HP Photosmart C4180 printer and HP Solution Center

Bought new HP 3500 Pro tour MT series to replace the old tower HP Windows XP.  To use the HP Photosmart C4180 printer that I used with the old tower and have available HP solutions Center.   Data has been transferred from the old disk to the new HP Tower.  Then, I downloaded the printer driver and connected using the USB cable.  The printer will now print and scan but I can't find the HP Solution Center software that I used previously during scanning and photo editing.  I do not remember if I made a basic or complete installation install the driver.  If I do a basic installation and is not software for Solution Center, should I uninstall and reinstall the drivers for this function to work?  Would appreciate a step by step help to solve this problem.  Thank you very much.


Thanks for the info about your operating system.  And no need to apologize!

It's very strange that you do not see your printer listed in the list of programs (non - it would not be the framework of Solutions from HP Support).  This leads me to believe that your printer is not actually installed.  If that were the case, you should see something like this (note that I have more printers installed as a regular user )

So you do not see your HP Photosmart C4180 listed here, then I would go and try to install the full driver.  The instructions in my previous post would be the same, but since you have Windows 7, it would be the right document to guide you through the steps.

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  • How to add HP Photosmart 5520 to the HP Solution Center

    Can someone tell me please how to add my new HP Photosmart 5520 in the HP Solution Center.

    My other printers HP added autumatically when I installed them, but this one did not.  I have spent quite a long time and can't find anything on how to do it.

    Thank you



    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    You must install the full features software for your printer: Printer Wizard (the new name for the Solution Center) is installed as part of the installation of the printer software.

    General instructions to install the printer software

    • Open drivers HP & downloads
    • Enter your printer model information
    • Select your printer in the list of the 'results '.


    • Enter your operating system from the menu drop-down
    • Click NEXT and scroll down
    • Find the category driver - software product installation
    • Select the base driver, e-print, or a full features software
    • Save the *.exe installation package (s) on your computer

    The files will probably save in the "folder"downloads. "

    If it is available, you can download print and scan doctor and / or other programs of the category-utilities


    Install the utilities / tools first. bit installation packages are smaller in size

    • If you have control of "Admin", you can highlight the package and "double-click" to install it, otherwise just right-click, select run as administrator and install.


    •         Look at the bottom half of the main Web page for your printer for helpful videos help with the installation of the printer software!
    •         Scroll through the list of videos back until you find the video that best fits your situation.
    • Connection USB: download and install the driver software before connecting a USB cable.
    • Ethernet: connect the printer to the network and (optional) assign the printer IP address to the router. Once the printer is connected to the network, make sure that the printer is on, and then install the printer software.
    • Once the initial installation is complete and functional, check / install category - updated

    There is valuable information about the Web site, including Manual, pages How-to's , Troubleshooting and SOLUTIONS section and alerts and notifications for your printer.  Be sure to take a comprehensive look at what's available.  To bookmark the page.

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  • HP Office Jet Pro 8630: JO 8630 Pro and HP Solution Center work together

    I had a HP Photo Smart C7280 that crashed. I replaced it with this 8630 Pro JO from HP and HP Solution Center software does not take account of the new printer after that the online setup process was completed. I used the software regularly and I would use it in the new printer as well.


    HP Solusion Center software has been replaced by the most recent model HP Printer Wizard, it is not affiliated with the 8630 anyway.

    You can access the wizard in the HP printer by opening the software HP Officejet Pro 8630 from your desktop or in the start menu > programs > HP, open the folder that is listed as the printer model and then click the printer model icon.

    Kind regards

  • HP Photosmart C310a and HP Solution Center Windows 8

    HP Photosmart C310a and HP Solution PS_A10_07_C310_FSW - installed Full_Win_WW_140_408 Center. Print from Internet Explorer 10 preferences pages rise in Japanese or Chinese.  Works fine in Word.

    Windows 8 running on Ultra Intel Core i7 laptop.

    Not a printing problem, but a problem becomes the prefrences page if we can settle Dulpex or 'print page 1-2' can't read pages.

    Actually have two Ultras (wife and I), and both do exactly the same thing.

    How can I solve it please?

    Hi, dash,

    If you have this problem with the browser Internet Explorer 10 and not with any other application, then it would be some setting in the browser IE 10. Try printing from another browser (firefox or Chrome) and let me know if you have the same problem?

  • I am running windows vista and my solution Center tells me that my printer is not completely installed

    I re-installed the printer (photosmart all-in-one B209a) and I get a message every time I try to access the center of solution that my printer is not completely installed. In addition, the HP does not appear in my program menu. Help!

    Hello Gordon,.

    I want to thank you for all your help. It has been very frustrating for me to not be able to solve this problem. However, with your help, I learned a little. As I mentioned previously, I am not savvy in computer science.

    The installation that I downloaded from the HP site seems to be useless. Fortunately, I found my installation CD and was able to successfully install it with the CD. I now have my rear HP Solution Center, and everything seems to work well. No message more that it has not been installed correctly or the pilot is missing.

    I did however, buy another printer. So I have now two printers. If I am given the penalty, I can use the other until I understand what could be the problem.

    Once again, thanks a lot.

  • Photosmart 2575: For printer download HP Solution Center "retired"?

    Recently performed a clean install of Windows 10 (starting from Windows 7) and lost the HP Solutions Center. I had already installed the Solutions Center HP on this system that recently (maybe about three months ago) and had no problem finding the correct downloads for my Photosmart 2575. Now, it seems the 2575 is on the list of retirees, and HP provides more support.

    Solution Center did not come with my original packing, and I have only been aware of it recently while searching for a better way to scan images (direct to PDF vice using Word to convert an image file to PDF). Completely disappointed that this ideal solution to my needs was "retired" in the space of a few months. Is there a work around or download available?


    It seems to happen because of the KB3132372 affecting Adobe Flash Player and therefore affect the HP Solution Center that relies on Flash.

    BLAH, the Control Panel, select uninstall a program, click on view installed updates and delete KB3132372.

    Reboot your PC and try to open the HP Solution Center.

    Please let me know the results,


  • HP Photosmart all-in-One D110a: Solution Center says disconnected printer, can still print documents, but cannot scan

    No problems before the upgrade windows 10. Solution Center says offline wireless printer but I can still print it. Works on windows 7 without any problem for years, has been working for 9/2015 when I upgraded to W10 and the uninstall update KB3132372. Stopped working today. Cannot scan, but the network is in place. Rebooted everything several times. No recent upgrades or software changes.

    Hi @mikealpha,

    Because there was a registry error in your installation, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the printer software. Below, I've posted some links to documents that offer instructions on how to uninstall, and then reinstall the HP software. Please try all the steps in order and get back to me with the results.

    HP printers - uninstalling the software of the printer (Windows)

    HP printers - Download and install the printer driver and software Via USB

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    I hope this helps and have a nice day.

  • SOLUTION: Get Win 7 printer drivers/HP Solution Center for work on Windows 8

    Took me some time to understand it, but I managed to do the work.

    First of all, the preliminaries:

    I have a laptop HP dv9700t running the 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro RTM (not the preview, but I guess it will work as well on the preview).  My printer is a HP Photosmart C7280.  If you have a different printer, it is possible that something similar to how I solved my problem will help you, especially by running your installation in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode files.

    Windows 8 is provided with printer C7280 stock drivers that work by going to control panel > printers and devices > add a printer, but there is only limited to those features.  As such, I wanted to run the HP Setup files have increased functionality.

    Unfortunately, when I run the full installer of HP for my printer, there was no button 'Install a printer', or one of the other usual buttons.  There was only one button "quit".

    Here's how to let him run and install correctly.

    Right click on the HP full installation file, then properties > compatibility > then check the box "run this program in compatibility mode for:", select "Windows 7" in the drop-down list box, then click on 'OK'.

    Run the installation file as you would normally in Windows 7.

    I tried this two ways... first when you're connected via a USB cable.  It works perfectly without error.

    I also tried with the printer connected to the network via WiFi.  A few problems.

    The installation program detects my printer very well, and I clicked 'Next' or 'OK' or whatever the prompt was to install the printer.  The installation would hang 'Response of SNMP' (or something similar) and it would list the IP address of my printer.  I waited, waited, waited for an hour, and it would not go beyond that.  Not to worry.

    Proceed with the normal installation until you get the message 'Response of SNMP' and the installation fails.

    Enter with CTRL-ALT-DEL Task Manager.  You will see an entry in the 'Apps' to the installer of HP... DROP.

    Below the "Apps" list, you will see the list of "background processes".  In this list is something along the lines of "HP Network Interface user", or something similar, consuming a significant amount of CPU.  Highlight this entry and click "End task" downstairs.

    The "SNMP" window closes and your installer will end then normally and your printer/fax/scanner will be installed correctly.  HP Solution Center works normally, like printing, scanning, etc.

    The next person who uses that will give a few comments and also answer a few questions for me so I can update this post with more specific information?

    Please let me know what is the exact "SNMP" message when the installation is blocked.  Please let me also know that the exact name of the background process "HP Network User Interface" is, and the name of app Installation HP.

    I hope this will help you.

    Glad to hear that a form any of my solution works for others.

  • Photosmart C4780: Cannot load the solution Center since a cΘdΘrom with Windows 10 to scan

    Things worked fine with my old computer running Windows 7. However this computer failed last week, well that was 10 years old, and I bought a new computer with Windows 10.

    He had no problem with the wireless print job immediately. However, I need to have the program loaded in to scan documents. I think that the program is called Center of HP solutions? Despite the CD, I am unable to install the program.

    It presents a panorama of a Mediterranean home fron a gateway with Brown and the message "select install to begin the installation of your new HP device ' however Instrall is not presented as an option only"Exit".".

    I tried the Support Web site without success, everything I can find drivers.

    Help is greatly appreciated.



    You will not find a download link for the HP Solution Center software as part of the full software solution features of your printer.

    Install HP Solution Center with the full Windows software feature of the HP Web site, or use the Printer Wizard.

    HP Photosmart C4700 all-in - One Printer series Full Feature Software and Driver


    HP printer install wizard for Windows


    You can see this also.

    Your HP printer static IP address assignment



  • OfficeJet 4500 all-in-One Printer G510h - can't scan using the printer or HP Solution Center

    When I tried scanning document/image of my desktop with the use of the HP Solution Center, by pressing the button scan, printer/scanner does not react but simply go back to the home menu. I've tried a few things: reinstall the printer driver, restart the computer, unplug and turn on the printer, but it's the same thing happens again.  When I tried to scan the document/image directly from the printer/scanner, the following error message appears on the HP Solution Center:

    "An error has occurred with the HP scanning application. Try the following steps after each step, try to scan the image.
    -Restart the program
    -Restart the computer
    -Reinstall the HP Photosmart software that came with the device. »

    However, there is no HP Photosmart software supplied with the unit.


    Please perform the below mentioned steps that should solve the problem.

    Click START > computer > C: > Program files > HP > Digital Imaging > Bin > right click on hpscnapp.exe, and then click SEND TO OFFICE.

    Back on the desktop, and then double-click the shortcut icon hpscnapp.exe , he would open the interface to start scanning.

    Kind regards

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  • How to scan to PDF? I have the HP Photosmart c4680 printer and m7-1015dx Pavilion computer.

    How to scan in pdf format. I have printer hp photosmart C4680 & pc hp Pavilion m7-1015dx Entertainment, using the Windows 7 operating system.

    The computer only allows me to scan all the documents in for example jpeg photo format. My old computer has a program called HP solution center this permit scan me to PDF.  The new configuration of hp can only scan to the size of the photo. How can I fix it, so can scan documents to pdf format?

    Hi, you probably need "Full Feature software and Derivers" at the following link: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?os=4062&lc=en&cc=au&dlc=en&sw_lang=&product=3739150#N193 if still does not work. Please try to download and install for free a product called PDF24. You can open this program and import from a scanner, you can also use this program to edit the scanned or as pdf documents. Here is the link to download: http://en.pdf24.org/pdf-editor.jsp best regards.

  • HP Photosmart C5100: hp c5100 grave Solution Center crashes after windows kb3132372 10 update

    Solution Center crashes after Windows update KB3132372 10 (December 29, 2015).

    The Windows Device Manager shows not installed printer as on a regular basis.

    Printer will print but scanning is very heavy and the ink levels will not appear.

    Uninstall and reinstall will not work.  Software will work properly only if Windows update is uninstalled.

    Is there another solution for this?


    Microsoft has since released a new update for this problem.

    Fix solution:

    Please download and install the following update KB3133431 from Microsoft:


    Note This update is available through Windows Update only. (Updates )  must be lit)

    1. Click the Start button, select 'Settings' and select 'Making day & security'
    2. Under "Windows Update", select "Advanced Options".
    3. Under "Choose how updates are installed," select "automatic (recommended) in the drop-down list in the menu drop-down."

    Hope that helps.

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  • HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m: HP Solution Center does not work

    Improved win7 to Win10 House and it worked all fine until a few weeks ago.  Now when I open the HP Solution Center, the drive vibrates for a while, I see HPqdirec.exe (32 bit) process for a second in the Task Manager (not all the time but that could be just instant calendar), the Bell PC bumps (each time) but the window does not open.  There is no error message, no even if I run it from a command prompt window.

    I tried to uninstall the HP printing software (originally installed in Win7) - he asked me to restart the PC to continue the uninstall - but then he pointed out a mistake and said: he has failed.  Now when I try to uninstall it, it has no installed components.  I have correctly installed the latest PS_AIO_06_C309g-m_140_408 - 5.exe and the printer works but not the center of the Solution.

    The only recent software change that comes to mind is that I went free Avast antivirus with AVG free.  Do not know if the symptoms coincide with this change.  Disable AVG has no effect.

    I have uninstalled & installed the latest version of Adobe Flash player, but that makes no difference.

    I tried pressing Alt-space but nothing happens or who does not work in Win10.

    Edit: uninstall Microsoft Update https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3132372 allows to run, but he now realizes that my installation is incomplete. Re-run the installation of HP's...


    Microsoft has since released a new update for this problem.

    Fix solution:

    Please download and install the following update KB3133431 from Microsoft:


    Note This update is available through Windows Update only. (Updates )  must be lit)

    1. Click the Start button, select 'Settings' and select 'Making day & security'
    2. Under "Windows Update", select "Advanced Options".
    3. Under "Choose how updates are installed," select "automatic (recommended) in the drop-down list in the menu drop-down."

    Hope that helps.

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  • HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m: HP Solution Center

    I have had this printer for some time, but in the last 6 months or so when I try to open the HP Solution Center, I get a window with the following message: "HP Solution Center cannot be run because your installation of the device is not complete.  Please connect the USB cable or re-run the Setup program from the installation to a network installation CD.  If it does not complete the installation, or you do not have the CD, access the HP help files by clicking on the start menu. "This message and Solution Center is inaccessible without apparent reason.  I not unhooked and reinstalled the full set of software from the original CD, and it seems to work very well until what it is not.  I'm running on a Dell with Windows 7 Home Premium laptop.  Is there a patch I need to install or an updated version of the software available for download and installation?

    Installation was completed according to the instructions.  I'll see if this corrects the problem, but it may take a while for the problem with the solution to appear again HP Center.

  • HP photosmart 2575 all in one solutions Center empty

    Operating system is windows 7 and the printer worked satisfactorally for many years, originally on XP but I bought the upgrade hp a few years ago.

    Solutions Center previously worked ok and that I could navigate it well.

    The solution Center now opens on the intro and then screen when the Center window opens the dow lower lists are seen but unwritten words are represented. All dropdowns are the same according to the item that you select (host, settings, actions etc.)

    I'm not aware of any problems with the downloaded updates at the source of the problem.

    Another PC on the network home short W8. and had the HP also installed on the site of HP. It allows to print but does not its solution Center scan. I deleted all of the HP software in the laptop W8. Still no change to the center of W7 laptop solutions.

    Computer laptop W7 took all the software uninstalled and reinstalled from the hp drive. (twice)

    I can't even reach using the solutions Center


    The control panel select programs and features and select Adobe Flash Player from the list, select it and then click on uninstall.

    If Adobe Flash is not listed, go to the previous step and follow these steps.

    Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the Adobe site, from doesnload and install the latest version of Flash Player on your PC:


    Note: remember to use Internet Explorer and not another browser, so the last flash will be installed on your operating system, install Google Chrome or Firefox will install a browser addon and will not Flash install on the operating system itself.

    Once you're done, restart your PC, launch the HP Solution Center and check for the difference.

    If the same white screen will appear, click the Start button and type folder in the search box.

    Open the listed temp folder and locate the last installation folder that begins with 7z. (Just change by its modified date and find the most recent 7z folder)

    Open the installation folder, and then the SolutionCenter folder.

    Right click on the file SolutionCenter.msi (its type appears as Package install Windwos if the extension is not displayed) and select Repair.

    Confirm any command prompt during installation and then try to start the HP Solution Center again.

    Please let me know if this can help,


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