HP Pavilion 20 b323w

System: HP Pavilion b323w 20

I have recently purchsed this computer and by the fact of hate me windows 8, I installed windows 7. Now I have a problem with my USB controller and SM Bus controller drivers.

One of the resources I used: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Operating-Systems-Software-Recovery/win7-drivers-for-HP-all-in-...

Even if it's useful I still can't my system to install the drivers. What I descoved I need drivers from the chipset. Watched them found on google or ATI. No need for me to install catilyst I after installtion of correct graphics support already. Any help would be appricated.

~ joe

Details of the hardware:

SM Bus controller

PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_780B & SUBSYS_2B02103C & REV_14
PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_780B & SUBSYS_2B02103C
PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_780B & CC_0C0500
PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_780B & CC_0C05

(USB) Universal Serial Bus controller

PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_7812 & SUBSYS_2B02103C & REV_03
PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_7812 & SUBSYS_2B02103C
PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_7812 & CC_0C0330
PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_7812 & CC_0C03


Here is the link for the chipset driver you need to install. You want the first file on the Web page.

http://support.AMD.com/en-us/download/chipset?OS=Windows 7-64

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    This computer was given to me running win 10.  tried to do a reset, but for some reason it didn't, so I did a reset to factory than brpght me back to win 8.  did all updates, finally updated to 8.1 after many failures.  fact the upgrade from win 10 and am right now doing a clean install from a DVD ISO.  I thought that, maybe, I need to update BIOS, drivers, etc..  However, HP is apparently not to support ANY victory 10 pilots, etc. for this machine.  is there advice, help or advice anyone can suggest?

    Thanks for any help or advice that can be offered


    You are the very welcome.

    Looking at the support page for your PC, I see that pilot support through Windows 8.1, and the last update of the BIOS is on the W8 support page, which I do not recommend running on W10 if you have not already installed it.


    What this means is that HP is not supporting this model of PC for W10 at all.

    Sometimes you can use the W8 and W10 8.1 drivers for all devices that may require drivers.

    I used the Vista drivers on some to run my old HP PC W10 and they works perfectly.

    I have an old HP dc7800 desktop and W10 version installed a generic audio driver, which worked OK, but there was a jerky sound of intervene it whenever I start the PC.

    However the driver audio W7 support page of the dc7800 worked better than this W10 natively installed and installed the audio control panel, and the burst of sound from speakers disappeared.

  • HP Pavilion b323w 20 network drivers for win 7

    Hello, I recently bought this desktop computer, but it came with win 8. I deleted because it and downgrade for win 7 ultimate (32 bit). However, I can't find drivers (ethernet and network controller) for the Pavilion. I searched for the last 4 days.  Can someone please help.


    Please try:

    Atheros wireless network controller driver

    Controller Realtek network driver

    Kind regards.

  • iTunes does not recognize my iPhone on my HP Pavilion Windows 10 5s, so cannot sync the phone, which has the latest operating system running

    iTunes does not recognize my iPhone on my HP Pavilion Windows 10 5s, so cannot sync the phone running. I downloaded the latest OS for the phone and the latest version of iTunes on my PC and have tried all USB ports several times. I also reinstalled drivers USB to the PC.  The phone is recognized on the computer of a friend under Win 7. All shows when I plug it on mine is a page showing the 'Apple iPhone' folder display of storage internal (2.18 GB free of 14.7 GB). Troubleshooting in devices and printers, where the phone displays as "Not specified Apple iPhone" generates a message saying that "Apple iPhone is an older USB device and may not work with USB 3.0 and plug it into a USB 2.0 port." But when I use USB 2.0 (I tried several times using each of the three USB ports on my PC), troubleshooting the error message says "Apple iPhone won't work correctly with USB 3.0." This seems to be a recent problem, since in March 2016, I could spend a few songs from my PC to my phone using iTunes.

    I wish I had some ideas of people who have experienced this problem, I find to be a more frustrating one.

    Well, you aren't the only one. This just freakin happened to me. I spent the last three hours with apple and Windows supports. Now I'm reinstalling Windows 10 by last resort of Windows support councils. I got the same message USB. In iTunes, under devices something removed my 5s and the iPad. But it remains 6 s wife. I tried my computers 2-(SS) 3.0 ports and 1 port 2.0 ordinary. I tried all four thinners cables I have. I will let you know the result of the Windows reinstall.

  • Pavilion dv7 6163 cl: unlock (reset) password on BIOS/CMOS for HP DV7 - 6163cl

    The bios of my notebook (Pavilion dv7 6163 cl) blocked by password, and I never put a password. Could you help me solve?

    Enter the wrong password 3 times or simply leave them blank and press success enter 3 times. You should get a stop code. This zip code here.


  • Pavilion 15: Bios password

    I have a Pavilion 15-e022sa which I just can't get into the bios as it says I need a password that I never put someone could please help


    Enter 60081217

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Pavilion dv7: unable to connect to the Internet

    I can't access the Internet via ethernet or wireless. It seemed to happen after an update of Windows 10.

    Other computer and android phone can access the wireless. When I click on the wireless icon, I see different networks, including mine. However, it is said, "No Internet, secure." I ran a diagnosis, saying that the wireless network adapter and the wired network adapter does not work. I tried to update the drivers, but to no avail.

    I remove this update. I have HP Pavilion dv7, produces none. QJ799AV #ABA. It seems that there are no drivers for Windows 10.

    Here in an Exchange I had with HP Support on Facebook:

    Resolv_S wrote:

    [email protected],

    Thanks for stopping by the HP's Support Forums. Best platform for all kinds of solutions, tips and settings for your questions/problems.

    For the best experience on HP forum, see our Guide to HP Forums to learn more.

    Help with the purchase of a recovery media. Is this fair?

    Thanks for sharing the question. I want to help you.

    I understand the disadvantages that you went through to find the solution for the issue.

    I would like to share a link to order you a recovery HP online support. Please use the link below to order the media.


    I hope this helps. Please update the State of the question,

    Happy announcement.


    Happy to help you. I work for HP

    Please click on " ""Accept as Solution " " " if you feel my post solved your problem, it will help others find the solution.
    Click on the " Bravo Thumbs Up" " " to say 'Thank you' to help! "

    Thanks for the reply.  However, I took the chance to do a reset on my computer.  And now I have access to the internet.

  • Pavilion dv8: problem with Pavilion dv8 (treble/bass control) Windows 10

    I had my Pavilion dv8 for awhile.  I started having problems with the slider treble/bass control. He would sporadically pop-up and begin to change the treble or bass at irregular intervals. He also unplug randomly my wireless connection. I tried to solve the problem by downloading a driver, but the problem remains. At first, it was just a little annoying, fixed by clicking the mouse or pressing the upper button of the internet, but now it of REALLY boring, popping up even as I write this post. But there is no driver for Windows 10. Someone at - it solutions?

    Thank you for your help


    Hi @Merah

    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    I would like to take a moment and thank you for the use of this forum, it is a great place to find answers.

    If I understand correctly you are facing problem control treble/bass in your laptop.

    I would like to know the number of full model of your laptop so that I can better help you with this problem.

    Thank you.

  • HP Pavilion - 15-ab045sa: a few gestures of precision Touchpad not working not


    I'm new to the forum, so I hope I posted in the right place.

    My product: HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab045sa (ENERGY STAR)

    I have all the gestures of touchpad usual work (three stroke of finger etc).  However, the recent to THE introduced a new gesture to switch virtual desktops. I was really looking forward to this update, but this gesture does not work! I tried to reinstall the update with erase everything and it still does not work!

    I don't understand why it does not work as I have a touchpad of accuracy and all other gestures of work except this new! Also even if some gestures of work (for example three finger swipe), I don't think that win 10 recognizes the touchpad of precision like under settings of the mouse and Trackpad, what it does not say that I have a touchpad of precision and so does me no options to change what are the gestures, as it should.

    I have the Synaptics TouchPad of SMBus driver (21/07/2016).

    Would really appreciate your help as I was really looking forward to the new gesture switch virtual desktops.

    Thank you.

    Just got an update via windows update Synaptics update to version - it finally allowed me to have the film 4 finger to switch virtual desktops!

  • Pavilion 500-336: updated drivers audio HP Pavilion 500-336

    Here's the audio that I have on my computer: IDT 92HD65C

    Looking at the Device Manager, I see that the driver date is 07/11/2013.  Where can I find the updated drivers for this?

    The version of the driver I have right now is 6.10.6496.0

    Is there still a good reason do not update the audio drivers?


    The audio works fine now?

    If so, I would not update the driver.  Many problems with W10 and IDT audio.

    There is an audio driver IDT W10 on your PC support page if the Beats Audio doesn't work properly or not at all.

    6.10.6504.0 Rev.A


  • Pavilion AMD A8-6500: graphic upgrade

    Hi all

    My son has a HP Pavilion AMD A8-6500 with Radeon HD 3.50 ghz graphics card.

    It now wants to update as graphic says not good enough.

    What our options are, what is implementing implement as buying a better graphics card or is it more complicated?

    see you soon


    Hi there @Jason1966,

    That the Forums are with you!  I understand that you are looking for advice on upgrading a graphics card.  I'm happy to help you with this.

    Please report the number of complete product from your computer. Check out the following, if you need assistance with this information. HP desktop PC - how can I find my model number, serial number or product?  Once I got that I can give you more in the way of what to look for.

    In general, you should know what types of expansion slots your computer is available. More recent graphics cards will focus you on PCI Express x 16 slots and their willingness to be a version or the generation of these slots.  If the motherboard has only Gen 1.0, and the graphics card is Gen 3.0, then the card would work, but it will run more slowly he would in a slot of Gen 3.0. So you want to look at the capacity of your computer's power supply. A common value is 300 W. Higher end graphics cards will be a requirement of minimum recommended power of 400 W or more, although there are cards with a lower requirement. It is always better to have a power that exceeds the minimum value. Also related to food some graphics cards require extra power of a specific type connections. You must make sure that your diet has these connections available. Then, make sure that the card has drivers for the operating system installed on your computer, and if the card is UEFI, make sure that your system has UEFI.

    If all these parameters are filled between your system and the card, the graphics card should work, but there is never a guarantee, because each computer system is as an individual, once it's in the hands of a user. You may have already installed another device that is in conflict with this card or perhaps a software which does not get her drivers graphics. So long story short, it is not easier to just buy a better card, you need to do some research.

    I hope this helps clarify the issues for you and if you find it helpful and useful, please mark this message as a solution. Bravo would be appreciated as well.

  • Pavilion dv6 7024nr: Pavilion dv6 7024nr

    I had to reinstall Windows 7 pro and are looking for drivers ethernet controller, network controller, pci legacy, pci simple communication controller and sm bus controller.  not found in hp.com


    Please visit the following link to download the drivers for your computer:


    Install the Chipset drivers first (both) then restart.

    After that, you can install

    Realtek LAN driver (LAN),

    RALink 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Adapter

    Realtek card reader driver

    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion laptop 15-p-141ne: audio beats does not not on win 10 pavilion notebook 15-p-141ne

    I have HP pavilion notebook 15-p-141ne, but after that audio 10 beats windows does not work I tried to install the driver of win 8 but little still an error please help


    Try the following.

    Download Realtek HD Audio Installer on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.


    When finished, press and hold the Windows key and press R

    In the run window, type devmgmt.msc and press to enter.

    In Device Manager, expand sound, video and game controllers.  Right click on the Realtek device and select uninstall - also, you should get a command prompt to delete the current driver, check the box allow this and then proceed to uninstall.

    When you are finished, download and reinstall the Chipset driver at the following link.


    When the reinstallation of Chipset has completed, restart the laptop.

    When windows has reloaded, open your download folder, right click on the installer of Realtek and select "Run as Administrator" to launch the installation.  Once this done, reboot the laptop and let windows load completely for a few minutes before checking.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Pavilion dv7t-4000 laptop: AMD HDMI port on the computer laptop dv7 is lost after free trial Win10 returns to Win7 Home Premium edition

    My laptop was purchased in sept 2010 and runs Win7 Home Premium Edition (64-bit).

    It worked perfectly until June 2016, when the trial version free odious Win10 forced itself on my laptop.  I had no choice, I used Win10 for a day or 2 and then discovered that:

    (1) I lost the audio capability, HDMI port, I use to connect to my TV, and

    (2) the Win10 trial enabled me to return on Win7, I did without delay.

    In my Win 7 restored, everything was fine, except when I have her go in Control Panel to configure / reconfigure HDMI as the default, I couldn't - the element used to appear as "AMD HDMI Audio" is no longer displayed.  I remember a message during the free trial period Win10 that says it has disabled any material incompatible.  Without a doubt, Win10 free trial 'killed' this HDMI/device port, at least audio-wise.

    Today, I always run the same Win7, but I can't have audio HDMI on this port.  When I connect to my TV, the video works.  Win7 Device Manager it shows with an exclamation in yellow, and when I right click to get more details, there is a message saying Microsoft:

    Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might be installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or maybe it's a malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52).

    Is there a way to 'get it '?  'this' is AMD HDMI audio.  (and wthout spoil the graphics - that is, video)

    I tried to install the drivers provided by AMD [graphics] and that did not work. The Internet from AMD website says that the audio drivers are included in the package for graphics drivers.  There is also a huge confusion in the way these low level items are named/described: ATI and AMD, because they have merged, were used somewhat interchangeably.  I also tried the graphics drivers AMD HP Support Web site specific to my laptop and it has only gotten worse.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Hi @ RTX,

    Awesome response. I read the details and depth of your post. I understand that the bios is updated. So you could end up with this update.

    Happens to the other updates. This will be the order.

    1. Uninstalling the driver Chipset and resettlement.

    2 reinstalling and uninstalling graphics drivers

    3. uninstall the sound drivers and reinstall.

    Before uninstalling, you can try to update the drivers supplied by device also Manager and if that market that will be great. Please, do it only if you don't have already done.

    Before uninstalling please make sure that you capture an image of the complete Device Manager window. Take some pictures of your cell phone. Please note the exact device for audio and video chipset drivers. Then, you will need to uninstall it from the Device Manager and install from the support site in the above order so that there is no confusion.

    If nothing works as a last resort, you may need to restore complete system to factory settings. Please backup your files before doing so. This is possible since the recovery of your computer's hard drive partition.

    Link to the system recovery: http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-dv7-Entertainment-Notebook-PC-series/4284279/model/4221688/document/c01867418/

    Please hold me. I hope that it pans well.

    Just to say thank youPlease click the ' Thumbs Up ' button to give a Kudos to appreciate my efforts to help me. If it helps, Please mark this "accepted Solution" because it will help many other people with the same problem to get it resolved without hassle.

    Now carefully and have a wonderful week ahead.

  • Need replacement screen for my computer pavilion laptop of 17 inches

    I need the part number to replace the screen of my hp Pavilion
    Model # 17 - g113dx
    I need to buy the cheapest please help if I replace my car

    Thanks in advance

    HI @Lydia6,

    Welcome to the HP support community!

    I see you need the part number to replace the screen of your HP Pavilion Notebook g113dx 17. The room is 809313-001, I am technical support only, not price. If you are looking for the part number it will help you to find the price.

    I hope this helps.

    Please click accept as Solution If your problems are solved.

    Thank you.

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