HP TouchSmart 420 - 1000 t CTO: need help with the installation of windows on a new hard drive for HP TouchSmart 420-1000 t CTO (bought in 2012)

My hard drive is failng in my computer I get the message that "the failure of hard drive" is imminent for several months now.  I did just recovery disks after I bought my computer and that you have ordered a new hard drive.

I thought that the part of the setup of windows on a portion of the current hard disk that I need to replace.

I want to just make sure that if I can restore the windows completely and that all programmes provided with the computer are on the recovery discs I want to do it myself - so I need to know I'm doing it correctly!

Thank you very much.


PS I found this web page below and I want to just make sure that it applies to me:



This link in the post seems to apply to the situation.  If you have already completed the defined recovery disc then it should just be a matter of running the recovery disc after the new hard drive is installed.  The recovery disk set will be "restoring windows completely and all programs included with the computer".  Be aware that all other items that were installed or personal data will not be restored.  When replacing the hard drive, do not buy a disc exceeds the limit of 2 TB, such as published in the SPECS for TouchSmart 420-1000 t CTO.

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    Hi jeff

    Here's your solution:
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    2. Select the arrow to the left using the "Advanced".
    3 press down until you get to "SATA Controller Mode".
    4 change, using F7/F8, Chang [AHCI] setting [compatibility].
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    Good luck

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    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Thanks in advance.


    As long as the previous installation of Windows 10 had activated Ok after upgrade from 8.1, you can simply perform a new installation as described in the guide on the following link.  Note: On the activation screen, select "I don't have a product key" - Windows will activate automatically once installation is complete.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    I have a new laptop (running xp prof 32-bit). My U/S laptop (abandoned on a trip) has a larger size hard drive but windows is corrupted and messy. Can I format the biggest hard drive (after retrieving all the data on my desktop pc I did) and then clone/transfer the windows of the most recent laptop hd partition so I can then share on hard drives for the new laptop so I have more memory? I need HELP! Thank you very much.

    It is unlikely that it will work; because the material is different, there are differences in what is needed in the installations of Windows... At the very least, you will need to do a repair installation after the fact. The repair facility is not enough and you need to clean install Windows.

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    I just reinstalled XP home on the satellite A100-215 (PSAA9E-02F00VPT) and I meet some real difficulties get the LAN, VGA and wireless drivers installed.
    Everything else works, but for some reason, these drivers are not what they are supposed to and I find myself in a bit of a tile?

    Someone at - he heard of these drivers being wrong before, if yes is there a solution out there?

    Really need help now as have been on it for a good few hours now and no not get anywhere fast?

    Thanks in advance


    Can you give an exact describtion of the problem with drivers?
    So first of all, you can try to download the drivers again from the download page of Toshiba here:


    And make sure that all windows updates are installed. SP2 is important to be installed for some devices.

  • Need help with the installer of widows

    Hello, I need help please. I've been downlading an update for my Kodak 5000 series printer. In the middle of the installation, my power went out due to a storm. When I got back to complete the update, the update will not settle. The installer gave me a message saying that it could not complete the installation because of corrupted files. I contacted the support of Kodak, they tried to solve the problem and it was determined that the problem was with the windows installer and that I would need to contact microsoft. Then I tried to run windows update and my updates would not move. He gave me the error code 80070673 and also windows update error code dt000. Can someone please help me solve this problem. I am running vista Home premium service pack 1 edition of widows.

    Hello, Joe

    Try to do a system restore to before it started. Go to start, all programs, accessories, System Tools, open system restore and choose a date when the power is out.

    We can't wait to hear back on your part.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    · What is the number and the model of the computer?

    Run the troubleshooter from the link below and check if this can help: your CD or DVD cannot read or write media: http://support.microsoft.com/mats/cd_dvd_drive_problems/en-us

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    Cannot install updates in Windows...

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    I did an online chat with the support of BC Friday and they kept through extraction using "COD" and said that it worked fine, which of course was that no payment is taken using COD.

    However, when you click on credit card, he just fails, then there must be something missing. It was opened as a support call since Friday with no response from British Colombia, can someone help me please, obviously there is something I'm missing or not do?

    1. I configured the IP address and the subnet mask to the need directly from Sage pay online.
    2. I put the page of payment in British Colombia gateway to Sage Pay and entered the name of the seller, as requested.
    3. I customized the Fund 'online store purchase form' to include choosing the credit card.

    Thank you


    It seems that you have the method id of wrong payment on your order form.  Whether you use '7', which is for non-transparent gateways.

    - http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/893/bc_893.html

    Sagepay being seamless it must be '1' which I've since updated.  If please refresh and try your transaction again.

    I hope this helps!


  • Need help with the operation of Flash site after new servers of names

    View ProfileEmailPersonal Message (Online)

    Can not get the Gaia site is working on a new server

    " on: today at 15:10:35.

    Reply with quoteQuote Modify message Modifier Remove message Enlever

    Hello.  Recently, I went from 1 & 1 shared hosting to a new webhost, holistic.

    My Flash (based on the Gaia framework) website does not work now.

    The use of the Flash Player debugger, I got the following error:

    hand: view.scaleX = 0.9041666666666667 and view.scaleY = 1.0129032258064516

    hand: view.x = 0 and view.y = 0

    Error: Cannot load the xmlsocket:// policy file

    Error: request for resource at the xmlsocket:// by the applicant of http://www.yourgods.com/bin/main.swf failed because the server isn't reachable.

    Security Sandbox Violation interrupted connection - not allowed to http://www.yourgods.com/bin/main.swf

    Error: request for resource at the xmlsocket:// by the applicant of http://www.yourgods.com/bin/main.swf failed because the server isn't reachable.

    Even though I've set allowscriptaccess forever in my index.html received this note:

    Warning: AllowScriptAccess = "never" found in HTML.  This parameter is obsolete and ineffective.  See http://www.adobe.com/go/allowscriptaccess for more details.

    Warning: 'com' has no property 'onEnterFrame '.

    Regarding the violation of the Security Sandbox, my old Web host was of 1 & 1 and they are always the YourGods.com official registration office - but I now YourGods.com pointed at the DomainNameServers to my new host, holistic, who specializes in Drupal and has no experience with Flash - so I hope you'll bear with me and offer what advice you can because they said that I was basically on my own for any Flash troubleshooting problems.

    Who is likely to be the source of my problem (that I am 'pointing' only for name servers and only "stored" my domain name with the new host instead of transfer completely?

    And if so, I just need to create a strategy cross-domain like this xml file and leave it on my old Web host?

    <? XML version = "1.0"? >

    < cross-domain-policy >

    < allow-access-from domain = "MyNewDedicatedIPAddressHere" / >

    < / cross-domain-policy >

    I have never dealt with this kind of things cross-domain before any help would be appreciated.

    I don't have an exact answer...

    But if I'm not wrong, everything

    ": / /

    resources referrences on your local machine... NOT on your server.

    So I guess you have problems of multiple paths

    You should be able to test ALL of your pages using an http address provided by your new host BEFORE you go to DNS. If you do not understand this statement... contact your new host and ask them to explain.

    Best wishes


  • Equium A200-1V0 - need help with the installation of the recovery system


    Thank you!

    If I m well to remember this old book was offered with Vista and recovery image was recorded on the second partition of HARD drive in the folder called HDDRecovery.
    This file is always available?
    Original recovery disk can be created if the laptop to factory settings, pre-installed Toshiba disk creator tool and recovery recovery image stored on the HARD disk.

    Of course, I don't know what it looks like with all this, but you can try to find this Toshiba tool and check if the creation of recovery disks is possible. If this isn't the case, then you have a problem.

    In General original recovery disk can be ordered on https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx but I don't know if you can order it for this older model laptop. Check it out.

  • Satellite L300D - need help with the installation of the display driver


    For 1 month, I need to update my display on my Satellite L300D driver (PSLC8C - 06NO19) with an ATI RADEON 3100.

    I tried to download the drivers on the Ati site, but when the installation has finished, nothing has changed. My driver is still the old man.

    I tried to download the driver from the Toshiba site, but for my model, I found the same old driver.

    Is there a way I can install the driver manually, like a normal computer? Or I'm stuck with this driver, given that Toshiba does not seem to take care of my old L300D :(

    Thanks in advance,


    PS: Sorry for my English but I'm French from the Canada game


    > I tried to download the drivers on the Ati site, but when the installation has finished, nothing has changed. My driver is still the old man.

    did you remove the old driver before installing a new one? The old driver must be removed and laptop rebooted and installed the new driver, then. Note, I read many threads on an installation driver from the vendor's site in this forum, as not recommended due to overheating which provided with the toshiba drivers updated

Maybe you are looking for