HP-S5-1014: s5-1014 green blinking on power supply

I have a S5-1014 HP that I'm fixing for a friend.  I was told he was "struck by lighting.  I know that the mouse and keyboard no longer works which was connected to the computer.  I tried pluggin a power cord to the power outlet, but the computer does not illuminate.   The light flashes green on the back of the power supply and in the Ethernet port (flashes in unison with the power light).  If I disconnect the connector 24 pins of the power supply to the motherboard, with green go light fixed (with the power always connected), but he will return to the State once the connector 24 pins reconnects.  I tried another power supply to start the computer, but he was not long and narrow like what's in the computer and I have had no success.  Is that going to be a question of power power or a motherboard problem?  As I said, the mouse and the keyboard that was connected to the smoking machine working as well at the same time.  Any help is greatley appreciated.


OK sorry I'm misunderstanding you. Food must also have a fixed light (no Flash).

If a good diet known flashes on this mobo also and considering what is the root cause of the problem was, her toast.

This 250 watt PSU is also cheap and not worth trying to save. A mobo that had a surge go through it, although it may work ok in tests, potentially will give you problems later and the client will just come back to you free of bugs and be upset did not set you right the first time.

I recommend their (just my personal opinion ) to get a new system and save you headaches.

As you said, it fried the keyboard and the mouse.

That's why I mentioned to sell them on the idea of getting a UPS surge protector to plug the computer on the next time.

Not a power strip, but a real surge protector.

It will be useful.

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    It seems that the firmware may have had a fatal error occurs. I'm afraid there is little you can do to solve the problem. Try the procedure described in the document below. If this does not work, you will need to replace the printer.


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    And is even funnier, as the old power supply HP has a list on the side which shows what color wire has what voltage on it - red + 5V yellow is + 12V, black is ground, etc., but GREEN is not on the list!

    I opened my computer and big case fan is running (12VDC fan), the fan on the heatsink from the CPU works, the GPU card fan works... the only fan who is not running is the power supply fan (but I think it is because it is running when the power supply gets hot and she needs).

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    It's your motherboard and I see that the outlet marked PS - FAN.  Apparently motherboard and bios controlled the speed of the fan to power supply.  It is the first time I heard of this, but then you have an older model of PC.  New power supplies have an internal fan.  The Green wire can be a signal wire.

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    The green light is the light on the printer. It flashes when she printer receives a print job, or "sleep" mode.

    Here's a screen shot that shows what I mean. Also, here is a link for future use. This theme has animations/videos that might help you about the hardware of the printer.

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    I think this article can deal with your situation.

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    Hi @epsbarakat

    I'd love to help you with your D2460. I suspect that the following document will be more useful; Flashing power light.

    This document will guide you through the necessary troubleshooting steps specific to the issue that you are experiencing.

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    I followed the recommendations of this community of hard reset (press the reset button and then it works for 1 minute) several times but the power LED still flashes. LAN cable light does not illuminate when I plugged a cable LAN. Ping goves no answer.

    You have a solution or it's time to buy a new one? Thanks for your reply.

    I'm afraid that the unit is maybe defective already, child in low age-Mcmo. If it is still in the 1 year warranty, it can be replaced in the store.

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    In recent weeks, when using the laptop (Satellite L755 psk2ye) he died suddenly and the power and the battery leds start flashing simultaneously.

    It also takes place when charging the battery when the unit is off... then l must cut off the power and he'll be back... Although the problem sometimes occurs again after a few minutes hours or does not...

    Remove the battery and check if the same problem occur when you use laptops with power running.

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    Thanks for the replies guys...

    > re fading from the screen, I was experiencig, I ran a couple of tax pixel/burn-in/images ghosts repair tools available on the net and they seem to do the job, the discoloration has completely disappeared, I used fixative jscreenfix and lcd pixel I think. who knows, maybe it was just a coincidence that these programs seem to work for me, if I know something else caused the fix as my system cooling or other, but although it my screen was fine after the execution of their...

    > in addition, a general fyi:

    A few weeks ago my z1 has frozen completely everything by some relatively heavy video editing in photoshop - the z1's built-in display and the other another LCD that I have connected to my system froze in their tracks with my work still visible on the screens, and my mouse and keyboard have become completely insensitive as well. I had kept an eye on my CPU usage (xeon e3-1275 v2) and temp while working, noting that the cpu has been disturbed and the temperature was about 70 c + for a while, about 15-20 minutes. I just assumed that my system had overheated, locked up as a precaution and should simply be restarted.

    but once I manually disabled my system it would not turn on again - no beeps, no fans, nothing, like a steep death. After unsuccessfully trying several times, I jumped open the cover and found a system very hot hidden inside the rear of the display, which is covered in steel, area was particularly hot in the box that was sitting above the PSU, almost too hot to the touch. so I decided to let the system cool down for a few hours with the display panel, using the open suitcase if you want to open. Once the system has been completely cooled I tried again and still wouldn't start, nothing. I noticed a light green on the power supply after that I disconnected the PSU motherboard, so I assumed the PSU became juice. but once I plugged in the motherboard in the go-ahead shot power supply, do not know if this is normal?

    at this point, I called support technique hp and, as usual, they responded immediately and were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. After going through all the possibilities, it was determined that the motherboard was probably dead and that I would need a new. before this conclusion we have deleted from memory, sticks, disconnected just about anything is possible, including disks, held down the power button for 15 seconds, or to empty / reset power supply, etc. and nothing worked, the jury was lifeless. bat thank support hp and prepraed for calling hp package people care to get a new Board of Directors which, because I live in the Bush, would take a few days.

    as a last resort that I decided to google "my pc won't turn on" and "my mother board seems to be dead" which led me to a few forum posts computer and answers to troubleshooting of articles which proposed to remove the battery from the system board and replace it again. could it be that simple? could it be? so I gave it a try and when I put the battery back in after it out my card system illuminated like a Christmas tree, lights, beeps, whirling fans, I was in business! and my z1 has since been run like a champ! If hp tech suppert, please add this simple correction for your troubleshooting steps, before pulling on the material and certainly before suggesting new parts have to be ordered, it might save someone else a lot of time getting back in a Flash!

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    Hi, my client has a PowerEdge T410 with completed warranty and some major hardware problems.

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    Directed no., post... nothing... only green leds on power supply.

    We need to set the server as soon as POSSIBLE. How is possible to do? How can do this?

    Seems impossible to find help for such a product in Italy.

    Thank you!


    GIA, tried my non nulla succede.

    I had to alimentatori were both fuori servizio sono stati sostituiti con due nuovi inviati da ora commercial Dell e hanno UN I led green Sarotherodon (che Google indicare corretto ventilconvettore) my nessun led acceso sul pannello wheel e e did he display. No, sono di segni unites all ventole' insertion della side. UN Presumo danno da sovratensione a components in-house. Vorremmo sapere chi e come Può ensure ad UN preventivo e una l'eventuale riparazione della macchina. Grazie.

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    Portege Z930 - 14L. I can't boot from the last power since.
    The domain controller in the orange Led blinks 8 times and eco green light led is lit.

    DC IN flashing ornage indicator indicates a problem with the power supply. Initially, you should try plug the adapter HAVE an another power outlet. If she does still not work, you should contact Toshiba ASP (authorized service provider)

    Electronic supply on the motherboard is probably the problem.

  • Satellite Pro A120 does not turn on - blinking green

    Hi people anyone can help?

    I have a Satellite Pro A120, which is not used for a long time,
    When I plug in and turn on I get nothing except the lights on the front of the laptop, green power telling me light the d/c plug is plugged in,
    loading light but the power of the light on the front of the battery flashes green twice, then amber once and the fan runs but nothing else at all.

    Could someone tell me wots wrong and how to fix it please?


    Indicator of DC IN ((deuxieme left) lights green when the power adapter DC voltage.
    If the adapters output voltage is abnormal or if power outages, this indicator flashes orange.

    ((Troisième de gauche), the power led lights green when the computer is turned on. If you select the "sleep mode" indicator flashes (a second to two seconds) while the computer shuts down.

    If you notice other behaviors of indicator, then it means that something might be wrong on the motherboard. It is not possible to say what could be the problem here, but first, you should check out the bars of memory. Try to turn on the device using a single module.
    If this is not enough, then a malfunction of the motherboard would be possible.

  • PSU blinking green after failure on HP Pavilion a6257c desktop computer

    I don't like the sentence you guru with this stuff, but I'm stuck... As a reference, you helped me a few years ago and I have not forgotten. In any case, my flag above (POWER 250 watt PSU) ran along well without ever clogging until 3 days ago. A truck pulled a power pole half a mile away and we lost power in the House for about 4 hours. I have indeed had the computer is plugged into a GFI power strip. He has apparently not helped, because when I went to turn on the computer, I have nothing. No noise, no beeps, nothing. Quite dead with nothing more than a green light flashing on POWER supply. I've seen this on other machines and I heard of all the tips and tricks to get a solid green light again and then the computer turns on.  I followed the most logical edge by disconnecting the main to the mobo card, while the power supply is connected, the led lights in green, and I plug the mobo connector back in and I can start the machine and it works perfectly. In fact, it stops, lights and works perfectly, as long as I do not unplug the power cord from the wall outlet (or power strip GFI in this case) I tried both. If I cut the power to the computer in a way for more than a minute or two, and then the green light on the power supply will flash again when I plug again.  I worked on the computer for several hours last night and he ran like he used to run. I left it plugged in all night and the light was still green this morning. I disconnected the power cable and made a pot of coffee, come back, plugged in and got the 'flashing green' again. I'd rather have the computer 100% good and power on any circumstances are.   With all your expertise, can you guide me on this repair? I would be certainly grateful and thankful for any advice to give me. Thank you in advance.

    P.S. I have tried the red switch at the rear of the PSU without effect on the symptoms above.

    It was a pleasure to be able to help solve the problem.

    Best regards


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