HP Pavilion E0J75UA 17: What are the material that I can pass on my HP Pavilion E0J75UA 17?


I have a laptop HP Pavilion 17 E0J75UA I got last year. Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU?

(1) processor - AMD A10 - 5750 M APU with Radeon (TM) HD Graphics 2.5 GHz

(2) GPU - AMD Radeon HD 8650 G

If so, what are my upgrade options? I would like to stay with AMD for budget purposes as much as possible. Can go with Intel/Nvidia, not a problem.

Thank you in advance.



It's an APU, which means that the video work is done inside of the processor itself. You are at the top of the curve. No best APU/processor cannot be inserted into the slot of your motherboard. There is no option to go to Intel. That could put a round peg in a square hole.

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    I don't see how someone can offer you promising ideas knowing more about your system.  The best you can get is speculation on what might work sometimes maybe. All we seem to know is what sort of a Presario V5000 with XP (there are a lot of different V5000s).

    It worked better in Mode safe or clean boot?  Even if it did, this does not your problem, unless you want to run mode without failure or boot for the rest of your life.

    If you restored to the factory settings in the past, then you have all your video drivers updated?  Chances are good that everything that comes out of the plant is outdated when it leaves the factory.

    If I were you, I would first take a look at your specifications and make sure that your video drivers are up to date.

    Should be considered ditching of McAfee (since it's a famous memory and CPU hog) and replace it with something with a smaller footprint like Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE).  You can simply use the McAfee uninstaller install temporarily and see how things work... you can always reinstall later if you are forced to do it, right?  (but I wouldn't).

    If you still have the problem after all and the verification of your video drivers, check the properties of your system performance (especially the Visual effects) Options.

    Why don't you do this so that we can see what you have:

    Click Start, run and enter in the box:


    Click OK, and when the system info summary appears, click on edit, select all (Ctrl-A), copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) the information back here in your next reply.

    For video device and driver information, expand components, click view, click on edit, select all, copy and then paste the information here.

    There will be some personal information (such as the user name and the name of the system), and anything that turns information private for you, simply delete the pasted information.

    This will minimize back Q & A and eliminate guesswork.

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  • What are the issues and how can I put the documents in the files?

    As usual; Oracle is absolutely horrible in providing any kind of basic instructions on the use of the products.

    I need to upload files to a structure (don't care if it's collections, folders, or in mason jars as long as it works) and be able version them and seize those I want.

    I managed to get a variety of things to work with the genericSoapService (cannot use the API in accordance with local policy), but everything I check in goes in (don't know where)

    I don't think I'm even asking the right questions because my web researchers increase irrelevant results.

    What are the issues and how can I put the documents in the files?

    I created a few files like this:

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ucm="http://www.oracle.com/UCM">
    <GenericRequest xmlns="http://www.oracle.com/UCM" webKey="cs">
    <Service IdcService="FLD_CREATE_FOLDER">
    <Field name="fParentGUID">C976021E28DD8B26FB2D437B5BF56B7F</Field>
    <Field name="fPath">/RAFT/Appraisals/</Field>
    <Field name="fFolderName">0111234567</Field>
    <Field name="fSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</Field>

    Here's a sample call:

    The virtual path is/Appraisals/0111234567 /.

    The GUID for this folder is CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399

    I see the reference to xCollectionID when I look for answers, but the data is not available for me (see the output below)

    When I run this it stores the file but the file does not appear in the folder.

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ucm="http://www.oracle.com/UCM">
    <GenericRequest xmlns="http://www.oracle.com/UCM" webKey="cs">
    <Service IdcService="CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL">
    <Field name="fFolderGUID">CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399</Field>
    <Field name="dDocType">Document</Field>
    <Field name="dSecurityGroup">Public</Field>
    <Field name="dDocAccount"/>
    <Field name="dSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</Field>
    <Field name="xFHACaseNumber">0111234567</Field>
    <Field name="xFHADocumentType">Appraisal</Field>
    <Field name="dDocTitle">tuesday2document.txt</Field>
    <File name="primaryFile" href="whereami.txt">


    <env:Envelope xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
          <ns2:GenericResponse xmlns:ns2="http://www.oracle.com/UCM">
             <ns2:Service IdcService="CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL">
                   <ns2:Field name="reserveLocation">false</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="IdcService">CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpTriggerField">xIdcProfile</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocType">Document</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionErr"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xPartitionId:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWebFlag"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocCreator">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocAccount"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xClbraUserList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dLocation"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCPageId:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWebExtension">txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isNew">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="IsQueryObjectPersistent"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCTags"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="LockedContents1">dDocName:WCC_Cluster-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dClbraName"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dCreateDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xClbraAliasList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dActionMillis">72487502</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusMessage">Successfully checked in content item 'WCC_CLUSTER-001208'.</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dIsPrimary">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isInfoOnly"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dActionDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCPageId"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xLibraryGUID:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocID">1216</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dPublishState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xFHACaseNumber">0111234567</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="doSorting">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="primaryFile">whereami.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevisionID">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xExternalDataSet"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionFunction">determineCheckin</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="UseForwardOnlyCursor"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="noDocLock">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dID">1208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCTags:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xPartitionId"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xComments:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dInDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocOwner">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dUser">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isDocProfileUsed">true</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionParams"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpEvent">OnImport</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xExternalDataSet:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocLastModifier">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="DocExists"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dConversion">PassThru</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusCode">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xStorageRule:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dStatus">DONE</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dOriginalName">whereami.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevClassID">1208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="idcToken"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevLabel">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocName">WCC_CLUSTER-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowApproverUserList:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xStorageRule">webasset</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="localizedForResponse">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dPublishType"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="fFolderGUID">CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dFormat">text/plain</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionType">3</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocTitle">tuesday2document.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpAction">CheckinNew</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="primaryFile:path">/opt/oracle/work/wcc_cluster/ucm/cs/vault/~temp/1963032402.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="refreshMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowAssignment"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="isEditMode">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="refreshSubMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xFHADocumentType">Appraisal</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="changedMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevRank">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StorageRule">webasset</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowApproverUserList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xComments"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dAction">Checkin</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isDocProfileDone">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWebFlag:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRawDocID">1215</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xLibraryGUID"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusMessageKey">!csServiceStatusMessage_checkin,WCC_CLUSTER-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xIdcProfile:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWorkflowState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dProcessingState">Y</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocCreatedDate">{ts '2014-10-07 08:58:07.482'}</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocAuthor">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dOutDate"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dIsWebFormat">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionFlags">12</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isCheckin">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="RenditionId">webViewableFile</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dExtension">txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="VaultfilePath">/opt/oracle/work/wcc_cluster/ucm/cs/vault/~temp/1963032402.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="prevReleaseState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="isStatusChanged">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dReleaseState">N</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWebOriginalName">WCC_CLUSTER-001208~1.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowAssignment:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocLastModifiedDate">{ts '2014-10-07 08:58:07.482'}</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dFileSize">19</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xIdcProfile"/>


    Replace fFolderGUID by fParentGUID

  • What are the apps that I have access to with a membership of creative cloud?

    What are the apps that I have access to with a membership of creative cloud?  I think I need monthly membership of $50, but don't know if I can get the $30 membership.

    I need to access the following applications:

    First Pro

    After Effects

    Media Encoder


    5 Lightroom

    Thank you!


    Available with a subscription of cloud applications

    Explorer Adobe desktop applications | Adobe Creative Cloud

    You will need a full membership of cloud.

    You are only eligible for the case of a $30 if you have CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6.

  • What are the tables that store data card pay self-service?


    Please tell us what are the paintings that self-service stores data card pay in it.

    Best regards


    Your location may also have built views above this table.

  • Linksys E3200 - what are the parameters that I need to change to get the full speed wireless?

    Hello, I never had a router before.

    I just bought Linksys E3200, because I need a wireless connection on my HTPC.

    I only put a password for my network. Don't touch or changed the factory settings.

    My main PC is connected to a router via a network cable,

    my HTPC is wiresly connected using the Linksys EA2500 wireless network card. I had a wireless connection.

    However, my internet speed on my main PC (cable) is COMPLETE and about 50 Mbit/s.

    Wireless on my HTPC is max 10 Mbpsspeed.

    My modem, router, main PC and HTPC are in the same room next to the other.

    What is the problem? What are the setting do you recommend to change?

    Thank you.

    Ensure that networks in the router (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz) have unique names on the other. This way you will know what network the HTPC is connected to. After making sure that the two networks have unique names, change the channel to the network of 2,4 GHz. try 1, 3, 6 or 9.

  • What are the material and the vSphere license requirements?

    I searched the net and I can't get a clear answer...

    Should I x 64 hardware to run vSphere?

    My ESX3 low-income countries work on vSphere?

    Thank you


    Yes, you need 64-bit hardware to run ESX 4.0-

    You cannot use the licrnses directly, but if you have Service and active support on your ESX3 licenses your will can update the license ESX 4 licenses.

    If you find this or any other answer useful please consider awarding points marking the answer correct or useful

  • I need to know what are the entries and I can remove them without losing my firefox browser?

    I find these little of this pest, when I go in search and useful to remove them. They are just too much room? Help please if you can. Thank you.

    I think you're talking about the information you or the web site, places
    on the web page. But without more information, we can not say much more.

    What is the website address? What information you ask about?
    Are you trying to change, to remove the information? Anything else?

  • What are the sectors that have implemented firewall

    1. What are all the sectors concerned on the implementation of firewall for the security of their data?

    2. how much would a firewall cost (or) what is the affordability for a firewall?

    3. the role of SMEs in the firewall application?

    Hi Vinod Vr,

    Your question is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the TechNet forum.

    http://social.technet.Microsoft.com/forums/en/category/w7itpro, windowsvistaitpro, windowsxpitpro, windowsintune

  • What are the Conditions that OpenCL make it unavailable?

    2 days ago I were not ATI Catalyst installed 12.2. I was able to check all the boxes in the graphics processor's advanced settings dialog box, and they stayed together. Specifically, I had defined [] use OpenCL and Photoshop CS6 worked very well.

    Because I need to know the quality of the latest drivers for my own product development, I upgraded my ATI driver version - 12.4 catalyst suite.

    Unfortunately, this caused new problems that I had before - specifically a number of features of GPU acceleration did not work, as the oil painting, which seems to try to start then the output just a fraction of a second later.  And with catalyst 12.4 parameter [] use OpenCL became unavailable (grayed out).

    With my own tests, I decided to completely uninstall the suite ATI Catalyst 12.4 and fall to 12.2 catalyst.

    It was a simple matter to uninstall all AMD restart (with the Windows driver), and then install Catalyst 12.2. That went well.

    However, now I can't find always the area of use [] OpenCL became available - it is grayed out:


    I'm sure that there are no remains of the 12.4 drivers left on my system (if there is a possibility that I might have missed something) and installed the updated 12.2 all successfully, so the question is this:

    Only has meaning Photoshop something on 12.4 pilot and position a kind of permanent "No. OpenCL" flag in its own configuration settings?

    Here is my info system with the 12.2 drivers installed. Note the "OpenCL: unavailable" entry.


    Note that all my GPU acceleration features seem to work...  Painting in oil works and is fast enough, different work nice and fast blur tools, I can do a 3D rendering (even if there is a glitch, I've had Photoshop CS6 exit sometimes ceases to respond for a few seconds at a time while doing work in 3D).  But he finally answers.


    Nevermind, I found the problem.

    There are two files that were NOT deleted by the uninstaller 12.4 and were NOT updated by the installer to 12.2 (probably because the installer will not usually overwrite newer files):



    These files now on the correct version of 12.2, I [] use OpenCL boxes once again, and they are controlled.


  • What are the URLs that the creative software cloud needs access so that I can bypass it in the proxy settings?

    Installation of creative cloud forced me to turn proxy temporarily to "communicate with the server. I need the URL that the software checks with so I can bypass the URL in the settings. I don't want problems with updates and other things, proxy software needs to access that could be blocked by the proxy.

    Combinations of Adobe host Ports for installation, activation and updates.

  • What are the toolbars? I can't use the browser without them.

    The old toolbar at the top is now gone. I lost the print, preview mode although there are another way to print. I can't use bookmarks because it allows me to not put the bookmark in the right place. It is not an improvement; It is a net loss, and it's huge.

    Have you recently used refresh? Which will make your toolbars reset to the default values, but you can certainly customize again.

    Menu bar

    You can use one of the following methods to view the list of the toolbar, and then select menu bar it:

    Print Preview

    The print button in the application menu, called by the menu button "3-bar" refers to actually print-preview. But also, you can have the menu bar back.

    Bookmark this Page

    To display the menu "Add bookmark" and the location in the menu bookmark instead of bookmarks unsorted by default, you can use one of these methods:

    • CTRL + d
    • Right click on the page > icon star in the context menu
    • (menu bar) Bookmarks > bookmark this Page

    Basically, it's just the Star "one-click" key which also behaves. Some users double-click it to display the bookmark pane change immediately.

Maybe you are looking for