HP Photosmart C4280 all-in-One: HP Photosmart C4280 all-in - One Printer, Printer Wizard is lost

After I've upgraded to Windows 10, I downloaded the HP software and re-installed my ols HP Photosmart C4280 all-in-One Printer, which works very well.  But now, I can't find a way to run wizard printer.  I want to scan a document, and there is no icon on the desktop to start the software.  Anyone know where I can find the Printer Wizard file to run in order to run this software and create a desktop icon?

Because the Printer Wizard says that you have the software, we will check the computer again. Please type Solution Center in the box search and see if the program is displayed.

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  • HP Office Pro 8600 e all in one printer wizard disappeared

    I am running Windows 7, Office Pro 8600 e-all in one

    Out of the blue, two laptops in the House lost priner Assistant and all of its features (fax to the folder, etc.).

    Windows has had some updates for a few weeks so I can only assume it follows from there.

    For two laptops, I uninstalled and reinstalled the CD and the software of latest driver on the site of hp without success.

    I ran HP print and scan doctor without success.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated... I am at a loss.


    On the start menu click programs and select HP, then select the HP Officejet Pro 8600 folder and proceed with the uninstall.

    Then download and install the following software, do not use older since the CD or software programs you can registered on the HP site in the past as the problem will remain while any previous software used:


    Once you have finished, restart your PC and click the HP Officejet Pro 8600, located on your desktop.

    Please let me know the results,


  • New HP Photosmart 7520 e-all-in-one printer from the box, removed the tape and cartridge access

    I have a new HP Photosmart 7520 e-all-in-one printer just out the box. I removed the tape and cartridge access door does not open more than 40 degrees. The figure represents about 80 degrees. I'm afraid to force it. I can't put new cartridges in the printer. Very frustrated trying to get help. It doesn't seem to be a phone number or Web site for direct assistance. HP has really gone down hill. Help!


    Mine is about 45 degrees, sufficient space to install the ink cartridges.

    Kind regards.

  • HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer series - B110


    I have the above printer and I m finding difficulty in ordering ink cartridges.

    The available cartridges are:

    HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer series - B110a

    HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer series - B110b

    HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer series - B110c

    HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer series - B110d

    HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer series - B110e

    I don't know the one to choose. Can someone help me choose the right cartridge please.

    Thank you


    In the United Kingdom, the cartridges would be 364 series.  You can order black, cyan, magenta, yellow or pack combo with three cartridges.  The cartridge photo and four packs of color with the photo cartridge are not applicable for your printer.

    You can also use the XL 364 cartridges, they have more ink at a higher price, but at a lower cost per page.

  • HP Photosmart Premium all-in-One Printer - C309g dose it supports eprinting


    All-in-one printer, HP Photosmart Premium - C309g eprinting airprinter support


    Great question, I have attached a link below that shows what printers support missions/ePrint AirPrint.  There is another option for the HP Photosmart Premium so depending on your model, which houses the ePrint and Biz.  There is more information on this subject on the ePrint link below.

    Good luck!

    http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/WC/searchresults?tmp_product=HP+Photosmart+Premium+All-in-One+Printer+-+C309g & Product = 3793676 & tmp_qt = ePrint & CC = US & DLC = in & LC = in & Submit=.

  • HP Photosmart 5520 All in One printer cancels an order of copy of the glass

    HP Photosmart 5520 All in One printer & HP Pavilion dm1 Notebook PC

    I put a document on the glass of the printer to make a copy. The command is recognized, but cancelled immediately. The first two attempts were given a bit of text/photo about 1 centimeter.

    I used the doctor scanning HP and installed my printer again, but that has not helped.


    Hi RodeDraak,

    Given that the problem occurs when you run a copy, I hope that the problem is the printer hardware not the software on the computer.

    You have the printer connected directly to a wall outlet or is this a surge protector or power bar? Even if you have used a surge protector/power bar this whole time and you feel that this is not the case, please connect to a wall outlet so that we can eliminate the source of energy as the primary cause.

    Issues when connected to an uninterruptible power supply/Strip/surge protector power

    In this document, you will see,


    Questions or problems may arise when a HP LaserJet printer is connected to a UPS (UPS), a power strip or a surge protector

  • "" HP Photosmart e-all-in-one Pr: "HP Photosmart e-all-in-one printer - D110a installed 10 windows now scanner does not work

    Application of scan works

    Try download and install the driver and test the HP Photosmart Software Suite for your printer at http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Photosmart-e-All-in-One-Printer-series---D1/4023244/model/4023245

  • changed router photosmart b110 e-all-in-one printer does not work

    changed router photosmart b110 e-all-in-one printer does not work

    Hi aged60,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have linking problems with your Photosmart B110 printer.

    I've included a link to HP Wireless Printing Center Troubleshooting web page.  In the section entitled "your printer was working on the network before and now is not" there are clear instructions to follow when your router has been changed or updated.  If you follow the instructions you should be able to communicate with your printer.

    HP wireless printing Center - Troubleshooting


  • Photosmart e-All-in-One Printe: Photosmart e-all-in-one - D110a does not print text or Doc file

    Until that number today printing problems.

    Now can't print from Word or any text file.

    All other OK.

    Uninstalled and reinstalled SW.

    Problem remains.

    Word files and text printed in WHITE.

    All others are OK.

    Hey @Clark_Stillman,

    I understand that when you print from your Windows 8.1 computer to your HP Photosmart e-all-in-one printer D110a print jobs are coming in white. I would like to help you today with this printing problem. When you print from your computer, some files are sent to your printer as "image" files If your printer 'think' it prints an image, color ink may be used to enrich or to 'do' the dark. This can be misleading because your machine can really be confronted a black ink, problem of print, but you may think that your machine works great as always black appears in print. While in reality, it's just the ink to mix color to black. Therefore, at the beginning troubleshooting I'll have print you a standalone report diagnosis on the quality of your printer. This report will help us determine if this printing of the blank page problem is caused by your printers ink system or your computer. Can I please you follow the steps below.

    How to print a report of quality diagnostic:

    1. Load plain white paper in the input tray.
    2. Tap the button of the ATM () next to the icon of configuration () in the lower left corner of the control panel.
    3. Press arrow right () and select Tools, and then tap OK.
    4. Press arrow right () to select Print Quality Report, then tap OK. The printer prints the report.

    • If this report prints perfectly: Only the blank page printing problem isn't be caused by your printer. On the contrary, there may be a driver or a conflicts between your computer and your HP Photosmart camera setting. Can I have it please click here to download and run the HP print and scan of the doctor tool. Once the tool downloads, please run the tool to the "difficulty of printing." If connection, software or driver conflicts turns out that the HP print and scan of the doctor tool will attempt to resolve these conflicts for you. Once the tool has completed please test printing from your computer.
    • If this report does not print correctly:  That the problem you are experiencing is caused by the printing of your printer system. To solve this problem of print quality can I please have you click here to access the appropriate troubleshooting steps. Once the support document opens please run through the Solution, one five, six Solution and seven. This includes all sub-steps under the listed Solutions. Once completed the print quality troubleshooting steps, please try to print to see if the problem is now resolved.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. You can also click thethumbs up' ' icon below to say "thanks for the help!" I look forward to hear from you!

  • Photosmart C5280: 5280 all-in-one printer front panel C does not

    I have a HP Photosmart C5280 All-in-one printer. I am able to print and scan through the software on my pc, but the buttons and the screen on my printer does not work. The screen is dead and nothing happens if I press the buttons. I lift the lid (the m crept about to change ink) for the printer start work before I can print. Please give advice on how I can solve this

    Welcome to the HP community @Anthony1707,

    I read your post on display problems you are facing your Photosmart C5280 and wanted to drop. My suggestion would be to try the steps that are in the article link below to see if they can help. If the problem persists, I think that somewhere there is an internal failure, and could then recommend contact HP directly to see what your next printer options. I'll leave their contact details below for you also.

    HP all-in-One, Fax and copy machine products - product HP off several times

    Testify of my answer by pressing the thumb in the air below and hit the "accept as Solution" button, if I have you helped a resolution!

    I hope this helps you!

    Contact HP:

    Step 1. Open the link: www.hp.com/contacthp/
    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number
    File number and phone number appear

  • HP Photosmart 7520 malfunctions of e-all-in-one printer on the clock

    This e-all-in-one printer from HP Photosmart 7520 bought last week and cannot issue to reslove the awakening. Printer goes to sleep as the value, and to wake up, BUT with an error message on the display. I tried AUTO ON / OFF and different sleep wait times but nothing helped.  I can't believe the USB cable or the PC/software is to blame because the wake-up printer, but in a State of dysfunction and should now be in the off position, then press. The answers to this problem.


    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    The following workaround solution should correct the problem - basically how to turn off the sleep function.  It works when all other options have failed to solve the problem: assigning static IP, small insect sacrifice, swearing, all sorts of settings...

    Be aware: I do not know the consequences - if any - turning off the sleep function.

    Printer PhotoSmart 7520 loses wireless - system Mode Timeout Set to zero

    Apologize up front for imprecise language and the way in which this must be done: is a solution and not a standard procedure.  Its use is optional.

    Click on the Thumbs-Up Kudos to show that you appreciate the help and time of our Experts.

    When the answer is a good fix or workaround, click accept as Solution !

    Although I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

  • HP 5510 Photosmart e-All-in-one printer will be no. Longer Print black

    I have a Photosmart HP 5510 e-All-in-one printer and after replacement of a black cartridge empty with a new, the printer will print is darker. I tried all the solutions on HP Support forum.

    I have inserted a new black HP (not a photo black) cartridge, provided it was properly ventilated and put, ran the print head, smear routines and the alignment of ink. I printed the status report (funny because he's white with the exception of a few areas of color). I printed the report quality - the colors were there but not black. I even restored it to factory defaults.

    My WIN7 laptop has the latest HP drivers and wireless printer is turned on and connected, so I guess he can receive firmware updates.

    It becomes even more strange that if I print from a printer (that is, the crossword) embedded applications it print a grey color with muted where (probably), it would be black.

    The printer is 5 months out of warranty...

    I see that a few other people have had the same problem. Is that what someone has solved?

    The steps of cleaning cartridge Print 3 - 4 times.  Try now.

  • The problems of security of the data during the recycling of a HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer - C309a?

    Given a document photocopied with a HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-one printer - C309a can be recovered later from the unit?

    I want to know if it is safe to recycle this unit, which was used to print, fax, scan, and copy documents that may have sensitive data. Some articles and videos on the net, it is clear that some photocopiers are vulnerable in this regard. I appreciate any assistance with this question - thanks!


    Reset will erase everything. Please try: turn the power off, press and hold # and 6 while and for a few seconds after turning it on.

    Kind regards.

  • Photosmart C7280 all in one printer keeps giving me expired ink cartridge warning

    My Photosmart C7280 all in one printer Guard giving me expired ink cartridge warning.  The cartridge has expired, but I want to continue to use it as it still has ink.  Is it possible to turn off these warnings to be boring?  I can't print until I have to recognize them!

    @ CoolBreeze202 - I'm sorry that you are having this problem with the ink cartridges and the ink expiration error message.  You can try to clean the contacts on the cartridge and the contacts inside the machine to ensure that built up on the parts are not the source of the error message. Pages 163 and 164 of the user manual will show a manual cleanup process.

    I would also do a hard reset to the printer to try to clear the error message and return the printer to a known working state. No user settings are lost with a hard reset.  Here is a link that will show you how to do a hard reset on this machine.

  • 7520 HP photosmart e-All-in-one: printer Photo ink for all print jobs

    Why my printer uses ink cartridge photo instead of the regular cartridge for all print jobs? I need to change a setting? He uses ink photo when I print documents or photos on the internet and it's always the first cartridge to change. How can I get it to stop and use the regular ink cartridge?

    Hi @ohchango,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see that you are curious about the black photo cartridge on your HP Photosmart 7520 e-all-in-one printer. I'd be happy to see this with you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.

    Photo black cartridges are designed to be used, it cannot be bypassed or ignored. When printing from your computer, you can set it to print in grayscale (black ink only), meaning that it will use less of the photo in the black, but they will still get used for maintenance. For more information, see use of inkjet printers ink.

    NOTE: It will use the black photo cartridge for printing black if photographic Support is selected for the type of paper or printing is set to auto or to a picture frame.

    In order to help you, I'll need more information.
    What operating system do you use?
    Mac OS X: How to find which Mac OS X Version is on my computer?
    Windows: How to find the Windows Edition and the Version on your computer.

    If you need assistance, please let me know the instructions above. I look forward to hear from you.

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