HP Pavilion 500-242ea: Ram upgrade

Hi I have a desktop computer Pavilion 500 - 242ea 64-bit with 6 GB of ram installed 1 x 2 gb Hynix/Hyundai 1600 mhz and 1 x 4 gb Samsung 1600 mhz.

I would like to increase my ram by an additional 8 GB with a 2 x 4 GB - 1600 mhz cards in empty slots, all first is it possible and secondly what do you sugest?

My motherboard has four 240-pin ddr dimm sockets plug say this upgrade may be: -.

PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333) or

PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600) or

PC3-14400 (DDR3-1866),

32 GB unbuffered memory total

I look forward to your response.


You can add memory for each vacant home.   I would add two DDR3 2048 MB PC3-12800 (800 mhz) to this system.  But if you wanted to add two 4096 modules, I see no problem.

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  • HP Pavilion 500-242ea: graphics card update

    I am an avid player of PC, when I try to play the new games IE cod blackopps 3 sound telling me that I have little memory, I think about buying additional ram, do I have to update my graphics card?

    System Pavilion 500-242ea

    mobo (jasmineR)

    chipset AMD A75 FCH

    MEM 4 x DDR3 Sockets

    a front side bus speed 4-way, 5 GT/s per lane

    processor socket FM2

    Exp 1 of slots pci express x 16 (ben2.0)

    3 PCI Express x 1 (gen 2.0)

    1 half-length mini-map


    235integrated Radeon R5

    AMD radeon 7560D 1440 x 900

    graphic mem 4 181 MB

    In the waiting

    You'll be glad you asked!

    This is your computer .  Power supply is 300W.  PROCESSOR AMD A8-5500.  D 7560 AMD graphics card.

    COD Black Ops must these requirements.   Your CPU meets the corrected value.

    The graphics are a serious difference... the comparison here is.  560ti vs the 760 and both are 170W.

    You will need at least a 500W PSU, but again, I would see that a 600W Corsair associated with a card EVGA.

    Finally, you need 8 GB of memory of motherboard.  Just 6 GB. Not sure about your Setup, because there are 4 locations, and you have 6 GB installed... Run the CPUID CPU-Z to analyze the 4 locations.

  • To access the data from the old hard drive connected to the HP Pavilion 500-242ea

    Recently I bought HP Pavilion 500-242ea (Windows OS 8.1) as my old pc died. I connected the old hard drive via the Usb Adapter kit. The old drive appears in the Device Manager and file Explorer and disk management in drive F, but shows no volume. I know that the old drive is not complete and the drive works as I put the disc in and they charge. When I click on the old drive-F car - in the message "Please insert the disk" leader explore appears. Anyone know how to access the data on the old drive which has the cable IDE.

    Please help need to copy the old drive imporatant files.

    Thank you

    Just had to ask, you know the difference between the hard drive and CD/DVD drive?  Don't get angry, read this.

    You said "I know that the old drive... works as I can put disks and they load. When I click on the old player disc-F-in the message "Please insert the disk" leader explore appears. »

    Anything that involves a CD/DVD drive. You can't put a disk on a hard disk.

  • HP Pavilion 500-550nv: the upgrade of power

    Hello. I have HP Pavilion 500-550nv (in which case is microtour format) and want to upgrade my HP power which is only 180 W!

    I want to know what brand of food is supported for my pc model (hp pavilion 500-550nv) and how much wattage recommended (up to 600? up to 650?). Which is the recommended limit of power supply of power for my HP?

    I'm waiting for your answers. Thank you

    Hello @jeandoumpier,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums from the HP Support! The forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your problems, with the help of the community!

    I read your post on food and wanted to help you!  I understand that you are concerned about upgrade options.

    You should be able to improve the power you want.  The Office should take but a lot of power, it must, food that is installed.  Just check that the power supply to use, firmly enters the tower.  Based on the Specifications of the product, you can find the dimensions tour here:

    • Height: 36.7 cm (14,48 in.) unpacked

    • Width: 17.5 cm (6.91 inches) unpacked

    • Length: 38.9 cm (15.35 inches) unpacked

    Please let me know if this information helps you solve the problem by marking this message as 'accept as Solution', this will help others easily find the information they seek.  In addition, by clicking on the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thank you!

    Have a great day!

  • Pavilion 500-242ea: x 5 component the Fans Running constantly - seems more noisy for me - is that true?


    Have had a unit of 500-242ea Office Pavilion, a little more than 12 months now, but I remember it is much quieter when I bought it

    Currently, all 5 fans operate constantly, which seems to be at full speed.  Is this good?  I'm not crazy, I know fans need to run components cool but I didn't know that all 5 had to operate at this speed!

    Notes: I'm not a gamer and do not exploit several programs at the same time, all that often, so do not insist on CPU etc.  The unit is clean / dust-free, inside and outside, and there is no problem of heat sink, I noticed

    Graphics card was recently replaced (due to grinding noise on start up) under warranty but replacement is not stronger than the previous unit

    Can anyone suggest, if it is possible to adjust, reset or control the fans via BIOS or if there is another way to reduce this noise nuisance?

    Thanks for the advice offered


    Being a "student of honour here, I don't know how to tag my question as"Resolved."

    In any case, for someone who is having a noisy fan problem, you can give what I've done, a go

    1 / restart PC Desktop, tapping f10 key as it works to begin with, it penetrates into the BIOS menu

    2 / take a look at all the options related to food.  I took a look at the "Thermal" CPU, but please note that I have not made no changes to anything!  I have not noticed, any menu for changing fan speeds

    3 / choose option "exit without saving the changes.

    If you're lucky, as I now have a silent computer near

    Aaaah... happiness

  • Qosmio X 500 02G RAM Upgrade - Compatible speed

    Hello world
    I am looking to update my RAM in my Qosmio X 500 02G to 8 GB, but I have a few queries.
    I looked in the manual and on a site of RAM config but found no answers. The toshiba also recommended that RAM has quite ridiculous prices.

    This laptop does support dual channel? and it supports 1333 MHz?

    It's the kits im RAM is seeking
    [Corsair 1333 8 GB: http://www.mwave.com.au/sku-37150059-Corsair_8GB_2x_4GB_DDR3_SODIMM_Memory_Kit_PC3_1060 0_1333MHz_Dual_Channel_9_9_9_2]
    It is also in the 1066 MHz version if that's what I use.
    [Corsair 8 GB 1066: http://www.mwave.com.au/sku-37140266-Corsair_8GB_2x_4GB_DDR3_SODIM_Memory_Kit_PC3_8500 _ 1066MHz_CM3X8GSDKIT1066]

    Alternatively, that if dual channel will not be a benefit
    [G-Skill 4 GB x 2 | http://www.cplonline.com.au/memory/laptop/gskill-4g-single-1333-mhz-for-laptop-f3-10666cl9s-4gbsq.html]

    Thank you

    > The Toshiba also recommends that RAM has quite ridiculous prices.

    Kingston modules are good quality RAM modules.
    Personally I always buy good quality RAM and I never had any problems of compatibility or performance.
    You can read here in the forum on the problems of compatibility as laptop RAM power not on after RAM upgrade or similar
    They always uses some modules at low cost.

    In general you can use the modules of DDR3 1066 MHz (PC3-8500).

  • HP Pavilion 500-326na: graphics upgrade on HP Pavilion 500-326na card

    Last year, I bought a HP Pavilion 500-326na, and recently, I decided that I would update the graphics card. The card that I'm looking is the nVidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti. This would be consistent with (and in the form of) my computer? In addition, I'm not sure exactly how I had to upgrade my power supply, if necessary, and if you can direct me to a decent choice.

    Thank you very much.

    SJ642, welcome to the forum.

    According to the Specifications of the product , the computer has an external power supply 180W (PSU).  If this is the case, you won't be able to level the video card.  The 750ti requires a power supply of at least 300 w; Some reported that 400W is needed to make it work properly.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • Pavilion 500-138eo: GPU upgrade

    I intend to move the graphics card in my Pavilion 500-138eo Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 or 970 and upgrade the PSU to fit to the requirements of the new graphics card. The motherboard (Memphis-s) and the case does support these cards as they are cards double-width, and what diet do you recommend? The current graphics card is a Geforce GTX 645 with 2 GB of VRAM, twice more than the Nvidia reference design.

    Specifications of the computer: http://support.hp.com/ie-en/document/c03991377

    Hi there @apanpapan3

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, so many other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff. I understand that you are looking for information for upgrading the video card and the power supply to your computer. I'm happy to help you with this.

    Looking at the two video cards that you are considering, the 960 requires that a minimum of 400 w of power and the 970 requires a minimum of 970 w. The two cards are double-width, but the 970 is a little longer. Both use PCI Express 3.0.

    The system has however a 300W power supply, then of course you will need to level it and don't forget the replacement of the power supply has the necessary extra power connections, 1 or 2 6-pin connections must be available depending on the card.

    The current internal power supply also has the following additional parameters:

    • Form factor: ATX internal
  • G7-1083nr Pavilion: Pavilion g7-1083nr ram upgrade

    What is the capacity of ram upgrade use for a Pavilion g7-1083nr?  Currently I have 4 GB but I want MORE!

    You are the very welcome, John.

    No, maximum size chip, you can put in each slot is only 4 GB.

    What I mean by the 8 black chips instead of 4 bit is noted in the images below.

    8 tokens: recommended.


    4 chips: not recommended.  May not be enough low density.


    The Intel Mobile chipset with the processor that your model can run at 1066 MHz.

    Thus, memory at 1333 MHz will be downclock at 1066 Mhz speed to match how fast the processor can run.

    I may have a cousin from Esa.  My father spoke to him once when he played for the New York Rangers.

    My son and I all played no pro hockey. So, hockey is in our blood.

  • Pavilion 500-123w processor upgrade won't work

    I have the HP Pavilion 500-123w computer with the card mother H-Joshua-H61-Μatx (Joshua). I just bought this computer on December 23, 2013.

    According to the specification of HP product site, he says that the motherboard will support a processor Quad Core of Intel Core i7-2xxx (Sandy Bridge).

    So I bought an Intel Core i7 - 2600K CPU and installed. When I turn on the computer, it says "ERROR not taken into CHARGE PROCESSOR - YOUR COMPUTER NOW STOP." It won't let me even get into the BIOS, because it stops after a few seconds.

    I had already installed the update of the most recent from the HP site BIOS until I installed the processor. The BIOS version is JOS_817.ROM V8.17

    I studied this motherboard on other sites, and they said that this motherboard supports Intel Core i7 - 2600K processor.

    When I put the processor back original, everything works fine. I installed the new processor 3 different times and I get the same error message.

    Are there settings jumper, I need to change the motherboard? Does anyone else have this problem?

    I am an electronics technician and have done repairs to computer for years. For me, it looks like there is a problem with the BIOS does not recognize the new processor.

    Thanks for any help,


    Oh no, I just heard from HP Support and they said:

    "Dan, I checked the specifications of your PC and gathered the information that your PC is compatible with Intel Core i7-2xxx (Sandy Bridge) Quad Core, but the processor Intel Core i7 - 2600K is not compatible with your PC." So, I recommend you to install with Intel Core i7-2600 (Sandy Bridge) Quad Core.

    Thus, the i7-2600 is a little different than the i7 - 2600K. Wish I had known before that I spent more than 300 million dollars on the new processor.

    I should have purchased separate components and built a new computer from scratch, like that I could update if I needed to. Well, we live an apprenticeship. Factory computers are not easily expandable.

    Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it sincerely.

  • HP Pavilion 500-002ec: the HP Pavilion 500-002ec gpu upgrade


    I have a HP Pavilion 500-002ec pc and I want to replace the pre-installed gpu (Radeon HD 8570). I was looking at GTX950 and I have a few questions. I need more power for her? If so, how much more? And it is even compatible with current pc? Thanks for your replies.


    If do the 950 GTX specific and model does not require a 6-pin auxiliary power connector then it should work. However, most of the GTX 950 require an auxiliary power connector 6-pin and the HP 300 watt standard power supply in your PC doesn't have that connector.  You would be obliged to replace the power supply or try the NVIDIA GTX 750.

    If you decide to stay with the GTX950 then I suggest you one of the following blocks that will give you a bit of room to develop and/or use a graphics card more large: Corsair CX500, CX600 or CX650m

    Be sure to measure to ensure that the graphics card fits will fit inside.

  • HP pavilion dv6-6150sl ram upgrade

    Hello to all,

    I like aumentare del mio hp pavilion dv6-6150sl adding una scheda ram ram da 8 GB have 4 GB gia pre-installation. I wanted to ram acquistare quale sapere e Dove acquistarla. Grazie

    HI aleflami:

    Thank you for your message. I'm happy to help you in this business!

    I send you a document, on the upgrade of memory (RAM) click here. Here is the HP Pavilion dv6-6150sl Entertainment Notebook PC product specifications click here. Here is a link to a YouTube video on upgrading equipment click here. I hope this helps.

  • Pavilion Dv6-1446ee: RAM UPGRADE

    HI experts,

    My laptopn Pavilion dv6 1446ee has two slots of memory, each use "1 GB PC2-6400, 800 MHz, DDR2 RAM"

    Now, if I want to upgrade the memory to 4 GB, then should I modernize the two slots? Or upgrade to the 4 GB single slot will work?




    Your machine currently have 2 x 1 GB, you can switch to 2 x 4 GB (8 GB total):


    1 location with 4 GB works but why you would do this, DDR3 RAM (DDR2, not) is cheap now

    Kind regards.

  • HP Pavilion Notebook - M1Y45UA: Ram upgrade


    I have a HP Pavilion Notebook - M1Y45UA.

    I was wondering if my Pavilion supports an upgrade to 16 GB of RAM? And if so, where can I find the best information on the replacement/upgrade the RAM for my particular laptop? Preferably in the form of video.


    Yes, it supports 16 GB

    DDR3 - 1333 MHz Dual Channel Support (DDR3L-1600 demoted to the DDR3-1333)

    DDR3L-1600-MHz single channel

    Support supports up to 16 GB of RAM in the following conƭgurations

    ● 16384 MB total system memory (8192 × 2)

    ● total system 12288 MB memory (8192 × 1) + (4096 × 1)

    ● System total of 8192 MB memory (8192 × 1.) or (4096 x 2)

    ● total system 6144 MB memory (4096 x 1) + (2 048 × 1)

    ● System total of 4096 MB memory (4096 × 1.) or (2048 x 2)

    Product page 2 manuals


    How to replace page 43

  • 15-p214dx Pavilion: Pavilion 15-p214dx RAM upgrade


    I'm interested in upgrading the RAM on my 15-p214dx and wonder if it is possible, and the amount of RAM I can install?

    Thank you


    See page 2, 3 in the Manual:

    Up to 16 gb (8 GB + 8 GB) max.

    You currently have 6 GB (4 GB + 2 GB in two slots)

    You can run this tool: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z-android.html

    You have to do exactly the same configuration and preference even sticks good brand. (Samsung, G.skill, Crucial, Hynix etc. are of good brands)




Maybe you are looking for

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