HP Pro 240 G2 Wireless for Windows 7 64-bit Driver has not worked...

Dear master...

I have new HP Pro 240 G2 also I already download driver all on: download driver-driver HP portal.

Here is the link

http://h20566.www2.HP.com/portal/site/hpsc/template.page/public/PSI/swdHome/?sp4ts.Oid=6431919&spf_p... -Network

But I have a problem to install the driver for the wireless, I tried to install all the suggestion of driver on this page, but if I try to install, an error message seen on my desk.

As the driver cannot install properly.

Hopely this forum I can receive the best response to solved...

Dear Paul,

I found the best driver to resolve this problem, maybe can help another people

You can download the driver.


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    Hi flojo9,

    Follow the steps below to load the driver for Win 7.

    1. open devices and printer

    2. click on add a printer

    3. replace the USB port and then click Next

    4. click on Windows Update (step 1)

    5. once the update is complete, you will need to select the PSC 750xi driver in the list on the right (step 2)

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    Hi PepeF,

    You have AVG installed anti-virus software? If so, disable or uninstall.

    Thank you

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    Hi Marvin,.

    Thank you for the quick update.

    Yes, I understand your question. However, if the programs worked with an earlier version of Windows, they can work with Windows or Windows 10 8.1 if you install programs in compatibility mode. If you access the executable file (.exe) for the game, I suggest you follow the steps provided below:

    Step 1: Download and save programs on the desktop.

    Step 2: Install the programs in compatibility mode.

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    • Double-click the executable file to install the program and follow the instructions on the screen.
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    Additional information:

    Make the programs more compatible with this version of Windows

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

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    Please see if it works.



  • Why windows 7 (64 bit) download does not work for a hp officejet 5610 all-in-one?

    I changed operating systems from XP to Windows 7 (64 bit) on a new Toshiba Portege laptop and downloaded the new drivers from the HP site for my all-in-one Officejet 5610.  Nothing went well.  I can print but not scan, and often copy is extremely slow for no apparent reason.

    I deleted the driver downloaded several times and re-uploaded to start from scratch, but get the message "Fatal error during installation."  I used HP correction for this, did everything it says and ran the download as an administrator.  When the "USB connection" screen, I connect the USB as requested, and I hear my computer accepts this connection.   But the HP installer does not accept or acknowledge inserting the USB key.  It hangs at that time here, and keeps installation disc FOREVER chasing the USB connect screen.

    When I open the HP Solution Center, he informs me that he cannot work because the download of device is not complete.

    There is no file 'help' in the menu 'start '.

    I'm running out of ideas on how to make my printer work properly with the new Windows 7 system.

    Someone at - it suggestions?

    In the case where you hear the ding that the USB cable is connected and that the software does not recognize it, it means that at any given time you connected to the computer via the USB port before running the software. When you do so, Windows takes over and tries to install their own drivers. That causes problems later, when you try to use the software, as it will then not connect when you use the USB cable.

    In this case, you must connect via the usb port and go into Device Manager and remove everything related to your printer. After you do this, unplug the USB cable and restart your computer. When starting BACK, run the software FIRST and then when he asks the USB cord this time, it should recognize the connection.

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    I deleted the update log I saw another thread, the fix o.


    1 did you changes to the computer prior to this problem?
    2. you receive an error message?
    3. what solution did you try?
    4. What are the troubleshooting steps you have tried?
    Method 1:
    You can try to start the fix - it and check. Check out the following link.
    The problem with Microsoft Windows Update is not working
    Method 2:
    You can try to temporarily disable anti-virus installed on your computer and check.
    Disable the antivirus software
    NOTE: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.
    Method 3:
    You can see the following link.
    How to reset the Windows Update components?
    Important: the above article contains steps that tell you how to change the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs.
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    Back up the registry
    It will be useful.
  • printer HP Laserjet P3010 Series for Windows 8, 64-bit driver

    I can find the printer driver for this printer, but he doesn't mention Windows 8, 64-bit as a systems supported. Should I use another driver, or do I have to download the driver and it works well even when? (I'm not in the same place as the printer and cannot try it.) When I'm with the printer I don't have internet access.) I'm only in a location with appropriate internet access two or three times a year, so I'd like to get the correct drivers now!

    I'm sorry, but to get your question more exposure I suggest posting in the trade forums since it is a printer. You can do so at http://h30499.www3.hp.com/hpeb/

    I hope this helps.

    According to this document your supposed to run Windows Update.

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    After changing Windows 8.1 for Windows 10 my photoshop 6 working properly: layer styles can be applied to the object in the layer.

    Thanks much for the reply, thank you very much more useful.

    The letter appears to be part of the layer - not an object separate pixelated. One thing you could do is make a layer duplicated, select the letter and make a layer of the mask. Then you could add a style to the copy, and the rest of the initial layer will be hidden.

  • PostScript for Windows 7 64 bit driver

    Hi, I'm under Adobe Pagemaker 7 Windows 7 64 bit which seems in itself is quite remarkable!

    The problem I have is with the installation of the Postscript driver so that I can export Pagemaker files as .PDFs.

    The the disk driver will not be installed correctly, several error messages.

    I went to the Adobe site and downloaded what looks like the latest version of the driver - winsteng - Adobe - PostScript printer drivers: for Windows but it won't install - I'm hoping that someone in the community can help me with this.

    Thank you

    Moving to this discussion the Forum of Adobe PageMaker.

  • T5 of HOTSYNC for windows 7 64 bit (new PC) NOT Bluetooth

    No device

    Windows 7, 64 bit, new computer which doesn't have a bluetooth I watched 4 & 6 access to Palm Desktop... After reading some of the posts here... I'm afraid to try a hotsync (not), or even what version of access to use.  Bluetooth seems to be their only solution...   My life is in my T5 and I can't afford to update the Palm.  I have tho, the original CD HELP HELP


    I use 414e Desktop on Win7 64 Bit with Zire 72 (Palm OS v5.2.8) I think that the Office on your T5 CD should work ok if you install the driver Bit 64 Aceeca.  I've never used Desktop 6.2 so I can't comment on that.

    Before I installed Desktop I downloaded Aceeca 64-bit driver following the Instructions of WyreNut


    It is scary to Hotsync if you have no backup. When I do the first Hotsync after a desktop organizer installation will overwrite the Office

    I've never used a backup card. You might want to try if you have no backup


    I'd rather have Windows user account standing

  • HP Photosmart premium c310, Windows 7 (64 bit) series will not work afterit is turned off and then on again

    I have photosmart all-in-one c310 printer and whenever we have a power outage, the printer will not print at startup power upward. I have spend hours trying to download drivers or updates and check the printer that says it's fine and the computer that says it can't find the driver. The last 2 times I finally got running again, but I did something different every time and I don't remember what it was. I just spent 2 hours on a hamster wheel keeps back me for a download, after you download it twice, I finally understood was the SAME download (the 3rd time I was directed here) and the printer STILL does not work. I'm pulling my hair out and I'm about to throw this worthless piece of scrap metal by the window. Help!

    Are you connected wireless? If so, you will need to reconnect the printer to the network of the SCW wireless on the printer itself. When you have power, he can hit just the printer off of the network from the router and just reconnect.

  • Z3100: Designjet Z3100 seems to work in Windows 10 (64 bit) with Windows 7 (64 bit) driver, but not quite

    Following the previous advice from the community on Z2100 drivers for Windows 10, I installed the Win7 driver for my Z3100 and all seemed well until I tried to turn on Application managed color - it seems that it works, but when you close and reopen the installation of the printer, it goes back to Priniter managerd. A similar effect ooccurs with ICM. It seems that it is a consequence of the use of a driver Win7 in Win10 and so basically I can't use Photoshop or the Qimage for driving my printer more. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you very much


    Changes to the print made from the application preferences are temporary.

    To default setting, go to devices and printers, click with the right button on the printer and select Printing Preferences. Set your default values and click ok to save.

  • Installation of Windows 7 64-bit, keyboard & mouse not working not


    I am trying to install Windows 7 64 bit and my keyboard & mouse stopped working so I can't complete installation. I looked online for a fix and tried to then plug in USB 2 ports, and they still do not work. I found a PS/2 keyboard lying around as it was referred to as a hotfix, however, that the mobo is not any PS/2 ports that will not work. Can you please let me know if you have a work around this? Of course, the Windows 7 installation disc doesn't have the correct drivers for this motherboard?

    I've contacted ASROCK support for my mobo and they have no idea?

    Here is my config of systems

    CPU: i5-4570 3.2 GHz

    Memory: 8 GB
    Video card: on board


    OS: Windows 7 32-bit

    Can someone please help?

    Soon Tom

    • Restart your computer (click Start > Shut Down > restart)
    • Enter the configuration of the system to BIOS to start Windows.
    • In the BIOS, look for the USB Legacy Support parameter of. ...
    • Select USB Legacy Support and change the setting to "Enabled". ...
    • Save the settings and exit the BIOS.
  • HP PSC 1317 all-in-One Printer Windows 7 64 bit driver could not install


    HP PSC 1317 all-in - One Printer driver Windows 7 64 bit does not.  I tried to install the driver after the incredibly long download (362 MB) to be told by windows that there is no driver.  I have uninstalled the software 3 times and reinstalled.  I unplugged, disconnected, re-downloaded and re-installed.  I downloaded the 64 bit vista drivers (they do not work).  I came to your site to seek support that is denied to me because the printer is out of warranty.  Unless, of course, I want to pay for it.  Which I did, after spending a considerable time (see above) trying to get it work on Windows 7.  Last thing to install on another machine, which I just do exactly the same result, and no sign of anyone else having the same problem everywhere.

    Now what can I do to get this printer to work?

    I solved this by using Windows update, which then installed a driver in the end.

    This was not a great experience.

    Why have a download for the version of 64-bit Windows 7 for this printer that puts all the other bloatware of HP but does not contain any driver.  Then you perform the update from Microsoft to get a signed HP driver?  Why can't the HP driver actually be content in the download presumed HP so you can Dodge all the crap software I just uninstall anyway.  A huge waste of time and effort.  Two weeks to solve a problem that should have been done in twenty minutes.

    Not good PR client on any level.

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