HP Pavilion: activate the touchpad while typeing windows 8.

Hi I have a Hp pavilion and I noticed that when I type my touchpad turns off... I heard one solution is to disable the check of palm, but I can't find this option. What is no idea what to do now please help!


SmartSense is almost identical to Palm check, so turn off should allow you to use the keyboard and the touchpad at the same time - just click on the "gear" beside SmartSense, adjust the slider to turn it off, click close and then click on apply to save the change.

Another parameter in Windows 8/8.1 you can also check is as follows.

In the bar of charms, click setting and select change PC settings.

PCs and devices, and select mouse and touchpad.

Under the touchpad, select "no delay (always enabled) in the menu dropdown.

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    I am playing games on my new laptop Lenovo G505s. The touchpad is made by MOMENTUM and while I was able to find on my previous laptop palmcheck, Im having trouble trying to find it on my current computer. Thanks in advance for your help.



    I found how to fix this problem. This is just a little registry tweaking:

    Open regedit.exe as administrator, go to:


    Find the key named:


    Double-click and change the value to 0, close and restart. Your touchpad is active while typing!

    Good luck!


  • Anyone know how to use the buttons on the touchpad while typing? (Windows 8)

    I've already solved the problem when I use the touchpad when typing, but not the buttons on the touchpad while typing, I really want to play this shooting game where I have to run and I can't shoot while running I have to stay still and push that I will be bitten by zombies does anyone know how to solve this?

    Have you already checked this option?

  • Omen of HP: HP Omen control "Enable the touchpad while typing" resets on reboot

    Hey, I just got a new laptop HP Omen and it works for the large majority. However, I was annoyed buy the touchpad is disabled while typing (because it took a few moments to re-activation, making it difficult to edit documents quickly, jumping from one section to another). I have seen that there is a setting for this in the control of presage software and I enabled it, and it works temporarily. But when I restart the laptop, the setting is enabled is no longer, and you need to re - activate yourself. This doesn't happen to other settings, such a deactivation of the windows key, which remain after the restart, but isn't the touchpad setting. Is it possible to fix this?

    Thank you

    Thank you very much, I didn't know that this setting could also be found under the touchpad settings. I turned to SmartSense (detection of palm + keyboard delay) and it solved half of the problem. However, the touchpad settings don't also save on reboot. There were messages on this before, such as:


    The final solution to this position, changing a value of resistry, worked for me, and now the settings remain saved. So thanks to you and which after.

  • Satellite C850-1F2 - cannot activate the touchpad


    Recently, I installed Windows 7 on my C850-1F2. For the installation to finish, I had to disable all unnecessary devices in the BIOS, including the internal pointing device/keyboard. After that, the installation went well and I subsequently installed all drivers (downloaded from Toshiba) manually correspondents.

    All devices can be installed and work properly - with the exception of the touchpad.
    If I re-enable the touchpad in the BIOS, Windows will not start. It just stops at 'Starting Windows' screen - not the gel (continuous loop animation), it will not simply continue. Starting in safe mode, it will also stop after loading all the drivers. I've had the laptop that works all night to see if I was just being too impatient, but nothing helps.

    Also, the system does not detect the touchpad. Manager devices displays only the USB mouse, that I have connected or anything. When you access the parameters of 'Mouse', the system will first ask me if I want to uninstall the Synaptics drivers. I have thus tried to reinstall the Toshiba and the generic Synaptics driver but no touchpad.

    If I use FN + F5 to activate the touchpad (while it is already disabled in the BIOS), I simply disable the keyboard. The touchpad does not work. However, I have to disable it again, then put the laptop to sleep and it wakes again so that the keyboard works again.
    Furthermore, if I reboot after using the fn + f5, again, the touchpad is enabled in the BIOS and Windows does not start.

    I'm really confused at this point. What Miss me?

    > For the installation to finish, I had to disable all unnecessary devices in the BIOS, including the internal pointing device/keyboard.
    I installed Win7 several times but I never heard of something like this and I've always installed when moved the BIOS default settings so I put t understand this theory and does not understand why you did that.

    In any case, if nothing works well I highly recommend to upgrade the BIOS to the default settings and then install the clean version of Win7. I hope you are using Microsoft original installation disc and not some self made things.

    I put t think that there is a magic trick that can solve your problem.

  • Will not activate the touchpad on Satellite A300-1I4


    I disabled my touchpad when I had the Vista that achieved with the PC, but I formatted and installed Windows 7 top and now I can't seem to activate the touchpad.

    I tried Fn + F9 or through the Synaptics pointing device settings, but no luck.

    Toshiba A300 1I4 - PSAGCE
    Windows 7 Ultimate x 64


    Have you created the recovery disc before you formatted the laptop?
    If so, use this drive, enable the touchpad, and then reinstall Win 7 ;)

    Have you tried to activate the touchpad in Control Panel-> mouse-> other devices?
    Check this too

    There should be an option that should control certain properties of the touchpad.

  • I can't move my touchpad while typing

    I bought a laptop (HP g094sa) purple and have downloaded the 'minecraft' game in order to play the game, you look around (using the touchpad) and walking (using the keys w, a, s and d) I can't use the touchpad when using w, a, s and d. Please help me as soon as possible!


    This problem may be caused by a touchpad setting which is intended to avoid any accidental activation - for example if your Palm brush the touchpad when typing.

    You can change this as follows.

    Open windows control panel and on the top right, next to the display by: select "large icons".  In the new page layout, select the entry of Synaptics.

    The hardware/software version will depend on real option that you're looking for (see the example below), but it is usually called 'check' Palm or Smart Sense'-disable this function and apply the changes.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • How to activate the touchpad on Satellite A75

    I accidently turned off my Touch Pad on my Toshiba Satellite A75. Of course, this won't work - anyone can help me with the command to activate the touchpad.

    Thank you


    How do disable you the touchpad?
    Have you used a combination of FN keys?

    Try to reverse this order using the FN + F9 key

  • How can I activate the touchpad

    Im getting message on the bottom of the page this touchpad is disabled.  Ifollowed instructions to less sensitive touchpad and the message says the touchpad works very well, but it's no t.   One last thing, I have a mouse that I use and it's only last week that t his message has developed and I can't activate the touchpad.

    Thank you

    Go to your device under 'mice and other pointing devices' Manager, double-click your touchpad, in the properties box, click the driver tab, there is a button to toggle it. I hope I could help

  • How to activate the touch screen on Windows 8.

    Original title: How can I activate this touch screen of toa

    How can I make my computer a touch screen

    Hey Cindy.

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community forums.

    The description of the problem, I see you want to how to activate the touch screen on Windows 8.

    I've surely you will help solve this problem. Let's try a few steps that will help you solve the problem.

    If the computer has the features for touch screen computer and you want to enable you can try the procedure described in the article and check.

    a. press on the key Windows + Q.

    b. type Control Panel.
    c. go to the Sound and material.
    d. click on Pen and touch.
    e. click the contact tab .
    f. Enabthe use your finger as an input.

    For more information, please see the link.

    Contact: call, tap and beyond

    Hope this information helps you. If you need additional help or information on Windows, I'll be happy to help you. We, at tender Microsoft to excellence.
  • How to ACTIVATE touchpad while typing?

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6.

    I want to play games that require you to move with some keys and aim with the touchpad.

    My touchpad has an AutoFix to disablde while I type well.
    I saw so many forum posts who are asking how to get touchpad to do what mine is doing and I can't find a forum that talks about how to enable it.
    I've looked everywhere in my control panel for an option to turn off this option.

    I want my touchpad still not working while I type, how do I change this setting?

    What you want to do is to move the PalmCheck parameters to a minimum. You will need to click Start, type "Mouse" in the search bar, click the mouse in the results of the research, click on the settings tab of the device in the mouse properties window, click the settings button, click the expand to score, the l' expand expand to sensitivity, select PalmCheck and move the bar in the upper right up to the Minimum , then click on apply.

  • I have a dell studio 17 inches and need to disable the touchpad when typing. I am running windows 7 ultimate

    The touchpad keeps going my way when entering and I need a way to disable either during capture or a way to turn on or off

    See the settings in the Control Panel, mouse, Touchpad tab.

  • Cursor jumps while typing - Windows 7

    I have tech support at my school. I took my laptop in - a bit slow. They did some sort of clean up and since then, I have the sursor jump around the document as I type. tried ihey mousepad other adjustments suggested here - no chance. She is certainly linked to the ketboard itself, not the mouse pads, I have now observed carefully when it arrives. The Tech people spoke a kind of update of the driver, but if I understand there is no for Windows 7 Pro. I looked at the other posts and didn't see anything useful.  Someone at - it a response to this set of characteristics?  Thank you

    Utilitarian salvation,

    You can try the following steps and check.

    Step 1:

    Make sure that you do not have to hide when you type the value of the mouse pointer.

    a. open the mouse by clicking the Start button, click on the Control Panel, clicking hardware, and then clicking on the mouse.

    b. click the pointer Options tab and uncheck the Hide pointer while typing of box.

    Step 2:

    You can try to uninstall the drivers for the touchpad and try to install the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website and check.

    a. Click Start, point to settings and then click Control Panel.

    b. double-click system click on hardware and then click Device Manager.

    c. click on the PLUS SIGN to expand unit

    d. click twice on the device driver.

    e. tab driver, click on uninstall

    f. restart the computer and check.

    Update drivers: recommended links


    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Satellite A300D - how to activate the touchpad?

    Hello world. I have a problem.

    When I used XP I turned off touchpad while I use the mouse. So I decided to install Win Vista and there is a problem. I forgot to activate it before reinstaling. This is why my touchpad does not work. The drivers are fine and I tried to reinstall, but it did not help. Everything works fine except that I can't turn on the touchpad.

    Any ideas how to do this?

    Thanks in advance

    Have you installed Vista using Toshiba DVD upgraders?
    The mouse works if you use an external mouse?

    When you install Vista with the recovery image you factory again and touchpad is not disabled by default. Check the FN + F9 option and do not forget the touchpad is not disabled.

  • Pavilion DV7 the touchpad buttons not responding

    My new dv7 (select edition, windows 7-64 b) knows a few difficulties, right click. When I connect the USB mouse with buttons right and left I can right click but areas to the left and make touchpad a right-click differ at all. When I type in the box to right click, he left snaps; When I type in the box to left click, it left clicks. When I tap anywhere on the pad, he left clicks. I installed the latest synaptic drivers, the device properties window tells me that I am using synaptic clickpad V7.4. The tab buttons has a right click button Setup do secondary clicks and all the listening and the buttons are enabled, but still no right click. Looking at some pages of support on the hp website (http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00678194), I noticed that the screenshot they show from the menu 'tapping' seems different from what I have on my computer. Namely, that i miss the section "tap zones".

    If anyone can shed some light on this mystery, I would be very grateful.


    To start with you are tapping on right click area or pushing down? new touchpad on laptop new HP design is this button clicks are now integrated into the touchpad itself, but you will still need to make a physical click. Typing in the box click it will operate as a left click as it would activities tap the touchpad function...

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