HP Pavilion 550 - 155l: CPU - Z says 12 GB of ram, Windows says 4 GB

Hello, firstly I want to say sorry of HP if I broke the rules because I'm new here.

My problem is, I just got a new HP 550 building - 155l with 4 GB of RAM. Then, my friend gave me a stick of Kingston fury X DDR3 1600 Mhz, which is 8 GB for me. I tried to installed the RAM. Then, when I open the information system, its says that I have still 4 GB of ram (3.90 usable). I was very confused, so I went to come and download CPU - Z to see if the RAM stick works. And it is! it is my 8 GB key! And the tab says memory I have total of 12 GB of RAM but why Windows says only 4 GB (3.90 usable)? Is there something wrong? Help, please! You guys can see photos of preferences.

PS Sorry if my grammar isn't very good. I'm not a native English speaker, I'm Thai.

It comes to the n/b system information for Windows and CPU - Z comparison.

It's the provided HP RAM.

It's the fury X 8 GB RAM Kingston

Thank you for every response.

Windows sees only 4 GB because you have mixed densities (4GB + 8 GB) module and the modules of memory other manufacturer.

If you want to use more than 4 GB successfully, then buy a memory compatible pair of bars secured and install them.

Make sure that you remove the other two modules before the upgrade.

See the following URL for guaranteed compatible memory module address. I have used Crucial for example. There are other manufacturers that ensure their modules are compatible.


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    Hello TxCalico,

    When you say 'old keyboard gateway", which was not working because it was wired as a PS2 and not USB?

    There are adapters available PS2 USB if you were really want work-specific keyboard.

    The KU-0316 is just a basic USB keyboard and should work just fine as would any other USB keyboard.

    There is no special driver related to keyboards USB and Windows 10, unless the specific keyboard had special hot keys that depend on the software prior to use.

    Hope that helps.

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    The Intel Pentium G4400 CPU is supported by the motherboard of your desktop PC, you can install it and expect to have no problems.

    The following image shows all compatible processors that are supported by your motherboard BIOS.

    Source: HP web document http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04816375

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    Also, having never done a front CPU upgrade, it is attacking physically straight as a memory upgrade?

    Thank you.

    Thank you for the information, @pgking.  Don't worry the delay.  I'm here every day.

    There is an update of the BIOS here.  It is the 6th in the list for the SSID 2 B 52.  If you do the update, be extremely careful to follow the instructions.  A failed BIOS update will make a good boat anchor.  HP makes reconmmend update, however.  Normally, if a processor is recommended in the specification, this will work without changing the BIOS.

    Now, a Quad core will make the difference in performance.  Even with the slower speed, it should give better performance.  More carrots for best performance for multitasking, etc..  In addition, an upgrade of memory will add considerable performance.  Another element that I always install is an SSD.  This will make a dirrerence in startup speed.  I don't have another computer without a boot SSD.  The difference is phenomenal.

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    Are special types of media for this? Or, how to install an ssd in the 550-122nd Pavilion?

    Thank you.


    Personally, I wouldn't worry on the screws.

    With a hard drive, these are important because they stop the car while it is in use.  But in an SSD, you have no moving parts, so there is no reason to immobilize.

    I have a tower PC running on an SSD and which is simply placed on top of a tray of disk - and works very well for months!

    Good luck
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    Down pipe

    Looks like you are trying to install the wrong driver.

    Looking at the page HP drivers for your PC Win10, I don't see this softpaq for all Intel WLAN driver.  Instead, I see the sp72159 softpaq.

    This page is here: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-550-200-Desktop-PC-series/9259612/model/11413200

    Good luck
    I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
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  • Pavilion 550 010il: I wan to change my power supply

    I have a HP Pavilion 550 010il

    In the page on record there are many improvements for her so I wan to increase ram cpu and I wan to add a 960 Gtx

    one add an SSD...

    And especially I neede to upgrade the PSU and I want to can it upgrade

    an ATX one which is a corsair 650w.

    And in the Specs page, it is mentioned as Μatx APFC power supply 300 W internal

    While I can change the power supply, if so please suggest a higher 400W

    Please help me with this

    The PSU from Corsair 650W come in many different models.  The maximum depth in your case may not exceed 5.5 as shown in the example below.   Look at chart below and the powers of CPU.  A 600W is still in the plug.

    The GTX960 requires 120W and two PCIE 6pin power connectors

    Present the processor:

    Intel Core i5-4460 (Haswell) 3.4 GHz Quad Core

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    Can I remove the supplied AMD Radeon R5 330 and install a cheap graphics card which can drive two screens? For example, the edge AMD Radeon R7 will continue to work and be capable of driving two screens, despite the withdrawal of the AMD Radeon R5 330 and her feeling that there is an another graphics card installed?

    Or do I have to install a graphics card that can drive four monitors? I think the AMD over-pants W4100. There is need for power is "less than 50 W", like the AMD Radeon R5 330, which should be possible without having to upgrade the power supply?

    Hey there @RenniePet,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff. I understand that you want to connect 4 screens on your computer and I am happy to help you with this.

    Looking desktop HP Pavilion 550 - 153no product specifications, in the section on the integrated graphics card, it says "integrated graphics card does not work if a graphics card is installed.

    So no, the integrated graphics card will not work with another installed graphics card. So if you try to use four screens, you will need to put in a graphics card that provides for this. The jury has only available following expansion slots:

    A PCI Express x 16 (Gen 3.0)

  • Pavilion 550-154na: new hp pavilion 550-154na will not start

    New Pavilion at startup error screen says

    check for the presence of media

    media present

    on ipv4 pxe boot

    Press etc. to abandon the pxe boot

    then blue srceen

    not found boot device

    Please install an operating system on your hard drive

    hard drive - (3fo)

    F2 - system diagnostics

    I had the same problem with my new hp pavilion 550-106na. I accessed online hp support and they advised me to return the product to the company, bought home for an Exchange, what I've done.

  • Pavilion 550-279na: GPU and PSU upgrade for Pavilion 550-279


    I have a HP Pavilion 550-279na. While it fits most of my needs, I enjoy the occasional game and found that the GPU that is it came with, the Radeon R5 330 does not offer enough "oomph".


    I had a quick glance and think that the Nvidia GTX 750ti would probably answer my needs.

    Don't you think that this card would fit in my PC?

    Also, I guess 180W POWER supply that it came with is not sufficient to run a faster GPU, you have any recommendations on the size or model that would suit the Pavilion.

    My apologies if these are very secular issues, my knowledge of material isn't at the height!

    Thanks for any help.



    Your PC has the correct UEFI BIOS.

    The GTX 750Ti requires a minimum 300 Watt power supply.

    You must measure the space available along the existing graphics card and compare it to the length of the backup. The 750 is 5.7 inches long. The 750 is a dual slot card. Make sure you have room and you can check out a second plate of Panel rear I/O to install the card.

    It must fit unless it's really tight in your chassis with the existing card.

    Same problem with the power supply. Verify that you can install a power supply 350 Watt or 400 watts.

    I prefer modular Corsair or Seasonic power switching.

    Make sure that you disable secure boot and enable the legacy boot in the BIOS.

    Also to uninstall all of the AMD graphics drivers and software before you install the card GTX 750.

    See you soon!

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    I was unable to find the burning software for my new HP Pavilion Desktop PC - 550-166d. May I know that this model does not comes with the burner software? I try to find in the recovery software, but could not.

    So, I download software Cyberlink Power2Go:


    "However a pop-up message: this software cannot be installed on a Hewlett-Packard system".

    No reason?

    Is there any burning software can be installed in my pc?


    I'm surprised that the software did not work.

    See if this version works...

    This package provides CyberLink Power2Go in the supported models running a supported operating system. CyberLink Power2Go is a burning software that allows users to burn data, music or video disks. It offers support for CD, DVD, HD DVD and Blu - ray discs and includes features for disk copy.


    If that doesn't work either, I like this free software... I install the version without open candy.


    The specifications of product software for your model, indicates that it does not come with any software CD/DVD burning.


  • 550 - 178na Pavilion: Pavilion 550-178na


    I almost bought the PC desktop HP Pavilion 550-178na a few days ago.  Now, it doesn't seem to be available at HP.  This model was discontinued?



    You will get a response directly from HP HP. marketing issues is constantly changing configurations based on the costs of material and demand.

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    HP Pavilion 550 doubles voltage, 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz?

    If this isn't the case, I would need a voltage as well as the adapter converter that can handle at least 1250 watt, right?


    If she doesn't have a switch then nothing to worry about, all you need is a cord or a simple adapter. I don't live in the USA but I bought some products from the United States and my loan of equipment all come from the United States, I only need adapters. We too use 240V.

    Kind regards.

  • Desktop HP Pavilion 550-044: processor upgrade

    Can I upgrade using a processor intel i7 4790 K 4.0 ghz on a desktop hp pavilion 550-044 design?

    DKinsman1234, welcome to the forum.

    This is supported by the motherboard and HP processor upgrades:

    TDP: up to 88 W

    • Socket type: LGA 1150 (Socket-H3)

  • HP Pavilion 550-055na: new disk will not install the new operating system


    I bought a new HP Pavilion 550 - 055na with Windows 8 a month or two ago but want to use Windows 7. However, I decided that I will keep the hard, the PC came with, and have the option of Windows 8 in future if I want. So, I'm installing Windows 7 on a new hard drive.

    My problem is that the new copy of Windows 7 will not install on my new hard drive.  I get:

    Violation of secure boot

    Invalid signature detected. See the policy in the configuration of secure boot

    Then me to a black screen after I pressed Enter/Ok, who said the following.

    Check the presence of the media...

    Media present...

    On IPv4 PXE boot.

    If I press F12 on power on, I get a blue box asking me to select a boot device. The only options are:

    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller IPv4

    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller IPv6

    and the output by using the arrow keys

    How to change the secure boot strategy?  If I do, it means that I can install my 7 can I on my new hard drive? Also, providing that I do, I always will be able to use my Windows 8 OS drive after changing the secure boot strategy?

    Any help would be appreciated to greately.

    Sincere greetings



    You have to enable the legacy mode and disable start-up secured in the BIOS to be able to install and run W7.

    Please see this link to find out where these settings... this references adding a video card, but this is how you change the settings no matter why you need to change.


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