HP Pavilion 15 - e034tx: battery problem


For the last two days, was a behavior rather oddly my battery and this is what the HP Support Assistant shows me when I run the battery check.

It used to be green. And showed a tickmark next to the battery.

The problem is the whole system stops without warning whe the percentage rises about 20-30% (I mentioned the range because, sometimes, it may of 24%, 26% etc..).  The closure is abrupt, as if someone pulls the cord on a desk.

Laptop computer behaves normally on the current. But there's a slight glitch, the battery stops after about 80% charge (78-95% for most).

I have enclosed a more detailed image below.

Is this a problem with my battery?


Hello @RohitagniM,

Thanks for the quick response!

This isn't a problem.  Actually, it is recommended that the battery is removed, if you have the laptop connected to the power adapter for long periods of time.

Kind regards!

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    Hello Sir, I have not the model of laptop. Pavilion 15-au009tx, last 24 hours, I am facing battery problem, prior to that, my battery was to last in average 4-5 hours, but not it doesn't last even during 3 hours, it was arriving in the last 24 hours, I bought computer laptop just 15 days before, I have updated all the drivers I am notified by hp support Assistant What should I do now? Please help me

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    I need a replacement for the battery, as the battery is not able to take even 10% fee.

    I live in Kolkata, Bengal, India... I talked with people in the HP Service Center and they told me to get a new battery.

    My laptop is a HP Pavilion e034tx 15, it has a battery of 6 cells PI06, 10.8 v - 47Whr. I enclose a snapshot below:

    I can't find this battery in all retail HP here in Calcutta, and the strange thing is, the Service Center HP told me that the new battery will cost Rs 6800/-(along with additional taxes) which is about US $102!

    But a strange thing is that, in the accessories page HP, the battery proposed for my laptop is the HP VI04, which does not yet fit in my laptop!

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    If you need something in a hurry, a compatible battery can be good for you. I prefer the batteries authentic, but not sure they're worth 3 times the money.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Review HP pavilion dv6-3120us battery problem

    my hp dv6-3120us pavilion will do not running the battery check when I click to run it, it says that batteytest has stopped working

    Thanks in advance

    Here is the link to check the status of the battery


    Good luck

  • Pavilion g6 2320tx: battery problem.

    Hi all

    My battery is getting up to 100%, but its not giving no backup for me. As soon as I remove the charger is it descending liquidated. Should I replace my battery?

    If so, then where can I get battery authorized hp?

    Thanks in advance.


    Re-read my last post so I don't have to tell me.

    According to your description of the issue, a new battery is needed to replace the one that is currently installed.

  • Help! installed new motherboard Pavilion HP G6 laptop and now having battery problems

    I have a G6 pavilion with a new motherboard that works very well until I have unplug and he turned off the light on the battery or the power led on the right side next to the power connector remains solid when powerd completely out of what may cause this problem? The battery is also not appearing not but fresh. If someone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated thanks.

    I understand the motherboard was replaced, and now there is a battery problem.

    You have already bought a new battery, which seems to exclude from the battery as the source of the problem.

    Was it a real or a third party battery?

    What was the initial question that lead to the replacement of the motherboard?

    The replacement motherboard came with a guarantee?  To be honest, it sounds like a problem with the motherboard because it was not present before the change of motherboard.

  • Pavilion 15-P001TX: battery will not charge!

    I bought my HP Pavilion 15-p001tx of the Amazon at the beginning of the month. It was a good deal and I had fun playing Call of duty black ops. Then a notification came to show that I should plug the charger. But when I plugged in the charger, another notification came telling me to plug a smart adapter for best perfomance. Now, the system tray showed me that the laptop is plugged in but not charging!
    What the hell! I looked for answers and someone suggested to uninstall power microsoft acpi compliant control and restart the laptop. I did as I said, but with no use! Now, when I plug the laptop (it does) a small orange LED lights up but when I turn on my laptop, it suddenly turns off suddenly.
    I'm so frustrated! Can someone help me!
    HP Pavilion 15-p001tx
    15.6-inch laptop (4th Gen Ci5 / 4 GB/1 TB / Win8.1 / 2 GB graphics)
    Also, I use smart AC adapter 65 Watt HP to recharge.

    Hi @Arjun_Ar,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    It's a great place to find answers and suggestions!

    You have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the HP Forums Learn how Post and more

    I understand that you have bought this laptop about 1 month ago and take advantage of the use of it. Now when you connect it to an electrical outlet, that the battery is not charge and when you try to turn on see you a small orange light comes on and then the laptop turns off.

    Here are some links to help you with this problem.

    HP laptops - using and testing the power adapter AC

    You'll need to check the cable to see it is applicable or not

    . HP laptop AC Power Cord Safety retirement program and replacement announced August 26, 2014

    HP ENVY and Pavilion Notebook PC - battery not to Charge not

    Please check the connection of the power supply for bent or damaged pins, as this can cause a charging problem.

    HP laptops - test and calibrate the battery (Windows 8)

    If sill, you must have a problem with the fact that it is such a purchase, these please contact HP support for help.

    Please contact our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click on the link below to get a number of assistance for your region.

    World wide phone holder

    Good luck!

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    Indicator light charging cable does not go on when connected to power what a lack of cable or battery problem? Advice please.

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  • Satellite U940 - battery problem

    Hi, my battery LED doesn't turn on when it is plugged. My laptop is plugged in but does not support. AC adapter works fine. Is this a battery problem? Do I have to buy a new battery?

    Is this a battery problem?

    No doubt...

    Do I have to buy a new battery?

    If there is battery failure, the battery should be replaced.
    But if your warranty is valid I recommend asking an ASP in your country for assistance... perhaps it could be replaced in warranty...

  • "Erase content and settings" help battery problems?

    Battery life of my iPhone of 6 has problems. All of a sudden, the battery started to die very quickly. Sometimes my iPhone at 30% and I have to keep it on the charger for most of the day. Will help to "erase all content and settings '?

    If some app is the origin of the battery problem, then the clear operation will help, because it gets rid of all applications.  If its still bad after the operation to clear and without restoring from a backup, then it's a hardware problem.

  • Satellite P300-172 battery problems


    Hope you all had a good Christmas and can hopefully help out me.

    I bought a laptop P300-172 awhile back.
    Now, even after the sinking of a large number of power settings, the battery life was poor.

    So I ordered a replacement from ebay (part 3rd battery) the battery is identical to the Toshiba battery in everyway of course the only difference is there was not an a toshiba.

    in any case, when the battery arrived I plugged it and the battery LED came on to show that he was charging, when I booted up my laptop (with vista) windows showed that there was no battery connected, I thought strange. But I did back and let it load, after an hour or two charging orange led started flashing which it never did.

    Still, I booted up vista and windows showed there is no battery connected. I have contcated the seller and assumes that the battery was faulty, as chance would have, he repaid the article and I went back to the normal toshiba battery.

    I had another battery, ordered through work and that is identical in every way, once again, except that it was another 3rd party battery and which does exactly the same thing.

    Can anyone help?

    I've updated to the latest version of the BIOS (3.9) and have tried many steps as leaving the laptop without the battery for 30 minutes and then insert the battery. update the bios.

    Well that's about all I can think and have read through the forums.

    I appreciate may give any information you guys! Sorry for the long message.

    If I were you I wouldn't assume more battery problems and return the phone to the place of purchase, if you can.

    The problem is out of your control, as you have tried multiple batteries. Just give him place of purchase to watch. Then less grief for you.

    Good luck.

  • Re: Satellite T - battery problems

    My laptop battery will not charge when connected to the power terminal. I also have to remove the battery to turn on the laptop, it turns with the battery connected.

    Can someone give me some advice or do I have to return the battery?


    The warranty is valid?
    If so, then get in touch with a local ASP because I m not quite sure if it s only a battery problem.

    Usually if the battery would be affected so you should always be able to turn on the unit.
    I think there could be something wrong that should be checked by an ASP.

    Good luck

  • TECRA 9100 battery problem

    Similar experiences to mine, please?

    After using no not my Tecra for some time (about 3 months). He was once again the charger for more than 24 hours and I'm now done with the original problem, I had the last time I used the Tecra, several months ago! The problem is, I think, only related to the tent to use it on battery, as follows:

    At the start of the machine of 'cold', after passing the request of 'password' screen, it goes straight to a "small blue screen", which includes the message:

    Hardware malfunction

    Call your provider of support material

    NMI: channel check / IOCHK

    The system stopped *.

    A little more information, I found that I can actually 'blue screen' situation - turn off not having don't no need to remove it battery that I first thought - and if I get the power cable then everything starts up well and seems to work normally. If I then remove the power cable (leaving the laundry to run on battery only) the small blue screen and same message reappears.

    Yet once which seems to indicate a battery problem, I guess?

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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    Windows may indicate a fundamental error messages only when material occurrence malfunction, so that the elimination of the errors can be difficult for equipment problems. Most of the problems of material step in connection with the motherboard, the main memory on a motherboard or adapter or the stamp on a motherboard or adapter.

    On this path, it is not easy to say what may be the problem. I don't know how old is the unit, but if the unit is still under warranty I advice you contact service partner chartered. I'm sure they can find what may be the cause of this problem.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A120 battery problem

    Hi all

    I have a portable Satellite Pro A120 and is a battery problem a month ago.
    The battery is not new, but recently changed, 6 months ago.
    Until a few weeks ago, it lasted about 2 hours when full load, until this time
    suddenly dropped 30-40 minutes.
    In addition, sometimes the power of the laptop turns off when it's a few extra vibrations,
    for example, if I put it on a table without the maximum protection.
    In some cases, these, is not possible to turn on the laptop, unless I have remove the battery and put it back in place.

    I initially though that there was a problem with the battery or the battery contacts, but they seem ok.
    I tried to unload it in my laboratory of the company with a power resistance: resistance absorbed 1A continuously for more than 3 hours. As the specification 4400mAh battery, I would say that the battery is ok.

    Is it possible that I have a problem with the battery inside the pc management circuit?
    The battery stress test above seems to show that the charging process is ok. So the problem might be with
    the provision of monitor or battery power.
    Someone at - it experience of similar problems and maybe a solution.
    Or perhaps a work around? As excluding the battery monitoring and auto turn off

    Thanks in advance

    > Is it possible I have a problem with the battery inside the pc management circuit?
    Perhaps, but that's just a guess only a cellphone technician may provide an exactly the answer to this question.

    > Furthermore, sometimes the power of the laptop turns off when it's some additional vibration.
    for example, if I put it on a table without the maximum protection.
    In some cases, these, is not possible to turn on the laptop, unless I have remove the battery and put it back in place.

    It is very strange, I want to say if the contacts of the battery and the battery would be ok, this symptom shouldn't its sounds strange for me, so maybe that's the key why battery don't not lasts more than 30-40 min

    However, I think you should try a new battery before checking the motherboard.

Maybe you are looking for