HP Photosmart print 7520 all in one printer each time I receive error USB device

My product is a printer all-in-one Photosmart HP 7520.  I bought on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.  Whenever I have print something a yellow triangle with an exclamation point appears on the screen of the printer and it says "USB device not compatible or not disk hard/mass storage mode.  Remove device or insert into the disk drive.  It still prints well.  A I mess something up during the game?


Hi maggie101952,

Thank you for the information on the computer.

I would like to run a few things with you and with a little luck, we can get to the bottom of this issue.

You have a memory card or a USB key connected to the printer?  If Yes, please remove and restart the printer.  Try printing without anything cards or USB connected.

If is not the case, I'll give you the link for HP Photosmart 7520 series firmware update.  If the error is still popping up, the issue could be with the product it self.  I suggest you then call HP Technical Support to see all the other possibilities for you. If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and for all other regions, please click here: click here.

Thank you for your time.

See you soon,.

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    Hi tabby1471,

    All photos sent by e-mail to print prints on a default size of the format 4 "x 6" photo. "

    There is currently no way to change the size of the paper.

    Thank you

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    I have the above printer and I m finding difficulty in ordering ink cartridges.

    The available cartridges are:

    HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer series - B110a

    HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer series - B110b

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    In the United Kingdom, the cartridges would be 364 series.  You can order black, cyan, magenta, yellow or pack combo with three cartridges.  The cartridge photo and four packs of color with the photo cartridge are not applicable for your printer.

    You can also use the XL 364 cartridges, they have more ink at a higher price, but at a lower cost per page.

  • changed router photosmart b110 e-all-in-one printer does not work

    changed router photosmart b110 e-all-in-one printer does not work

    Hi aged60,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have linking problems with your Photosmart B110 printer.

    I've included a link to HP Wireless Printing Center Troubleshooting web page.  In the section entitled "your printer was working on the network before and now is not" there are clear instructions to follow when your router has been changed or updated.  If you follow the instructions you should be able to communicate with your printer.

    HP wireless printing Center - Troubleshooting


  • The problems of security of the data during the recycling of a HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer - C309a?

    Given a document photocopied with a HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-one printer - C309a can be recovered later from the unit?

    I want to know if it is safe to recycle this unit, which was used to print, fax, scan, and copy documents that may have sensitive data. Some articles and videos on the net, it is clear that some photocopiers are vulnerable in this regard. I appreciate any assistance with this question - thanks!


    Reset will erase everything. Please try: turn the power off, press and hold # and 6 while and for a few seconds after turning it on.

    Kind regards.

  • Printhead for HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One Printer - C310b (CN503C)?

    Good afternoon.

    What number to order the print head for e-all-in-one printer, HP Photosmart Premium - C310b (CN503C)?

    Hello, I looked at the link, there are instructions of maintenance. I'm from Belarus, the problem you must order the HP print head, so I'm looking for his number. HP Photosmart Premium e-all-in-one printer - C310b serial number ST503-64001[personal information deleted]

  • XP starts from the USP port to which is attached a HP Photosmart 5520 e-all-in-one printer

    After installing a "HP Photosmart 5520 e-all-in-one printer" on an XP wihe a USB cable, the system tries to boot from USB port to which the printer is connected then.

    Installation gave no problems.

    To then begin XP - PC, the printer turnof.

    The bootsetup: first is the HARD drive. Who can help?

    Hi, welcome to the Forums of HP!

    I understand that your office is the start of your printer, and I'd be happy to help you!

    I suggest turning off your computer and unplug the USB cable to the back of the printer. Once the printer is unplugged and turned off, please re - turning on the PC. Condition that the computer starts well, please follow this document on the updated the BIOS on the PC. Once the update is complete, please reconnect the printer (USB) and power back on. Once again, please turn off the computer and turn it back on.

    If the computer still starts at the printer, please disconnect the USB cable to the printer. Turn off the computer and turn it back on. That it starts properly, run your antivirus software to search for viruses. I also have to know product and model number of the desktop for further research.

    I would ask you re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, and I follow diligently with you!

    See you soon

  • Installation printer HP Photosmart Premium e-All-In-One C310 series

    I'm product HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One C310 series printer with code produces CN503A and model #C310a. There are 564 HP, ink cartridges. everything was going well until I installed the ink that I bought and it said I had to install the ink supplied with the product; no ink came with it and I had to buy it.  Rep me chosen good staples ink and corresponding to all the symbols. IE installation to INSTALLATION provided with the printer ink cartridges, then close the ink access door to continue.  only problem is that I did not SETUP ink. I talked to HP rep and they said selling printers don't come with ink cartridges, I bought and installation.  any other ideas?

    The first series used in the C310a cartrdiges are cartridges special "setup."  You will need to Contact HP for a replacement.  After the initial installation, the replacement cartridges you have will work.



    Thank you


    Thank you Carolyn.  I'll get to watch the 564 cartridge.  Thank you very much for your hope to answer that I can get this resolved otherwise it's back to the PC with the printer world for a refund!

    Thank you


  • HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer series - C309

    I am interested in buying the HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer series - C309.

    But I'm confused and apparently other people are also confused.

    For example, in the item number 360189568370 eBay, the seller wrote that the C309A "REPLACES PART NUMBER CC335A #ABA".

    However, in this eBay listing, the seller wrote "this auction INCLUDES HP C309A multifunction PHOTO PRINTER CC335A #ABA".

    I've seen similar confusion on other Internet sites.

    Is there a difference between the C309A and CC335A #ABA?

    Is the the latest version of the #ABA CC335A C309A?

    Should I buy directly from HP of course get the latest version of the Photosmart Premium Fax all-in - One Printer series - C309?

    The name "HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer series - C309" is the trade name for the printer, and CC335A is the product number/product code. Both refer to the same device. The description of this seller on Ebay is confusing. But I hope this helps.

    And just like AlmostThere said to have bought the printer from HP directly is the safest way to go.

  • How can 7520 all-in-one, I scan to a pdf file?

    I just got a 7520 all-in-one and want to scan documents to pdf format, but the only choices I'm given are all images. I'm doing something wrong?


    Welcome to the Forum of discussion Forum HP printer.

    Install the Photosmart software 7520 full functionality on your computer to the printer.

    General instructions to install the printer software

    • Open drivers HP & downloads
    • Enter your printer model information
    • Select your printer in the list of the 'results '.
    • Enter your operating system from the menu drop-down
    • Click NEXT and scroll down
    • Find the category driver - software product installation
    • Select the base driver, e-print, or a full features software
    • Save the *.exe installation package (s) on your computer

    The files will probably save in the "folder"downloads. "


    • If it is available, you can download print and scan doctor and / or other programs of the category-utilities


    Install the utilities / tools first. bit installation packages are smaller in size


    • If you have control of "Admin", you can highlight the package and "double-click" to install it, otherwise just right-click, select run as administrator and install.


    ·  On the bottom half of the main Web page for your printer, you can find useful to help with the installation videos.

    ·  Scroll through the list of videos back until you find the video that best fits your situation.

    ·         If you use a USB connection: download and install the driver software before connecting a USB cable.

    ·         Ethernet: If the printer supports Ethernet, you can connect the printer to the network (and assign the printer an IP address for the router, if you wish).  Once the printer is connected to the network, make sure that the printer is turned on, and then install the printer software.

    • Once the initial installation is complete and functional, don't forget to check and install the relevant updates - check the category - updated

    There is valuable information about the Web site, including manuals, how-to pages and alerts for your printer.  Be sure to take a comprehensive look at what's available.  To bookmark the page.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Start the wizard printer (program for the centre of alternatives):

    Windows key + R (open the command run) >

    Paste this line:

    'C:\Program HP HP Photosmart 7520 7520 Photosmart series.exe series\Bin\HP' - UDCDevicePage to start

    Opens the Printer Wizard > select "scan a Photo Document or ' > select 'Scan to File."

    The chart in the example:

    At the bottom of the "HP Scan" menu, you'd like to put in place a shortcut customized for your scan options - the shortcut contains the parameters for the analysis you select and then appear at the bottom of the list of available scan options.

    Create Shortcut Wizard for the printer on your desktop:

    • Right click on a clear view of your desktop > new > shortcut
    • Select the location (command) for your new shortcut:

    'C:\Program HP HP Photosmart 7520 7520 Photosmart series.exe series\Bin\HP' - UDCDevicePage to start

    • Type a name for the shortcut, for example, 7520 Assistant


    -Argument from the beginning at the end of the command line keeps the wizard from the ePrint on your browser Web page.

    Once the new shortcut is created, you can right click on it > properties > change icon

    When you select "Change icon" you might see an error message indicating there is no icon for the shortcut - continue on and select from your personal collection or choose an icon from those provided by the system.


    Click on the star of congratulations !

    It's a nice way of saying 'Thank you' for help.

    Although I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

  • Cannot copy from the surface of the glass. HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One, model # C410a

    Hi people,

    I can't make a copy of the surface of the glass of the printer. Automatic advance works great, time to take the paper and print a copy. In the past, printing from glass was not a problem. The error message on the printer says "Document Feeder Jam. Reload document, then restart of work. " The problem is that there not be jammed. I raised the lid of the printer and checked the ink cartridges, checked the paper tray and open the access to the rear of the printer.  I have an HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One, model # C410a. All accepted ideas. Right now, I'm ready to start with a hammer.

    Oops, I got typo in my link.  I have the fix above or you can click here.

  • HP Photosmart Plus e - all in one, failure ink system, Oxc190013

    HP Photosmart Plus e-all in one, read the error message failure, Oxc190013, ink on iMac system, ' the printhead has failed and can print is no longer.  3 color cartridges work but does not print black ink. I checked the surveys of the cartridge and the black is about half full, and it's a HP 564XL. I also removed the cartridge and the pad has not dried out. Is - fixable?


    See the following link


    If you have followed all the steps, contact hp support and see if a replacement print head resolves the problem. Good luck!

  • I have a Photosmart Plus B210a all in one. Automatic adjustment of photos.

    I have a Photosmart Plus B210a all in one Photosmart. This allows to adjust the pictures to print. How can I disable this feature?

    To disable management of the image when you print, you will need access to printing preferences Advanced Options.

    1. click on the start menu.
    2 click devices and printers.
    3. right click on your printer.
    4. select print options.
    5. click on the Advanced button.
    6. change the on off ICM ICM method.

    Let me know what happens.

  • Series HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One B110. I can't install the driver and software


    I formatted my computer and reinstall windows 7 64 bit, I reinstalled many software (windows office and so on...), but I can't not reinstalled driver software for my printer Hp Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One B110 series. When I insert the original cd of HP at the start of the installation but after 1 minute is displayed error

    I downloaded the dirver software from HP Web site, I tried to install it, but pops up the same error

    What can I do?

    Thank you

    Hi banzafa,

    I see that you get a runtime error when trying to install your software, and you have recently reinstalled WIndows 7 64 on your PC. Please follow the steps below and let me know the result;

    1. Hold down the Windows Logo key () on the keyboard and the 'R' to open the dialog box run, type %temp%
    2. Delete all files and folders in the temp folder. Choose Skip if all pop ups seem to say all files cannot be deleted
    3. Download the software and choose Save as, save to desktop > PS_AIO_07_B110_USW_Full_Win_enu_140_126.exe
    4. After downloading software and extracts, reopen the temp folder, use the instructions in step 1.
    5. Locate and open the folder starting with 7z (example: 7zS2356)
    6. Open the folder Util
    7. The CCC folder
    8. If you have a computer HP run the L3uninstall.exe. If you have an non HP computer run the L4uninstall.exe
    9. Once the uninstall is complete, reboot the computer
    10. Follow these steps to reset the registry settings and options for Windows Installer.

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