HP ProBook 450 G1: HP ProBook 450 G1 - missing drivers - WINDOWS 7 Professional 64 bit

Using the HP for Windows 7 64 bit installation disc o/s and applications & drivers professional disc which is come with my HP 450 1 ProBook I performed a new installation on this laptop.  It now can not connect to internet for beginners except possibly by dial up which I did not.  Device Manager indicates I have no drivers for 1). Ethernet controller, 2) Controller network, 3.) PCI device, 4) Simple communications controller PCI, 5) Universal serial (USB), 6 Bus controller.)  Unknown device.

What drivers do I need and where I can go to get and how to install on the laptop?


You need these drivers...

Controller 1.) Ethernet:


2. network controller) : Thanks for posting the ID of the hardware for this device because it may be one of may, different HP wireless cards may have installed in your laptop.  See how to find the ID after that I have post the links to the rest of the drivers you need.

PCI device) 3 :


Simple PCI 4 communication controller.) :


5 controller.) Universal Serial Bus (USB):


6.) unknown device:


To find the hardware ID, please follow these steps...

Go to Device Manager and find the device listed as a network controller.

This must be included in the category other devices , and it will have a small yellow triangle next to him with a! Select this option.

Click the network controller device, and then click the Details tab in the upper part of the window of network controller device.

Now you will see a drop-down list property and it will be set to the Description of the unit.

On this list and select the 2nd (Hardware ID).

After the first string of characters you see in the window.

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