HP Pavilion 15 laptop: color is washed out and the type is blurry

The color on my HP Pavilion 15 laptop appears washed out. In addition, despite trying several settings on the 'clear type', my type seems to be blurry nd hard to read. I already tried to adjust the color on the advanced settings, nothing helped. For example, if there is a box around this area to post, I don't see it. I am really frustrated and ready to return after having fought with him for more than a month.


After hours of frustration and try to understand what was wrong. It turns out that when the power settings have been adjusted for energy efficiency, it messed with the color settings and text. I put everything by default and which corrects the problem.

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    One point: I have worked in Photoshop CC 2015 (subscription of $9.99 / month Photographers') but in Premiere Pro 5.5. When this issue came up, I started a trial of first Pro CC version, and the problem persists.

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    Thank you very much for the offer. While I was waiting I kept trying this or that. I think it is now resolved: If you're doing a "save under", instead of a backup and then uncheck the box "ICC profile: Adobe RGB 1998", the changes made in Photoshop and then reflected in first. " I have not yet seen of workaround still works, but hope.

    If I'm going to continue to work in PrP5.5 or go to PrPCC is always open. 5.5 works faster for me because I have to recognize my card Nvidia 260 (minor hack), and the Mercury engine is effect. I can't get the PRP to do, and will have either a hack or a new video card. All the suggestions of the hack or an affordable card?

    Thanks for responding.


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    To add to this miserable viewing experience, we cannot even e-mail Adobe to communicate this déclassé experience.  We are forced to complain to others.

    Who knows of another pdf viewer application which is better (for viewing - what are the tools when he drove you nuts just to see your documents in Adobe reader?)

    Well, finally found.  Go to the edition/preferences/display Page.  Under "Rendering: smooth text", choose "for computer/laptop LCD screens". "  Do not know why the default value is set to 'none', which gives you this mess / hard to read test.

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    Thanks for the follow-up report.

    Just a lit bulb. Maybe the answer, maybe a spleen.

    Look carefully at the audio track of the timeline in the vicinity of title of the file.

    The title of your file audio timeline shows: level of Volume or something else. If something else, click the tiny triangle where

    the red arrow in the screen shot is sharp and select the Volume and then level so that you end up with

    Volume: level as shown in the screenshot.

    Hope it's the factor involved.


  • On a displayport screen colors are washed out


    I have a user who is running a HP Compaq SFF 6300 Pro and Windows 7 Pro, all of the latest patches.  We have set a second monitor to the display port using an adapter VGA DisplayPort cable / and the image is washed out.  Gray things clear looko on white look on the displayport VGA port.  I tried three different monitors, two HP L1911 and a L1910.  All look the same, washed on the displayport, but look good on the VGA port.

    I also tried two displayport different VGA adapters.  The adapters are HP DisplayPort / VGA adapters, p/n: 752661-001, recently purchased.

    Any suggestions?  We tried to play with the settings of the monitor, but he could not do better.  Are there settings in the system that I should try?  Different drivers maybe?

    Thanks in advance,


    Resolved, I have think (?)... Talked to HP Technical Support and it turns out that the HP DisplayPort adapter we sold is not compatible with computers of model we have, go figure.  Never would have guessed that an adapter like this one could have problems of compatibility beyond the types of connector.

    Shot of an old adapter from a different computer on the same model and it is much better.

    Now wait on my seller to return to me on an Exchange.


  • Colors are washed out

    If I shoot, say, a circle with no respect but black as my color, it seems mid grey instead of black. As you can see in the picture attached, black 000000 value and the alpha is 100%. Is there another setting somewhere that I'm not aware of it is the cause

    Kind regards


    prt scrn washed out colours.jpg

    R, G, B and has

    A = Alpha


  • Laptop Pavilion g6 with end of module startup and the memory + beep

    My laptop is a g6-1c58dx. I have problems with my cooling fan, so I went on the disassembly to enter the fan to clean the fan of was (?). So far so good. I think I'll have some kind of problem put the barrette back now however. I'm not positive on what side of the bar of memory has been upward when I took it out and I forgot which of the two players, is in. However, I tried with both parties in the two slots and still no dice. Whenever I hit the power button, the capslock key, the screen does not light and I get 3 long beeps followed two short beeps. I tried to find a good image of the memory card in the laptop somewhere online to see if I'm doing something wrong, but I couldn't find a pretty good. I went digging in the part of support rescources mentioned here have a few videos and others which could be related to my problem, but I could not find g6, only g1, g2 and g3. So, it's very late here. I worked on this all night. Could someone tell me what I need to do to stop the maddness?

    Here it is:




  • HP Pavilion DV4 laptop 3000: lost recovery disk and crashed for laptop


    I am from the region of Asia from the South (India) and my laptop broke down and unfortunately I lost my recovery disc.

    As you browse the site, concluded that the cell matching has not been listed. Please guide me to get a new recovery disk.

    Here are my coordinates for laptop and you kindly give details to collect the recovery drive to my nearest service center/order it online.

    Make the laptop: HP Pavilion DV4 laptop
    Product number: LQ389PA #ACJ



    Try this: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/product?cc=in&dlc=en&lang=en&lc=en&product=5075348

    You are welcome

    Click on ACCEPT as SOLUTION to help others with the same problem *.

  • test page prints fine when I send a page color to print any color comes out and the black looks like

    I have a gateway GX 7022E Prod. D945GBI CPU Intel pent D 32-bit PRINTER HP photosmart 7960 OS Windows XP 32 bit

    No error message last week that I could not print in color my documents or on the Web or my camera... If I hit a test in my printer the roadmap page came out perfect with dark black text and 3 color bars, which were veiny any deep color. To the printer directly, it seems to work... From my computer to the printer it does not print in color but is printed in black & white... I spent hours with all the tools of diagnosis HP WITHOUT HELP I downloaded the new drivers, NO HELP

    Anyone can come up with a fix for me. ;. I forgot to mention that I'm a fool

    Thank you very much


    Gary Braverman

    First thing you should check is the print settings in the driver.  You must ensure that the driver know that you want to print in color and black and white only.

    To check/change the settings of your printer driver:

    1. From the desktop, click the Start button.
    2. Click on Control Panel.
    3. Find printers and fax machines.
    4. Once your in the folder printers and faxes, find your printer.
    5. Right click on your printer.
    6. Click on Preferences.

    Now you should be in the area to check the layout and paper/quality settings.  Make sure it is set to print in color.  Don't forget to look through the advanced options.  Make sure that it is located and let me know what happens.

  • My wifi laptop Windows 8 guard out and say that it is "limited".

    I've seen a number of tickets associated with this issue, so in a way I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    I recently bought a new laptop and it came with windows 8 is installed. It is the only device/machine that is struggling to keep a stable internet connection.
    Under power options, I have wifi at maximum performance.
    I tried to adjust my wifi for 'meter' because I heard rumors that would fix everything.
    Also, I tried to update my card wifi drivers. They were already up to date.
    I uninstalled Norton Internet Security and restarted. Still not good.
    It happens on my work and the network.
    It's very annoying. If the cuts internet to every 2-10 minutes, then it is impossible to play a competitive game. I can always just reconnect to the network, but it's awkward to do.

    So the model number is a Samsung, NP680z5e (NP680z5e-x01us)

    I found the problem. There is an another wireless driver update which can be found in the sw update. It is not sound obvious that you need this driver update and if you never open sw update then you will never find the solution. Such a jump big bug.
    In the past I had updated only the drivers through the Device Manager.
    The link you posted does not help. I tried almost everything. I hope this helps someone else. Apparently this model has been ever been tested for more than 10 minutes after everything has been completely assembled out of the factory. There are layers and layers of drivers and settings to regulate your, half-light of map and graphic display. If you miss a layer, then things do behave as expected.
  • HP Pavilion 15 laptop: HP Pavilion 15 laptop: System Restore completed successfully. The problem is not resolved.

    About 3-4 weeks ago, my computer found himself in a reboot loop. I was not online at the time where he was probably not due to an update.

    After going on the HP Web site, it was first suggested that the issue could be overheating due to dust. I followed the instructions but it does not work.

    Diagnosis is directed which has determined that there are no problems with the hardware or memory.

    Then the site suggested that I do a Refresh system or a system restore. I tried the cooling system. It did not work.

    I contacted HP Tech Support hotline and they told me to update the drivers. Drivers cannot be updated / installed (by me at least) in Safe Mode, if it does not work.

    Then told me the only choice I had was to do a Factory Reset/System Restore.  After the purchase of an external HARD drive and backup of my files, I tried to do the factory reset. I received a prompt to insert a disc, but computer did not come with a disc. If it does not work.

    Then I was told by support that I had to buy "recovery disc" or a new copy of Windows 8.1. Technical support said it was the only way to solve the problem. By chance, I found another video that shows how to access recovery tool of real system since menu troubleshooting at start-up.

    System recovery completed successfully. However, while creating the new installation of Windows 8.1 (implementation name, country, favorite colors, e-mail etc.) the original reboot loop problem started. If it does not work. Even worse, because the Windows installation is incomplete - and can complete because of the reboot loop - I can access more fashion is safe.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Miracles would net you have my firstborn (eat too in any case).

    Okay, so I had to take the machine to a technician. What she said is that it was certainly not a hardware problem. Its best estimate is that my computer As witn infected a Trojan horse which subsequently transferred, entered the BIOS and corrupted partition.

    Short history of Tech, they fixed by redoing the BIOS and installing a new copy of Windows 8.1. I asked about the other options that I received. She explained that a remote technical support could not fix the problem, nor recovery disks could solve the problem.

    My advice to all who encounter such a complex problem, when you contact HP Support don't forget to request contact information for a local HP technician, licensed (I only asked for this in desperation by accident). Just in case your problem is not easily diagnosed or solvable, it might just save you some time, money and spare you confusion.

    As for how I got infected with the Trojan possible in the first place, no idea. The only thing I can think is that I've opened an e-mail looking strange but legitimate to someone I didn't know. However, it was about 6 months ago and the problem started a month before, so I at least do not know if there is a link. However, it is always good advice not to open strange e-mails. Note that the technician did say that even if I had Norton installed, it would not be able to automatically detect the problem. (I wonder if I called Norton technical support if they could have helped or pointed me in the right direction faster. But even once, any comments or information I received from HP technical support gave usable clues. "And refresh the system that has been proposed did uninstall Norton).

    So, I have a computer to work again. I hope this info can be useful to someone and avoid frustration. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my post.

  • HP Pavilion 17 Laptop: battery connected, not charging AND battery unaccessable

    In recent months, at one point, my battery would indicate nn % (plugged in, does not support) and maintain this accusation so much it was plugged. Running on the battery, the charge would eventually diminish and in order to get the battery charge again, I went through the process of uninstalling the compatible battery control method ACPI in Device Manager. Usually within 24 hours, choses things would be back to plugged in, does not support. However, that is no longer to fix the problem. (When it was a question the indicator next to the place where the power adapter is plugged blue flash. Also, I upgraded from 8.1 to 10 a few weeks ago, but this question was held for a few months now).

    Now the battery is 2% (plugged in, does not support) and when I use the HP Support Assistant to check the battery, I get the message "control of battery HP could not access the battery. I did a hard reset, reset the BIOS and updated the BIOS, to anything will do. If I unplug the adapter, the computer turns off.

    Suggestions of additional corrections? I saw a further suggestion to perform a system recovery but I did not yet a recovery disk to win 10 (I don't have one for victory 8.1), and it would make a difference anyway since no plugged in, charging problem took place under win 8.1?

    Hi @shmay7,

    From the information provided, I think it's a problem with the connection between the laptop and the battery. It might be something wrong with the point of contact between the battery and the portable or to the battery circuit. It is better to have another battery, so you can try it with the laptop. The creation of recovery media should not be affected by the problem of power with the battery is not installed.

  • HP Pavilion entertainment laptop upgraded to windows 7 and webcam is longer.

    Laptop computer HP9925nr has been upgraded to Windows 7 and the Webcam is no longer find. Is disabled over Webcam because it is not compatiable with Windows 7? I updated the driver from the website, but says that the Webcam is not found.

    Try to install the driver from the following link:


    If the problem persists, consult the document below for more troubleshooting:


  • Pavilion DV7-3162nr: HP Pavilion DV7-3162nr does not turn on and the battery light flashes during charging

    I was upgrading my HP DV7-3162nr for windows 10 when all of a sudden the laptop stopped working and would not turn.

    The power adapter is plugged in and battery led was flashing. Now battery led does not at all depend on. When I press the Start button the laptop would try to start then turn off after about one second. However most of the time when when I press the button nothing happens.

    I took out the battery and tried to immediately start the alternating current, but the laptop is like there is no power. The led near the power connector is on the AC adapter is plugged in. I checked the tension between the adapter and it is correct to about 19 volts, I even loaded to 1.5 Amps and voltage remained close to 19 volts. I tried now on the button for more than one minute with applied power (no battery or AC) and no change when I tried to start with just AC.  The battery is old, but shouldn't the laptop run on just the AC adapter with the battery installed? I do not think that windows 10 has done this, but it's a weird coincidense that he died during the upgrade.

    I read about simular problems with flags of HP but nothing exactly like it.  The fact that I can not turn on the laptop with just the adapter seems to be a problem really bad.

    Anyone has any ideas I can try to let me know

    I was able to fix my laptop.

    I thought that it must be a hardware problem, because the laptop would not run just the adapter. And the adapter was good, as I said, he had the right voltage and can support the load.  So after looking at a lot of U tube videos on how to disassemble laptops and looking for schematics on the laptop which I couldn't find. I disassembled the laptop and a beep on the load circuit and it showing. What I found, it was a bad MosFet at the beginning of the charging circuit. The MosFet P/N P0603BDG has shorted door to the Source.  I was able to get the part of China via Ebay for less than $5.00 total and it took a week to arrive.

    Now, the laptop charging the new battery and works very well. I could have found the bad MosFet faster if I had diagrams. Does anyone know if it is possible to get the schematics for this HP laptop? I found a manual and it helped a bit to disassemble the laptop, but he had nothing on the main map.

    This problem is now solved hope it helps someone out there.

  • Pavilion dv7-6b32us - max and the type of RAM I can install it?


    For the pavilion dv7-6b32us, which is the type and maximum RAM I can install?

    The manual says it can go up to 16 GB, but I don't see that 8 GB (4 x 2) available for sale in the world.  We do not know also what type I need.

    Thank you...


    Please check this:


    You can buy from them or use the information to buy elsewhere

    Kind regards.

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