HP Pavilion 550-055na: Win 7 drivers for HP Pavilion 055na-550


I recently bought a new HP Pavilion 550-055na here in the United Kingdom and am not too keen on the 8.1 of Windows on the machine.

I want to put Windows 7 (64 bit) on it to ensure the stability of my Pro Tools and video editing - and the use of gneral familiar. However, the page drivers is a little confused and I don't know what applies exactly to my machine.


In the link, I have updated the page to display the Windows 7 software. However, I am sure that some of these download options do not apply to me. For example, my machine has a "nVidia Ge Force 750"graphics card and this is not listed as a download option. It seems only options for:

nVidia Graphics Driver add-on for GT730 2 GB

nVidia Graphics Driver add-on for GT730 4 GB

Graphics nVidia Unified Driver module

In addition to the options for the graphic card drivers, some of the other options are confused and I don't know what I should install. Either way, my network controller and sound card appear to be Realtek.

Can someone please tell me which factors listed, I should download before I have to enter the installation of the OS? Or, if it is easier, which of those I shouldn't use. Are there any that I didn't need for example? I'm guessing that some may not apply to me and than some.

Any help to this would be greatly appreciated as I lost a PC a few weeks and he had to get into service again.

Sincere greetings



You are welcome.  Thank you for the additional information.

I am happy to answer your questions.

dougaljoe wrote:

Thanks for the reply Geekster old. Very much appreciated.

I would like to run a few things from you, if this is correct.

My specific graphics card is not listed in the available driver downloads. Does this mean that I have this source of nVidia and 'no' Internet HP site?  You must use the unified driver.

In addition, according to specifications, my network card must be a Realtek RTL8151GH-CG, but it is not listed either. Should I just go with the Realtek NETWORK card driver available for this? It's all a bit confusing.  Yes, you must use the driver for the CARD.  I agree to be confusing.  Just know that you actually cannot make a mistake because if this isn't the right driver, it will not install.

The driver listed in the downloads of driver chipset seems to be a generic "Intel" as opposed to a particular version (i.e. H87). I guess I'll take the Intel, the one with the other intel downloads in this section? Also should I it storage AMD Raid driver if I have an Intel Chipset?  Yes, install the Intel Chipset driver.  Do not install the drivers AMD or software.  HP uses different motherboards in the same model, that is why it becomes a bit confused.  Yet once, if you try to install an incorrect driver it will not install.

Sorry to ask pretty much, but I don't want to install things I'm not supposed to. I hate this technical part of computing. I use better programs than to find these things.  Believe me, you're not alone when it comes of the presentation of the pilots of no.  This is probably the area of most confusion.  I even sometimes have problems.

All wouold much appreciated precision. Thank you very much.  You are welcome.


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