HP Probook 4720 s hard disk crash?

It starts all the way, when I run diagnostics in the system it says:

Test drive: FAILURE

Starting test: FAILED

I tried reinstalling the HDD, has not helped.

I'm pretty sure I have to replace my hard drive,

BUT if I start it, I actually get a screen of cmd.exe (X:\windows\system32\cmd.exe) and an extended cursor, with paper painted very nice windows.

While this indicates that its just a software problem? Or did some sytem backup last worthless?


I couldn't tell you what the jargon, it's that you see, but you hit the nail on the head

The hard drive has conked and must be replaced and the operating system reinstalled using recovery discs.

If you don't have recovery discs, call HP for the country that you live in the link below.

Call the phone number for the PC business.

You will need to have the serial number handy to give to the customer service rep to order the set of recovery disks.


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