HP Pavilion 23-q130na: two user log ons

Hi, a couple of weeks, I bought my all-in-one and since passing through the initial Setup, I now have the ability to log on to two user names on the splash screen, but I've only used a configuration.  When I look in user accounts there is only one view.  How can I fix this so that I do etque to log every time I turn on the pc that I am the only user?


Hi there @JustinR1,

That the Forums are with you!  I understand that you are looking for assistance with several connections on your installation of Windows 10. I'm happy to give you a helping hand with this.

Try this and tell me if it helps: login user account automatically at startup of Windows 10 - tenforums.com

Please let me know if it works for you and if it does not solve your problem, please mark this message as a solution. Bravo would be appreciated as well.

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  • How do two users share a computer (music, photos) in a single library but have separate iPhones (applications, contacts, etc.)

    I've hunted around so apologies if the answer is already pluse...

    My wife and I have an iPhone each. We have our own applications, contacts, e-mail, reminders, calendars (a little shared via iCloud for family stuff). We have a Mac. We want to be able to share a unique music library (caps to synchronize the different slopes for different phones) and a unique photo library. Until recently, I did this by moving the two libraries on a partition separate without permissions etc. I could connect to a user account for me and access, then log off and log in as my wife and access. Do not change fast and really I'm only using my wife log in as a place to save his iPhone, app, contacts data backups, etc. This is already in the iCloud.

    However, with the new application Photos it seems that you can share is no longer a single library between two users. I get permission errors every time that I load it. I connect both my wife, get the error, run 'repair permissions', then it opens. I go back to my account and now I can't open it, have once again to 'fix' etc.

    So the questions:

    1. is it possible to still share a unique between two accounts photo library, so that we can each backup / synchronize phones separately?

    2 - is the best way to do it? Historically, I guess I need two accounts on my mac to keep our separate data, but is it possible to have two iPhones sync for the same account, but keep things like contacts, separate application data, etc.?

    Thank you


    1. is it possible to still share a unique between two accounts photo library, so that we can each backup / synchronize phones separately?

    Yes. The way to deliver two users share the same Photos and iTunes without permissions library library (but only one user can access the library at the same time) is to put the library on an external hard drive that is formatted as shown in this screenshot and directly connected to the Mac via the USB cable Firewire, or Thunderbolt.

    Each would have its own account on the Mac so keep separate e-mail, contacts, etc.  Fast user switching can be configured, so it's easy to quickly switch between accounts.

    But when you are finished with the library each user must leave Photos if the library is available for the other user.

  • XP Home: User Log-on attempts lead to endless loop

    After moving our household to a regional setting UN-cyber-friendly, our desktop PC went seven months without access to the internet (may to December 2013).  Using the service for the first time yesterday, I installed blindly Express all the 30 + automatic updates that were missed during the hibernation of the processor. That was apparently a very bad idea.  While my own administrator-level user account is currently no apparent problem, user account administrator-level of my wife on the same computer will not have a log - on.  Several restarts and attempt to be log-ons reached the same freezeout allowing the logon attempt run its course up to three hours, just to see if things would finally worked themselves went nowhere.

    The Task Manager shows a regular use of the CPU to 100%.  The percentages of individual processes fluctuate to the same cyclical pattern.  Concerned active processes are:

    He spent several hours scouring various forums and communities, and it seems that there are some buggy updates to Windows that are known to cause CPU redline issues and that I picked up probably with my automatic update download mass.  The problem is, I do not find one that specifically addresses this particular issue of logon, or appear in tandem with the other processes listed above.  If anyone can lend a hand, sure would appreciate it.  Thank you.

    Thank you, Andrew.  The pc I am running is the Dell Dimension 2400 desktop package came pre-loaded with XP Home edition 2003.  In reference to "log" was perhaps a bit too wide.  Specifically, errors occur immediately after log-in, during the process of loading the user's desktop, settings, and programs on behalf of my wife.  Interestingly, the same thing happens on the guest account, but my own account continues to operate normally.  Fortunately, my administrator status allowed me to access and recover his files photo & doc, I've archived on a flash (after security analysis, of course) for extra security.

    I appreciate counsel, but after yesterday against MS's announcement that XP is now considered a dead platform and that he won't MS support as of April 14, let's just use the portable Windows 8 and allow our terminal pc 11 years to die a natural death.  RIP, XP.  (But you can burn in the cyber-Hades, WordPerfect).  Thanks again, Andrew.
  • The two user accounts on PC have been changed to limited. No access to the administrator. How can I restore an administrator accounts?

    Since I have used remote support Microsoft.com, two user accounts have been converted to limited. None of us can access accounts administrator or owner on our pc running XP home. We receive notice of update program but cannot install because we do not have Administrator status.

    Log in Mode safe mode with the built-in Administrator account.


  • Two users on the same PC. How to run the application even for two users at the same time?

    Hello friends,

    I have two user accounts on my pc. Is it possible to run the same application (for example: DEFRAG or disc cleanup utlities) for two users at the same time? I mean, these utlilities work by all of the computer or user account? That would mean the same application to perform for a single user in the background and foreground to the user, or I'm totally lost in space?

    Thank you for your comments

    You should run Disk Cleanup in each user account. Do not try to shut it down or change user when defragmentation; system files may be damaged. You must stop the defragmentation, log off, restart the defragmentation and don't really no point for it. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • When a user logs off Windows 7 x 64 session, the rest can not access the internet until the restart network card

    Hello! I found a problem with my system: when a user logs off Windows 7 x 64 session, the rest can not access the internet, until restarted network card. Reinstall NIC driver did not help. Problem appears on a built-in adapter, in the motherboard and a separate PCI card too.  Same router via its web interface is not accessible. Windows cannot automatically fix this problem after trying to diagnose a problem with his problem Diagnostic tool. After the diagnosis in the DETAILS window, MORE tests, it displays a message like this "computer remote can not receive a connection via the Internet (HTTP) Service Port". "Unplugging" a corresponding Local network connection and then reconnect solves the problem immediately. Switching between users, when two of them are connected do not cause this problem. Important: the problem occurs in the account of the user who was logged on the system FIRST after the PC was on, when the user disconnected on newspapers of a SECOND. If the SECOND user is logged in and the FIRST user disconnects, SECOND can still access the internet. It depends only on the sequence of the user's record, not on the particular user name. And one more interesting fact: after each user registered on and outside just for once, the problem seems to disappear until the PC is turned off and turn it back on!

    System details:

    Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-VLK
    CPU: Intel Core i7 3770 K
    RAM: 8 GB
    OS: Windows 7 x 64

    Hi, Mahesh,

    and thank you very much for your help! Update firmware driver and router LAN did not help me get rid of my problem, but greatly improved my experience of networking in general. Anti-virus software was not guilty, also, but! I found the "iControl" network software, installed as part of Sogiciel 'AI Suite II' (that came on the CD of motherboard ASUS driverssoftware), runnning and causing not only the problem mentioned above, but would also decrease upload speed up to 0.3 MB/s, when download passes to nearly 100 Mbps! Moreover, searching the Internet, I have found a lot of complaints about the behavior of this software, so that people watch you the occasional installation of this piece... sweet ;) As "iControl network" has been uninstalled (not only turned off in the settings of 'Ai Suite II'!), I'm totally happy with my system performance.

    Best regards

  • My control panel shows only one user, but when I start it shows two users on the logon screen. and I know no other password

    My control panel shows only one user, but when I start it shows two users on the logon screen. My user is an administrator. But I do not know password of another user. I am currently using as an administrator. But I also want other user password. Answer please

    Your machine has only two accounts: admin and guest. I saw a few messages before which the poster makes an additional account on the log on screen that does not exist. Since there is not, it cannot be used.

    Also note that you play a game at high risk, having only one administrator account. This forum deals daily with posters including one and only the admin account went bad for one reason or other. Something about it now while you can: create, test, and document a spare, even admin account that you have a spare emergency House key.

  • How to get the host name of the physical computer inside a virtual machine until the user logs in Windows?

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this question, I develop software to support VMWare PCoIP and need to know how to get the host name of the physical machine (which manages the virtual machine and View Client) within a virtual machine before the user logs in Windows of the virtual machine.

    I understand there are two ways to read the host name, via the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Volatile Environment registry and environment variables, but they are available once the user is connected. I need info before the user connects.

    Is there a VMware API that can be called or asked the host name?

    Thank you.

    Not on the broker, but there are the startup scripts to log on to the computer virtual itself: http://pubs.vmware.com/view-52/topic/com.vmware.view.integration.doc/view_integration_startsession_script.9.2.html

    Note that these executed when a virtual desktop computer allocated connection, not to the point that the client connects - it is possible for the customer to not complete the connection (crash, cancel, network failure) and so any what solution you design must handle this.


  • Can I use symbolic links to share the file abook.mab for two users

    If I delete all the user profile .mab files and replace it with a symbolic link pointing to the same file in the other profile will be what sync my address for two profiles books. I have win7.
    The object is to have two user accounts Windows sharing the same e-mail data. I already have them show up on the same basis of messages.
    I would like to know if deleting a .mab file will only cause it be re-created.
    I hesitate to experiment.
    Thank you

    Remove files two default mab, abook.mab (PAB) or history.mab (collected addresses) will result in empty files with these names are automatically re-created on reboot of TB.

    There are a few ideas for sharing here address books:


  • Firefox forces me to use an administrator account to download on windows, I have two user accounts two called admin?

    I tried to download firefox on a pc with windows vista, fiefox configure wants me to go to an administrator account. There are two users on the windows machine means, both as directors, but at the same time discourage making a staff. Firefox invites me to an administrator and a password, I tried to add a password for my user account, but it has not been accepted, if I try the alternative to use "current user" it is unresponsive and disappears from the download area. This is getting ridiculous. Help, please.

    I'm assuming that you download the installer of Firefox http://www.getfirefox.com/ with Internet Explorer. Something to try:

    You must choose the registration option (do not use the run option). Once the download is complete, open the download folder for your Windows account, then right-click on the Firefox setup.exe inside the file and choose run as administrator.

  • Migration of PC now I have two user accounts.  How can I transfer everything to a user account

    I've migrated from PC to iMac, and now I have two user accounts.  How can I just well mover a user account and then delete the second user account.

    A user account is one that you created in the Setup Wizard when you have got a Mac. The second he the user account you migrated your PC. If you used the same username for both, then you can simply copy the files from one to the other. If the user names are different, then see: transfer of files from one user to another account.

  • Two users and storage iCloud

    I have two users put in place on a macbook air. Each user has his own iPad and their own identifier apple. Each user gets their own storage 5 GB iCloud?

    Each user can benefit from the free 5 GB of storage.

  • Web application of timesheet before the user log on to the domain network

    We have Windows 2003 server where active directory is installed and used as a domain controller, we also have another server where our web timesheet application developed in .net is installed.

    What we would like to do is before any user logs on his computer that he must complete the timesheet of the yestarday, if there already fillied timesheets can log or the system must raise message to fill the first timesheet. UserCan bypass the timesheet for max 3 days after that the system does not allow the user to log on to the field and exhausted once the time sheets he can log.

    access to the application of the timesheet using ipaddress with connection by port.

    Kind regards


    It is just a bit beyond, issues of the support that we offer in these forums, because we support the public versions of Windows and their security.  I suggest you post this kind of question in the forums TechNet (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-us/categories), as this is where people from Active Directory and the server will be found.

  • What should I do when my labtop detect two users on my ip addresses?

    What should I do when my labtop detect two users on my ip addresses?

    Look for the reason why.  This is probably a failure in the DHCP settings on a PC.

  • How can I get my computer to open with two users. I managed to lose a

    I had two user some how Media Player library eliminated one of them & I can't find out out to go back to change user


    To help you to propose measures to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. are you referring to switching users on the computer?

    2. what exactly is the problem with Windows Media Player?

    3 have there been recent changes made on the computer before the show?

    For more information, see the links.

    How to use the Windows XP Fast User Switching feature

    A discussion on the availability of the fast user switching feature

    Please get back to us with the information above to help you accordingly.

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