HP Pavilion s5570t desktop computer: single SATA hard drive configured as RAID in BIOS

Our small computer lab has two offices of Pavilion Slimline s5570t that we have recently upgraded to Windows 10. I noticed that in the configuration of the BIOS for the SATA hard drive, it is defined as RAID. I don't know why. The thing that brought this to my attention, is that the software Intel Rapid storage technology constantly shows about 25% CPU use and there high usage of the disk when computers start first which makes them unusable until the software installs.

My question is can I change the setting of the BIOS SATA AHCI with no problems and that will solve the problem? The Intel rapid storage technology software version is v9.5.7.1002. It is obviously old and I could update, but I wonder if the real issue is the BIOS setting.

Thank you


Thank you for the additional information.

I'm not sure it tells you, but I changed these settings without having to reinstall the operating system.  I suppose it could be correct.

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    I'm running Vista on this machine and added a second internal hard drive: a WD Caviar 1 TB GB. I connected the SATA cable to the SATA connector to blue color on the motherboard (Benicia-GL8E) and had to get a 4 pin to SATA power plug on the power cable.

    For some reason the drive does not appear in my computer. I double checked connections and seem not to be tight. I installed WD Data Lifeguard (supplied with the HD) and he can't seem to mfind player either.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.


    In fact, I solved the situation by updating the BIOS on the HP support site. I've updated everything I could - firmware and everything - wheile I was there, and then the disc was recognized. Problem solved! Thanks for the suggestions.


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    I buy the HP Pavilion 550qe desktop computer, and it will come with a 1 to HARD drive and 8 GB of ram.   I'll be able to open and pass at the disk for one SSD... and also, can I replace the 8 GB of RAM for 16 GB?   Is RAM welded in, or is it replaceable?  I heard that HP is very difficult to spend at home, this is true even with desktop computers?

    You are welcome!

    Yes, you can upgrade the memory.  There are two locations of memory on the motherboard.  This is the page for Specifications of the motherboard of the computer.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • Desktop HP Pavilion a420n of does not recognize SATA hard drive


    I installed a SATA hard drive as a second hard drive in my office in a420n Paviion and it is not recognized by the computer. I don't belong in the BIOS to enable the SATA drives, only IDE drives. (The main hard drive is IDE). I just upgraded to firmware BIOS Revision 3.08 (11/2004, which is the last on the HP website) and there is still no place to enable SATA only drives in the BIOS screen.

    Of course, the drive may not be detected in Windows XP either.

    I saw an ad on the web about SATA drives that need drivers to work with the a420n, but I don't know if it's true. A man speaks by pressing the F6 key while rebooting, so you can load the driver at the time, but by pressing F6 does nothing to interrupt the normal boot on my machine process.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you


    p.s. I've tried 2 different, an older SATA drives and a brand new - same result

    If the BIOS does not info on the drive connected, then nothing else does.  It could be that this controller simply does not work.  On a Board that old, is probably not an effort worth trying a material difficulty.

    Using an external enclosure for the drive, it is probably the best bet.

  • Can I install a Philips DVD R/RW drive (DVD8801/96; 9305 046 68096) on my HP Pavilion p6720f desktop computer

    I have windows 7, AMD Phenom he's 840t Quad Core with a dvd burner as the top super multi drive on my HP Pavilion p6720f desktop computer. Can I install a Philips DVD R/RW drive (DVD8801/96; 68096 046 9305) as my second drive burner?


    Are you sure of that model #?  I found it listed hereandhere as a PATA/IDE hard drive. Not a good choice!

    That being said, here are my suggestions.

    You need an internal Sata DVD + RW (there be DL mode) and the necessary cabling. Power supply not having a spare power cord Sata, but it wil have the molex 4 pin. You also need a Sata data cable.

    Player $18.99

    cable selection:

    just a data cable, you have found a power cord Sata 15 pin $2.99

    just a power and data in the drop-down list $3.99

  • Can you put a 500 g SATA hard drive in Pavilion a750w?

    Can you put a 500 g SATA hard drive in Pavilion a750w?  The bios is version v3.26, and the operating system is XP with SP3.  40 gig HD is full and you are looking to replace it but do not know what the size limit is with this bios version.

    Here are the specifications of your HP Pavilion a705w desktop. This is based on the assumption that you converted the 5 and 0 and the fact that you mentioned a 40 GB hard drive.

    You already have the most current version of the BIOS of your computer and running the most recent service pack of Windows XP. Your computer and the operating system should support a drive of 500 GB without problem. The only problem is that your computer isn't any SATA ports, only 66/100 IDE (PATA). Look at local retailers and online for the IDE drives.

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    I have a HP Desktop M1188A running XP Media Center 2005.  The computer runs very slowly and was only 27.6 GB of free space left on the hard drive with a total area of 149GB.  It has 512 MB of memory installed a 4 GB maximum.  Speed supported is PC3200 MB/sec.  Type of DDR.  DIMM slots 4.  160 GB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive.  Fact hard drive 160 GB 7200 RPM SATA means it is a SATA connection?

    I want to switch the HARD disk like this I hope that the computer runs faster.  I'm a complete novice with respect to the operation of computers.  What to buy to upgrade the HARD drive?

    Will it also upgrade the installed memory?  If so, what to do?

    Everything I need to know?

    Thank you.

    See you soon,.



    Try for battery HP to THE Bing search engine, I found several sites in line with the Chargers and batteries. BattDepot Australia seems to have decent prices... At$ 24.49 for the loader and THE $37,49 for battery. If you have not yet checked the HP battery reminder page, I recommend you do this first.


  • I have a HP Pavilion XM557AV desktop computer. I need to move from a Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate

    I have a HP Pavilion XM557AV desktop computer. I need to move from a Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate, in order to encrypt my dirves using a system of encryption bit locker, built in the end of windows.  Are there problems that I need to know?  My HP bios to the original address software has been created to SATA, and it me prevented to use Sophos or control point software of encryption.  I have changed since my bios setting.  Will be little work locker?

    Kpoona, welcome to the forum.

    I believe that you will receive more specific information if you contact Microsoft Customer Service.  I think it should work, but can't be absolutely certain.

  • Where can I find of the bios chip on the motherboard of my Pavilion a6010e desktop computer and it is soldered?

    Where is the bios chip on the motherboard of my hp pavilion ab010e desktop computer and it is soldered?

    It is welded.

  • Upgrade graphics card for HP Pavilion A6720Y desktop computer

    I have the HP Pavilion A670Y desktop computer and was thinking of upgrading the graphics card GeForce 9100 integrated to a Radeon HD5850 and adding a new power which would allow this change. Power side is there a reason that my office would not be able to support the Radeon HD5850?

    It's your motherboard.  Make sure that the slot next to the PCI-E x 16 card is open as 5850 is a wide double card.  Your PC has only a 300 watt PSU so 5850 is only in need of a much larger power supply.  Look at the 12 + rating required by the 5850 and then choose the new modular power supply.  Buy not only on power alone.

    Your PC has a practice of small Tower and the 5850 will consume more power (wattage) compared to your existing integrated video processor which means more heat. Be prepared to deal with this issue.  The 5850 is perhaps too card for your PC.

    Don't forget that your PC system BIOS is up to date.

    Open your Pc and clean all the dust. Then a measure of your current diet and buy one that is modular with almost the same dimensions.  Then measure around the PCI-E x 16 slot to make sure that the card fits.

    Review the specifications of performance ATI and NVIDIA . Look at the specifications of strip memory bandwidth and level of DirectX support.

    How to replace a power supply.

    How to replace a video card.

  • What's a 2 TB SATA hard drive internal-compatible with the HP Paviliion Elite m9510f?


    I have a desktop PC HP Pavilion Elite m9510f running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and want to install an internal 2 TB SATA hard drive.

    I would like to know if this computer (see details of configuration below) supports this 2 TB HDD:

    (1) can I use it as a secondary (non-bootable) drive?
    (2) what like a bootable disc, it'll work?
    (3) do I need to create multiple partitions or a single 2 TB can be created/formatted?
    Specifically, I intend using a Seagate Barracuda LP 2 TB 5 900 RPM SATA 3 Gb/s 3.5 "internal hard drive model ST320005N4A1AS-RK

    Computer configuration:

    HP Pavilion Elite m9510f desktop PC
    Product #: NC692AAR-ABA

    System Board
    Intel G31/G33/G35/P31/P35 chipset
    Southbridge Intel 82801IR (ICH9R)

    Box spring
    The manufacturer mother board: Asus IPIBL-LB
    HP/Compaq name: Benicia-GL8E

    The vendor American Megatrends Inc.
    Release Date 06/05/2009
    Version 5.39 BIOS string
    ROM size 1.00 MB

    Operating system:
    Windows 7 Edition Home Premium (64-bit)

    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8200-2.33 GHz

    8 GB

    Install HDD (Seagate 750 GB)
    Model number: ST3750630AS
    Firmware revision: HP26
    Size: 698,6 GB
    Rotation speed: 7200 RPM
    Cache size: 16 MB
    Physical sector size: 512 B
    Logical sector size: 512 B
    Count of logical sector: 1465149168



    The word "support" has a connotation that is specific to HP - it usually means were that he tested with, sold with, etc.   I do not think that these discs were available when this system was built/designed, and thus the moniker "supported" official cannot be assured.

    Everything that is said - I see not where there is a problem with this player.   I have a m9600t HP of a similar vintage - I swapped my Seagate 750 GB drive for a 7200 RPM Hitachi 2 TB drive and added an another 2 TB "Green" WD drive as a secondary drive.   No problems.

    I have used Ghost of Norton to clone the old boot HDD on the Hitachi.  Made sure the D: drive Alias: "recovery partition" was kept the same size and then said Norton to use all the space of the new to develop on the c: drive.  Works very well.   The WD drive - I partitioned as a large drive E:.   Made sure to partition to NTFS.

    Your mileage may vary - but I think it should work correctly...

    -dm (an employee of HP of long date, but the comments/suggestions are my own, not my employer)

  • Install SATA hard drive in HP A720n

    Hi, I use an old HP Pavilion A720n PC, has an ASUS motherboard. Computer is maybe 7-10 years. Don't ask me why, and I can't give an answer but love to tinker and learn to use older and newer computers. These days, the computer industry is, of course, will (or gone) to the SATA drives. I know little about them. But I see two ports or connectors on the motherboard, 1 is labeled 1 Sata and one is labeled SATA 2 - one is black, one is white. I bought a couple of adapters, but something does not appear here. Readers have 15-pin, then we're about 7 pins, and I see a 4 pin - (small rods, similar to the small connectors used to power of diskettes, etc.) on all of the power from the power supply connections.

    I don't know if I need one or two red Connector cables, for SATA and power supply connector or just pin 15 or just pin 7. Can I put several (SATA) hard drive in the computer or limited to one? And the computer will have to change in the bios or any where when I switch to SATA, if I can go. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you


    Thanks, Vidya, what I'm doing is trying to decide on a new computer, HP, or keep these two computers A720n. I have a Compaq, most recent, and a Mac book prorunning software mac Windows amd. So the 'old' may be in the form of hobby. Thanks for the info, I've touched the thumb, but not sure that it worked? I really apprehciate the response and INFO. Ssmiley

  • Windows Vista will not complete installation on SATA hard drive

    I tried to install Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit on a new desktop computer Acer X 1200 (less than 1 year).  Vista recognizes the drive, format and copy all the files on the disk installation.  Then restarts, is preparing to launch for the first time and get to the part where it says installation finished and hangs there.  The green progress bar does not move and it hangs indefinitely.  The hard drive is SATA and I put a new disc in hard, but exactly the same thing happened.  The motherboard has no IDE port on it and there is no option in the BIOS for the IDE emulation.  At this point I think the motherboard is bad, but I am working also on a laptop HP 1 year with SATA hard drive that does exactly the same thing.  The two systems are pre-installed with Vista Home Premium.  The two systems see the hard drive, but will not complete installation.  I even tried to run the WD Tools Data Lifeguard before installation with no luck at all.  There is no error message or error code, just of hangs and end no installation.  You have any suggestions for this?  Thank you.

    What was my problem I bought the equipment... like motherboard, memory, cpu, and video

    Vista would not be install.would blow on the end of the installation so I tried to put it natively and it worked!

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    My system: Vostro 400 desktop, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3 GHz, Windows XP Home Edition.

    Situation: I use a SATA hard drive and the DVD drive is SATA. I want to add an IDE hard drive (from my old computer) to this system. I can't find any IDE cable or even an IDE port on the motherboard to add an IDE cable for a hard drive.

    Question: Is it possible to add an IDE hard drive to this computer and run hard IDE and SATA drives simultaneously?

  • HP PAVILION 14-B164LA SLEEKBOO: replacing the hard drive HP PAVILION 14-B164LA SLEEKBOOK

    Hi, I found this hard drive to Amazon to replace my drive hard because original and official HP is out of stock in the United States.


    Can someone check if it fits properly to my computer?

    Thank you!

    This drive should be fine.   Any 2.5 SATA hard drive "NEEDS to adapt, especially if it is 7 mm thick (and it is).   Some portable computers cannot use of larger 9.5 mm discs.


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