HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC: dual band wifi adapter card required for HP Pavilion DV7 - 6157cl, product # LW465UA #ABA

I would like to replace an a single band with a dual band wifi wifi adapter card for HP Pavilion DV7 products - 6157cl # LW465UA #ABA.  A6 - 3400M = AMD processor.


Thank you.

Hey @dct1954 ,

I called support and they confirm that even if it shows that it will be compatible, there will be a problem. They recommend using a USB dongle to give you the 5 GHz, you need.

Thank you.

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    There is no upgrade of the card Wifi "Acer". There is no list of Wifi cards that would be compatible with your model. A Wifi USB module is much easier.

  • Can I upgrade my aspire 5749 to use a dual-band wifi card?

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    Thank you, Steve

    Read this review "beautiful little card."

  • Dv7-3173nr dual band wifi cards

    Need a card WiFi dual band for my dv7-3173nr. Tried an Intel 5100 and it is not compatible with the AMD motherboard. Bought an Altheros 9280 and get a transmission error FCC. Bought the 9280 because it's in repair HP as being compatible for my laptop in the USA. Running Windows 7 64 bit HomePremium and Netgear wndr4000 router. According to my research the installed card is an Altheros 9285 receiving b/g/n and I need the one who receives a / b/g/n. Very frustrating, please help?


    The Broadcom card I listed was 518434-001 for North America.  And as I posted above when you enter that room on the site of HP parts store he has been replaced by part # 582564-001.

    Just enter this site below:



  • Pavilion Touchsmart 15-n019sa: upgrade to dual band WiFi

    Does anyone know if I can change my Realtek RTL8188EE (single band) bgn adapter to an adapter dual band?

    If it is posible, which model is best?

    Perhaps, but there is a potential problem. Your laptop is a budget model and probably has only a single antenna. Easy to check. See p. 49 here:

    Repair manuals

    The photo shows 2 antennas and if you have 2, fine. You can install any desired wifi card. Your laptop has no problem of white list.

    The best wireless card is an Intel 7260ac


    Let us know if you need more information. If you have only a single antenna, the simple upgrade cheap suddenly becomes an ordeal.

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  • Dual band wifi in DV6-6130eo


    What wi - fi dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz adapter works in HP Pavilion DV6-6130eo?

    BIOS need to be updated? Other things to consider?

    Thank you and best regards


    Hello svenddk.  I understand that you want to replace your wireless card.

    Here is a link to Guide of Service and Maintenance of your laptop.  If you take a look at page 67, he has a list of cards that should work in your notebook, including the reference numbers.  You can then order the parts of HP part Surfer.

    I hope this helps.  Have a great day!

  • dual band wifi

    If I plug a double band on the USB wifi adapter on my tablet, will it work? I am interested if allowed to detect a signal of 5 GHz

    The adapter has a pilot Android? And you can install it without root access?

    If the answer to a is no, while you watch a fair bit of work.

    How necessary is it? 2.4 GHz "n" channels can be congested, but still can't even transfer speeds.

  • Pavilion g6-2052er - looking for compatible dual band wireless adapter


    I'm running g6-2052er and would like to buy a double router broadband, but discovered that my computer laptop 1y.o. does not support. First thought, that he wouldn't ' tbe a big problem to replace the wireless adapter, but it turnsout, that it should be in the white list - and I can not just to find the list of materials that I can use on my laptop. Could someone help me find a spare part for the laptop please?

    Thank you


    You are right about the white list of BIOS locking all the cards not supported wireless.

    Here is the link to the service manual for your PC.

    Chapter 3, page 17 lists the cards supported wireless.  None are dual band.


  • HP envy 17-j130eb: is my HP envy 17-j130eb compatible with a intel dual band 7260 adapter?

    I'm about to buy a new wifi adapter to take advantage of the benefits of my router dual-band.

    I have bin looking online and I could not find known retailers in my area, which offered a card dual band N 7260 of intel, but many who offer the AC adapter version.

    So my question would be is compatible with the adapter, I would like to buy in my laptop?

    Because some Web sites have noted that their adapters do not work on lenovo, hp and other systems.

    Thank you!


    Yes. Please use the part number on page 41 of the following book:


    The manual also shows you how to replace.

    Kind regards.

  • ENVY 700-410xt: dual band wireless network card works in my PC?


    I would like to replace my Broadcom BCM43142 802.11bgn single band card with a dual band card. I spent a few hours struggling with online help, nothing helps. So called technical support, answered many questions, I was told I would be transferred to the right technology and got cut.  Can someone tell me a name/model number of a Bluetooth 4.0 integrated 802.11a/b/g/n/ac card and LAN wireless dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) featuring MIMO 2 x 2 technology, or how do you know which card will work?  Thank you very much.

    Dave, welcome to the forum.

    This is a Wireless card that meets you specifications.  I have in my game Omen HP laptop and it works fine.

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  • HP ENVY 15 Notebook PC: Which Intel WLAN adapt to choose for replacement?


    I am looking for an Intel WLAN with Bluetooth adapter to replace mine with (laptop HP ENVY 15, product number: K2T39AV).

    I wonder if the product is compatible with my HP laptop:


    In addition, what is the current best cards Intel (with Bluetooth and Wi - Fi broadband) which are compatible with my laptop?



    Dear customer,

    Please go through the below document, select PAGE-23


    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

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    Thank you


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  • Qosmio x 770-136 dual band wifi 2.4 and 5 ghz - how to switch between them?

    Hi guys,.

    get a double band of new router netgear N900 and it supports multi-5 2.4 ghz wifi,

    My question is how do I set up my qosmio to 5 GHz?

    Thanks for any answers


    I think that the laptop supports Atheros 802.11(b/g/n) WB195-HMC WLan card.
    Standard WLan 802.11 B and G is 2.4 GHZ. The standard 802.11 N standard would be operates also in 2.4 Ghz 802.11 A is not supported.

    If your card does not wave the 5 GHz band support

  • HP ENVY 15 notebook PC TS: Ralink Wifi adapter

    I uninstalled to accidentlly the Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn Wi - Fi adapter on my computer, hp envy ts 15 portable x 64 bit, while trying to clean unnecessary files. I followed the instructions as to reinstall what I saw on the forums of the previous question. It did not work. My system wants to connect to broadband. I can't connect to any type of internet even if I try to use my mobile access point.

    I tried troubleshooting after I tried to reinstall the ralink but it is said that a cable must be connected.

    Help, please! This my only computer and I need for school.


    You can try to install the driver Ethernet LAN wireless (WLAN) driver of the laptop Recovery Manager.

    Please see the instructions below:

    1.) press Windows + Q - key and in the search box, type Recovery Manager and press enter to open it.

    2.) I need help immediately, click on drivers and reinstall Applications and wait for the Recovery Manager to generate a list.

    3) 3) select the check box next to the drivers (Ralink) 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN (WLAN) card driver and Driver Realtek Local Area Network (LAN)) you want to reinstall and then click on the Install button at the bottom right and follow the on-screen instructions.

    4.) once the drivers are re-installed, restart the computer and check the functionality.

    The MediaTek (Ralink) 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN (WLAN) card driver is for the functionality of your laptop wireless and local area network (LAN) Realtek driver is for the connection of the Ethernet cable to your laptop.

    And only if you have access to another PC which is able to go online and then, please check the link below to download the latest version (check date) MediaTek (Ralink) 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN (WLAN) card driver and Driver Realtek Local Area Network (LAN).

    Download drivers

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  • 7720SE of the INSPIRON 17R - what notebook adapter is required for the 3940XM (Extreme Edition CPU) processor

    Would need a laptop 130W power adapter or the 150W? I prefer the 130W if it will work without problem, because I guess it would be smaller.

    It works, and an adapter 130W, it seems very well... and no external cooling fan seems necessary, but I'm not a gamer... I tried a few tests of stress, including the cpu and gpu together at the same time and the only that it becomes hot enough to worry is the prime95, but apparently the newer versions of this software use fpu too and very hot processors. Older versions don't you almost as hot. However, it's winter. In the summer a cooling package may be necessary. Right now the laptop is just flat on the desk with the lid closed.

    Basically kernel time run low average of years 40 to 80 years. 80 that I only ever really during the stress tests. I got 90 using this last premium 95... but it's the only thing that was always close to 90.

    I'm so happy. The adapter of 150W (generic) in the store wouldn't run with the i5 processor (before upgrade - do not test after upgrade)... but I think the 130W is fine, even if I play games. Most of the apps I don't use the GPU dedicated anyway. I recommend this upgrade for those who really don't mind completely dismantle their computer and putting it back together. There is a good video how to replace the motherboard (in line - but I don't know if it's on youtube... but is it on google)

  • Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 802 .11b: g:n WiFi adapter

    I have a HP Envy dv6 Notebook PC, model No.2CE243OCYT.  It has an adapter for WiFi Atheros 802.11 AR9485 b:g:n. There is an update of HP of the card, but when I updated, I was unable to connect to the internet. I realize that this WiFi adapter is only 2. 5. g I had to update my laptop, then I got access to the internet again. I have not tried again this update of the driver, but just put TWC to update my cable modem to dual band by using the strips of 2.5 G and 5G.

    I'm afraid to install the Atheros update in my lapotop once again because I don't want to go to parrir the hassle of re - install all my software pd [posed again.

    Y at - it a HP dual band WiFi adapter is recommended, and it is easy to install?

    Thank you

    Laptops are as you order them or buy them as ready to ship models. They are not generally considered to be extensible to all. You can switch from desktop computers in general as much as the platform of the motherboard and BIOS allow.

    Not as far as I know, HP makes no recommendataions on laptops and usb adapters.

    Just do a search online with Googl, Bing or your search engine favoriteb for major brands such as ASUS, Linksys and Netgear. Check the reviews of the candidates you find and make sure they include drivers for the operating system that you have in your laptop. NewEgg.com is a good website to csome comparison shopping.

    IF you want wifi nextgen features in the usb adapter and the chance to have a router nextgen with 802.11ac capacity of 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz, then looking for the one that many people recommend.

Maybe you are looking for

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