HP Scanjet G4050 - where is the complete software for Windows 8.1?

Where is the complete software and drivers for Scanjet G4050, for use with the Windows 8.1, 64-bit operating system?  I hate going back to have only the bare basic software and the functionality of the driver.



According to any documentaion, there should be a complete software functionality for Windows 8.1.

I assumed that the full client software was wrongly not attributed to 8.1 Windows, I guess it should support it due the last date of update for this installation.

I also tried to check by launching the installer... the system check was placed very well on Win 64-bit 8.1, without any error incompatibility...

Try to install the software from the following link and check to see if that can help you:

Please let me know if this is useful,


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    Kind regards

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    I was able to run the NXT 1.1 on Windows 7 Setup when forced to run in XP compatibility mode and run as administrator based on this Windows caring Page.

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    I did this for your hardware in particular, from the Microsoft Update Catalog. Otherwise, he would never install them for you.

    The download link, then unzip it into a folder.

    Open Device Manager and right-click on this point, identical to the front. Choose update driver software.

    Browse my computer. Let me repeat. Have the disk. Browse.

    Find and double click on STWRT.inf in the extracted folder. Click ok then next and it will install.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    Look in the battery compartment, it should be there.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi PamelaMaassen,

    You can read the following article and check if it helps:

    A required component cannot be installed when you try to install the Zune software


    If you're still having problems, then post your query in the connection of support Zune for more assistance:


    Hope this information is useful.

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    As above, there is a stricker saying Windows 8 64 and that's it.

    I need the product key, as to prefer a clean install and need complete recoverability in the event of a HARD disk failure.

    When I buy a laptop with a BONE, I expect to have the operating system, not 'rent' it until something bad happens.

    Thank you.

    Yes, the recovery discs can be used to start the computer and reinstall it on hdd original or new - without needing a license key.

    I would always Support HP phone for information on the certificate of authenticity. Choose your country here > Contact HP

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    To install Vista, you need a product key to activate the product and you are given 30 days to go until the system starts to operate with reduced functionality until you activate.  If it came pre-installed, this should not be necessary, but if it is him asking when even then the product key is on a label attached to the side, back, bottom, or inside the laptop case.  It's a code 5 sets of 5 digits separated by dashes 25-digit alphanumeric (and very small and hard to read).  If you have purchased the product yourself and installed, the key of the product supplied with the product (he was in the box or in the disc holder or may have been sent by electronic mail if the purchase has been download).  You need to talk to the guy who gave you the product (the manufacturer or the seller) to see if they can help you with the product key or the situation.  It is has nothing that we can do to help you with this problem except to tell you where to look and suggest places to contact to get the problem resolved if they are capable or willing.

    I hope this helps.  If not, how do you have Vista Ultimate in the first place (how and where did you bought it)?

    Good luck!

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  • hp scanjet g4050 I can't get basics for windows 8.1 64-bit

    I can only download the scan based on 8.1 windows 64-bit

    John, welcome to the forum.

    It seems that's all what consumables HP to win 8.1.  Here's a guide to some of the third-party companies that provide more features:


    If your problem is solved, please click "accept as a Solution.

  • Re the ultimate software for windows 7

    My windows 7 is not genuine I can spend in windows 10 and if so how?

    Hi harsh,

    No, unfortunately no real windows are not eligible free upgrade to windows 10.

    Hope that helps. Answer back if you want more help.

  • Complete software for Mac OS Lion

    Please could someone tell me when the complete software for the 6500 a Plus will be available for Mac OS Lion.

    Thank you.

    Once you have installed the HP software and the configuration of the fax, you just open the doc to fax, click file/print, choose 6500 fax as the printer and fill in the phone number, etc..  Once you have it all filled, press send.

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    Hi friend

    Here are the simple steps:

    1. in fact, it comes with beam VC itself. When you install VC, on the first page itself you will find.

    2. Another way is: open your browser: type this address: "https://", you will get a page where the download link is available for the VI client. Download and install.

    Note: I haven't read your full post, but I guess, you're looking for it. You have another customer Web option IE too delivered with beam of VC.

Maybe you are looking for