HP psc 2110: a pulse mode, nothing works well in this mode for my psc 2110 all-in-one.

Get this second puosating soundevery, and the printer is frozen.  In the past I have reset in unplugignthe power and then hoding the arrow buttons cancel and right and the pluging in the power sometimes it works.

Hello @johnny1936,

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I understand that the printer HP PSC 2110 all-in-one is frozen and making a frequent pulsing noise. I would like to help you to solve this problem today. Currently, there is probably a problem with your product, power or a Firmware programming problem occurring within your printer. Can I please you follow the steps below to isolate this problem and fix it.

Step 1: Check of power:

Please connect your all-in-one PSC directly into the wall outlet for power. Power strips and surge protectors can cause your printer for lack of power and will not work properly. Once your printer is plugged directly into the wall outlet test your printer to see if the problem is resolved. If the problem persists, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Power Reset:

  1. With your printe r WE, please unplug the power cable from the back of your printer
  2. The power cord unplugged for 1 minute
  3. After 1 minute the back power cable plug in
  4. Your printer should start up on its own

Once the printer lights please test your product in order to confirm that the problem has been resolved. If the problem persists, your product may experience a failure of Firmware. The Firmware is the internal "brain" of your printer. It determines what your printer is and how your printer it. If the firmware is corrupted in your printer, it may cause performance problems. Normally, I would have you update the Firmware on your printer. If the problem persists after the update is complete, will allow us to complete a programming reset the printer. However, due to the age of your printer there is no Firmware updates or resets the programming. Therefore, a replacement product may be necessary if this problem persists.

Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. If the problem persists, please let me know if you see all the solid or flashing lights or message board on your printers. I look forward to hear from you!

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  • HP psc 1210v all-in-one: "HP Director" Desktop shortcut does not work.

    OS: XP Home.  installation of printers HP psc 1210v all-in-one & software... turned out perfect - no error detected or reported.  everything works except the shortcut on the desktop "HP Director", & "HP Director" thru Start > all programs > HP > HP PSC 1200 Series > "HP Photo and imaging Director."  tried everything I could think of: HP Diagnostics, repair, troubleshooting, uninstalling/reinstalling, google search, etc. - nothing works.  can happen there - printer works just fine, as do other programs HP installed - but it's just driving me crazy.  I have custom - build computers, [it is my 5th], like a hobby - and I have never had a problem, [hardware or software], that I couldn't solve - so far.  This one has me really stumped.  printer & software suite is out of warranty - HP support is completely useless now.  would really appreciate to solve this problem help.  Thanks in advance.


    Please try to install the following hotfix:


    After compleing installation, restart the PC and check any change.

    Kind regards


  • HP PSC 1410 all in one printer scanner does not work

    My printer, HP PSC 1410 all-in-one works fine as a printer, a scanner and a copier until I had a virus and had to reformat.  I have the original HP for the printer drive, downloaded the software undated and have loaded, deleted and reloaded the software 20 times.  The printer and copier works well.  Microsoft appears saying that scanner drivers are not certified, etc. and I can't scan to work.  I had put in hundreds of hours trying to get this to work.  I am 71 years old and I already have the computer work for my company 18 years ago.  My inability to solve this problem that bothers me more than anything else.  I need some young soul to help me that whip.  I don't buy a new computer or upgrade to Windows 7 until I fix this.  It has become a challenge, but I need help.  Kenny:

    Hi KennethPlaisance,
    Method 1: HP has created an update to update the driver to scan and fix the problem. Check if it helps you to fix the problem.
    For more information, see:
    Method 2: Use the diagnostic utility scan to fix the problem automatically.
    Visit this link to download the utility:
  • My hp psc 1350 all-in-one has suddenly stopped working.

    My hp psc 1350 all-in-one has suddenly stopped working. I can no longer open the software by clicking on the icon in the dock.

    Sorry, but I thought that I had reported my all-in-one had started working again. Unfortunately, I can't say what went around, because I don't know.  I had only a small part of the way towards what we'll fix me it when he started to work again. I remember that there was a step that I have been unable to finish, and when I asked how to overcome this problem, it started working again. I don't even have the chance to follow the final instructions. I would rather know what was wrong and what are the fixed elements, but I'll have to settle for a working machine.

  • Bought a new computer with windows 7. "psc 2210 all-in-one ' will not work with it....

    I have a psc 2210 all-in-one printer that I love. I bought a new computer with Windows 7 and I can't make it work. The HP site said that I don't have to download the drivers because windows 7 has already installed, but the main thing is that I can't make it work. Anyone, please help. My printer works perfectly and I can't afford to buy another. (I have a 64 bit)

    HP should contribute to this situation. I'm a loyal customer of Hp, but it's ridiculous that they do not create a driver to work with their printers.  All computers are coming with Windows 7.  HP please find a solution!

    I could get my HP PSC 2210 all-in-one to print!  I don't know exactly, because I've tried everything I could think of.  My son is a computer on which it has upgraded to windows 7 (64-bit) several months ago - he was able to successfully print on my printer immediately.   I just did an install complete (I bought the full version, not upgrade) to windows 7 (64 bit) - a couple of days and I'm finally to the point where I'm trying to connect printers.  Here is what I tried... again, I tried several things, although I've been in that general area...

    connect the printer to the computer

    go to the CONTROL PANEL--> Device Manager

    Click the arrow to the left of the IMAGING DEVICES (to be developed)

    RT click on printer PSC 2200 (should be listed under imaging devices)

    Select PROPERTIES--> DRIVER, then uninstall

    Select / tick "remove the driver for the device.

    the printer will disappear from the Device Manager (and peripheral Imaging also if it was the only selection)

    Unplug the printer to computer

    re - connect the printer to the computer

    Device Manager automatically updated (takes a few minutes, the screen refresh let until the yolk! disappears).

    Go to the control panel--> devices and printers

    Select printer PSC 2200, select Customize your printer, then the printed test page

    I hope that you will get a valid test page.  If this is not the case, another option I tried was:

    Through the above scenario.  When you get to the step "select PROPERTIES--> DRIVER, then uninstall" Select UNINSTALL directly from this menu (be sure to select/check "remove software pilot")

    Continue with the remaining steps above.

    I also tried 'Update Driver' of one of the previous screens above... I would like to know if you have a bit of luck!   I'm sorry that's not accurate.  Yet once, I tried everything I could think of, and something finally worked!  (I don't think I tried to 'Turn off the pilot')   Good luck! .........


  • PSC 2210 all-in-one: PSC 2210 all-in-one with Windows 10: ok printer but the scanner does not work

    Hey @Manu37520,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that you have some problems with the scanning of your PSC 2210 all-in-one printer to your PC for Windows 10. The printer has no drivers for Windows 10. You will need to use a computer with an operating system prior to analyze.

    Please let me know if that solves your problems. If so, please click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

  • HP psc 2355 all-in-one: PSC 2355 all-in-one scan, but not print

    The printer was purchased at a garage sale may be a few years back. It scans perfectly fine, but it will not be printed. I tried searching the Web for drivers and uninstalling/reinstalling it, even the installation under another pilot as series 2300. The closest driver that appears is 2350 series. Windows Update crashes when I try to get to find the drivers more.

    Print a test page once, he hasn't done anything since then except to give me errors on the printer LCD. I have only a black cartridge in it because I don't need color, but I doubt that's the issue.

    From the looks of things, this is a common problem... I saw a post where someone has too, but nothing has worked.

    I am running a computer portable 64-bit windows 7, home premium and USB connection.

    Hey @TKStall,

    Thanks for getting back to me with the error messages.

    The value 0 x error messages you see on the screen of your PSC 2355 all-in-one indicate a hardware failure in your printer ink system. Because the errors seem to be intermittent at the moment it is you may chance using your printer for a little longer. However, there is a hardware failure occurring within the printer and for this reason, there is a chance that your printer may stop working at any time.

    Troubleshooting steps for error 0 x can be found here. But, as you can see one troubleshooting step is to perform a power reset on the machine. If the power reset does not clear the error state that a replacement of the entire unit would be necessary.

    Try to install your printer using the driver PSC 2350. However, if the error messages continue to appear on your printer, I would recommend reaching out to the Technical Support queue by phone about the options for replacement of material. Due to the age of your printer, you may have the option to update your PSC device for a newer model at a reduced price.

    HP Technical Support can be reached at the: 800-474-6836.

    If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

    Worldwide contact HP

    It has been a pleasure to work with you. I wish you good luck going forward with this!

  • HP psc 2115 all in one color not printing on Mac


    I have a MacBook Pro, OSX 10.9.4. It prints very well on my HP psc 2115 all-in-one in black and white, but not color. I tried to find an update for the driver here, but nothing helps. Is it just that the printer is not compatible with my operating system, or is there something more I need to do?

    Thank you very much

    We gladly invite you.

    Try to reset the system as follows:

    * Be aware that reset the printer system will eliminate any existing queue and reset all custom settings driver.

    Click on the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences.
    Some Printers & Scanners.
    Right click (or Ctrl + left click) your product with the Printers list in the left panel and then click on reset printing system.
    Click OK to confirm the reset.
    Type your user name and password.
    Click OK. The printing system resets.

    Once you have finished, click on the sign more and select the PSC 2115 list.

    Click on the drop down menu, then make sure the HP PSC 2110 is selected.

    Please let me know the results,


  • Windows RT and HP PSC 1510 all-in-One printer connection

    Hi, I have a Windows 8.1 RT (Microsoft Surface 2) Tablet and HP PSC 1510 all-in-One printer cable. Now when I plug the printer via the USB port, there is no driver who finds himself to make this printer work with my camera. Does anyone have this problem or solutions? I tried to look at HP support and nothing there has been useful.


    I'm afraid that the printer is not supported on Windows RT, as you can find listed in the following support document:


    Kind regards


  • PSC 1210xi all in one is not responding

    My psc 1210xi all in one does not. I was able to use the copy feature stand alone and also print a document from my hp laptop (Windows 7) successfully last night. (After plugging on this laptop for the first time by the way.) Now I am trying to print a document and it will be queued, but never print.  I tried to copy something to see if it would work and it copied correctly. It is a problem between my computer and the printer I guess.

    Tried unplugging and waiting, then reconnect. NA not doing things running.

    I read a post where it was suggested to remove items from the queue and I tried it. I tried printing again later and it will not print.

    This printer is set as default printer. Nothing more (CD, instructions, etc.) accompanying. The ink is brand new and the printer is not jammed or showing signs of error paper.

    She just never print what is in the queue. Thank you for your help.

    OK got it works by trying the spool print cancel and restart method ONE MORE than TIME. Not sure if I just did not it properly the first time, or if the printer Goblin left to go bother someone else. Thank you very much.

  • HP psc 1350 all-in-one

    I have a Mac OS 10.8 and a psc 1350 all in one.  The printer was working earlier today.  I changed the cartridge, and when I went to print, it would not print.  I show not all printers in my system preferences.  He showed the 1350 all-in-one as the default printer.  I tried to download the driver and I got the following error cannot open the application "HP Print OS X" because the Power PC applications are no longer supported.  I tried to add a printer and nothing seems to work.

    I don't understand how or why the printer was working early today totally frozen and wipe everything off the computer.  Can you please help me get my printer to work?    All of the suggestions! I know the printer is old, but he was working until just now.  Thank you.

    Hi Nadine12

    The error you get is usually caused by pc power applications not supported in 10.8.

    Where did you download the driver from?

    I would like to reset the printing system.

    Note: it will erase all other printers listed, but you can add them right back.

    Click on the apple system/preferences/print & scan/hold control button and the click of the mouse in the white of the screen, reset the message box printing system appears, click Reset printing system, then put the mac password when prompted.

    Try to add the printer in return.

    You may need to get resettled again pilots. Here's a url for installing drivers 10.8 for the psc 1350.


    (if the printer is on a network then select drivers preinstalled airprint).

    If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • HP PSC 1210 all-in-one: could not open the HP Director icon to the desktop

    I installed the CD software for this fairly old printer on my laptop Windows 10 (64-bit). Everything seems to work fine except that I can't access the HP Director. I tried to check on the resources from HP site, but it does detect not all HP products on my laptop even if the printer is plugged in and on. Also, I searched for the car and the road status update on the site of HP tools. Even if I see my printer listed on the player page, it has no download button click next to my model. I was trying to see if the drive indeed download when I installed the software.  Again I don't know even though most everything works except for no access to the HP Director. I guess that the fundamental question is whether or not this now old enough (but still very good printer) can run on Windows 10. I used it before on XP. I'd appreciate any help with any of these issues. Thanks, Peggy


    HP Director is not intended for Windows 10.

    The original CD was made several years earlier version 10 of Windows.

    Right click on the start icon and select programs and features, and then delete any software installed client the HP of your printer.

    Install the software by following the steps below:


    Be aware that no full functionality is available for Windows 10 since it is an older model, scan and pritn base drivers are provided by the operating system itself.

    See "I have always used the HP and the HP Toolbox Solution Center. What I use now? "in the document for more information.


  • Black cartridge HP PSC 950XI all-in-One HP 78XL mark stop error messages.

    Black cartridge HP PSC 950XI All - In - One HP 78XL mark stop error messages "" error: installed incorrect color cartridge ";" "" Install the color cartridge"and"install the color cartridge. I cleaned the contacts on the printer and cartridge and printhead. Cannot make it work.

    I've tried everything and still get error messages that continue to change so I can say that things are get cleaned but this cartridge is just not good. I ordered more than HP 78 and 78XL cartridge. If they show mistakes I'll let you know. Thanks for the suggestions, there was one that I had not tried before so I will certainly remember.

  • Cartridges Stuck on HP psc 2210xi all-in-one

    I have a HP psc 2210xi all-in-one. When I turn it on, the ink cartridges get stuck on the right side of the transport, makes the machine a rattling as he wants to go, but does not work. How can I free cartridges, so they move backward on the transport? Under Windows XP. Receive no error message.

    Looks like it could be a blockage of the cart.  This give a try.


  • base software for hp psc 1350 all-in-one

    I bought this printer (hp psc 1350 all-in-one) second hand. My Mac Mini (OSXv10.9.4) downloaded automatically the driver.

    What site can I download the software Basic (and advanced) for this printer?


    Hi @JoachimChristia

    I can help you with your 1350 PSC and your Mac running 10.9.3.

    There is no full feature software and driver of HP, but the pilot of Mavericks v10.9 OS X for your printer is available through Apple Software Update (ASU).

    With this driver, you can still print and scan, you'll just have to scan from HP software. Scan to the computer from the printer control panel is available only when you use the HP scanning software, so it won't work because there is no scanning software HP as part of the Apple Software Update driver.

    Instead, you can scan using,

    • Method: scan from the print window & scanning

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