with more than a couple of tabs open. I did a full audit of viruses, spyware, etc. - all clean. However, when I checked the system I have only 3 GB of RAM (2.75 usable).

    Increase the RAM would make a significant difference and if so what is the maximum I should buy (which would be effective)? It would also be very helpful if you can give advice if I should run extra RAM with what I already have or if I have to replace it. Finally, if you could tell me the name of the RAM should I buy and where can I buy it.

    Thanks in advance.


    It will run up to 8 GB of RAM. This is the laptop DDR2-800 memory. This video shows the replacement of hard disk and memory so just pay attention to memory:


    DDR2 is very expensive. Here's the manual for your dv6:


    Here is the Kingston showing page guaranteed compatible RAM:


    As you can see, 8 GB is well over $200. Personally, because I'm cheap, I would buy a single module of 2 gig and increase the total RAM of 4 GB or, to be sure it works with maximum efficiency, buy a 4 GB kit if you have 2 identical bars. A 4 GB kit is 'only' $ 56, and it is a reasonable investment. 4 concerts will be significantly better than 3. You might also think of a reinstallation of the operating system. Computers a naturally slow down with age that the registry fills up with junk. There are a few settings, you can clean up the start menu and other things less an OS reinstall.

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  • HP Pavilion 15-n211dx. RAM upgrade

    What is the max RAM, you can update the HP Pavilion n211dx. I just bought bewst buy 2 weeks ago. The vehicle currently has 4 GB SDRAM DDDR3. I can't find anywhere on the HP site says something on the upgrade of the ram. There can be no memory locations. This isn't the touchscreen model. 8.1 Windows 64-BIT

    Someone please help!


    The maximum Ram is 16 GB (2 x 8 GB Modules) - an example of an appropriate upgrade can be seen on the following link.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion p6680t CTO Office: Pavilion p6680t CTO Desktop Ram Upgrade

    Desktop Pavilion p6680t CTO has now 4x2gb modules of RAM. I tried to replace both of them with 2 4 gb chips. Would not work. I tried all possible combinations of chips and will not work with the added 4gbs. Here's the new:

    Kingston Value RAM 4 GB 1333 MHz PC3-10600 DDR3 Non ECC CL9 DIMM SR x 8 Fund memory (KVR13N9S8/4)

    What I am doing wrong? These should be the correct modules, right?

    Thanks for any help you can give.


    N ° maybe it's something to do with the buffer. Yesterday, a member has tried 3 brands of RAM, but in the end, they had to buy the same brand with the existing RAM on access to his computer. Please try this way or


    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion n 013tx: ready to Pavilion n 013tx of ram upgrade!

    I think to update my laptop ram up to 8 GB. So I use ranging from 8 gb Corsair value select CMSO8GX3M1C1600C11 or I have to use 2 x 4 GB RAM?
    As you know, ram of the laptop can be increased up to 8 GB. (can it be increase more 8 or up to 12 gb?)
    Thank you once more!


    Your device supports

    Two SODIMM memory customer accessible/upgradable module slots
    Support DDR3L-1600-MHz dual channel
    Support of the DDR3L-1600-MHz single channel
    Supports up to 12 GB max memory system (module DDR3L 1600 MHz), (some models only)
    Supports the following memory system configurations:
    ● 12288 MB (8192 x 1 + 4096 MB x 1 MB)
    ● 8192 MB (8192 MB × 1 or 4096 MB × 2; not supported on models of computer with the 32-bit operating system)
    ● 6144 MB (4096 MB × 1 + 2048 MB × 1; not supported on the computer models equipped 32-bit operating system)
    ● 4096 MB (4096 MB × 1 or 2048 MB × 2)
    ● 2048 MB (2048 MB × 1)

    More information how to replace the RAM: Manuel #2 of the following link:


    Please use the SAME brand with the existing RAM or part # #47 of the above manual page for the right of the RAM.

    Kind regards.

  • HP Pavilion p 15-267nr: RAM upgrade

    I would like to know if I can upgrade the RAM in the computer model.


    The MAXIMUM RAM you can upgrade is 16 GB.  See page # 3 of Chapter 1 of the link for more information below


  • Pavilion P6630: Failure of RAM upgrade

    I have a HP Pavilion P6630 with 2 x 2 GB DDR3 - 667 MhZ sticks inside (factory standard).

    According to information I found on the motherboard in combination with my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - Bit, support maximum memory is 16 GB.

    So, I advanced and bought 2 x DDR 4 GB 1333 MhZ (PC3-10600 Dimm). Once again, according to the information I have found on the HP site when I looked up my model.

    When I took the original poles of the blue orbits (M4 + M2) and replaced by my new, the computer is stuck on the "intro" screen (where it says press F10 to enter the BIOS). He didn't get into the BIOS, it of just sitting there and did nothing.

    From there, I tried all possible options:
    Put the old back and added the new in the empty slots, leading to the computer going on market and stop and and and...

    New sticks seem to work because the system recognizes in M3, M4 and M1, M2 of installation. Here is the single channel configurations, however. And once again, when in these slots, the system go away and start and stop.

    As already said: I tried all possible combinations of old and new and locations, but there is really only one that works: my two older in their original blue locations.

    I did a reset of the CMOS and I took out the battery for half an hour. No results.

    And Yes: I push the sticks in lampholders enough far, etc.

    I'm desperate! Hope someone can help me.

    The trick to a successful upgrade memory is:

    Memory modules is not not the sellers have to sell with the HP published specifications of the motherboard requirements. It is a strategy to upgrade memory that quite often results in disappointment and a situation of no bootable.

    Purchase of memory modules that are guaranteed compatible memory manufacturers. If possible, stick with the manufacturers of memory known as Crucial, G.Skill, Kingston, Hynix, just to name a few.

    Add memory to the memory modules already installed unless you are absolutely identical to the original modules in all respects.

    Memory manufacturers use configuration utilities on their corporate Web sites.

  • Pavilion g6 2136 tx: ram upgrade


    My laptop has 4GB Hynix 1333 MHz.

    What are my options to increase the ram and could you recommend me.

    2 accessible/upgradable SODIMM customer locations: ● DDR3-1333 MHz Dual Channel Support (downgrade from DDR3 - 1600 MHz DDR3 - 1333 MHz) supports the following configurations up to 8 GB: ● 8192 MB total memory (4096 × 2)

    4 GB PC3 12800 1600 MHz shared 641369-001


    It must match the module that is already in it:


    It can take memory DDR3-1600 but will downclock at 1333 speed, so you can install either DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1333 and I would install 2 of the same no matter what you choose to install. Since you have a 4 GB module, you can simply add another.

    P. 39 of the manual here illustrates the upgrade memory:


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  • HP Pavilion dv5-1225et Enterta: Ram upgrade

    HP Pavilion dv5-1225et Entertainment

    I want to improve my Ram memory with new ones. My ram orjinial (1 * 2 GB of ram) will change with 2 * 2 GB of ram. However, ı don't know who I have to take. Can someone help me with this. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    Read carefully. It's DDR2. DDR2 not gets all faster than 800 mhz (in fact 400 double). DDR3 not slam into the slots.

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