HP Pavilion Elite m9340f replacement video card and power supply


I bought my HP Pavilion Elite at Best Buy m9340f in 2009 and brought it to the Venezuela where I live now.

My video card, started making the noise of the typical fan geforce 9500gs can do. The temperature of the gpu is very high (from 73 ° c without playing or watching videos!), and I'id like to replace it as soon as possible before my material fails completely.

But the power supply 350w, to replace any video card decent needed to change my diet too. I have not the slightest idea of what type of power supply should I buy, and if I should replace the case too. My intention is to keep my cpu, my mother, my hard drive and my ram (purchase of a new system to the Venezuela is out of the question because of the barbarian prices in this country).

Then to take the questions in order, I'll here:

-I want another video card (geforce 9500gs is known for his failure, so I want to upgrade to a more powerful card)

-To do this, I need another power supply, so I need recommendations on the provision of market models which CORRESPOND to my HP Pavilion Elite m9340f or

-replace also the case: what kind of business should I need that corresponds to the motherboard of benicia

Thanks in advance

Jeronimo Ramos-Prince

The information below was previously published by Big_Dave in response to several other posters about their questions about GPU upgrades. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars and for American retailers.

Your PC has a 350 Watt PSU if below video cards will work:

$50--->NVIDIA GT 430 9.6 Gbps - single slot width

$65--->NVIDIA GT 520 8 Gbps - single slot width

$80--->NVIDIA GT 440 25.6 GB/s - single slot width

$130-->NVIDIA GT 545 43 Gbps - location single width - could be hard to find but perhaps only in the store

$110-->NVIDIA GT 240 1 GB DDR5. 54.4 GB/s - single slot width. This card does not support DirectX 11 which is eventually used in some of the latest PC games but it's a great performer.

Review the performance of NVIDIA specifications. Look at the specifications of strip memory bandwidth and level of DirectX support.

I normally don't recommend video cards AMD for PC with a 350 Watt power supply as AMD provides 400 watts or more for most of its video cards.


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    I want to ugrade my video card, but if I want to I want to improve my diet.

    Whats a better video than the Radeon HD 7570 card? and what kind of power supply do I need for it?

    Please see these Radeon HD 7000 series graphics cards for cards that are better than the HD 7570. You have to measure along the plane of the PCIe x 16 for the selected map location will fit. The Corsiar CX500, CX600, CX500M, CX600M all are highly recommended and are known to adapt to HP consumer desktop computers mostly.

    Please send BRAVO

  • Please help me with the video card and power supply issues!

    Hello and thanks in advance for any help. I'll try and do a short explanation, but I can't promise anything. I bought an a6620f Pavilion about 2 months ago I didn't know that you had to purchase a special hardware in order to play video games. In any case, I bought about 300.00 worth of new video games and none of them works. they say because of my video card. Then try to buy a new video card and it won't work because I only have a 250 watt power supply. I spoke with a hp technician before you buy a PSU and I was told that my motherboard was only designed to use a 300 watt max power I tried to buy one at best buy and the clerk said 4500 is the smallest they sell. and I need at least a 400 Watt or powerrsupply to make the new video card with a value of buyiong. My questuion is what can I do if I can't buy one more big power supply how can I install a new video casrd? Please help me I'm lost

    Oh and in case you want some specs on my system here are a few

    Windows Vista Home premium service pack1
    HP Pavilion a6620f
    Processor: pentium dual core cpu e5200 @ 2.50 GHZ
    memory: 4.00 GB
    system type: 64-bit operating system
    Version of DirectX 10
    graphics card: intel GMA 3100 Total memory 256 MB

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    Hi chefinomaha,

    Sorry to hear about your frustration. Here's some good news.

    I think you have been misinformed or there was a communication error. Your motherboard should not be limited to the only 300W. I don't know with certainty how high you can go in watts, but you can go higher and should go higher, if you add a video card.

    The important thing is to get the right kind of diet that fits your connectors.

    Here's your motherboard page.

    Here is a document with step-by-step instructions and video for adding a video card.

    Here is a document with the video to replace the power supply.

  • Possibility to get a new video card and power supply

    Hey everyone just curious if someone could lend a hand with some questions I have.

    I currently have a HP Pavilion Elite

    Model number: HPE-171f

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit

    Recently, I was looking around in my computer and I realized that I only have a 460w power supply. From the beginning, I knew I had to get a new power supply if I wanted to update my video card.

    But then I realized that there are a few constraints of size with the case. I was curious if one of the most recent as the GTX 670 Nvidia cards or 660 (when it releases) would fit in this case. With a power supply.

    I know it's an older case so with this question, I was wondering if its even possible/chip just to upgrade the card video and PS.

    Thanks for the help

    Yes, you can update your map graphics and power for something bigger. The CX500, CX600 Corsair are highly recommended, are favorites of the forum and are known to adapt to most cases of HP. With a length of about 9.5 inches, the graphics card GTX 670 can be tight but feasible in your case... measure along the x 16 PCIe slot and look for potential problems. For more helpful advice, read Guide of Big_Dave of a discrete video card selection .


  • HP Envy 750-177C: update video card and power supply

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a 2 GB video card that can fit in my camera, and if the power supply must also be of a certain type, thank you.

    @Docta1, welcome to the forum.

    Here is a video card that will definitely work with your computer.

    The power supply unit (PSU) in the computer is stanard ATX.  I love Corsair products and recommend at least 600W.   A modular power supply is good for small boxes.  It allows you to use only the cables that are absolutely necessary.  This allows for better air circulation.  The video in my link card requires a connector 6 extra pins.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

  • Video card and power supply upgrade - XPS 8700 (mid-2013)


    I was considering upgrading my video card in my 8700 XPS to an AMD R9 270 to an AMD R9 290.

    I was wondering weather the power would be able to take it.

    It's a 460W power supply which I don't think will be able to manage an AMD R9 290 so I was also wondering if he could not do, where can I get a more powerful power supply? I know where to buy a lot, but I don't know if Dell, you have specific feeds of size to fit the case.

    Is it OK to buy a market after we'll tell power 650W from any manufacturer or should I buy a specific for the case.

    Thank you.

    At the very least, get a 750w power supply. This one has been reported to adapt.

  • Upgrading the video card and power supply, these will work with my system?

    Hello, I am wanting to update my graphics card as my current one is finally fall behind on current games, BF3 beta is a restless nighmare and BC2 must be smooth running low (ick). I was satisfied with the weaker graphics for now, but its time for an upgrade. In any case, I think I have my selected updates and I just want to confirm that they will work with my computer until I pull the trigger. My current equipment:

    HP p6180t


    Intel Core2 Quad 2.83 GHZ

    8.00 GB RAM DDR3

    Vista 64-bit

    Creative Sound Blaster X - Fi Audio Xrteme

    1.5 GB NVIDEA GeForce GT230 [DVI, HDMI, VGA]

    I plan on upgrading the graphics card on an Asus NVIDEA GeForce GTX 560 (Fermi)


    And the power of a passionate Corsair 850W 80 + CERT (I know this is perhaps an exaggeration, but I can update to motherboards in the future to run two SLI cards and do not want to upgrade again)


    I removed the side panel to check the dimensions of the new card and it looks like it fits. The only thing that could be a problem of release the cables SATA for the hard drive and hard drive because they are both plugged into the two slots, I don't think that the two superiors would be no problem at all. Depending on the thickness of the new card is also, it may be very close to the sound card that is spaced only a slit above the graphics card. I have another location available PCIe x 1 go back one level more that I should be able to plug the sound card in if there is no problem.

    My question is that these two will be compatible with my system? (physical limitations side)

    Also, can I change which SATA plug the hard drive and disc plug in, without having to reformat? Is it just unplug and plug in the new housing? (setting power off + unplugged of course) Basically passing SATA0 and SATA1, SATA2, and SATA3. Or do need to be filled in order? (0 then 1 then 2, etc...)

    Finally, If I can't move the sound of a standard card, do I need to do anything other than the physically move when the computer is turned off and unplugged?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!



    You have thought through all scenerios. Move the sound card does not any problems. The hard drive should stay in header SATA 0.

  • Diablo III runs slow on my pc, not that I need to update my video card and power supply

    I have a HP Pavilion p6523w. I can run diablo 3, but it is extremely slow and I guess that choppy looking. I tried to work with blizzard on the problem, but it's slow going. I have looked and can't find anything concrete, but feel that my video chip can simply don't have the necessary ooomphh. But before I go out and spend money on things I didn't need. I thought someone here might be able to help out me.


    Yes - but what happens if you want a better card next year that requires 550W?
    OK this requirements are without physical limits at all - it also depends on what you have changed or that you want to change next to the graphics card - an additional audio card? Other cards? A second HDD? Another drive?

    Just check out what is offered, if you can get a 550W without much more money, then take it. Look for a big fan - he will be more silencer/cooler.
    It will of course make no sense to take a 1000W for an additional card.

    Look at what is offered in your area.
    Maybe Enermax, Thermaltake?

    Check tests of the computer sites.


  • No video after having replaced the graphics card and power supply

    I have a desktop HP Pavilion m9515y PC. The graphics card that came with it (NVidia GeForce 9600 GS, 768 MB) did not suit the minimum specification required by a game that I played. Things in the game has been very slow - I could see a delay of s ~0.5 to move my mouse on the splash screen for the game.

    Today, I bought a new graphics (NVidia Geforce GTX 550Ti, 1 GB) card and a Corsair 700W PSU to replace the 350W one that came with the system.

    From the outset that I messed up something. It's been a while since I opened the box and I thought wrongly that the top panel (with the rubber surface) to come off before the side panel could be deleted. I removed the two screws now the top panel in place and slipped it in the process it disconnect and two thin black wires which I do not know the function. It was attached near the power button and one was attached to the rear of the Panel. The sons have stripped the ends rather than a connector of some sort and I don't know how they connect back or if they are the cause of the problem that I see now.

    In any case, I advanced and removed the old PSU and video card and replace them with the new. Two of them are significantly larger than the components, they replaced, but they managed to adapt with some maneuvers. All cards are well-placed in the PCI slots.

    The power is connected hard disk, DVD drive, the motherboard and the new video card. I'm not aware of any other connections that need to be made to food. There was not much clearance between the power supply and the back of the DVD player, but I was able to get the data and clinging to the DVD of power cables.

    After having done all that, I hooked my monitor DVI cable, plugged in the power cable and turned on the power. When I plug it in, the power button on the top of the tower is illuminated and the power seems to work. However, my monitor indicates that there is no video signal. I tried to put the old return video card, but I don't always have a video signal. Because I can't get a video signal, I can't tell if the PC is start or not.

    Does anyone know the purpose of the wires that were connected to the top of the Tower?

    They would cause they cause this problem if they are not correctly connected?
    Any suggestions for the possible causes of the absence of a signal from a video card?

    I just took the PC to a repair shop and it turns out that the problem was quite simple: I don't have the PCU power cable 4 pins hanging. Everything seems to start fine when we hung out at the shop. Fortunately, the place that I took did not even charge me what as they don't charge co-pays and since it is such a simple fix.

    Now I feel kind of stupid, but I know better next time...

  • HP Pavilion Elite e9160f update video card

    I want to upgrade the video card on my Pavilion Elite e9160f.  I know that he only has that a Psalm 350w at this moment I only have a card... video how 230GT measure can I go in the chain of video card without a new PS?  Thanks for the help!


    The NVIDIA GT 240 1 GB DDR5 (if you can find one) or the NVIDIA GT 440 1 GB DDR5 would be a good choice.

    Review the performance of NVIDIA specifications. Look at the specifications of strip memory bandwidth and level of DirectX support.

  • HP-Pavilion Elite 410y: the video card upgrade

    Can I switch my video of a 6500 R7-200 series card?


    It is snly if you buy a model that has a legacy BIOS compatibility.

    Sapphiretech cards that have inherited the BIOS compatibility and some who have actually a physical switch on the map to allow switching between UEFI and compatibility existing BIOS. See the catalogue following Sapphiretech.

    http://www.sapphiretech.com/productdetial.asp?pid=2339BD93-8F69-4B7C-97FE-769DE2C3BDBF & lang = eng

    R7 of the Radeon HD 200 series video cards requires a single PCIe power connector 6 pin. Your office has not been handed over with a power supply that feeds it, then you must also upgrade the PSU. Choose a nice modular unit by a manufacturer as a Corsair. The generator units are highly regarded and reasonably priced

  • Pavilion Elite M9066.sc video card

    Hi all!

    I'm having trouble installing my new GPU (Asus Ati Radeon HD EAH5670). And uninstall my old driver (NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nforce 430) cards.

    First of all; Windows (win732bit) does not recognize the new card. If the map seems to work fine when it is plugged. I installed the drivers, still nothing.

    The problem with the old driver is; Whenever I uninstall it, it disappeared, but when I restart my pc Windows says he has detected new hardware and installs the driver to return. Even when I uninstalled and then installed the drivers for the new card. He always does. And when there is no video plugged card at all it still found.

    I've tried everything I know to do, I fought with it all day and night... Now, I'm just all out resource. If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it a lot!

    Turn off the PC and try clearing the CMOS.

    Turn on the PC and go into bios (setup) and make sure that the bios will recognize the new card in the video slot PCI-E x 16.  If the card is not recognized by the bios, then the card is probably not compatible with your motherboard and bios.  I have seen this situation with older PCs and video cards ATI 5xxx.

    There is another possibility. Your PC has a 300 Watt power supply unless you have upgraded.  The ATI 5670 requires a power supply of 400 watt, at least this model VisionTek ATI 5670 requires a 400 Watt power supply.

  • TC 710 video card and power suply upgrade

    I want to upgrade to a nvidia gtx 950 video card, will this video card be my motherboard and also what Power suply recommend you because I've been looking, but there are many on the market

    Thank you all, I turn to a nvidia 950 SC and a new PSU semi-modular evga 650 watts with no problems

  • video card and power suply upgrade help

    I bought the Hp Envy 700-074 computer from Bestbuy. I want to update my video card to a power supply NVIDIA gtx 660 and at least a 600 watt. My problem is the size of the space available for upgrades. How long can the card may be before it hits something or limit too high air flow? The size of a power supply (size wise... height, width, length) will fit in the case. There are several different manufacturers of these two elements. I don't want to buy something online having to return, as he does not. If you guys can help would be great. Thank you


    The nvidia gtx 660 video card you've chosen fits in the single available on your card PCI Express 3.0 location mother MS-7826 (Kaili) so unless you placed another card, you won't have problems with space for the card that the computer has been designed with a map like this to be placed in this slot.

    As for power provide the current dimensions of the 460w (100v-240v) power supply of the computer are 150 x 140 x 86 mm (5.9 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches) as it is stated in the specifications of the product for your computer, as shown in the link below.


    A same size 600w PSU must break easily.

    If you have further questions please feel free to re-post.

  • Can I put a new graphics card and power supply in my computer.

    Hey all, I have the model P7-1459 and it is good, but I was hoping maybe give him a boost of game. But I was not able to know if she could handle what I want to do. The new graphics card would require a 450W power supply, and I do not know if this model could handle. Anyone know of a way or another? Need help.

    Joshua, you are welcome!

    I'm sorry that I misunderstood your question.  I thought that you wanted to know if the computer would process the card.

    Yes, you can upgrade the power supply (PSU).  I suggest to measure the PSU existing and comparing these measures to the one you choose.  I love OCZ and Corsair.  They will provide quality amateur with a reasonable price.  A good video card requires a clean and stable power supply.  I recommend at least 500W; 550W at 600W would be even better.  This would allow for future updates.  The computer uses only the amount of energy needed to operate the components.

    I hope this helps.

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