HP Photosmart C6180: hp photosmart c 6180 turns off when it is connected to the network and blinks green photo

When my Photosmart C6180 is related to two wireless and ethernet network after any number of hours it stops itself down and the green light on the front panel by the icon of camera flashes.  You will then have to push the power button to turn back.  Not very practical for a network printer. Router is a Linksys WRT 1900 ACS.


Hi wjabdella,

Thank you for your answer!

In the post I provided on the hard reset, he mentioned: sometimes, when plugged into a surge protector or battery backup, the quantity of electricity is not received by the printer.  Power problems can cause printing problems.  It is particularly important to be plugged directly into a wall outlet with wireless connectivity problems, "sleep mode" and other power problems.

So by unplugging the power and waiting, it resets the printer almost to its original state without making a complete factory reset and lose any other information.

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  • HP Photosmart 6510 series connects to the network and Internet, but not the computer.

    Hey all,.

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    Hi old_geekster,

    You may want to enable disable all startup programs in msconfig until you are able to access the Web integrated printer server. It seems that there is something in the communication with the printer's operating system blocking. It will most likely software firewall or security related.

    HP has designed a quick and easy tool that diagnoses and solves many problems of printing, scanning and connectivity: The HP Print and Scan doctor. HP recommend you to download and install Print and scan doctor no matter what time you need to solve a problem with your HP printer from the link below.

    I would like to know what are the errors you receive?


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  • Computer can't find HP Photosmart D110a Printer even though it says its connected to the network

    I've had my printer for almost 2 years now, and I have never had any problems until about a week ago. I have connected my printer and computer to a new wireless home network, and everything worked fine for about two weeks. Then one day, the printer was 'offline' and I couldn't get it online. So I uninstalled all the software of printer and re-installed, and now my laptop cannot find my printer at ALL. I tried all available on HP diagnostic tools and none of them can pick up the printer on my network even if, on the printer, and the report of the network Test on the printer says that everything is connected successfully. I checked the IP address of the printer, and it looks like a "Dummy" IP address: If I type in my browser, nothing comes. I work at home, and I need my printer back on as soon as possible. Help! My computer laptop OS is Windows 7 64 bit.

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    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are facing problems with wireless network in Windows 7.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will definitely help you with this.

    1 have had any changes made to the computer before the show?

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  • Photosmart 7510 will connect is the network (mac) wireless

    Although already our Photosmart 7510 used to connect wirelessly to the network, it arrested recently, without a known cause. I've updated all the software. It is said on the printer that is connected to the network and print via usb cable but the computer says that it is not connected (or on any other laptops 3 mac at the office also connected to the network).

    As I said, I've tried updating all software and have tried to delete the printer via reset printing system by following the instructions on a previous post. However I now can't add the printer as was then ordered.

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    Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5

    Any help would be great, printing via USB is such a pain!

    Thank you


    Try unplugging your router to power for 30 seconds, plug it back in and look for any change.

    Also, try power cycling the printer.

    If it persists, reset the network settings and reconnect it to your network, you can find steps planned in steps 3 and 4 below:


    So, you can try to reset the printing system and check to see if that can help you:

    * Be aware that reset the printer system will eliminate any existing queue and reset all custom settings driver.

    Click on the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences.
    Select Print & Scan.
    Right click (or Ctrl + click) your product with the Printers list in the left panel and then click on reset printing system.
    Click OK to confirm the reset.
    Type your user name and password.
    Click OK. The printing system resets.

    Try to add the printer by clicking on the sign more and check any change.

    If none of the steps above does not help, have you changed anything lately? a new router, etc.

  • Photosmart HP 5510: printer not connected to the network, although it

    Hi people,

    I am at my wits end with this and you are my only hope (what Star Wars quote).

    I have a HP Photosmart 5510, I've had around 2011.  I've always used it in the company of my iMac (OS X now on El Capitan). Over the last year or two, there was the strange number to which case when I open the HP utility on my iMac it says it is not able to connect to the printer and I should check that it is switched on (this is before you ask). This question seemed to resolve itself after a short while and there was no problem.

    However, I came to analyze some elements of the other day, and this same old issue again raised his head. I put my paper on the scanner and press the option scan only for the printer to tell me that there is no connected computer. Weird, I thought I had printed only some points the day before. I went to my iMac and open the HP utility to see my former favorite message that the printer was not plugged in blah blah.

    I went on HP website to see if there were new pilots required, which it was not (the last was for OSX Yosemitie!).

    I decided to try and start fees and remove the printer and re - add new. I deleted the printer, downloaded the latest HP deriver (just in case) and that's where everything went wrong.

    Software downloads, all right, it starts going through the installation process, end, then he gets to the selection of the device, issue. It evokes three devices that are my one and only printer (Strange I thought). Two with the "connection type" listed as Hello and the other with the connection type is listed as IP. I tried selecting each of these only for each of them to come back with the following error message:

    "YEAR error occurred while the communications device." Please make sure that the device is ready and try again." Well, if they hear by loan, circuit implementation, its connected to my network then YES ITS BLOODY LOAN! So I get no more on the process by the printer and HP Utility installation is nothing else than a large black plastic paper weight. I tried to reconnect my printer to my network wifi several times and everything is fine, its connected and there is no problems according to the page of "wireless network test results" print.

    What the hell is happening? Any ideas? Please save me before I throw this thing by the highest window that I can find.

    I'm not a computer expert and I'm certainly not a network specialist. All the advice is appreciated greatly and fortunately.

    Hey @Mvdarbs,

    Welcome to the Forum from HP Support. We're here for another help to get the most out of our products.

    Thank you for your message. I see that you experience the Mac-to-printer communication problems when you use the HP Photosmart e-All-in-one 5510 printer. All this happens despite your apparent WiFi connection. While it is no doubt frustrating to live when all you want to do is print, there are solutions that you can try and I hope that they will restore the regular feature.

    I recommend you try the following steps:

    (1) we will start over with the installation of your network printer. From the control panel press the wireless icon, and then select "Restore network Defaults."

    2) façade, run the "Wireless Setup Assistant." Reconnect to your home network and then make a note of the IP address.

    3) visit the printer embedded web server (EWS): this is done by entering the IP address of the printer in the address bar of the web browser and navigating to this address. If you have a security alert (as this page is not encrypted), click on to "Go forward anyway." If the page loads correctly, we can be certain that the network connection is real. While you're there, make a note of any error messages or status alerts (if you see it, it's all good) and don't forget to advise me on what you see.

    4) remove the printer from your Mac. If you are not sure how, refer to the

    guide for advice.

    one) (optional)-set a static IP address for your printer. Refer to this thread of @PrintDoc here: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Printers-Archive-Read-Only/changing-IP-address-for-wireless-printer/td-p/445087 for instructions on how to do it.

    5) reinstall your printer: click here and install the driver that you are prompted.

    Please let me know the result of your troubleshooting by responding to this post. Don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.

    See you soon,.

  • All-in-one HP Photosmart C6280 not connected to the internet, and can not scan to computer

    My HP Photosmart C6280 all-in-one not connected to the internet, and can not scan to the computer.  I got it for a few years and must plugged into my Macbook to print, but now I want to use it to scan photos directly to my computer.  Can someone help me to do this?  Much appreciated!  (Not sure where are my original softward records!)

    Oh, OK, well this isn't probably the problem, but for good measure, you should get the latest version of the software for your printer from the "support & drivers" link at the top of this page.

    In the meantime, we will reset the printing system:

    -Go to System Preferences > Print & Fax
    -Right (or control) click in the rectangle listing your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
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    Kind regards


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    Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! Looks like you're having a problem getting the phone to automatic locking. I know that I want my iPhone did not stay when over and have the screen lock correctly. You can, of course, that your Auto-Lock is set up correctly. Your range of choice of automatic locking from 30 seconds to 5 minutes before locking the screen, or you can choose never so that it does not lock. To change the settings, tap the settings icon, click the general button. Tap the AutoLock option and choose your preference.

    If these steps do not work, and you still do not see the iPhone Autolock when you're in charge, you can go to settings > general > reset and then press reset all settings. This removes all the data. For example, if you have 16GB of music, videos and photos, this option will not remove. What this does is actually reset some of your settings to factory default. It is not a complete withdrawal of the parameters. It deletes all of your preferences for Wi - Fi, Bluetooth, do not disturb, Notifications, general, sounds, brightness & wallpaper and privacy.

    Once that is done, go ahead and try to set the automatic lock again and see if it works.

    See you soon!

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    Pls let me know how to troubleshooting this problem.


    Can you please tell us which model of laptop you have exactly? This laptop model older or newer?

  • The screen of my laptop turns off when my battery is low. Can I turn this off?

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    Thanks for posting in the HP Support forum.

    I think that your computer is in hibernation or standby is (or tries), but you see it as screen go off.

    He must manage the bass and critical low levels of power - information management:


    You can also stop the computer to go to sleep/hibernate:


    (How can I prevent my computer from automatically sleep or standby extended?)

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