HP Pavilion 15 laptop: wireless printer connection

I have HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC I want to use it with my wireless printer. When you try to print a message arrives and says denied because I'm on a metered connection. What is a connection counter?



A connection counter designed to limit the use of data to avoid charges.

You can disable this by following the section "How can I change my current MDI (or non-dosed) network connection?" below:



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    I have a hp pavilion dv9205us laptop - Alt Print screen (single screen) does not work - operating sys is Vista but XP Professional is my Microsoft application - I can Alt scree printing when I have a keyboard plugged in. - but without the HP laptop has only Prt sc (which is the option further down on the personal key) - without the remote keyboard how can you alt info impression of individual office to another doc. ???

    Thank you very much - it worked, and then just to screen individual, you want to without the entire background behind it - Alt / button FN and Prt Sc then allows me to get that. Once again thank you.

  • laptop to wireless printer connectivity

    I have a locked box truck in which I want to set up a wireless network between my laptop and a wireless printer. My laptop has internet connectivity via an aircard card. A basic router will solve my problem? There is no modem, only the laptop and printer wireless, in which I want to connect wireless. Any help appreciated.

    Thank you

    You don't need a router for that.

    Without a router, you can create a wireless ad - hoc between the laptop and the printer.  See, for example, http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&docname=c00205926

    Many successes of Google more

    The security problem is that XP does support (easily hacked) WEP encryption in wireless ad-hoc mode. On the other hand, nobody's going very far from trying to connect to your printer. Just make sure you don't leave the laptop to active ad hoc wireless network when you are not printing.

    If you get an inexpensive wireless router, you can connect the laptop to the router by an Ethernet cable or wireless.  In this configuration, you will be able to use wireless more secure (WPA or WPA2) security that supports the link (computer or printer).

    In both cases, do not install (or disable) sharing files and printers for Microsoft Networks in the properties of the network card on the laptop.

    Of course, the three devices, only the laptop is likely to be able to operate without available 110vac, you will need to buy some sort of power supply to convert the truck 12VCC power.  Make sure that you add the requirements of power of the appliances that you will probably use in order to get a converter with a sufficient capacity.  I don't have any specific recommendations, but I don't tell you want it a little and do not go for the cheaper product.

  • HP Pavilion DM1: Laptop does not connect to Internet

    My HP Pavilion dm1 is not connecting to the internet.  I know it's a older laptop (I bought it in 2011) but everything has worked very well so far.  It shows my network is available and I was able to access the internet from my phone to my roommate, but my laptop does not connect.  I have tried all the usual stuff... rebooted the laptop several times, ran troubleshooting, unplugged the router and the modem.  I noticed it happened after I installed an update of Windows, so I uninstalled the updates and still no luck.  What should I try next?

    Hi @slmahan ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I looked in your question about your problems of HP Pavilion dm1-3025dx laptop and with the wireless for Windows 7. Here is a link for the wireless connection troubleshooting.

    If you click on start and go to the Manager of device-Do you see the network map?

    Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant. Simply download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system, it has built in support troubleshooting wireless.

    I would like to know how this happens.

    Thank you.

  • Why my laptop wireless computer connect to the internet first thing in the morning and late at night, but not during the day.

    I wonder if you can help me please?

    I have problems with my satellite internet access on my laptop wireless.  He beautifully connects to the router and the signal is excellent. However, I'm unable to connect to the internet.  I can use the laptop first thing in the morning because it connects right away, but I would say that 95% of the day I can't use it at all.  Sometimes it will work later in the evening.  I learned this could be due to the intensity of the signal and that some suppliers to fall during the day.  My desk top connects perfectly (if the weather permits it) but is not on the wireless network.  I had no problem with my laptop when I used my previous service provider.  It becomes more frustrating that the inability to use the internet visited my lap top unnecessary.  I can't use it on my neighbors wireless network no problem at all but they we internet different provider.  Can you please help because I don't know why it works first thing in the morning and sometimes late at night, but not during the day?  No matter where the lap top is the first thing in the morning, it will work even if it is forty feet away.  I can sit during the day with my phone right by my router and it still not connect to internet even though the router signal strength is excellent and desktop is on the internet.  Any help would be great, because it leads me into the wall!  I am using WIndows 7 on my lap top from acer.

    Kind regards


    I would like to thank everyone for their help with my question.  I can tell you now that I have it solved and I'm pretty embarrassed to say the least.  Following a change of internet service provider, I put a cable into the wrong port on the router... silly me!  It works perfectly now. Thank you once again.

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s5716f: wireless printing problems

    To anyone who is willing to help, it would be greatly appreciated... Exhausted

    I bought a lexmark Interpret S405 wireless printer tried to operate wireless for a wk now almost night & day, the phone w/lexmk. specialist support that ultimately told me that the problem was my desktop computer Hp the final diagnoise after hrs & hrs, was to communicate manufacturing hp but they said my warranty was expired and it would cost me to help, so here, I always try to get help before I dump this printer.  Exhausted all the tips, I promise you.  I actually did most of what they were doing, but went alittle far but all has been installed on & on printer appears as it should it worked at one point usb but will not print wireless diagnoise, final gave to me was: Windows 7 64-bit, could not start the lxeaCatsCustConnectService on the local printer.  Error message: 10:53, the server has not responded to the application launch or control in a timely.  I'd appreciate any help I can get at this point, before I dump my new printer...  Extremely exhausted and frustrated.  Now I think I bought the wrong printer, but it is supposed to be compatible...

    Thanks in advance for anyones time given and included brain...

    Fear can not help you a lot for a Lexmark printer configuration, but you can try the troubleshooting services in the following two sites:





    Is it possible to print from my laptop Pavilion dv7-2270 to my Color LaserJet 5500n printer?  There may be some type of adapter connector part HP or a third party.

    The laptop is running Windows 7, 64 bit.  It has four USB connections I normally use to connect to my portable printer Officejet 6310v.

    The printer normally uses the parallel cable Pinter that connects to the connector on the printer cable on the back of my desktop computer.  The printer has RJ45 data cable connector.  It also has a female 8 pin connector labled FIR.  I don't know if this printer has wireless capability.


  • Lexmark wireless printer connects to the Acer laptop.

    My printer lexmark series 400 and Motorolla phone Wireless will not connect to my laptop w/mic adapter to Acer4520,

    can someone advise?

    What happens when you try? Lexmark support say?

  • Wireless printer connects to the laptop, even though she has worked in the past.

    My printer HP Officejet 6700 Premium connects to my laptop HP Pavilion 15, although he has worked in the past. Other computers around the House connect to the printer and print documents without any problems. When I go to print from Microsoft Word, it says my printer as offline.

    I tried to remove the printer from my devices and printers list (so that I could try to reconnect the printer), but he is not leaving the list after clicking "remove hardware".

    Could someone help me please you troubleshooting? I really need to be able to resume printing my documents for the school.

    Thank you!

    Hi @OfTheFalls

    I'd love to help you reconnect your 6700 printer and computer.

    I suggest using the HP print and Scan doctor first of all, it can solve many printing and scanning errors, network or USB problems, driver problems and conflicts of port connection. Click here to download and run the print and Scan Doctor >www.hp.com/go/tools

    If this does not resolve the problem, after back and let me know if there are all the symbols except the Green checkmarks and what they are next of course. The key is not always easy to identify the key and check mart are in the green circle.

    • If you see only the Green checkmarks ( ), the tool did not find any problem.
  • Legislate that I connect with my desktop of my laptop wireless printer?

    I know I should be able to print from my laptop, I just forgot how to share with my office. Please help me. Thank you.


    I suggest you to go through the steps mentioned in the link and the Coachman.

    Share a printer


    Video: Sharing a printer at home


    See also:

    Install a printer on a home network


    Hope this helps and keep us informed if you need help.

  • HP Pavilion 15 laptop: Wireless Driver for my laptop HP Pavilion 17


    I need to find the right driver wireless for my laptop HP Pavilion 15 (8 64-bit Windows).

    For network controller hardware ID:

    PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & SUBSYS_2230103C & REV_01
    PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & SUBSYS_2230103C
    PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & CC_028000
    PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & CC_0280

    Hardware for the PCI device ID

    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_5227 & SUBSYS_227E103C & REV_01
    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_5227 & SUBSYS_227E103C
    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_5227 & CC_FF0000
    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_5227 & CC_FF00

    For PCI Simple Communitcations controller hardware ID

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_9C3A & SUBSYS_227E103C & REV_04
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_9C3A & SUBSYS_227E103C
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_9C3A & CC_078000
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_9C3A & CC_0780

    All the foregoing is present in my other devices category in Device Manager, I don't know exactly who is responsible for the wireless.

    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated!


    You can try these drivers, but if they don't work, you need to connect via ethernet cable, do the updates required for W8 and then get the free update for the Windows store W8.1.

    Network controller:

    Broadcom wireless LAN drivers are required to activate the built-in Broadcom wireless LAN adapter.


    PCI device:

    Download, unzip and run the setup.exe file from the link below... first driver listed.

    http://www.Realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?langid=1 & PNid = 15 & PFid = 25 & Level = 4 & Conn = 3 & DownTypeID = 3 & getdown = false

    Simple controller PCI of Communitcations:

    This package provides the driver Intel Management Engine components for some laptop models running a supported operating system.


  • Debugging a "Wired/Wireless Printer connection.

    Suddenly, I have a problem with my printer Epson WF4650 age of 1 month. My setup at home is fairly simple

    (1) printer is wired (Ethernet) to a classic Netgear router

    (2) I have two laptops (the two Dell laptps) that print (a Vista and a Win7) wireless to my router (and it allows access to the printer)

    (3) things worked pretty well, although I often had a message for the dialog box 'Printers and devices' under the State which is "error - printing". He would go from time to time, I would cancel the job and re - print and it would work. I would say that this was maybe 1-5 jobs on.

    Earlier today, I printed a work without a problem, so I tried to print another short document. I get the message "error - printing". And now everything that I try to print creates this final result.  Things that which do not help.

    (1) restart my PC

    (2) print another document (a Wordpad doc with a single line)

    (3) print from another computer.

    (4) restart EVERYTHING (laptop, printer, router)-I also did a "hard restart" on the printer (unplugged) "

    5) re - defining the ethernet between my router and printer connectors

    (6) my PRINTERS folder is empty (thingey of print spooler)

    (7) the printer seems fine for purposes of printing information about the State of the control panel

    (8) I find the Guide of the curious user, especially in the context of things networking. I don't see even my configuration in the list, but I can't imagine it not supported (and it worked for a month). But I don't know enough to be able to understand what he said.

    I have zero problems with internet traffic, BTW. Modem connection cable.

    I did an IPCONFIG / renew, but this was not helpful.

    My network is on zero. I can't even say the output of the IPCONFIG/All command, whether or not my printer is known to be connected to my router.

    I don't know where I should look then (printer, router, computer laptop, combination, etc.). Suggestions?

    Thank you. ;


    I continued to dig into the manual, found a term that I had misunderstood (causing me to jump to the relevant section of the manual) and found a step that had to be done. And it is to disable WI - FI (I am connected to my router).

    Of course I was not connected via WI - FI (stumbled upon some sort of problem with my firewall, so I just plugged the thing). And I have no idea why I went from "occasional failures" to "cannot print a single thing, darn" by doing nothing more than find and open a jpg file to print.

    But I'm going to mark this one resolved, as I don't seem to be able to print again.



  • PhotoSmart Premium 309 a: wireless printer connection

    According to the configuration information, the computer is connected to the same network SSID as the printer but when the printer configuration wizard attempts to establish a wireless connection between them, an error comes up saying that they are connected to different networks.  A network address is which seems to be OK, but the other is, which is the address of the Netgear router, rather than the network wirelessly with the specified SSID.  The router is the one providing network connections with the SSID specified by the computer and the printer, then why the connection does it not work?

    You can fill mode yourself.   You have the right to set up your device to your ISP gateway

    Here's the manual.


    Bridge mode is supported.

  • Pavilion dv2 laptop: how to connect as administrator

    I used my HP recovery disks to restore my laptop to condition factory & now want to install the updates of Windows (Vista), install programs, etc.  Vista updates are installed by Service Pack 2. I have installed/activated Microsoft Home & Student 2007. Then (via Control Panel / Windows updates) I clicked «get updates for more products» Forcing an update of the Windows Update software.

    Then, there were 163 updates... 17 load without problems... then there have been 158 updates (163-17 = 158?). I tried to install those & told me I need to log on as an administrator.

    How to open a session as an administrator?

    I am the only user on this computer. I never connected as administrator (before or after the use of HP recovery discs). Whenever "authorization" is required, I always just clicked OK or whatever... no opening of the special session, or password was necessary.

    Hi @jarhtmd ,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems, with the help of the community!

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question about your HP Pavilion dv2 Notebook and need to know how to connect as an administrator. Here is a linkthat might help you.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • HP Pavilion 17 Laptop: Wireless capability is turned off

    I bought the new laptop and has worked well for me the last couple days. Clicked on another page and says unable to connect to the Internet. Resolve to see what the problem is and says 'wireless capability is turned off. Tells me to find keys function or button wifi, but as far as I know I am not one of them. I checked my wireless networks and they are supposed to connect automatically, so turn on the wifi on the laptop seems to be the only problem, but it seems that I can't. How do I turn it back on?

    I had no idea f12 was the wireless icon, who held it down and worked, thank you.

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    Hello! I am facing a pretty annoying problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro M30. Sometimes, when I type, delays occur before appear it of characters on the screen. It's found everywhere: e-mail client instant msn, internet address exploring bar

  • With the help of my 8.1 System Recovery DVD Win

    I did a series of DVD Recovery for my computer (HP 15 - g028ca Notebook PC under Win 8.1), but cannot locate information on how to use it to turn on again, IF my hard drive never fails.  Help would be appreciated! Thank you Tony in Saskatoon, Canada

  • E4200V2, how to see who is connected to WiFi?

    Hi, I just replaced a D-Link with the E4200V2. On the D-Link, it was easy, I can see who is connected to the radio. But I can't figure out how to see who is connected in WiFi on the E4200? I run several access points in my house, and I make sure they