HP Pavilion dv8000

I need to replace the keyboard on my laptop.  Looked at the parts list but do not know what the difference between a dv800av and dv800avr is?  Anyone can help or tell me what keyoard I need to order?

Thank you!


HP part number: 403809-001 (keyboard - 88 keys (101-key compatible) together with the Windows key - integrated paved digital 10 keys (United States))

Your components page is hereand you can order the keyboard of her.

It is quite easy to replace... you essentially pop the cover off the coast, then disconnect the ribbon cable that attaches to the motherboard (carefully) and replace the keyboard with a new one.  You can use the manual Maintenance and maintenance for the instructions/diagram.

HP DV8000 Series maintenance and repair (PDF Format)

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  • What can I put in my Pavilion dv8000, p/n EZ706UA #ABA?

    I would like to get a faster processor and more memory in this old laptop without spending too much $$. It says that I have

    Processor: Genuine Intel(r) CPU T2050 @ 1.60 GHz (2 CPUs)
    Memory: 1022 MB of RAM and I am running XP Pro

    I would like to put it on Win 7, after I get a new memory and a new processor.

    What CPU can I put here, and even for memory, and it is very difficult, or even really not very profitable? I did it on the mainframes of old office, but never in a laptop. Can I even swap on a USB 2 and get a USB 3?

    Thank you



    There are few things you can and cannot, please see the following link for a similar machine:


    Kind regards.

    PS. I would not spend money on this machine, you can buy a better with a fractons more money.

  • Pavilion dv8000: drivers HP Pavilion dv8000

    I recently bought an old HP Pavilion dv8000 and wiped the readers (Yes, I said the disks. Never seen a laptop with 2 HD before).

    In any case, I tried to get the drivers for it, but it seems that it is a Windows XP computer. I installed Windows 7 and I don't think they worked well.  I'm about to wipe again and install XP. I really want to keep Windows 7. My watch standard graphics card device manager, but I don't think that it is what is in it. Could someone tell me what is this computer and where to find the drivers?  Or let me know if I should put XP back and I need that driver.  Help!  Also, when I can't see the entire web page on the internet. It is more difficult to play games.  I tried to correct this mess for the past two weeks. Is there a program I can run that will tell me exactly what is installed in this monster?

    Thank you, Melodysue


    The graphic driver I posted is the driver that you need for this ID.

    Just follow my instructions to install the driver.

    You run it, and then you close out of all windows error (such as Setup cannot find any compatible hardware) and navigate to the folder of the driver that was created when you ran this driver.

    Here's a partial copy and paste this installation information file driver, and the hardware ID you posted is supported by the driver.

    NVIDIA % IS NVIDIA. MFG, NTx86.6.0

    [NVIDIA. Mfg.NTx86.6.0]
    % NVIDIA_G72. DEV_01D8.2% = nv_G7x, PCI\VEN_10DE & DEV_01D8 & SUBSYS_30A5103C
    % NVIDIA_G73. DEV_0398.2% = nv_G7x, PCI\VEN_10DE & DEV_0398 & SUBSYS_30A5103C

  • Pavilion DV8000 upgrade CPU, RAM, HD & OS

    Hello world

    I have a HP Pavilion Dv8000 (Dv8336ea is the exact model number).  I intend to upgrade the processor, RAM, hard drive and OS and have a few questions about the limits of upgrade on this computer.

    He is currently running XP pro, but I intend to upgrade the operating system to Windows 7 64-bit, if I can find an upgrade of the CPU 64 bit appropriate.

    The vehicle currently has an Intel centrino Duo CPU T2300, but I'm not sure which processors are compatible. y at - it an easy way to identify compatibility? I know that it can be removed, but what would be an upgrade recommended for optimal performance?

    Is there a limit to the size of the hard drive, can I install it? He had a hard duel disks. Is there a problem with the installation of a hard drive 7200 RPM? It's the BIOS that limits the size of the hard drive that can be installed?

    Finally, what would be the limit for RAM after CPU and operating system upgraded. What defines the limits of the RAM in a computer?

    Help with any or all of these Q greatly appreciated!



    The GeForce Go 7600 is a graphic adapter Windows 7 and should be able to run all the pleasure of the eyes in Windows 7 and have the same resolution that you had in XP.

    Try the latest nVidia driver released for it.


    I see that you have a wide screen monitor... According to the resolution of your screen, with the appropriate driver, he should be able to get 1440 x 900.  That should give you the view you've been waiting for.

    3 GB of memory can be used with a 4 GB max RAM capacity is perfectly normal, even with a 64 bit OS. You need the chipset Intel 965 for the 64-bit OS in order to 'see' all 4 GB of memory. You have the 945 chipset.


  • Sound drivers for pavilion dv8000 (windows operating system 7)

    Can't find drivers for HP Pavilion dv8000 laptop after the installation of the windows operating system 7!

    I got it to work!

    Link: driver Audio Conexant *

    Thank you!

  • Its echo in HP Pavilion dv8000 problem.

    Original title: echo Pavilion problem

    I am running windows 7 on a HP Pavilion dv8000.  Everything I play horrible sounds - echoes and as a concert hall.  I use a device audio conexant, I think.

    Start > Control Panel > sounds > click on the recording tab > click your default device (prolly a Mic) > then click on properties > and make sure that 'Listen to this device' is unchecked.

    See you soon,.

  • How can I fix my SD card reader after upgrade to Windows 7 for HP Pavilion dv8000?

    I upgraded my HP Pavilion dv8000 with Windows 7, but my SD card reader does not work now. Advice?


    I think that your problem will be solved by this updated driver. It is not on your laptop support page.



  • Pavilion dv8000 series (dv8339us) stopping spontaneously

    Dv8339us my wife began to stop spontaneously.  There is no indication of any problem on reboot.  Windows starts as if it had been properly closed and there are no errors in the event set.  There are currently 5 - 20 times a day for the past few days.  We keep the vents and heatsinks with canned air.  I installed Rightmark and CPU between 96 C temperature noted when she plays his Ultima Online, otherwisze, is in the treble 70 C.  Is this normal?

    What causes these shut downs?  What are my next steps in troubleshooting?

    I am a graduate of computer science and I have no problems tearing apart the system.  I replaced a broken hinge.

    Thank you



    It's the library of Service HP dv8000 (Intel based) to laptop series.

    Select Fan/Heatsink to the left, it should provide the text and video (sound) to run a procedure step by step for you access to of the heat sink, if you really want to do it yourself.

    As this operation requires you to remove the motherboard from its housing, it is a MAJOR operation. If this laptop is still under warranty, I think you should send this return to HP and ask their service department to control the problem of overheating for you.

    Problem of overheating or thermal closed are the following (not in order any)

    1. entry or the exit of the Fan/Heat Sink assembly are blocked by dirt or lint.

    2. the thermal grease or paste is not functional at its optimum heat transfer rate and must be replaced.

    3. defective heatsink.

    4. graphic does not support some 3D gaming features and CPU spend way too much time to the emulation of the function of the software.

  • Pavilion dv8000: win7 usb ports dv8000 for has stopped working

    all 4 of the usb ports on my dv8000 has stopped working. Ive tried to update the drivers, no luck. He originally had XP as an operating system, but it has been upgraded to windows 7, I don't know if usb disks are corrupt or what. When I plug anything into the usb ports, it does nothing. Ive been trying to get this fixed for so long and his frustration, someone knows how to fix this?

    Hi again bigd4747,

    It is good to hear from you!

    I have conducted research on software and compatible driverscommits and have found that your laptop has no compatible drivers for Windows 7.

    Alternatively, you can try to update the drivers of USB port in Device Manager by following this document on How to install a driver in Device Manager. If it does not install the necessary drivers for the USB communication, you may need to downgrade to Windows Vista (32 bit).

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards

  • Pavilion dv8000 replacement hard drive

    I need to replace the hard drive.

    I have recovery disks.

    What procedure should I follow?


    With the recovery disk named disc 1 into the dvd drive, the start or reboot the laptop and at the beginning of the HP welcome screen, press the F9 key to get the length of a boot menu options.

    Select the DVD drive, and then press the Enter key.

    Watch the screen for additional instructions.

  • HP Pavilion dv8000 upgrade to 8.1 Win

    The laptop is supposed to have a 64-bit processor.  I tried to upgrade to 8.0 Win to Win 8.1but I get the message that I can not upgrade because my processor is not able to upgrade because of something lacking in the CPU as NX or free SES.

    HP, somehow forgot to inform the owners or the customer of this defect.  In the hope of not having a problem, I lost my previous operating system, Windows XP Pro.  It's not even an audio driver for Win 8.0.  Very disappointed and considering the abandonment of HP.

    Once again, the age of this model and the installed hardware, Windows 8.1 is not compatible. Windows Vista 32-bit is supported by HP, as they provided drivers. Windows 7 32 bits may be compatible with the 32-bit Vista drivers at the address provided. Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit 8 may be partially compatible with the drivers provided natively and via Windows update.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Replacing the screen dv8000

    Help someone?

    I'm looking for a screen for my Pavilion DV8000 (Dv8336ea). In my view, the screen is it a brilliant WXGA + screen ultrabright view 2 lamps 1440 x 900 17 inch widecreen. They are available on Ebay etc, but not with 2 lamps.

    I rang HP parts and they couldn't help me.

    Anyone know where I can get a screen? The rest of the laptop is great after major updates, seems a shame to replace without a screen.

    s/n: {Private Information Removed}
    p/n: RE340EA #ABN

    Thank you

    They had one that I need for £61.
    I contacted several other sellers on Ebay and there was a little bit with the right screen, they needed to confirm the part number. Most between in THE$ 125 to $150
    Thank you! Just that it fits...

  • CS5 software can be installed on my HP Pavilion

    I have a HP Pavilion equipped with a processor AMD Turion with 500 GB and 200 GB hard drive.  The requirements for CS5 States to a processor Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64.  My question is my processor will work with this software?  Is it possible to have a newer processor installed on my labtop and if so do I need?  I have a 120 GB HDD and 500 GB so I should be OK because this computer will be used for the trip and workshops.

    I appreciate any help you can provide.


    nagairm wrote:

    Sorry, I have a HP Pavilion dv8000z.


    I can't find the spec of your machine, but the following link-based machine can SIMPLY run CS5 with more RAM (2 GB max):


    If you use the machine for certain works of Photoshop, then ok. This machine is not suitable for serious CS5 works as the (first) video editing...

    Kind regards.

  • dv8000 AC adapter problem

    I have a HP Pavilion dv8000. A few months ago the power adapter has stopped working. I went to Radio Shack and bought a new plug for it. It's plugged in and it worked fine. A few days ago the new take has stopped working. I had to hold a just a certain angle so that it can establish a connection. I finally broke down and bought a new AC adapter. When I plugged this evening and booted up the system, he stayed on during seconds, but did not show that the battery has been recharged. Then it turns off and the load on the front light just flashes. The info from the adapter is as follows:

    Serial number: PPP014L

    Input: AC100-240V

    Output: 19V

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    If it is not under warranty, there is no solution from HP. Your laptop has all the symptoms of the problem power PIN that I describe above. Even if you send it to HP for paid repair is the only thing that they can do the replace the motherboard. Good luck to you.

  • Location of backup Windows XP Home

    I understand that it is built in the hidden in XP Home backup utility but cannot access it. I have a Pavilion dv8000 system which has a partition on one of the hard drives, which is I think stored the equivalent of the system restore disk. I also have two DVD, I created as indicated at the time of the purchase of this machine. However I can't access "ValueAdd folder" or the file "Ntbackup.msi" I understand that I need. Any advice would be appreciated.


    Thank you for your response.

    The problem is that when buying HP did not provide installation of XP discs, I think that it is a common practice these days. However, they provided some form of a partition of the HD recovery software and as part of current users were responsible for creating the two DVD Recovery. I was looking for the recovery partition and the DVD, but nothing found. Now, I looked in the drive operating system, maybe I should have looked in the first place and have found files.

    Thank you once again.


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