HP Photosmart Premium C309 didn't not printing black and white; Alignment failed; The ink is in cartridges

could someone help me... Please!

the documents do not print.

I cleaned up; harmonized and ink cartridges with ink.

Impressions of black color in the doc does not print.


Similar problem had to change print head I kept the old and it very dirty to I will try to clean and keep it for a spare part.  You could remove cartage and try to clean up the background and that could save buy you the new printhead

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  • HP3209a not printing black and white enamel but will display the web page

    I'm on Mac OSX10.8.  My HP Photosmart 3209 has suddenly stopped printing yesterday and had a pop up that says I got printhead problems.  I spent two hours on the phone this morning with two so-called experts feel, the first who said that the problem was with my iMac (he couldn't find it) and the second who said it was a problem with the printer (he couldn't find it).  The printer is connected to an iMac by USB cable.  It will not print e-mail or most of the pages of black and white but now curiously print a web page. BTW, I put new ink in it and did not help anything, and Printhead Cleaner ran about two dozen times.  I try to run an alignment but the page it prints which is for most of the blocks of color blue on half a page is not recognizable on the scanner when I try to run the alignment.

    I think that you always print head problems.  Go to System Preferences > print & Scan.  Click on your printer, click Options & supplies.

    From there, go to utility > Open Printer Utility, then clean the print head.

  • I am trying to print in black and white to save the ink color on a officejet 6500 has

    I am trying to print in black and white with my hp officejet 6500 a. I use a macbook with safari.

    Can you help me?


    1. Open the file woiuld you want to print, and then click file > print.
    2. Look for and click on the area of selection below, known as the name of the Application (e.g. Safari) ot Copies & Pages in MS Office print dialog box.
      You may need to dedicate the printing options by clicking on the arrow next to the name of the printer for Mac OS 10.6 or by clicking on the button show details for Lion.
    3. Click on Paper Type / quality.
    4. Click on the arrow beside Color Options to spend the color options.
    5. The value of color to Grayscale.
    6. Now you can set like quality or using black ink only.

    You can save your settings for future use by clicking on the preset selection box.
    Then, you'll be able to easily select from the presets list

    Please let me know of any questions,


  • HP officejet 8500 has more will not print black and white because the color cartridge is low

    I have entered the property and set it to 'levels of gray' and 'use black ink only', but the printer still will not print because "the yellow ink cartridge is low.

    incredibly frustrating that the cartridges of color completely stop you from printing, even if you are trying to print in color.

    Proffessional OS-windows 7

    is there a known solution for this?

    Unfortunately, the printer does not print until the replacement of the yellow ink. There is no work around for low ink message.

  • Unable to print black and white with no yellow ink L7590

    I ran more ink at the weekend and got a new black ink cartridge. Unfortunately, I did not notice that I was also out of yellow ink. I desperately need to print regular black text, but the printer refuses because he is more yellow ink! I don't want print Yellow. Is it possible to disable this error message for a HP OfficeJet Pro L7590?

    Thank you.

    Nevermind, I figured it. If you set the printer on the mode of manufacture, it ignores the ink levels. Sorted.

  • CP1515n needs toner yellow - anyway print black and white documents in the meantime?

    Our network CP1515n was displaying some languages set foreign and unused for some time.  When I did a full reset today, the menu now displays in English but the yellow toner is empty and we have no backup for now.  Is it possible to print documents just black & white until we get a replacement toner?  I can't do this 'online '.

    OK, let's see if we can go through and do a replacement, please follow the steps below.

    Press the 'OK' button on the front panel.

    Use of the "< or="">" arrows to highlight - "Print quality" press "OK"...

    Use of the "< or="">" arrows to highlight - "Supplies to replace" press "OK"...

    Use of the "< or="">" arrows to highlight - 'Override out', press 'OK '.

    Now this should allow you to continue printing. Please post your results.

    Thank you

  • How can I get my photos from Windows Gallery to view and print in color, not just black and white?

    How can I get my Windows Gallery pictures to view and print in chiputa, not just black and white?

    Hi Petergrossman,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Vista answers Forum!

    I need few details about the question you posted.

    * What are the name and model of the printer?
    * You receive driver updates for your printer through Windows Update?
    * The printer prints the other applications in color?

    In the meantime, try the following steps.
    1. try to print the default pictures in Windows Photo Gallery and check if you get a printing color.
    2. try to uninstall the printer driver and reinstall it.

    Also check the setting of the color of the printer. Go to printer settings and make sure that you have selected the option to color.

    To print a picture, follow these steps: -.

    If you have a printer connected to your computer, you can make prints of digital photos. The quality of your photos depends on several factors, including the type of printer paper, ink and the settings of the printer of your choice. You can control many of these settings when you print the picture, but keep in mind that the overall quality and resolution of the digital picture you are printing will affect your final result.

    1. open Windows Photo Gallery by clicking on the Start button, all programs, and then clicking Windows Photo Gallery.

    2. click on the image you want to print.

    To select more than one picture, hold down the CTRL key while you click the pictures that you want to select.

    3. on the toolbar, click on print and then click on print.

    4. in the print pictures dialog box, select the printer, paper size, qualite quality print, style print and number of copies to print.

    5. When you have finished choosing how you want to print your photos, click Print to start printing.

    Choose printing options follow these steps: -.

    Before you send a print job to the printer, decide if you want to print all or part of the document or Web page. You may, for example, annotate the pages to print or select a part of a document before sending it to the printer.

    Here are common printing tasks to consider:

    1. to print that a hollering part of a document or a file, make a note of the page numbers for each page you want to print.
    2. If you want to print part of a page or a Web page only, select the content to print before printing.
    3. If you want to print a specific page, click anywhere on the page before choosing the print options for the document.
    4. the page that you clicked becomes the current page and you can print it by selecting this option in the print dialog box.

    After deciding what to print, choose how the print copies should look, and then select a printer.
    Use print preview

    To see what the print will look like before you print it, open the document in a program that offers a preview before printing. Print preview is generally located in the file menu of a program. You should be able to get an overview of each page of the document. In some programs, you can choose print in preview mode options and then print directly from the preview. In other programs, you will need to close the preview, change the document or your printer settings and print.

    If you preview or print a document, and it does not appear the way that you intended, you will need to change the document or change your print options. For example, if one part of your document fits on the printed page, you may need to reduce the font size, reduce the margins, or change the page layout and then try to print again.

    Check out these links that talk about how to print a picture using Windows Photo Gallery:



    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shalini Surana - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Sort of printing black and white only when magenta cartridge is empty?

    We have a HP Office Jet Pro 8500 a. computer running Windows Vista.

    The Magenta cartridge is currently empty, and we need to print an urgent document before we will be able to get a new cartridge.

    While trying to print a black and white document only, the following error has occurred:

    Exhausted ink cartridges

    HP 940 Magenta

    The cartridges listed above must be replaced to resume printing.

    HP recommends that you do not remove an ink cartridge until a replacement is ready to install.

    Specified in printing dialog windows that we want only black and white, but it is still received this error message.

    Is it possible to adjust the printer settings to specify explicitly that you want to use black ink?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    This printer takes individual ink cartridges (IIC), and this ink delivery system requires that all cartridges to be installed for the printer to work. You can set the printer to "Using black ink only", but that must be done before a cartridge is exhausted, that the printer inks for other uses in fairest impression. It also uses the ink for the maintenance of the print heads. Here a link to a document that turns to explain various ways that ink is used in a printer beyond just printing.

  • printing in black and white only on the all-in-one HP Officejet J5780

    I am trying to print page 2 of an article of web in plain black and white.  However, the upper part of the page is red on the web, the main part is black and white only.  No matter how clearly, I insist that I want simple black and white, what I get is the page, printed in red.    The printer does not do what I ask.  How can I fix this?

    Hi daniel199,

    You get the same problem when you try to print from another internet browser?

  • I want to print black and white with empty color cartridge. My model is all-in-one HP Deskjet 4288.

    I want to print black and white with empty color cartridge. My model is all-in-one HP Deskjet 4288.

    The Deskjet F4288 joined the printheads on the ink supply.  These are replaced at each change of cartrdige so there is no concern about printing empty color or black cartridges.

    You should be able to print in ink entry mode "backup" by removing color (or black, but not both) cartridges.  There will probably be a warning message about ink backup mode but you should be able to print and the printer will work regardless of the cartridge is available.  In handwritten backup with the only color black cartrdige mode areas will print in shades of gray.  If print ink backup mode only the installed color cartridge then black will be printed by mixing colors.

    See page 75 of the manual here, that says:

    Use the entry ink-backup mode
    Use ink-backup mode to operate the HP all-in-one with only one cartridge. The
    ink-backup mode begins when an ink cartridge is removed from the print cartridge
    transport. During the ink-backup mode, the product can only printing from the computer.
    You cannot start a print job from the control (such as copying or scanning a Panel

    NOTE: When the HP all-in-one device works in ink-backup mode, a message is
    displayed on the screen. If the message appears and two print cartridges are installed
    in the product, check that the piece of tape plastic protection has been removed
    each print cartridge. When the plastic strip covering the contacts of the print cartridge, the product
    cannot detect the cartridge is installed.

  • Printing black and white only?

    HP Officejet Pro 8620

    Is there a way to make the printer print black and white only?

    Hi oldstrings,

    You can change the characters to print grayscale (using a black ink only).

    I extracted the advice of setting of printer for windows and mac.

    Alternatively, you can check out the link to reference guide user below.


    See you soon,.


  • HP Officejet L7680: Can I print black and white when color cartridge is empty - HP Officejet L7680

    Help, please!

    Can someone tell me if I can continue to print black and white if the color cartridge is empty.  The product name is HP Officejet L7680.

    Thank you

    Hello and welcome to the community of HP @naristot,

    I understand that you would like to know if you can continue printing in black ink, if one of the color toner is empty. I'll be happy to help you.

    This printer was designed to function as a system of four cartridges, so you must have all four available ink cartridges in order to be able to print.

    If this help will testify of my answer by pressing the 'thumbs up' below, or click on the button "Accept as Solution" if I helped you reach a solution.
  • using the color laserjet 3600n - I want to print in black and white, but it prints black and white negative. * beep *.

    using the color laserjet 3600n - I want to print in black and white, but it prints black and white negative.  * beep *.

    I was able to recreate what you see.   I managed to work around it by installing a different driver that is also supposed to be compatible with the CLJ3600.

    Please consider trying this as a possible solution:

    (1) uninstall the driver CLJ3600 by opening printers and fax machines, driver selection and right-click on it and select Delete.  Once it is removed, right-click on an empty space in the windows printers and faxes and select Server properties.  Click the driver tab, click the CLJ3600 and then click on remove.

    One when you're done, restart, and then install the CLJ3500 driver.  This is a previous version of the driver that has been implemented for the CLJ3600 and is compatible with the CLJ3600.


    After installation, try printing again.

    The output I have indicates it will print is more negative.  Please let me know if you have success.

    One caveat about this solution.  The Color LaserJet 3500 doesn't support duplex.  Of workaround only works for two printing on the package of basic or the Color LaserJet 3600 N.

  • Printing black and white only (no gray scale)

    I have a Windows 7 (64 bit) system with the HP Deskjet 990cse printer.

    With Windows XP, I was able to print black and white only (no gray scale), but now with Windows 7, it seems that I can't print black and white only (no gray scale).

    Is it possible to print black and white (no gray scale) with a Windows 7 (64 bit) system?

    Great Information BOB!

    @n__l__b, let me know is post bobs solves your problem!

  • Photosmart Premium C309-g software thinks printer is already installed

    Since I installed Windows 8.1 scan my Photosmart Premium C309 printer would not work.  I deleted the printer and associated software.  When I try to reinstall the printer (from the original disk or downloaded files), the last installation screen.  The software considers that the printer is already installed.

    Hello @RGHolt ,

    Welcome to the Forums!

    I understand that you are having problems with the installation of your printer from the upgrade to Windows 8.1. Here's what I suggest:

    HP Officejet software and driver removal utility    (Run level 3 Uninstall to remove all the files)

    Reinstall the printer using the printer HP install wizard for Windows

    Let me know how it goes, hope it helps!

    Kind regards

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